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  1. walter
    30 March 2011

    Maybe the FA can host an FA-Aid concert in Wembley to get some money in?

    Dowdence, Deanwater Webbival should attract a few fans from some parts of the country.

  2. kiwigooner
    30 March 2011

    Am I to infer that AF is unhappy that the FA has sweet FA?


  3. A Casual Observer
    30 March 2011

    I reckon, as a fund raiser, they should put the ref’s in stocks and let us fans queue up to chuck rotten tomatoes at them – £8 a go seems about in line with their food pricing policy…

    …Mind you Phil Dowd would probably mug off the arsenal fans by just catching them in his mouth and saying “Please sir may I have another?”.

  4. Phoenix Gunner
    30 March 2011

    well played kiwigooner

  5. Gord
    30 March 2011

    I wouldn’t say the English men’s and U-21 teams are hopeless. Canada is worse, and we have a bunch of doorknobs running our national association as well. Our women’s team does well, and it looks like they’ll host a Women’s World Cup soon.

  6. wembley79
    30 March 2011

    Hmm, funny how we never heard these noises from Sir A F when OT was raking the money in for an Arsenal Spurs semi in 2001 though isn’t ti?

  7. Rhys Jaggar
    30 March 2011

    So you’re saying that 2010 was a disastrous year for the FA, eh?

    The 2009 accounts, which presumably are a legally binding document signed off by Directors, show that the net cash flow for 2008 and 2009 combined was PLUS eight million.

    That’s after paying off the bank interest etc etc.

    NET cash flow. POSTIVE.

    Wembley Stadium cost the FA £2m net in 2009 in operating costs. That’s not including the huge media income the FA gets. Which was > £100m in 2009. Not to mention £50m of commercial. Call the two £100m after costs to be cautious. So I’m sure they covered covered the operating costs just about. And used some more of it to pay the mortgage.

    Just like Arsenal in fact. The cost of paying a squad plus matchday costs is probably covered by matchday income plus commercial revenues. £150m odd in costs for Arsenal (£111m in wages, say £39m in operating costs?). £100m in matchday revenues, say the commercial income is £50m. Break even isn’t it?

    Net assets for the FA in 2009 went up by £3.5m to £194m. Sounds like a going concern, doesn’t it?

    The bank loan is £325m over 15 years, with instalments rising through the period. A bit more than Arsenal’s over a slightly shorter time period. But the FA’s media income is far higher than Arsenal’s. So it looks like it can be covered based on 2009 figures, doesn’t it?

    So your whole article is predicated on 2010 and the first half of 2011 being much worse for the FA than 2009 and 2008.

    You may be right, but I’d like to see the figures…….

  8. todd
    30 March 2011

    Net Cash flow does not tell the whole story. And combining the two years certainly does not. 2008 shows a net cash flow of +15M, 2009 shows a net cash flow of -7.8M. Thats a 22.8M swing, and if you look at the differences between the two years there is plenty to be concerned about.

    In this case the 2009 FA accounts also show an increase in net debt of 42M. A large part of this is a net decrease in liquid assets (cash in bank) of close to 68M.

    I wouldn’t bet the bank based on just the two years data, and I don’t have the time/energy to look deeper, but I also would have a fair amount of concern about the state of the FA if I lived in England.

  9. Uncle Mike
    30 March 2011

    The U.S. doesn’t have a national stadium, although I did see the NT play Argentina to a gripping 1-1 draw last Saturday night at a frigid Meadowlands (outside New York). Live Aid for the FA? You could’ve told the 79,000 at the Meadowlands, “Well, tonight, thank God it’s them — instead of you!”

  10. Brickfields Gunners
    1 April 2011

    Tony ,are you sure this drab and sanitised article was written Billy ?Its not his style.And where was he released from?From a mental institution ?Did they perform
    a prefrontal lobotomy on him ?Does he sit around smiling to himself and generally seem contented ?
    If its yes ,send him back and ask them to reboot him or get a brain transplant(a recently expired desport,or tyrant,or even a megalomaniac will do -apparently there are many available in the Middle East!).If we don’t get back our zany ,loutish and often overbearing Billy ,then there will blood on the streets .
    Watch your back Tony !You’ve been warned !
    @ Walter , what will they be singing -” Who’ll stop the drain ” ?
    @ A Casual Observer- I’d pay more to chase him around with a spiked club along with other like minded fans to the accompaniment of the music from the closing credits of the Benny Hill Show.

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