Why, when a player assaults a referee, the ultimate guilty party is the media



Media comments on referees

By Sir Hardly Anyone

It is extraordinary that there is so little talk about the quality of refereeing in the media… Indeed it is rather like the media in Putin’s Russia – wherein a subject does not exist until the recognised official makes a statement.  And indeed when it comes to refereeing, Russian style reporting is indeed what we are getting today.

For months on end there is never a word on the subject and then up pops “Football governance must be overhauled to better represent referees” from the Independent, which reports on refereeing from the point of view of PGMO.  

Hence the Independent says that “Paul Field, whose organisation supports and offers welfare for referees at grassroots level in England, says that an example must be made of Mitrovic after he was sent off for pushing referee Chris Kavanagh …”

It is not as if that is even news, given that the player has already been charged with  “abusive and/or insulting and/or threatening behaviour” towards the ref.  But there is widespread media speculation about just how many games suspension he will get.

Of course, hitting anyone outside of sports where it is permitted in the rules, is wrong.  I think that’s agreed.

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  1. As I have said on here before, the problem with the breakdown of respect for referees, or the men in black, or the man in a uniform, is simply a reflection of societies breakdown of respect for all forms of officialdom. Or put another way, anyone in a uniform.

    Just go and look at the number of assaults, and in particular recent increases, in the amount of physical assaults on:

    Ambulance workers

    The numbers are enormous and shameful.

    As far as I can see there is a total breakdown of respect for ‘officialdom’ within society, for whatever reason, and assaults on referees are just a symptom of this.

    How players behave in itself may be a reflection of society, but it is certainly not the cause of some irate father lumping a referee on Sunday Morning.

    Society is responsible for that.

    Trying to link a player losing the plot on Saturday, to some idiot punching a referee on Sunday is merely deflection from the true issues we have with the officiating in this country, which as we can all see is dire.

  2. The players know the referees are robbing them. Anyone with half a brain can see that, so why do the clowns in the media express shock and awe when a player shows he can’t take it anymore? Who wants to walk into an office, work for a month and discover someone in the building broke into your desk and stole your lunch? You would be outraged! So why wouldn’t players be?

    The useless sport writers are going to be exposed for the clowns they are. As long as they continue to support the useless refs, the paying public will begin to realize they have been fooled. What I don’t understand is how the premier League management are unable to see the connection between poor referees and bringing the league into disrepute. Why won’t they do something about it?

    Are these guys making more money gambling on matches than doing their jobs? Letting the inmates run the asylum certainly makes one wonder.

  3. @mike,

    the deadwood journalists are just PR guys for eht FA and PGMOL. If they start criticizing, they’ll lose their precious perks or whatever advantages they or their employers have.

    So don’t be surprised that sure enough it is never the referees’ faults. Yet, interestingly, with VAR now, all the incompetence is there for all to see and slowly but surely things will have to change – but don’t express the deadwood press to be helpful…..

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