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  1. WalterBroeckx

    according to who scored he got one red card in his career. At Real Madrid for making a gesture towards the ref in a match against Villareal. 😉

  2. Mike T

    You tease Walter for Ozil has been sent off 3 times.All straight reds

    Once whilst playing for Werder Bremen in 2008/9 and twice whilst playing for Real in 20011/12 once in the league and once in the super cup

  3. MickHazel

    He sounds as though he is a thoughtful, sensitive kind of person from his comments in this interview, an impression I had already formed from observing him since he joined Arsenal.

  4. WalterBroeckx

    So he came with a bit of a reputation… 😉
    Note to myself: never trust who scored anymore

  5. Mike T

    Walter indeed in 165 domestic games prior to moving to Arsenal booked 19 times sent off 3.

    At Arsenal he’s played 119 domestic games no sending offs and 5 bookings.

  6. omgarsenal

    When I was in Germany, there was significant suspicion and dislike of their Turkish minority by many citizens,despite most of the Turks being native-born Germans and speaking fluent German as well. When I officiated minor league and amateur games there, I heard negative and prejudicial comments from fellow officials and parents about some of the Turkish players. I also heard criticisms and intolerance from Germans about ordinary Turkish-German fellow citizens, much like some racists in the US talk about blacks and other minorities. Ozil has done a great deal to assuage these prejudices but they are still strong and still expressed openly.

  7. Brickfields Gunners

    In any mixed community ,there will always be peer pressure, either to conform to certain set ideals and aspirations of that particular community , or failing which, not to rock the boat overtly . Nor to set a poor example that may lead to ridicule and bias.

    Taking the middle path often has often more pressure , as one side or the other make certain demands (unjustly,of course)of you . A very firm and committed person could avoid all this by making their stance crystal clear,while at the same time indicating that their personal space is off limits . I don’t carry banners for others .

    As a rule I don’t discuss politics or religion with most. I’ll walk away from any too rabid or ridiculous discussion without any hesitation .While I may be tempted in wanting to correct anything that I may perceive as being not factual , still, I do refrain so as not to cause conflict or confrontation .

    I just tell myself that its not worth the aggravation . I often recollect this scene from Hamburger Hill, and tell myself , ” It doan mean nuttin’ !”


    On this site , I just say with jokes and humour .That many of ‘them’ types won’t get it , is just too bad.

  8. para

    Mesut’s character seems to fit right into Arsenal’s way. And we know that a character strong person is always attacked by the “bully” boys who start to feel threatened because they know inside they just do not measure up. It happens all over.
    Including to Arsenal.

    ATV is petitioning Arsenal to allow a singing section (a la) Dtmd at Arsenal and is trying to create a section to rally the players and create an atmospheres at Arsenal. Good idea me thinks.

    Anyway, Arsenal now has their last “games” of the season coming up, ManC twice, Spuds, and later on Manu.

    Three games to recapture some of the gloss that has worn off of Arsenal lately. Imagine 4 good wins against them, Whaat?

    I dare say it is the performance of the team including AW that will set the trend for the coming season and beyond. Or Not.

  9. Vanya Dickens

    I have plenty of Turkish friends here in London who were born in the UK but of Turkish or Cypriot heritage (if that’s the correct word ) and when we talk about topics of whether you feel more British or Turkish, most say the latter. Some of my friends have never even been to Turkey or Cyprus – but at home they speak the language mixed up with English, they eat the food of their heritage and they support Turkey when England plays them. That’s how they feel. That’s the beast of life.

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