SuperLeague is back on the agenda: Why is the media so against it?




4 Replies to “SuperLeague is back on the agenda: Why is the media so against it?”

  1. I read in the papers in Belgium that UEFA is thinking about allowing Saoudi clubs in the European Champions League. This is clearly all about the money of course. But if UEFA would allow this to happen then it will be at the cost of European clubs (someone have to make way for the oil clubs..)
    How will FIFA react as it comes in after their club world championship…. and how would the Azian federation react as this would undermine the Azian champions league with Saoudi clubs no longer participating…. money money money…. oh so funny…. it’s a rich mans world….

  2. Oh great! Now Arsenal can travel thousands of miles to go play in front of 500 spectators. Nice!

  3. Walter,

    I did read this and was thinking : looks like a Super League across 2 continents… interesting…
    Later I found some piece explaining that the whole UEFA project that looks like tapping into oil and whitewashing money was frowned upon by FIFA and that basically FIFA statutes do not allow this kind of competition, I mean competitions on an intercontinental level not being FIFA.something. And I guess FIFA does not want someone to get money it wants….

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