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November 2015
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Untold Arsène




Untold Arsène: articles about the work of the most successful manager Arsenal has ever had in its 125 year history – along with occasional tales relating to other managers.


Untold Arsène is part of “Untold Arsenal” – an ever growing collection of articles and comment on numerous aspects of football from a pro-Arsenal perspective.  A list of other sections within Untold Arsenal is given at the end of this page, and on the home page of the site.

Respect; rather forgotten but still needed

Wenger: the ultimate gambler.

The management tactics next season: Arsenal, Man U, Man C, Tottenham, Liverpool, Chelsea

The most comprehensive analysis of Arsenal managers ever – just published on the Arsenal History Site.

Harry Redknapp’s gone: but what really happened?

Living Legend or past his sell by date?  A Norwich fan’s view of Mr Wenger

Because of Arsene that would never happen at Arsenal

Arsène unedited:  on the subject of refs, plus trafficking of child footballers

The Arsenal Way: the unique style of playing evolved under Mr Wenger

 Is Mr Wenger being tapped up for the England job?

Under Wenger we score 5 or more once every 20 EPL games


What would happen if Mr Wenger left?

Why does Arsenal not sack Arsene Wenger?  This is why.

After Fulham, what Mr Wenger did not say


COACHING: Do we need a defensive coach or not

Arsène Wenger: Mr Wenger is worth between £100m and £400m to Arsenal

Why Arsene at Arsenal – a fan’s view


Does Arsène Still Know Best? – Clear Thinking “Post Old Trafford”.

Bring Dein Back?

Dein’s Revenge

Arsenal’s next manager after Wenger makes his move

The Philosophy of Arsène Wenger

Part 1:  The Wengerian philosophy

Part 2: Theory and Practice

Part 3: The Total Revolution

Part 4: Chapman, Allison, Graham, Wenger – the comparisons

Part 5: Does the end always justify the means?


Arsène Wenger has three hands

Thanks for staying Arsene

How Arsene Wenger changed football

What would we do if Wenger left?

The day the Youth Project was shown to be a magnificent success of the very first order

The philosophy of Wenger and how the North Koreans don’t get it.

Germany and Arsenal – set on the same course?

Supposing we didn’t have Wenger but had someone much more frightening

After the World Cup it is time for English football to choose

If Mr Wenger left the club who on earth could we get in his place?

Arsenal: before and after Arsène.

Let us try to be critical: a review

If we are so bad why are we being copied?

Is Arsenal well and truly going down hill?

Arsenal don’t like it up em

The Philosophy of Wenger: the approach to transfers

Thanks Roman for reminding us of all that we are, and all you are not


The background reports

The World of Wenger: Chapman and Wenger – a comparison

Catastrophists 1: How four guys ran the whole anti-Wenger movement

Catrastrophists 2: The need for a coherent argument from the anti-Wenger camp



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Making the Arsenal

Full details of the novel which tells the story of Arsenal’s collapse and birth as a new club in 1910.  Details here. A new book on Woolwich Arsenal FC is in preparation.