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No hints of progress from those who (unlike most of us) were paid to watch England.

by Dr Billy “the Dog” McGraw.

With England as we have long since learned, it is different. Somehow the standards demanded are, well, not to put too fine a point on it, lower. Lower as in, below floor level. Lower than that in fact. Sub-basement, although that still seems a bit high.

Having lost […]

Mesut Özil speaks about his childhood and his life in football

by Tony Attwood

I recently ran a little article here about Granit Xhaka which was taken from a Swiss newspaper and it created a little bit of interest I felt, not least because it gave a different interpretation to the piece from the way in which it was handled by the English media. (Although I […]

In case you have been in hibernation during the the interlull here’s what you missed

By Sir Hardly Anyone and an abacus.

During international weeks there are 14 potential football stories for the media to play with and invent. They fall into three simple groups: the managers of PL clubs, the players of PL clubs, and the internationals themselves. Because the internationals always come out with the same stories, the […]