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  1. Andrew Crawshaw

    For once the Telegraph have an answer that seems both achievable and positive. Transfer the safety certificate for the games from the stadium owners – the E20 partnership, to West Ham. This would clarify lines of communication and remove the “it’s not my fault it’s yours. Oh no it isn’t it’s yours” name calling . West Ham could then bring back their previous stewards who, I guess, they were happy with to protect their Directors and staff. Simples!

  2. Usama Zaka

    Sorry to be offtopic Billy..

    For anyone who wants to watch PSG v Arsenal U19 Youth League, its free here at UEFA’s Official youtube channel.


    Back to you Billy 🙂

  3. Chris

    About the topic of catering, I was lucky enough to be able to see a NY Giants game against the Dallas Cowboys in 2014, at met Stadium, just across the river from New York.

    I can’t say I could complain about catering. They had it all. Sure there were some queues in-between quarters, but not that long and choice of drinks and foods was very large.

    Same thing watching a Montreal Canadiens Hockey game. Plenty of choices, all accros the arena.

    So it is strange that having a US owner not more is done to solve that issue….

  4. nicky

    How could anyone with a modicum of sense, expect that responsibility for security at the ex-Olympic Stadium (now used for professional football) could be other than that of the professional football club obtaining the tenancy. 😉

  5. GoingGoingGooner

    I don’t get the catering incompetence. It would seem that they don’t want our money…nah….

  6. para

    West Ham will be sorry for doing that deal, which looks good to them, but is filled with lots of worms. Pity, as they were about to become a better team.

  7. Notoverthehill

    Mihir Bose, had an article in 2007 that stated

    The minutes relate to the 15th Olympic Board Meeting which started at 1:30 pm on 7 February 2007 at the offices of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport in London’s Cockspur Street.

    “A clear decision is now required from the Board as to how it wishes to proceed and its commitment to an athletics legacy – as per the Host City Contract.”

    “The Chair asked that the Board endorse the decision that there be no further contact or negotiations with West Ham Football Club in relation to the Olympic Stadium and this was agreed. The Board also endorsed the concept of the Living Stadium. The Mayor reported that he was due to make an announcement shortly regarding an agreement with WFC and the development of another site adjacent to the Park. ”

    A football club as a tenant, was the only solution.

    OR, a Housing and Industrial Estate.

    NO athletics? As athletics, would require an annual subsidy? Crystal Palace, was an alternative?

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