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Untold Media

Untold Media: How the media handles football, from an Arsenal perspective.


Untold Media is part of “Untold Arsenal” – an ever growing collection of articles and comment on numerous aspects of football from a pro-Arsenal perspective.  A list of other sections within Untold Arsenal is given at the end of this page, and on the home page of the site.

Untold Media is primarily edited by Anne, with some pieces contributed and/or edited by the overall Untold team.  If you would like to contribute an article to any of the Untold Arsenal sections or if you would like to start up a new Untold section please do write to

Past stories from Untold Media (these are roughly in date order starting with the latest)

Have you ever seen a journalist admit he’s got it wrong?


Difficult choices await the media as they beat a rearguard action on refs

Untold join the big boys: The 2500: Untold celebrates a landmark

Match fixing: Media rush to deny match fixing takes place

While true fans are loyal lovers, the media descends into puerile pornography


Watching football on TV with foreign commentators

Untold Media: the why of the pathetic low score – part 2

Untold Media: the pathetic low score of the media – part 1

The Media and Arsenal

After Fulham – all the things the press reported but Mr Wenger did not say

What did Mr Wenger mean when he said “We know what to expect in London”?

MEDIA: The press isn’t reporting the issue, it is the issue

MEDIA:Why did the Sun’s “Humble Pie” begin with an attack on Arsenal fans?

MEDIA: An apology from the Sun!!!!! [snigger, snigger]

MEDIA: On a quest for well written news, Untold goes global

MEDIA UPDATE: What they didn’t say about the Norwich match – and Robert Pires take on life.

MEDIA: Call to Arsenal fans to reject unwarranted media pressure on Van Persie

MEDIA: How the BBC and the Guardian love to mislead you over Arsenal

 From a one man team to a club in crisis!A change in tone. But is it a positive one?

Coverage of Tottenham v Arsenal

The Daily Mirror’s Arsenal Hypocrisy: A preliminary analysis

How even good journalists try to pretend they are not the story

Arsenal fight back versus the media

Martin Samuel’s daily attack on Arsenal – Part one

Martin Samuel’s daily attack on Arsenal – Part two

Wenger accuses the media of driving him out

We deserve better than this

You f*cking, lying cheats and stupid parrots. (What Cesc really said)

Arsène’s Mood Takes Down the Western Economy

Evidence, who needs evidence?  The Guardian knows that Wenger is ill but insists on doing all transfer deals himself!

The Daily Mail

Untold Media Review: the Telegraph

The Daily Mirror

The Sun goes bananas even by its own sub-basement standard – but please note this article may cause distress to sensitive readers

Major explosion at Arsenal’s ground

Know Thine Enemy – from a long weekend in the Untold Media Trenches

Untold Media: Football coverage in newspapers about to end

Untold Media: Football coverage in newspapers about to end

Which football blogs are the top blogs?  And why???

Do you have a scrapbook covering Arsenal in the 1970s?

Want to be treated like an idiot? Try ESPN.

We have a definite link between buying a club and match fixing: why journalists in the UK are not as exercised by the issue as those in other countries

Antony Kastrinakis: defacing the Arsenal: The story of one journalist’s obsession with knocking Arsenal FC.

Phone hacking and football; refs and club owners

Untold Media: Launch of new media section, and we need your help

How one paper has read Untold and changed its mind about Cesc

Untold Arsenal media Watch – the other side of the sun

Untold Media: Launch of new media section, and we need your help

How one paper has read Untold and changed its mind about Cesc

Untold Arsenal media Watch – the other side of the sun


Other Untold Arsenal sections


Write for Untold Arsenal

We really do welcome writers who have a positive view of the Wenger revolution, or who have something new to say about any of the topics that we regularly cover – all listed above.  Just email your idea to or send in the whole article as a Word file attached to an email.



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History, copyright etc etc

Untold Arsenal was set up by Tony Attwood in February 2008 as a mechanism for countering the eternally negative comments of other bloggers.

Articles are written by those who feel drawn to the site’s position vis a vis Arsenal FC, and at the moment the central team is Tony, Walter Broeckx, Phil Gregory, Dogface,  Dale Higginbottom, Anne Thompson

If you have a comment about the site which you don’t want to post to the site please write to

The site is owned by Websites and Blogs Ltd., Hamilton House, Earlstrees Ct., Earlstrees Rd., Corby, Northants NN17 4HH.  You can phone Tony on 01536 399 013, during office hours.

Tony is a season ticket holder and committee member of Arsenal Independent Supporters Association.  He writes a column in the Arsenal programme, and the Arsenal official web site and is currently writing a book on the history of Woolwich Arsenal.

Articles that appear on this site are copyright (c) Tony Attwood 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 or individual writers as signified.   If you wish to quote a small amount of an article you are free to do so provided you only quote under 5% of the total article, and state the page the article came from giving the URL in full and cite the name of the author.  Not to do so, or to quote more than this without written permission would be a breach of the 1998 Copyright Designs and Patent Act.   Websites and Blogs Ltd   and the author will take action to protect copyright material from unfair reproduction or exploitation.