Why the refs and the media made a mess of the Koscielny decision that cost us this match

By Walter Broeckx

Lots of debate last night about Koscielny being given a red card. It was correct the pundits and media screamed. As they always do when an Arsenal player sees a red card.

In the aftermath of the discussion people on Untold gave their undoubtedly expert opinion on why it was a red card. Their undoubtedly expert opinion mostly based on what the pundits said of course.

What most people missed, and I must admit even I missed it watching on my stream last night, was this moment in the match that can be seen on the picture we will present you.

Only one man said something after the match that made me wonder. But as that man is Wenger nobody really took notion of it. After all…what is the opinion of Wenger worth. He always blames the refs, doesn’t he?

But maybe he had a point? Let us have a look.

I have even included two pictures as the first one is a bit sharper and shows the moment the ball is actually played. The second you see a bit of space between the ball and the foot.

So when you see the images you see that the deepest Arsenal defender was Monreal on the right hand side of the picture who was just entering the penalty area (one foot on the line in fact). On the left hand side of the picture you see Lewandowski who was at least one meter inside the penalty area and running more or less backwards to his own goal in fact. But no matter what direction he ran… he was offside when the ball was played.

Now all the pundits, experts, referees on Untold didn’t see it or mentioned the offside in the build up to the crucial moment in the match. That leaves me the question: why? Why did only Wenger see it and mention it?

Not because there is some kind of agenda against Wenger? That surely can’t be the case I think? Or is there?

Looking at the picture it is a fact that the assistant(s) and referee made a mistake. A mistake that completely changed the match and gave Bayern a free ticket to win this match.

But what is more worrying is that I have to go on searching for such a thing myself without any of the “serious” media reporting about it. And then I wonder why? Again.

Not one of the experts is saying: now wait a minute wasn’t this offside? No. Nothing at all. Well not that I could find anyway. And the strange fact is that the best angle that is available was not shown. There is a camera around the line of the penalty area. And that angle should provide complete clarity on this. But the angle is nowhere to be found. And I have been searching for it for a while now but have given up.

Maybe the camera broke down at that moment? Maybe they ran out of tape and they had to change the new tape?

And this is where my favourite ref, the video ref, would and should have made a world of difference.

Because that referee could have checked the position of Lewandowski immediately on the correct (now missing) camera angle.

If that angle is available I am willing to change my opinion based on the images. But as for now working with what we have got the only conclusion for me is that Lewandowski was offside and the assistant who made all kinds of strange offside calls during the match made a mistake.

By the time Lewandowski went down the match should have been dead. And no penalty should have been given. And no red card should have been given.

The match would have been totally different, as it was totally different before and after the sending off.

Now I am not saying we would have qualified. But we would have had a fair match and a fair chance of having a win over Bayern. That was all I wanted to have. But the refs, as I said in my match report, messed up big time.

And in fact, all the media messed up big time. Because up to now not one of the media outlets I can see has answered the question about Lewandowski being offside or not. Maybe by the time this gets published they do and I end up with egg on my face. But then the egg is there because for some strange reason the existing camera angle is not shown. No image is frozen, no line is being drawn on TV screens. And then to think it was the most important moment in the match…  So again we ask, “why?”

It looks like this is the agenda: no mention of it even being slightly possible it was offside. And that’s it. Apart from Untold of course.

In Munich we defended badly after Kos was injured and taken off. And we gave away some soft goals and a lucky deflected shot. Now we still tried to go for it but the Bayern machine is lethal in such situations. But with Kos on the field we were leading 2-1 on aggregate. For the umpteenth time an incorrect red card against an Arsenal player has changed the outcome and balance of a match. Lehman in 2006, Van Persie at Barcelona…. hell it seems we lose a lot of players in CL matches. Compare to the wild challenge from Vidal that wasn’t even punished with a yellow card.

But it will all even out some people say. But I don’t know if this  evening out will happen in our lifetime…

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63 Replies to “Why the refs and the media made a mess of the Koscielny decision that cost us this match”

  1. oh the glee of slagging off Wenger and Arsenal
    almost 10 years British media, pl and refs have been waiting for a chance to get back on him
    they finally got their chance in 2005 and won’t ever let it go, it has become a tradition far more important than accurate reporting or fair play

  2. Nice work Walter!

    Running out of tape probably isn’t an option any more. I suspect this is all stored to disk and/or SSD these days.

    But generating long lists of excuses is always a good thing for those who won’t do research properly.

  3. Perhaps there is enough evidence in that one image for us to start a petition, demanding the match should be replayed? Then, send to the FA and Damian Collins MP.

    We cannot keep complaining about these things among ourselves – we have to take action.

  4. Shoot & your bitch osassa -where are your comments 10-2 is not really that bad when 11 Arsenal players are playing 16 paid for Bayern players! Oh Dear the officials made human errors! all of them in favour of Bayern? well it all evens itself out in the end.

    Tom – your comments please? Photoshopped?

  5. The list of incorrect reds against us CL goes on and on…

    Arteta vs Napoli (Viktor Kassai)
    Ramsey vs Besiktas (Milorad Mazic)
    Debuchy vs Besiktas (Pedro Poenca)
    Giroud vs Zagreb (Ovidiu Hategan)
    Giroud vs PSG (Viktor Kassai)
    Szcenzezszszny vs Bayern (Rizzoli)

    And including the one listed above. All of them were incorrect.

  6. Usama, i’d remove Giroud vs Zagreb and add Van Persia vs Barca to that list

  7. Walter
    In fairness, three of us said on the live thread that Lewandowski dived. True nobody spotted the offside, but we protested the goal.
    The game was nicely balanced until that point and we were playing very well, so this could have possibly been match changing, but c’mon we were still 5-2 down.

  8. The problem is that even so-called Arsenal fans are conspiring against their own club by not being loyal. They only echo the voices of the anti-Wenger BRIGADE. They never think of the negative impact of instinctive and parochial criticism. Losing a match is not a big deal.

  9. How many of those sendings off have occured since the penalty awarded to Eduardo which caused all the furore in the Celtic qualifying match. Funnily enough the main instigator was Gordon Smith of the SFA and a UEFA official. Nothing suspicious there then.

  10. Leon – so your running 100m & in the first 50 all is well. In the second 50 at about 10 meters on your leg is shot off………..

    But I finished in 2hrs 10sec. Yes 5 – 2 but even the first match had a lot of specialist dives.

    The simulation is rampant in the game because the media look for a touch to celebrate a ‘going down’. It is cheating. Professional bollocks. ‘There was contact’ scream the pundits as the player goes down for a penalty. The official must look at was the contact sufficient for the theatrics? If it wasn’t don’t wave play on! Book the cheat & give a foul. It is unsporting conduct. Trying to benefit from theatrics rather than genuine sport.

    The reality of the money motivation to cheat is being continually exposed in Olympics & now, even Cricket the sport of gentlemen.

  11. Menace
    Whatever you do don’t mention “Team Sky”!
    That story must’ve come as a surprise. To a few. Very few! P


  12. Menace
    Whatever you do don’t mention “Team Sky”!
    That story must’ve come as a surprise. To a few. Very few!


  13. Well done Walter!

    Now don’t you wish you’d spotted that last night, and then you wouldn’t have had to make all that nonsense up that a push must be with the hands to justify Koscielny staying on.

    The media normally scrutinise most goals and incidents. Because a penalty ensued, looks like most peoples attention (and the pundits) seemed to be dragged to whether it was a foul and then the yellow\red card mix up.

    You seem to think the offside call wasn’t brought up because they have an agenda against Wenger. Tapes with evidence destroyed and Martin Keown gagged.

    Ofcom need to intervene! Or are these as corrupt as BT?

    Anyway, your day has been spent well. One of the 10 goals struck off. Another full day tomorrow scrutinising all the footage and let’s see if we can find another to chalk off.

  14. Menace-love your 100 metres analogy, “leg is shot off.” I know we should also have had a first half penalty, but Sanchez against Neure would have been 50/50, so even at 5-3 who’s to say one of the best attacking sides in the competition wouldn’t have scored again & again.
    I was hoping we’d get a win on the night to salvage something from the match.
    Did you spot the offside? I didn’t!

  15. The ref did make mistakes but why do we nearly always collapse as a team when we lose just one player.
    Many of the embarrassing defeats are in games where we have had just one player sent off. Something wrong with us on a tactical level????

  16. O the irony: Arsene, known for (among other things) saying, “No, I did not see it,” is the only one who saw this.

    I kid because I love. But Arsene was right.

    Remember: It’s only a mistake if the ref was trying to make the right call. If he was trying to ensure that a certain team advanced, then it was no mistake. It was corruption.

    As OlegYch reminded us above, we have been screwed worse than that. And we STILL came within a missed Bendtner sitter of knocking “the greatest team ever” out on their own patch.

    Yes, this was a disgrace. But the disgraceful ones were Bayern for cheating, the officials for letting them get away with it, Alexis for laughing about it on our bench, and the people abusing Arsene for this result.

  17. Champions League is a tainted competition, odds are heavily stacked in favour of the top three of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

    The elite competition of UEFA has image rights they want protected, wouldn’t want the world wide audience to lose interest? Think of all that money they’ll lose?
    You know it’s a shit competition when the mighty Barcelona and Bayern Munich resort to cheating just to get ahead. Arsenal have not been allowed to progress.

  18. Wonder if Barca will be whining about referees online? And their coach is leaving and he may pick up another CL. Arsene should phone him up and take notes.

  19. @Klis,

    Even with that horrendous first leg, if the ref made the right calls in this game, the aggregate is 5-3 with Arsenal having 11 players and on the ascendancy with 35+ minutes left in the half. Much better odds.

  20. Tommo, you could of course tell me where you followed the referee course explaining the triple punishment and how it has changed?

  21. Jerry, the annoying thing is, if we had kept ourselves in the tie at Bayern, maybe 3-1, then last night would have been so different. But it’s getting so predictable, the list goes on….

  22. Well done Walter – looks like our football media (Sky, BT, BBC & press) have degenerated to the level of “fake news”.

  23. Really proud of our players who put a valiant effort against Bayern until the refs spoilt the game with a completely wrong decision on Kos.Earlier a penalty not given to Theo.
    Wonder why the European refs are showimg incompetence and awarding dodgy decisions to bigger teams.
    Same happened last night when Psg were robbed off a victory against Barca.
    Pathetic stuff.

  24. There are some things that are so easily forgotten. Platini introduced the goal line official. Platini has been shown to be corrupt yet his stupid corrupt system remains, despite goal line technology being proven & so far has been excellent.

    The EUFA, FIFA & FA are all corrupt with their make up & bent behaviour but the media will not rock their boats. It is because they mostly belong to the same house of skulduggery.

  25. Klis – your time has gone. Time for change go to some blog that thinks like you.

    When you eat do you eat looking at the food you are eating or do you think of yesterdays meal? The first leg was similar to the second – diving cheats & colluding officials (just like the Barca game). The ‘more on’ in the Barca game was care in the community candidate No 2 – second to the one in our game).

  26. Using the so called ‘Law’ of not playing for the ball Red Card, why was Suarez just shown yellow for the dive?

  27. I hope that these clips be added on to the other infamous ones and it should be played before the start of each game . You know , just as a reminder of what we are against.
    The crowd will be entertained for much longer than the 90 minutes of the normal game ! I would start with Freddie Ljungberg being not so gently ‘nudged ‘ off the ball by that great England defender Rio Ferdinand in game 50 .Or show it all – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mM747L9Wf8M

  28. The boys played very well until the sending off but as we all know the damage was done in the previous game, which incidentally is the same thing with us every yr. Funny that.
    Now, think about this, everytime we win a game, the players were fantastic, the manager is a tactical genius etc, when we lose? Everyone else is to be blamed, except the players and moreover if u mention the manager, its blasphemy, Yes?
    As for the CL, its claimed that its corrupt etc, then why are we part of this? If you all claim that we aren’t allowed to win, surely the club with better resources have more information and,take the organization to the cleaners? This is the same site, which advocates England not playing in the WC as,FIFA is corrupt so why aren’t you doing the same? We can get get to the knock out stage’s and not turn up in protest….at the same time showing evidence to the people about the corruption etc. The flip side is that the best players will,not come to arsenal…but then again that wouldn’t matter because, we would not be playing anyway.

  29. Typical utter delusion from this site as always. You’re like a Wenger cult. You’re all happy going out at this stage 7 years running? Capitulating more than 10 pts behind in the PL by March again? Constantly losing our best players due to utter incompetence from the manager yet again – Henry, Fabregas, Nasri, RVP and now Sanchez, Ozil & Chamberlain rumoured to be leaving? Did we really leave Highbury for this shower?

    What a joke this blog really is. And all to get a silly sychophantic banner in the stadium. Absolutely pathetic!

    Arsenal AFC 1886 NOT Arsene AFC 1996.


  30. The Self-assured Princess

    Once upon a time, in a land far away, a beautiful, independent, self-assured princess happened upon a frog as she sat contemplating ecological issues on the shores of an unpolluted pond in a verdant meadow near her castle.

    The frog hopped into the Princess’ lap and said: “Elegant Lady, I was once a handsome Prince, until an evil witch cast a spell upon me. One kiss from you, however, and I will turn back into the dapper, young Prince that I am and then, my sweet, we can marry and setup housekeeping in yon castle with my Mother, where you can prepare my meals, clean my clothes, bear my children, and forever feel grateful and happy doing so.”

    That night, on a repast of lightly sauteed frogs legs seasoned in a white wine and onion cream sauce, she chuckled to herself and thought:” I don’t fucking think so !!!!!”

  31. Brickfields – The Riley cheating is legendary as is the Sir given to the most obnoxious footballing corrupt one. Every authority is part of the skulduggery group so nothing is ever going to get done. The genetic mutilation goes on. Some of ‘them’ also appear in these comments.

  32. The above modern fairy tale just reminded me of the oh , so many things that ‘them’ stupid types would want to unreasonably demand from Stan , and I am sure he’d probably say the same thing – ” I don’t fucking think so !!!!!”

    It’s his fucking club , he own it – live with it . Or buy him out and do with it as you may . The ball is in your court .

  33. Benny, all the players you name owe their career to that “incompetent” manager. Apart from Ozil and Sanchez who were bought as the real deal by that “incompetent” manager

    And well maybe some big and richer teams from the PL would have been very happy to even reach this stage 7 years running and then go out…. But MC, MU and Chelsea could not do this in fact in the last 7 years…

    Do you have anything to say about the article?

  34. gouresh – the money that we get from competing is excellent. It is worth the entry, qualification & the acceptance of the corruption. The FA in England can stop anyone from attending/competing football. There is no higher authority that can supercede their decisions.

  35. Walter, did you perhaps stumble onto some video clips for the Vidal tackle from behind? They only showed it once, no highlights, no mention of it. It looked bad to me in real time, but I could not analyse it

  36. @ Menace -09/03/2017 at 6:55 am – I’d like to think that the crowd will be more entertained by clips of the past antics of BIGMOB , and be inspired to get behind cheer the team , rather than by some ‘expert’ commentary by the media !

  37. JP, no sorry I didn’t see it live as I had to reload the stream at the moment. Just one replay for a split second for what looked a dangerous attack. But couldn’t see it in full

  38. A standard ‘Dear Stan ‘ letter for your easy use . He may want to hear from you .

    Dear Stan ,

    I have been an Arsenal fan since …… .
    I am a local and a season ticket holder for the last……., and not one of those plastic fans that watch the games from poor internet streams , or from the comfort of their home on their 55 inch HD tvs.

    I have stood in the rain, in snow and in sleet and also at Stoke on cold January nights . So I have EARNED the right to demand change . And expect the right to be heard .

    Sack the manager.He has not performed since 2004.The FA cup is not a trophy !
    Get in a new manager with a winning mentality .
    Spend that 200 million Pounds on WC players .
    No more buying of unheard and cheap players .
    Get rid of the rif-raf and those nicking a living .
    Don’t raise the ticket prices .
    Get rid of those banners of AW at the stadium .
    Never allow a statute of him ever !
    Bring in those media ex-players who seem to know everything .
    Get Usmanov involved in the running of the club .
    Ban those deluded AKBs and Untolders .They are a disgrace to the club.

    With the implementing of these measures we will be great again and take our rightful and god given place on the top .

    You have the power to make us number ONE , innit ? So just do it .

    Ta very much .
    (Signed )

    ( one of ‘them’)

  39. Menace – Parliament could overrule the FA and indeed dismiss them, since we, the tax payers, pay for the awful organisation. That would lead to Fifa kicking England out of international football for having political interference. Then we would all be liberated.

  40. Menace…then why the fuss? Why blame the refs etc? Let the club come out and tell us the we are in only for the money because the CL is corrupt,here is the evidence. If there is evidence and motive that they don’t want us to win or PSG considering strange penalties yesterday and if it can be proven then we have a strong case…..if we cannot stand and fight for ourselves against injustice this will go on and on. Accept it, don’t waste time blaming everyone else.

  41. Brickfields – thanks for the video of the 50th match. As someone comments underneath, the only way they could end our unbeaten run was by cheating and a corrupt referee. So so blatant.

    Very painful to watch.

  42. Arsenal will never get their just deserts until proper video technology can be used in games,as it’s blatantly obvious there’s never an even balance with officials.Every year it’s proved even by sites foreign to this one that Arsenal get screwed over far more than any other club.Plus we have to put up with all the anti-Arsenal propaganda from Sky,BT and wasters like Cundy and Durham on Talk Sport,not to mention the AAA and WOB muppet glory hunting babies who frequent our own fan base.I felt sorry for PSG last night who were screwed over big time by the cheating Suarez and his Barca whores..

  43. At least two of Barcelona’s goals were well offside.
    It really does seem like there is a corrupt agenda, involving FIFA, regional (UEFA), and national associations (FA).

    Perhaps, we should be writing to our respective MPs DEMANDING that the government stops taxpayer funding of the FA until it can prove that it is not corrupt. The England team is shit anyway, so not being in the World Cup/Euros is no real loss.

    Then, as Tony says, we would be completely free of all this unfettered corruption.

  44. Norman 14

    Which two goals were offside?
    Two penalties.
    No offsides at the Neymar free kick goal were there?
    One OG
    Are you saying Suarez first goal was offside? I’ve not seen this claimed anywhere else yet.
    And the final winning goal by Roberto was a perfectly timed move although other players were offside, so perhaps you mean that.
    Sure Suarez dived for one of the penalties, but if the game had finished even there would only had been one winner eventually.

  45. Unfortunately cheating by anyone (usually against some regulation not just moral) if it goes unpunished will be repeated again and again until it gets as blatant as what happened in Game 50. This is where corruption in the oversight organizations such as FAs, their international counterparts and the referees should come under scrutiny. If players are not allowed to get away in the manner they do they’d stop indulging in it.

    Arsene is a dieing breed, who wants to play according to the rules and to win fair and square. The culture of cheating and winning at all costs is ever so rampant that Arsene looks like a ‘dinosaur’ (Goonersaurus!) when he sticks to those principles come rain or shine. The truth to me is that Arsene is a great and extremely competent football manager. His life’s philosophy is what these fellows cannot put up with because it exposes their crookedness. How do you deal with such a problem? Get rid of Arsene by making his team lose matches.

    Very simple I tell you, there needs be no conspiracy each of these organizations are in a self-preservation mode and will do all it takes not to allow the derailment of their gravy train. They need not call up each other on the ‘phone or even meet to do it. It is as natural as breathing air to them. Football clubs who cowtow to it are allowed to win ‘trophies’ at the expense of clubs like AFC.

    Can Arsene continue to cope with the ever heightening level of corruption in order to get rid of him? Only he can answer that question, but whatever he decides to do he would always have my full support. The glory hunters who come on to this blog to fire cheap shots at a fellow like Arsene know not what they say because they are so entrenched in a manner of thinking that leaves no room for any other solution but to change managers for poor football results. That there are other causes for those poor results is unfathomable to them. Let them stew in their ignorance while they rail impotently against what they have no control over.

  46. Maybe I am wrong after watching football for over fifty years but all I see with the feats of BM and Barca are total awesomeness. When I see Neymar with the mind’s eye I see a football god. I have experienced many joys with Arsenal from being at WHL in ’71 up to Chelsea at Cardiff. A few downs inbetween and of course many highs while i had an ST so saw all of Arsene’s earlier exploits. Many fond memories but now it has become distant and I feel the malaise at the club may take a good five year plan to reboot but imagine a new type of five years could be football fun with all the highs and lows. I saw a Barca fan crying in the stands and that is why football is the best game on the planet Arsenal can get back to this place where mutual admiration is the fundament of a football narrative. I am half liberated now and can enjoy the likes of Deli Alii without becoming a spud. Peace.

  47. You have to be a few knives short of a full drawer if you seriously think Barcelona isn’t the single most corrupt entity in European football. I thought the Lewandowski offside and swan dive was bad enough, but the entirely predictable events last night at Planet Nou Camp didn’t surprise me one bit. Some fine goals I’ll grant you, but is there an elite team who have been awarded more penalties in the CL than the Catalans? A post on Gunnerblog referred to ‘an absolute masterclass in diving from Barca tonight’ and we were privileged to witness yet another linesman buckling under pressure, although this time in favour of a team who should be dead and buried. Five minutes of Fergie time as well? Just enough to ensure victory. Thank goodness for that.

  48. Gouresh – the club cannot openly criticise the CL so it does what it does. Just be clear enough to understand this. Barca has just ‘won’ against all odds. Argentina won 6 -0 in a past World cup against all odds to put Cryuffs Holland out. These are not sporting successes. These are the greatest manipulation of the public by openly corrupt practice by footballing officials. The money involved is huge. The corruption widely controlled to ensure success without publishing the truth in comment.

    Barcas victory was orchestrated by the officials & the Barca players were allowed freedoms beyond their talent. I used to enjoy some of the football played by Barca & then Bussaca & Van Persie put paid to their ‘success’. Similarly, Manchester United lost all credibility after the 50th game. Whatever they ‘won’ since is outside the sporting side of football.

    How can any true sports person accept UEFA after the proven corruption of Platini & FIFA? The clubs have to continue despite the knowledge because it is how they run their business. The Football business has to survive within the corrupt organisation or go out of business.

    When Tony writes honestly about the incidents involving the Sun & Liverpool many take umbridge. The press are thick skinned when it comes to treading a thin line between honesty & lies. The reality is that in today’s sport most of the participants accepting corruption succeed. Those that succeed despite the corruption are few & their success is not greeted with the same glee by the media.

  49. am on d same page wit Bobome nd Norman 14 on dis issues; rather dan debating on dis site all d tym cannt we put all evidence together nd send dem to a higher authority dat can call these organisations to order? Its no use Tony writing tonsof articles , analysis nd nerve wracking researhes for publiication day in day out wit affirmative action being put in place to unmask all d sordid nd imoral tins going on in football all over UK nd Europe generally; perhaps let some of dis evidence go viiral on line, Utube et al; I sincerely beliieve sumtin must be done. To checkmate these organisations; media, PGMOB, AAA Nd its variant aaa even d fake Fans inclusive. I luked critically at d 2 clips Walter presented in dis post, iits so disheartenng dat a Fifa gradeded ref culd miss such clear offside position; surely as Walter opiined dat wrong decision changed d course of d match; why nt make it go viral on Utube? I read a story today wit Alexis laughing after Baryen ‘s 5th goal while Chech was looking forlon beside him; if I was AW Alexis will not player in d team until he has purged himself of his arrogance nd his salary will be witheld. Until he becomes reasonable; , no wonder d team is lifeless for sumtym now , a xter like Alexis in a team is disaster for d team now is tym for AW to let Lucas Perez take his rightful place in d team in place of. Arrogant Alexis; I like Alexis bt his antics recently hve shown he is absolutely no team player no wonder Barca showed him d exit door! Witout bating an eye lid such a canterkerous xter shuld nt be condoned in a team. Shalom!!!

  50. About the FA…I wonder what FIFA would say if the British parliament simply withdrew their budget? Didn’t interfere with their workings…just refused to fund an incompetent and opaque organisation.

  51. I can understand people speaking in patois, but is it really necessary to actually write in it? Or am I being a miserable old git?
    Yes, I’m being a miserable old git!

  52. GoingGoingGooner

    Well they might do that if Tracy Crouch keeps her promise to cut funding if the FA does not reform.
    There’s no legal obligation for the Government to give them any money at all, so cutting them off shouldn’t cause any issues with FIFA.

  53. It looks as if some of the Wenger out brigade enjoys cheating football 🙂

  54. I also wonder why the referees experts who were so keen on saying what a red card Koscielny fully deserved would say about the ref in the Barca game who only gave a yellow card against the PSG player. I know it was a dive from Suarez but still, he gave the penalty then why only a yellow card against Marquinhos????

    Well maybe just maybe because my explanatoin was right after all? What do you think Tommo??? Any thoughts? After all wasn’t you one of the experts?

  55. Oh well the experts in refereeing matters have no answers for me. come on guys help me out, I got a match to do on Sunday. I need your advice.
    NOT 😉

  56. Walter – don’t you know the Laws as per UEFA & PGMOL are Arsenal specific. Even the More On is only on duty when he gets paid by the special ones.

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