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Why the refs and the media made a mess of the Koscielny decision that cost us this match

By Walter Broeckx

Lots of debate last night about Koscielny being given a red card. It was correct the pundits and media screamed. As they always do when an Arsenal player sees a red card.

In the aftermath of the discussion people on Untold gave their undoubtedly expert opinion on why it was a red […]

Arsenal Managerial Changes: “Is the overall management of the club ‘fit for purpose’?”

by Andrew Crawshaw

Before Arsenal consider changing managers there is probably a broader question that Mr Kronke needs to address. Is the overall management of the club ‘fit for purpose’?

Firstly who ‘owns’ the club?

Arsenal Football Club is owned by Arsenal Holdings PLC. According to angryofislington – who keeps an accurate watch on the […]

If the anti-Wenger crowd want a total revolution at Arsenal, it would be nice if they explained how they’re going to do it.

By Tony Attwood

Anyone with a mind to look at such things would have seen the perfect “before and after” pattern in the game against Bayern.

Before the match BBC Radio 5 held a mid-afternoon interview with a man described as an Arsenal fan who spoke about how upset he was about the club’s current […]