Arsenal Boss Arteta Doubles Down on ‘Passionate’ Celebrations


The passion and emotion that flood the pitch after a hard-fought win are palpable for every football match. Such was the case when Arsenal secured a memorable 3-1 victory over Liverpool on 11Feb, igniting a wave of jubilation that reverberated throughout the Emirates Stadium. Liverpool were favourites for the match.

There is always an element of surprise in football and unpredictability. That’s why it’s best to play something you can control fully. Try playing aviator on 888bet Zambia and try your luck. However, Arsenal’s post-match celebrations were criticized for their exuberance amid the euphoria. Mikel Arteta remains resolute in his belief that passionate celebrations are a testament to team spirit and glory. After a big win, we also believe celebrating is fine. It gives more spirit to the players. Here’s the full story.

Arteta Praises His Players For Their ‘Passionate’ Celebrations After Arsenal Vs Liverpool Match

The way Arsenal’s players and coaching staff celebrated their victory following their victory over Liverpool attracted the attention of people and journalists. Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher, renowned figures in football punditry, raised concerns about what they perceived as immaturity in Arsenal’s celebrations.

Neville went as far as to suggest that the team displayed “a little bit of immaturity,” while Carragher urged them to “just get down the tunnel.” Even Liverpool midfielder Curtis Jones weighed in, accusing Arteta of “stealing” Jurgen Klopp’s celebratory gestures.

Arteta’s Response to the Criticism

Arteta has vehemently defended Arsenal’s right to enjoy their success, drawing on his extensive experience as a player and coach. Having tasted Premier League glory twice as an assistant coach under the tutelage of Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, Arteta’s perspective is informed by firsthand experience of what it takes to emerge victorious in one of the most fiercely contested leagues in the world.

In response to the criticisms leveled against his team, Arteta delivered a passionate defense of the celebratory scenes witnessed at the Emirates Stadium. “If I think when I have won Premier Leagues somewhere else, the answer would be ‘big no,'” Arteta asserted. He emphasized that his experience has taught him the significance of celebrating victories, highlighting the passion and emotion they bring to the game.

“Personally, I love it because it brings such passion and emotion to the game. When it’s done in a natural and unique way, I think it’s great,”

“I see a lot of games and in game three, game six, game eight, there are managers and teams celebrating a lot, fans celebrating a lot. It’s so tough to win in this league.

“For sure, it was a big match for us. You can tell how much it meant from the [first] whistle. You could sense the stadium and the atmosphere very different already. It was a great day.” Arteta added.

Indeed, the fervour exhibited by Arsenal’s players and coaching staff following their triumph over Liverpool serves as a testament to the team’s collective spirit and determination. In a league as fiercely competitive as the Premier League, where every point is crucial, such moments of jubilation are not merely frivolous displays but rather manifestations of the dedication and hard work invested by the entire squad.

Moreover, Arteta’s unwavering defense of passionate celebrations reflects his belief in the importance of fostering a winning mentality within the team. By embracing and encouraging moments of joy and camaraderie, Arteta seeks to instill a sense of belief and unity among his players, essential ingredients for sustained success in a grueling season.

As Arsenal prepares to face West Ham in their next fixture, Arteta’s words resonate not only with the players and coaching staff but also with the club’s loyal supporters. The scenes of jubilation witnessed at the Emirates Stadium serve as a reminder of the club’s illustrious history and the glory that Arsenal has achieved in years past. From the Invincibles of 2003-04 to dramatic title triumphs and unforgettable cup victories, Arsenal’s legacy is built on moments of triumph and celebration.

In the grand tapestry of Arsenal’s history, each victory, each celebration, contributes to the rich fabric of the club’s narrative. From the iconic moments etched in the annals of footballing lore to the smaller, yet equally significant, victories that punctuate the season, Arsenal’s journey is defined by the passion and dedication of all those who wear the famous red and white shirt.

Wrap up

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta’s defense of passionate celebrations serves as a poignant reminder of the intrinsic connection between success and joy in the world of football. As Arsenal continues its quest for glory, both on the pitch and in the hearts of its supporters. The scenes of jubilation witnessed at the Emirates Stadium stand as a testament to the enduring spirit of the club and the unwavering commitment of all those who call themselves Gunners.

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