Newcastle Arsenal; the Untold ref preview

RefWatch – Newcastle United v Arsenal (05/02/2011 15:00)

By DogFace

  • Referee:              Phil Dowd
  • Assistant 1:         Trevor Massey
  • Assistant 2:         Darren Bond
  • 4th Official:         Stuart Attwell

Good morning stat-fans and welcome to yet another RefWatch… ok, let’s get it out there, before I begin – there was quite a frenzy kicked off all over the internet regarding Untold Arsenal and the last RefWatch in which I suggested that Lee Mason would give Everton a bit of a ‘free ride’, shall we say.  Not all games are like this so if you are expecting me to gaze into my crystal ball and give you something to lump your hard-earned on then it’s possible that won’t happen for a while – it’s not often that you get the ‘perfect storm’ scenario of the last game… although you do get one or two like that every week in the other fixtures.

Let’s have a look at Referee:

  • Full name:                           Phil Dowd
  • Date of birth:                     26 January 1963 (1963-01-26) (age 48)
  • Place of birth:                    Staffordshire, England
  • EPL Referee Since:          2001/2002
  • EPL Games to date:         196

Kiss me Cattermole…

Ahhh…  Mr Phil Dowd, yes I remember him – he’s the fat one.  If you recall we’ve had him a few times this season and both those games were stinkers – there was Sunderland Vs Arsenal (18/09/2010) in which he sent off Song (I think?) and we were held to a 1 – 1 draw and some other match against the Stratford Wanderers in which we lost 2 -3.  I wasn’t impressed with him in the Sunderland match but, for some reason the memory of the other game has been totally erased from my mind – so I can’t comment on that one.

Phil Dowd has had 14 games for Newcastle United consisting of 5 wins, 3 draws and 6 losses.

Newcastle United are currently in 12th in Phil Dowd’s personal Points Per Game League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the EPL, with an average of 1.29 PPG.

In Phil Dowd’s personal Handicap Swing League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the EPL, Newcastle United come 13th with an average swing of 0.00.

Newcastle United are currently in 14th in Phil Dowd’s personal Booking’s Per Match League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the EPL, with an overall average of 1.93 BPM.

In Phil Dowd’s personal Fouls Per Booking League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the EPL, Newcastle United come 14th with an overall average of 6.81 FPB.

Well that all seems fairly normal, although he uncharacteristically redlined Newcastle’s opposition FPB figures in the 2007/2008 and 2008/2009 seasons – perhaps he was trying to even up his numbers a bit for the 2002/2003 season?

What isn’t great news (for us) is the last game Dowd took charge for the Toon [this season – 31/10/2010] in which they beat Sunderland 5-1… so it seems that he was a bit crap for Newcastle until this season – such is the way of Phil Dowd as we’ll see in our next chart:

Phil Dowd has had 15 games for Arsenal consisting of 9 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses

Arsenal are currently in 2nd in Phil Dowd’s personal Points Per Game League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the EPL, with an average of 2.07 PPG.

In Phil Dowd’s personal Handicap Swing League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the EPL, Arsenal come 9th with an average positive swing of 0.16.

Arsenal are currently in 12nd in Phil Dowd’s personal Booking’s Per Match League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the EPL, with an overall average of 1.80 BPM.

In Phil Dowd’s personal Fouls Per Booking League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the EPL, Arsenal come 19th with an overall average of 6.41 FPB.

Our overall numbers look good but and (like Phil Dowd) this is a big butt – this season our numbers have crashed and we currently are looking at 0.5 PPG and an underperformance against the handicap of -0.88 of a goal.

Our 4th official today is Stuart ‘the randomiser’ Attwell – he’s only taken charge of 1 game for Newcastle (draw) and 1 game for Arsenal (win) so we won’t dwell on him and move right along to see how the other [selected] teams in the EPL perform against the handicap with Phil Dowd at the whistle:

As you can see – as with the above, this season Newcastle have bounced and Arsenal have crashed… if this is a statistical anomaly then we can hope that Big Phil will take the opportunity to even out his numbers here and we’ll walk it 0-3.  However, you can also see that Manchester United (who Phil appears to not have much in the way of ‘Love’ for) have also taken a dip right back into negative territory.  If we add to this ‘bigger picture’ the fact that Chelsea have also taken an unexpected ‘dip’ we might start to wonder just what exactly is going on – and then we see Manchester City and their steady over performances under Dowd from the 2008/2009 season to a place where they are now in amongst the ‘big boys’ and challenging for the title – and we start to wonder – what’s all that about then?

So – to summarise, what can we expect from Phil Dowd tomorrow?  I would go into this match fairly tentatively – I think we’ll get something from it but there has been a definite change in Dowd’s patterns of late which worry me, especially if we could be considered a threat to Manchester City’s seasonal objectives – whatever happens, I’ll be watching him closely and reading Walter’s Ref Review with great interest.

206 Replies to “Newcastle Arsenal; the Untold ref preview”

  1. If I sow things correct Dowds general FPB rate getting lower with each season, what didn’t make me too happy.
    Knowing we have to play team with Barton and Tiote in, early preventive yellow cards would be good, and even doesn’t matter for which team, but just to calm players down and to show what sort of game wont be appreciated.

  2. I did refer a lot on your last refwatch, actually I was trying to find what kind of dark spell you have used to find that “Free Mason” was going to give the toffees a “slight” advantage.

    The only negative point after your last refwatch is that I looked out the ref during all the game and not the game itself… LOL, just kidding

    another good stat post, as I love them (except the nasri’s one)

    keep up guys

  3. I worry a bit about Cesc today – think he is a marked man, the ref may use any excuse to get at him – to avenge their colleague Lee Masons honour, or lack of it

  4. Dowd has been a twat in the second half – Newcastle have been violent in the challenge and he’s just ignoring it. Totally inconsistent.

  5. At half-time and 4-0 up, I was thinking – “what will the referee do to help Newcastle out in the second half?”

    Answer: One red card and two penalties!

    Absolutely ridiculous.

  6. How one not given dreadful foul on Diaby by that criminal Barton who should have been sent off by then changed this game around. Well done mr. Dowd. (sarcastic)
    We are not allowed to winn the league, that is for sure. The refs are out to get us.

  7. Disgusting.

    Barton should have seen red, the first penalty was questionable, the second penalty was an absolute farce!, and the free-kick that led to their fourth was never a foul.

    Phil fucking Dowd is a joke.

  8. When Diaby got his red, Barton should have got his second yellow and thus red card!

    What a way to feck up a match, ref. Although the team didn’t help!

  9. Absolute joke of a referee. If the red card (and lack of red card for barton) wasn’t enough, how bout the penalty and reaction from barton and the other guy when scnezcy picked the ball out of the goal. Then to rub it in the second penalty was softer than melted butter! This guy doesn’t deserve to have the privilege of referring top flight football

  10. Centre backs a joke, squillaci is completely lost and Djourou off with injury.
    So tell me again why Wenger was so clever not to buy a defender in the transfer window?

  11. Dowd’s a bastard…… “But we knew that anyway” Rvp looked onside to me also only seen it once mind you.

    Nothing a bottle of jack and straight razor wont fix.

  12. This is the most disgusting piece of refereeing I have ever seen! All notions of Fairplay should be flushed down the toilet!You can overcome a lot of things! Bent refereeing! There is nothing you can do!

  13. Arsefactor I would ask what kind of a fucking clown are you.
    BUT its there for all to see.

  14. This is one of the most disgusting refeering I have ever seen… just seen the guy above say the same thing… wow…. something has to be done about that, sickened.

  15. I’m so pissed off with this squad. Can’t hang on to a lead. Wenger needs to resign at the end of the season for being a utter wanker and not getting a defender and diaby u tosser u just shattered our confidence. Fuckin muppper

  16. In my live match report I wrote in the final minutes of the first half:

    Dowd is doing all he can to help Newcastle to a goal. They cannot commit any fouls it seems and we are punished for everything. And he keeps on giving them chances even let play continue for more than 2 minutes after the normal 2 minutes extra time.

    I felt he was going to do everything he could to help Newcastle. He did.

    The tackle from Barton was such a disgrace and he even didn’t give a foul. This was a flying tackle over the ball richt on the leg of Diaby.

    This was a flying frontal tackle over the ball. Should have been red. And Diaby who has been kicked off the field like that for months 2 times this season lost it.

    Ref Dowd you are there to protect the players!!!!!!!

    More on this in my ref review.

    But I tell you after the game against Everton and this one it is clear that the refs are out to get us.

  17. @Arsefactor, With the 20/20 hindsight it would seem that Wenger had not been clever, rather has been shown to be a fool! But, since, he is not omniscient, he could not have foreseen Diaby loosing his cool like that! And now, put a hand on your heart and tell me if you would be making this comment, had Diaby not lost his cool? These kind of head explosions are rare, and pretty unpredictable (except maybe for the author of this article 😉 ). So, I don’t believe Wenger has anything to do with us having a draw today, except maybe the substitution could have been better (i.e. B52 instead of Rosicky to help on set pieces). But bottom-line is, when the ref decides to hand over the match on a platter to the opposition, sometimes you lose! 🙂 Let this be a lesson to Diaby. In fact, its quite scary what our team is becoming, and I really believe that once they have these last bits of ‘experience’, we will see something really special.

  18. We showed weakness. that’s what people will focus on. But seriously, fuck them. I know I’m not supposed to swear on this site, but fuck them all. We’ve been cheated out of the league in 2008, and here we see it happening again. I hope this brings out all the evil in us. I hope we kick, injure, time waste, cheat, piss people off, anything. To win all our remaining games. Just stoop to their goddamn level and beat the shit out of them all. And if the refs don’t let us win, then I say forget the title. We are the Arsenal. And we don’t need to win a corrupt league.

  19. Martin you’re the wanker, tosser etc. It is as plain as the nose on your face that the ref and his buddies made lots of serious errors in this match.

    Firstly, Barton (setantas man of the match btw.) should have got a second yellow for his challenge on diaby. Second, after the second penalty, their player should have been sent off for his wwf move on our goalie. ( thats now 2 players they should have had sent off). Third, the second penalty wasn’t. add to these points all of the 50/50s that were awarded to them.

    Admittedly diaby shouldn’t have reacted. Barton played for it and got it. But to blame this defeat on wenger not signing a new defender is ridiculous.

    let’s hope that this defeat (because that is what it feels like) gives us the spark to finish the season on a high.

  20. Now it is confirmed – the powers that be will not let us win the title.
    But that is no excuse for surrendering such a lead. How often do we throw things away in such freakish circumstances. I was worried that it would be revenge of the ref today after recent events, must admit I thought he would get Cesc but he did us in a way even I did not predict.
    Still , with a recent context, Diaby was bloody stupid, tho a red card was harsh.
    Refs and Fergie friendly managers are out to get us for one reason, we are a potential threat, we cannot go around doing what Diaby did, although it seems Nolan and Barton can.
    Now in hindsight, we really should have bought in a defender.

    The lesson today, bent / incompetent refs are out to do us, and Squill and Kos unfortunately should not be risked together. Just hope JD and Song are back soon.

  21. There were many times we were fouled and the ref gave decsions against us, 2nd penalty was for no reason, I have never seen any ref performance like that before.

  22. At half time on Tuesday we agreed that we would get into some sort of trouble for showing the Everton goal on the big screen and proving that it was offside. The referee was pilloried after that and probably didn’t report any comments that Fabregas might have made as it would only have re-opened the can of worms which caused them to happen.
    Little did we realise (niaively maybe) that the refs union would reek its own revenge in the way it saw fit.
    Given those circumstances a draw was actually a good result today. The way it happens is gut wrenchingly dissappointing – but if we hadn’t built up such a lead before the ref could make things happen as he wished we would have been defeated, probably heavily.

  23. This is one time it actually genuinly did look like the ref fixed it, I wouldn’t be suprised if at half time one of the refs family made a huge odds bet for a draw and he tried to enforce that.

  24. This is it. This is the last straw. I am no longer bothered whether we win this corrupt league. I am just going to enjoy wengarball. Results donot matter anymore

  25. Hmmm… I wonder how much oil money that second half cost? At least now we know where we stand with Dowd.

  26. Arsenal threw it away so let’s blame the referee and the players don’t take any responsibilty. The truth is the fans and the team are a bunch of woman okay so what, the referee gave 2 penalties aganist us but we were four nil up what about the other two. Arsenal are not champions material full stop, Utd would never had let that slip and that’s the bar we need to beat to win the league.

  27. Unfortunately, I do not think the refs Union are finished with us. Remember, they are headed by Mike Riley.
    But refs or no refs, there were some terrible individual performances out there by our players.
    Some are fragile mentally, this could really knock the stuffing out of them. I worry for the mindset of the likes of Squil and Rosicky after this

  28. My my my my……i can’t believe what i saw today! i mean the two penalties are debetable, how on earth did he give the second penelty?? i mean all the free kicks he gave today were against arsenal…On top of that, the tackle on diaby was a sending off, but he did not give a red card?? i am not saying diaby was right to react that way, but this guy has been on the receiving end everytime he comes back from injury….

    For me from that time(when we lost diaby) we lost the battle in the midfield…then the worst part of the game came when Djouru went out, we could not win any aerial challenges and Dowd realised that was our problem from that moment and he started giving newcastle corners and free kicks…

    Another problem was squillachi..Honestly squillachi is not good enough..Rosicky in my opinion made a very bad decision on the fourth goal, how could he as a senior player give away a silly free kick when he definately knew that the ref was out to get us.

    Now the most rediculous decision came when our winning goal was disallowed for offside…the cameras show Van persie was clearly onside! I am sick tonite. Referees in this country take bribes and of that am sure. The premier league will hide it, but its obvious….

  29. Very upsetting. What can u do? I wished we had scored the four goals not that fast. Maybe 2 in the first half and the other 2 in the second. Scoring 4 goals in 30 minutes, to be honest I found that very odd. Anyway, that was not the reason for this feels like a defeat. The ref didn’t help us at all. Diaby reacted because he was afraid, and the crazy and pathetic Barton got away with it. And Phil Dowd emphasises on that by telling them to kick us, provoke us, do sort of all things and he will reward them. I really think the theory that games are fixed should be taken further, because it is very obvious that the EPL refs are useless and one could say they’ve forgotten the rules or….I don’t know what to say. I’m very sad now.

  30. If Man U had those decsions against them it could of happened to them certainly, but they wouldn’t have.

  31. Diaby shouldn’t of reacted how he did and the players could have been better after the situation, like trying to prevent them constantly attacking, but the ref undoubtedly got them the draw, if that 2nd penalty hadn’t been given for no reason wouldn’t of been the same result, same if Barton or Nolan were sent off which they both should of been since Diaby was, there was a point where we would get fouled and the decsion would go the other way, I have never seen anything like that in all my life from a Ref.

  32. Champions would never have let that one get away. I’ll admit the ref was poor and in Nolan and Bartin Newcastle have two scumbags but if Diaby is upset at Bartons tackle dont get sent of for pushing him like a woman, next time he gets the ball go right through the p**k ….like if your going to get a red at least do it right jesus christ were’s the backbone in the f**king team really its becoming annoying.

    They had a chnance to actual the league this year and have bottled or being bully out of it.

  33. yes the question is what can you do? i think writing on blogs how disgraceful reff is not enough, yes it helps to spread the words but not enough.. as mandy dodd said it is not finished, the FA full of bunch of biased reff toward arsenal..

  34. lolz,
    another one of those north london humor……….arsenal surely know how to break records.
    any way, title surely gone now, and i must admit in recent history arsene lose everything one after other pretty quickly. so what next???cl???then fa cup???and finally carling cup???
    all those thinking on above lines….

    P.S – it was totally funny today,if u look at it. Conceding 4 against oldcunty united…lolz

  35. No, that’s the point, but you can’t blame Arsenal for referee bias, we have some responsibility to take certainly, but the referee was the deciding factor, we actually played some incredible football untill the sending off/penalty.

  36. John dont be talking out your ARSE … Utd were 3-1 up against Everton in Goodison after 90 mins and drew 3-3 and you werent fucking saying Utd werent good enough to win the league and a bunch of women etc.
    Dont talk shyte unless you have something to back it up.
    Diabi was stupid but the Ref was also a disgrace.
    If anyone watched sp*rs newcastle recenlty you would have seen Newcastle should have won 5-1 not a 1-1 draw.
    It happens, Dowds a disgrace move on BUT the refs watch every game wont let us win this league.

  37. Arsenal are not out of the league, we have come back many more points behind before at a later part of the season.

  38. I could clearly see on Dowd’s face that he wanted us to lose. The second penalty the commentators were asking why the penalty had been given, replays show there was no foul but the ref had given it…terrible refereeing!

  39. It’s simple. Squillaci, Rosicky, Eboue…what do they add to the team? They were brought in as defensive subs, did any of them win a tackle? What do they ever contribute to the team? I keep hoping for the old Rosicky to come back, it is not happening. I keep hoping for those great runs from Eboue, it is not happening. Squillaci? Well, let’s just say Gallas is somewhere laughing at us right now.

    Dowd was shocking, and that second penalty was bogus, but to be honest, what the hell was Rosicky doing? He had no chance to get the ball and all he did was put that little bit of doubt in Dowd’s mind to blow for the penalty.

    As for goalkeeping. I won’t find fault in our young polish keeper for giving up two pens and one cracker, but a world class keeper doesn’t just make the saves you expect him to make, a world class keeper makes the saves that bail the team out of mistakes, and “Shezny” didn’t do that for us today. Gomez would have saved one of those penalties and would never have been beaten by a shot from 20 meters out, not even THAT volley.

  40. People are so quick too jump to quick conclusions, Chelsea had won the league apparently already, then they are completly out off it now they are back apparently….

    We are definitely not out of it, even if Man U win today, 7 points is not impossible to gain back, especially considering some of Man U’s games.

  41. Squillaci has been poor though and I am worried if he has to step in for Johan, I’d prefer Song at the back.

  42. nobody seems to want to say anything about the disallowed goal, give the attacker the benefit of the doubt? not bloody likely b’se the added time was supposed to benefit newcastle not us. a complete and utter disgrace!!
    @ dog face
    i blame you, should’nt have called him a fat cunt in your ref review, he is a corrupt twat and would like that in future you address him thus.
    did you notice at the final whistle,each player that spoke to him seemed to make him less happy, i am guessing they have been looking for new ways to say ‘how much, so you could ref properly?’

  43. @ Johnny Deigh….. EXACTLY……. that was clear at the time, surely something has to be said or done about that? Ridiculous.

    In other news, Wolves are winning at the moment.

  44. Everton are a much much better team that Newcastle. I seen the sending off Barton should have got a yellow he is without doubt a c**t fo the highest order but but but Diaby should have not reacted no excuse.

    Point is Newcastle were dead and buried… Padrew said okay Joddy be your b**ix self go around and hack everyone and anyone… I think the ref might have pitty on us cos we are losing so badly. Same applies to you Nolan we will wind these woman up so much they will stop playing and let us back in the game and thats exactly what happened.

    Arsenal drop two points Utd will win tonight go seven clear. If Diaby doesnt react Barton gets the yellow we win the game its call being professional and doing your job even if the referee has not done his.

  45. Phil Dowd is a f*****g disgrace!
    He should in my oppinion lose his “referee license”
    I wonder how how much he did bet in half time on the result 4-4?
    I mean, he did everything to get Newcastle back in the game, but it didn´t end there.
    This was the worst referee-performance i have EVER experienced!


  46. @gooner vance

    There was no doubt for the 2nd was just not a foul.. not even close to being a worry about the foul.

  47. Infact that Van Persie thing was incomprehensible, why did they give a foul against us? For what? This happened NUMEROUS times, it’s the only game I’ve ever seen that looked genuinly fixed.

  48. Man Utd just gone behind to Wolves – just wait for the White Knight in black to ride to their rescue if things get a bit fraught

  49. @John

    Yes, Diaby shouldn’t have reacted that way. At all. It’s better to pretend that ur injured and writhe on the floor and then kick him hard next time you have the chance. I agree. But that said, I’m reluctant to be too angry with Diaby. It’s not a one off instance. He has had his leg broken and has consistently faced injuries because of it. Even this season Robinson and Essien have put in horrible tackles on him which haven’t been even called fouls. At some point the player will lose it. Again, I’m not saying he should have done it, or that it’s excuse. But it’s very understandable.

  50. @ronnie: dont get too excited bout manure down at halftime, the reff is there to fix things up..

  51. John, you never know in life.
    As it stands, ManU are losing! HT Wolves 2-1 ManU.
    Let’s keep it all in perspective. The first half was a joy, and the second half turned around because of a thug called Barton, followed by a stupid Diaby, helped by a biased ref. The red card for Diaby was correct, but Barton should have seen red too!
    We are still in a good position. We are still in 4 competitions. We are on a good unbeaten run in EPL.

  52. I agree with you Shard, Diaby wasn’t right but it’s a overreaction from a victim rather than him being the aggressor, he was great today bar that too.

  53. @ Sammy the snake

    Also, if Barton is punished for that foul, Diaby wouldn’t react the way he did.

  54. this is pathetic from untold.
    everytime there is a gutless performance by arsenal, they blame referees.

    Djorou injury didn’t helped either and song was a big miss. They are the only muscles in arsenal side, i guess.

    what was diaby doing by the way??? He should have stamped his boot on barton’s face. 3 match ban for knocking the c*nt of the century out for the season wud have been acceptable, but same punishment for just shoving him is just plain stupid.

    Fact – we got bullied by part time footballers and fulltime c*nts.

    this is was a dress rehearsal for carling cup final.

  55. @critic

    Calling a corrupted league just what it is isn’t pathetic. If you think this is a defense for our weaknesses then you are wrong. But this same team has shown enough strength to be within 5 points( 7 now maybe) everyone’s favourite team in the face of consistent poor decisions against us (and numerous for ManU). So much so that it cannot be just poor decisions. just last week we overcome just one of these decisions. How often do you expect them to be able to do so? It’s not possible.

  56. Truth is when i saw squillachi coming on, i remembered Wigan 2-2..and thats what happened today.When Djouri went off, we could not win any aerial challenges… anyway, manu has gone behind…2-1 wolves

  57. Plus, I would like to point out, It’s not just “decisions”. It’s the entire refereeing performances. I for one felt that the Everton referee (mason) wasn’t corrupt. More biased and inept. (can’t say the same about the linesman though) A corrupt referee can do many subtle things to harm one team, which he didn’t do to us.

    Today, the referee was corrupt. Straight up favouring one team throughout, CONSCIOUSLY.

  58. Can the FA investigate the REF? Oh, I forgot, Arsenal FC does not have major players within the FA to press for this…

    We should demand for FIFA REF’s to officiate our games as cannot trust the REF’s from our FA.

  59. Whoever it was having a dip at Chesney, go back and watch a replay. He more than saved us real humiliation. Not one goal can be laid at his door. Plenty of wrong decisions (and I think RvP’s disallowed winner) can be left at the officials. Wonder if Dowd had blown on that foul on Abou, if he (Abou) would have lost it the way he did? Agree totally with those who said he should have got that little swine Barton later and made a proper job of it.

  60. Was RVP onside right at the end? It seemed so to me, but I did very much want him to be onside too so can’t be sure.

  61. I agree, a lot of refs have bias but today was a whole other level, it’s absoloutly unbelievable, I was sceptical about the refs actually cheating but today was more than just incompetence.

  62. What just happened. Man i still can’t believe what the f__k just happened. I dont know why Arsenal defense become nervous in tight situations. How can one of the world’s top 5 teams can let slip lead of 4 goals.

    At half time i though we gonna rampage Toons. But an aggressive but silly response from Abu Diaby, Some bad defending and some very bad referring decision and we lost 2 vital points. It would be real shame if we loose title because of these two points.

  63. I am not sceptical about there being corruption in the league anyway. Anywhere where so much money is involved will hardly ever be clean. The only reason people seem to doubt it so much is that they believe that it can’t happen here. The question is why are ManU the beneficiaries of it? And it’s not just us. Chelsea have been screwed out of the title too by ManU(2 years ago I think)

  64. @shard
    then perhaps u should stop watching it. Nufc had a goal disallowed which was perfectly ok. Arsenal were just joking around, closing their eyes because they were not brave enough to face the challenge and they certainly didn’t think that they will lose 4 goal advantage. Complacent and sleepwalking in the 2nd half.

    Do u want to apply for referees job??? if not then shut up and suck it up.

  65. Shard pass no remarks to Critic if its not abundently clear to him whats the point trying to explain.

  66. If it’s so flippant for you to suggest that a fan stop watching his team, then you should be the one who stops watching football critic.

    And you’re the one that terms Diaby’s reaction a disgrace…muppet.

  67. Not sure if this was corruption or revenge for Cescs alledged comments and us showing the offside Everton goal on the Emirates screen. Would not rule it out though.
    But I reiterate, Squilacci in tandem with Kos scares the hell out of me, they REALLY do not work as a partnership and this is something Wenger has to address. I do not have the stats for games involving these 2 but I doubt they make good reading. Both ok with JD, just not together. In defence of the defence, the midfield also went to pieces when Diaby went, Newcastle launched wave after wave of attacks almost unchallenged, the defence was given no protection. Rosicky had an absolute nightmare.
    The ref was bias / bent /vengeful or whatever but we made it far to easy for him to do us, just as we did in a certain game at home to Spurs a couple years ago. There is no excuse for letting such a lead slip, officials or not.
    Maybe Wenger needs a bit of a PR exercise to make a few more friends over here, come to think it, maybe he should just stay as he is.

  68. @Gf60

    You are absolutely right!
    Szczesny holding on to the ball is of course not right, but its up to the referee to act.
    Newcastle players just cant attack him like that. According to me that incident was equal to Diaby grabbing Bartons neck.
    Why not an equal punishment?

    At the incident with Diaby, it´s a mystery that PD didn´t blow his pipe immediately! Showing a card (red to me).
    That situation had been cleared out in 10 seconds.
    And, yes it was a very harsh tackle.

  69. @RedGooner
    normally, I would take that excellent piece of advise, but today I feel like taking on all the bloody rubbish in this world. Call themselves fans and can’t support their team even in the face of blatant injustice, the team’s weaknesses notwithstanding. And if critic isn’t an Arsenal fan then why is he even on here?

  70. I guess tony and co. are doing everything they can to create referees as excuses to hide utter sh*t performances by arsenal. It may work on some blind fans but it’s not going to work on anything else.

    Whining arsenal fans are just pathetic. Suck up the result and move on. Who was to blame when arsenal didn’t turn up against wba??? who was to blame when the lost 3-2 to spurs??? it was certainly not referee.

    If u guys can’t accept that arsenal need to win against 15 men in most of the matches then u are missing a vital part of being arsenal supporter. Please get over refs and look at the performance by arsenal.

    We conceded just outrageous number of free kicks and corners in the 2nd half, knowing perfectly, that was the only way nufc can make a comeback. It could be down to tactical naivety or just sleepwalking and complacency. It was certainly not down to refs.

  71. @mandy dodd

    I agree about the partnership. It just doesn’t seem to work. As regards the team’s display after Diaby was sent off, my thinking on this is that they got complacent, and were worrying about there being no cover at CB and none in midfield also now cos Diaby will miss 3 games. So they were probably more focussed on not getting injured than on the game itself. That was my interpretation anyway.

    The complacency is what was wrong about us. It really should be about seeing each game through. However, anyone who says they would never start thinking that way when 4-0 up in the 2nd half, is simply lying. What made us lose(draw) was a combination of that complacency, and quite simply corrupt refereeing. Neither one would have been enough on it’s own to deny us the victory, but only 1 of those factors to me is understandble if the league is not fixed.

  72. critic is a close minded, self righteous nincompoop who probably idolises Tony Pulis, who moans like a drain about others moaning like a drain.

  73. @Critic

    Arsenal vs. WBA i only blame the Arsenal squad.
    Today, Phil Dowd WERE behaving unprofessional!
    I don´t say the Arsenal squad were at heir best today, Newcastle
    certainly had a 12:th man on the pitch!

  74. @shard
    r u 10 years old or what???

    I am not saying u to stop watching arsenal just making a clear point that stop making same ridiculous excuses.

    If so many fans know that epl is corrupt then surely players also know it. If they know this and still loses 4 goals in 45 minutes then it’s pure pathetic.

    If u didn’t understand diaby comment then don’t sweat on it. That poor guy just returned from injury. If i had been on his place i wud have killed barton.

  75. CRITIC neither penalty looked like a penalty.Thats a 2 goal swing in itself.
    Bartons challenge was wreckless and no card.
    After the goal, Wojscez kept the ball, Nolan grabbed him around the neck. Not that different from Diaby on Barton.
    gives nothing.
    That is ridiculous. If Diaby’s getting sent off for what he did to Barton then Nolan should go too.
    Rosicky has come on for Arshavin and is fouled on the edge of the Newcastle box. Phil Dowd gives nothing.
    RVPs effort at the end looked on side to also.

    There was enough fuck up’s in that match by Down even for a simple MORON like you to understand. Though maybe your a Special Ed kid who knows, ask someone to explain it you on monday at school good lad 🙂

  76. Could be right on those points Shard.
    Really hope Song is back next week – today proves how important he is to us. Not sure the likes of Craig Eastmond up to it at the moment, Rosicky certainly is not.
    Think Wenger may have to recall some loan signings in CM and CD, although he seems reluctant to use our young CDs.
    Cahill will come cheap in the summer, but he will want to be a first choice started, not sure there is room for him without injuries

  77. @shard
    I am definitely not moaning about anything, it’s u who are moaning – refs were against us, epl is corrupt, blah blah. That’s moaning.

    I am just saying what i saw on tv. Arsenal were literally got bullied by part time footballers who whack their girlfriends, friends and any1 who are around them. That’s the main reason they lost.

  78. I decided to stoop to a lower level today because some people only seem to understand that sort of thing.

    Just to be clear, I’m not making any excuses for our performance, or indeed our weaknesses throughout the season. But they are not entirely distinct from the refereeing performances that they have had to put up with. It becomes insurmountable when the odds are consistently tilted against you. I’m more than willing to concede our frailties. I’m saying though that they are no more than normal as would be exposed if anyone else were put up against it like we have been.

  79. Critic – I suggest you take a u-turn to a sp@rs blog, you’ll find many likeminded persons and u will be in good company. Feel free to come back when u are ready to support the team.
    In here, win, lose or draw… Gooner till I die. That’s how it is here.

  80. Did anyone see Van Persie’s face when the 3rd penalty was given? He didn’t even have the strength to argue. He just knew that the ref was doing it on purpose. After coming back from an utterly ridiculous goal in midweek, he couldn’t believe what was happening here.

  81. Off topic, but Utd 2-1 down, 9 mins to go.
    Fergie time and Fergie ref time approaches if it stays this way until 90!

  82. @mandy dodd

    Danm it, I was trying to avoid any info on that. I’ll just see the result later..

  83. I haven’t seen the game yet but listening to Arsene WEnger’s comments after the game you can tell that he knew he would be up before the FA if he said what he wanted to say.

    Twice he said: ‘my opinion is of no importance’ when asked about the penalties etc.

    It was his tone of voice. It was of a man who knew what he had seen but wasn’t allowed to say if he didn’t want further punishment.

    Jack Wilshere’s tweet about referees was also taken down, probably on the orders of the Arsenal hierarchy. Again, if you can’t comment about abominable refereeing, if abominable it was, then something’s far wrong.

    The question is: who benefits?

    Well, the media for one. They want to close up the relegation battle and the title race. So Wigan won, West Brom and Blackpool lost, Wolves may win and West Ham may win tomorrow. Arsenal chuck a 4-0 lead, which makes great copy, Utd may slip up, which allows Citeh, Spurs and possibly Chelsea to catch up. And Liverpool are slowly but surely catching up too. I don’t buy into ‘drama’ making great news copy. Great news reporting is about informing us on things we want to be informed about or need to be. It’s not about match-rigging to create ‘drama’ etc etc.

    I hope the football authorities realise that the long-term future of the game can only be damaged by referees being bent/cock-eyed, call it what you will. Just look at how Italy, once one of the most passionate footballing nations in Europe, saw it’s crowds decimated as they lost heart with the endless fixing. Football’s about playing to the rules, sure people cross them a bit, but the rules need enforcing firmly and fairly. Or sport is dead.

    Because if they’re not, people sooner or later say: ‘why bother?’ I didn’t mind Man Utd thumping us in the Champions League semi-final at the Emirates because they did it fair and square on the pitch. I didn’t mind Barcelona doing the same last year at the Nou Camp. Because football won.

    But if Phil Dowd was on a mission in the second half to stop Arsenal winning, then that’s wrong and it has to be stamped out. Has to be.

    And if football won’t do it, then our Representatives wll have to do it for them.

    Because there is a measurable probability that all this is about trying to break the EPL and shift the focus to another nation, unless the UK bows to certain party’s demands……

    End of story.

  84. ManU unbeaten run is over. We have actually closed the gap today! All that noise was unnecessary. Could have been better, but, well…

  85. @sammy
    i don’t need excuses to support my/our team.
    I am gunner die as a gooner.
    It was a bad day at office but at least try to understand what i am saying. It was st james park not emirates(as if that wud have helped)so refs are entitled to give decision in nufc favor.

    We all know this from the day when arsenal won the league at anfield.

    World will be a boring place if we all had same ideas, wudn’t it???

    I respect all of your opinions and they are true to certain extent, but that’s all been said before, in ref preview, in numerous articles about corruption. Why keep repeating same things again and again??? It’s like those ridiculous chant ” same old arsenal always cheating” which has no meaning in modern era arsenal, but they still get repeated.

    How many matches do u guys watch other than arsenal??? United, to see them lose, charity to see them lose, spurs???(disgusting, nobody should watch them util they are up against us). Thing is refs do cock ups regularly but we see them more often against us because we mostly watch arsenal matches.

    But, of course most refs wear manchester united merchandise under their ref jersey. They are the one who sponsor referees.
    But shouldn’t player know this before hand and play with even more responsibility.

    Paul c. made a brilliant comment in tony’s last article about ref bias over the years. Go read it.

  86. Phew…Thanks Sammy, no offense about the snake bit i hope..

    And also thank you mandy dodd for understanding about being quiet. 🙂

  87. For me things are clear..
    Player who deserved two red cards scored after it two goals, and one from non-existing penalty, after which our goalkeeper get yellow for fould committed on him which should be red but for Nolan,and on the end we are denied clear goal.
    If that sound as Arsenal bad performance than I really dont know what football is.

    Well, you know maybe we wont win league but MANURE WONT BE INVINCIBLEs

  88. The Crap Invincibles – well they are not invincible any more! The legend lives on.
    A crap day but I feel better already!

  89. Critic – thanks for the respect. I actually watch a lot of football, maybe 10 or so a week. I generally see refs doing ManU favors (no such opportunity today, good ref), and see stupid decisions against Arsenal. I accept that we make life difficult for ourselves, and I am biased, but I’m not blind.
    However, I expect everyone to support the team, win, lose or draw. They worked real hard for 95 min while you were sitting on your couch, and I was hanging from my branch. The easiest thing is to be a critic!

  90. @ critic

    I’d be willing to accept all points of view as long as I knew that Arsenal came first with that person.
    As for why keep repeating it? It’s because it needs to be said. the fact that you ridicule the notion is the very reason that it needs to be put out there, because nowhere in the popular media would you ever have it deemed even a possibility. Now, i’m not of the belief that it happens only on the basis of today or this week or this season. Even when we were lost the league in 08 essentially because of refereeing decisions, I didn’t consider it corruption. Strangly enough it was watching a decisive match for the title (manU v Wigan) when we were out of the title race that made me think that it must be. I actually wanted ManU to win because I hate Chelsea( or did), but what I saw made me want Chelsea to win the title because the amount of help ManU got from the referees was just mind boggling. Left a dirty taste in the mouth.
    I was actually involved in that debate with Paul C and he did make a very relevant point about succesful teams getting calls in their favour. I agreed to disagree with him whether thats what has been happening here.

  91. I’ll stand corrected on utd and I’ve never been so happy to be wrong its just very difficult to take Diaby inmature reaction and conceeding a four goal lead. The ref was a disgrace no question I think Arsenal should put a video comp of all the errors and submit it to the league authority he should not being refreeing any games in th PL

  92. how about a new chant about mudchester united on this jolly saturday evening???

  93. I’m neutral.
    Really, really, really trust me…..referees are NOT against Arsenal.
    Indeed, referees are NOT against any league team.
    However, over the years I’d prefer to have had the dubious decisions enjoyed by Man. U., Liverpool and, yes, Arsenal, than the kind of stuff Wolves, Stoke and Wigan have to contend with.
    Also, frankly, the obsession with referees is only ever going to come back and haunt you and it will happen E.V.E.R.Y time.

  94. Critic – take this as an opportunity to change, starting with ur name. Be a bit more positive & supportive. May be things aren’t as bad as u think.

  95. @shard,
    some people watch the game with the commentary turned right up, usually b’se they need an explanation of whats going on in front of them. where you have to give them credit is that they will regurgitate those ‘opinions’ word for word and over the course of a season will discuss football with confidence. propaganda is a hell of a drug! so consider your arguments in that light, sort of noblesse oblige.

  96. Also…..Man. Utd. losing one/two/three games to win the league is an irrelevance.
    The true ‘invincibles’ are the Preston North End team of the late 19th Century and their achievement, I suspect, wasn’t used to shift gear in a club megastore!

  97. @sammy
    critic’s just a name. But at no point i was disrespectful to our club. I just said what i felt. Constructive criticism is necessary part of one’s life.
    we both agree on refs dealing with utd. But they r usually utter sh*t.

  98. @ugandan goon

    I’m sorry, the usage of french escapes me.. What is you’re point here? who is the noblesse in this case? (i presume that means noble)

  99. got to love jack wilshere who correctly tweeted about ‘inconsistent refereeing’- apparently thee teweet has been taken down but united loosing has stolen our thunder so that all talk is going to focus away from dowd’s mug.

  100. Fubar. I’m having one of those “I’ll never watch football again” feelings. Can’t recall the last time we were robbed like this.

  101. @Sammy The Snake

    No, this Man UTD loss wont make for our draw! It feels a little better but the way Newcastle were helped back into the game, by the man at charge is nothiing but a big, big embarrassing disgrace.

  102. @ ugandan goon

    I hope i’m the noble and not the idiot then 🙂

    I normally ignore idiotic comments but today I was just seething I guess. Though ManU’s loss has reduced that, I still think what the ref did today was quite simply cheat. Whatever may have been the motivation it shouldn’t be allowed to be brushed under the carpet.

  103. @blind fans
    some people just don’t like criticism but i am not one of those loser.
    yes refs were Sh*t, FA is against us and blah blah, but that’s the point in being arsenal fan. If we win title it will be such a great pleasure.
    Commentary was quite awesome by the way…
    ” beaten and booked” for chesney (hilarious)
    “nufc fans can now continue doing what they were doing”(hilarious) after arsenal’s 4th goal went in.

    anyway, no point in being different among same.
    refs are c*nt, FA is against us. Yes, yes oh yes…that sure does feel better. lolz.

  104. Can’t get the image out of my head:

    EPL top dogs sitting around a table, smoking cigars in a dark room, discussing the falling viewership of EPL. Phone rings, louder than usual. It’s the top dog at SKY, ordering more excitement. The fax machine starts to print, the gambling syndicate want unusual results… They take out the bottle of Vodka, and starting thinking real hard.

    Saturday 5th of Feb is created as a result. It can’t be that hard to arrange for it. 41 goals, 8 penalties, incredible comebacks, and a Wolves win when everybody’s money must be on a ManU victory!

  105. @ Sean

    It has happened for years without any such obsession. I must say that all of it is not down to corruption but just bias(which frankly we face more because of our perceived non-englishness). And I take your point about Stoke etc. But the stakes are higher at the top end of the table (at least footballing wise)

    And bad decisions happen to everyone. Including us. My point is favourable decisions go usually for one team in the league.

  106. @shard
    please read my comment about diaby again and tell me where did i say he was disgrace in his reaction???? Could u please point out the sentence?? why did u feel it so??

  107. What an unbelievable day!!!!!!!!!

    The next time anyone asks why the EPL is the best League in the world you can provide today as evidence.

    From the heights to the depths and back to moderate elation all in one glorious afternoon.

    At the end of the day we got a point away from home at St James Park (not a bad result) and Utd lost away. We have Wolves at home next week and Utd have City.

    Dowd lost control of the match today. He took pity on Newcastle due to the beating they were taking and started to let Barton run wild, probably figuring “oh well, Newcastle are getting whacked anyway”. Then he let Barton get away with yet another scything tackle and instead of sending the guy off, sent Diaby off instead for an understandable reaction to being cut in two. That changed the entire match. Then he compounded his error by letting the roar of the crowd influence his decision to award the softest of soft penalties at 4-2. Once Barton scored that penalty to make it 4-3 were any of us really surprised they equalised?

    Sheer depression.

    Utd losing lifted my depression. We are still right in it. City are right back in it as well which makes next weeks game even tougher for Utd. Chelsea get right back in it if they win tomorrow which makes their TWO games against Utd that much tougher. And Utd’s shaky away form continues, which maikes the prospect of them still having to come to our place even tougher.

    This race is by no means over.

    But oh how good would 3 points today have been!!!!!

  108. @ shard
    no worries on that score, mate.
    i know how you feel- in fact i was’nt going to post today until i saw you fighting your corner and felt a lot of sympathy.
    united loosing has also taken the edge off a bit but it still hurts because we looked so good in the first half- the look on those mugs’ faces was priceless and then to be robbed mercilessly as we were- believe it or not i just took the dog out for a walk with a smile on my face- my mod turned after i logged on to a couple of blogs, when i finally settled on our untold- i was just about ready to blow my gasket.
    so shard, old pal keep it up!

  109. Amen to that Ugandan Goon. It’s terrible listening to fans regurgitating the nonsense they’ve been told to believe.

    Last time we were robbed like this – Old Trafford, October 2004.

  110. @ugandan gooner

    sympathy implies that I was probably losing the argument 🙂
    And for the record, keep your dog in the house next time till the match is over ok? 🙂

  111. @critic

    I haven’t read through again but as you clarified, it must have been someone else who made that comment. I got confused cos that poster had much the same tone as yours.. But I’m sorry for that.

  112. @shard
    apology accepted.
    In fact i supported diaby in his reaction in a humorous way, that is.

  113. Did anyone else see that Barton stamped on Diaby at the end of the first half at 47m 20?

    Barton had just scythed down Arshavin, got up took the ball, Diaby slid in on Barton but didn’t touch him. Barton jumped up, and stamped on Diaby, then Barton fell to the ground and pretended he was injured while Diaby lay in pain.

    Not to mention that Barton almost broke Diaby’s leg with that lunge in the second half for which Diaby grabbed him, shoved him and got sent off.

  114. @Johnny deigh

    I had seen the incident, but the angle that was shown on the replay here just sort of took the entire incident off scren once Diaby slid in. So I assumed that Diaby must have fouled him.

  115. Just sow statistic and it is unbelievable

    committed fouls cards
    Newcastle 14 2 y
    Arsenal 12 4y 1 r

    By my mathematical skills it mean we got card for every second start, while Newcastle make 7 per booking.

  116. @sammy
    Dude, u keep moaning about how sports is fixed, especially epl.
    Let me tell you one thing – you are either naive and don’t know what u r saying or you r disrespecting the spirit of comebacks which makes sports SPORTS. In turn you are disrespecting spirit of sports.
    Please don’t spread such sh*** thoughts until you have proof. And this is goes for every untold reader and writer.

  117. Eboue got a yellow for kicking the ball away. i’d seen a newcastle player do the exact thing in the first half and nothing was given. But we all know that the referee was utter shit in this match. Even though my opinion is he actually did his job very well 🙂

  118. @critic

    You seem to think that all the people on here talking about fixing are saying this as a direct result of reading Untold. Which is a little disrespectful.

    Anyhow, can you explain how someone like me is supposed to get proof? Before any investigation is launched there has to be an intimation of wrongdoing. All I’m doing for my part is to try to bring to light enough wrong decisions to indicate a pattern.

    I’m not an unbiased observer and I make that clear. I also say, that I have come to believe that fixing happens. That doesn’t mean that I say it happens without a doubt. Can you accept that it is at least a possibility?

  119. @ sean,
    you are right, it has happened for centuries, but what we as arsenal fans are sick of is seeing our club which is by all accounts ahead of its time in a league dominated by corrupt ‘ideals’ be hamstrung by such obvious and unadulterated means, it is so blatant that incompetence is no longer an excuse, with so much money in the game isn’t it about time we trained better refs? so the only way to improve it is to speak about it.
    the most efficient way to fight this cancer is to educate people to see it and laugh it out our sport- to do nothing is to make the massive amount of work and money that goes into preparing any match day a farce and us the supporters the biggest idiots.
    an american political science teacher once said that election results in most modern democracy were merely an exercise to allow the masses to vent a bit of steam, the real results and positions of power are decided long before you cast your vote, this is increasingly what the epl, is looking like- just think that if before you board your train to go to the match the outcome was more or less decided, should’nt you be told?

  120. Wolves saved my day. But i can’t understand how this has happened. Crappy refereeing on the side, you’re doing something wrong when you give away a 4-0 lead and that is what happened to our team today. I understand Diaby’s reaction, but that wasn’t the smartest thing to do. The humiliation is immense.

  121. @the blaze

    No denying we did things wrong today. But humiliation was losing 6-1 to United. Humiliation was this season’s loss to spurs. This was not humiliation. Sure people on the outside will laugh at us, and teams will use this as a motivation to keep at it against us. We’ve just got to be more motivated than them, and I couldn’t care less about what other people think of us anymore. At the end of the day, we’ve gained one point on the league leaders. That will make it easier to learn from this match rather than just despair.

  122. @ugandan goon

    Lol, I’m starting to feel a little sorry for critic now 🙂

    @critic, if you’re still there I’d very much like an answer. (though I fear what it would be)

  123. haha, making hay while the sun shone.. or perhaps more appropriately, spreading shit while the dark clouds gathered.

  124. @stupid fans

    what makes u think if epl is corrupt then arsenal are not involved in it????
    May be diaby was paid for that reaction. May be arsene wenger earns lot more through fixing. May be it’s cesc’s way of saying good bye to arsenal.May be djorou took the money and jogged off the pitch??? May be henry did threw that final against barca.
    do u like what i just said??? do u????

    Listen, arsenal is just a part of sport that we follow fanatically. We follow it through arsenal. If someone says it’s corrupt then he says arsenal are also corrupt. If he says sports is corrupt except for arsenal then either he is 15 years child or just a bad loser.

    And i am certainly not gonna hear this bulls*** every time arsenal don’t show up. Refs are incompetent i agree but corrupted??? Jury is still out on that. If u can’t have enough access to know if corruption really exists then stop saying as if it’s a universal truth.

    Can u answer this simple question –
    if u think epl is fixed then why do u guys watch it??? u certainly can’t change it. Stop watching it and it might change.

  125. i agree with alot of shard’s points the only thing that has cheered me up is realising man u didnt win the fixers probably thought man u didnt need a ref on their side against wolves. for arsenal to lose a 4 goal lead at halftime is conclusive evidence that there was a rotten corrupted ref and blaming it on “the ref had a bad game ” doesnt wash with me the odds on this happening is astronomical because it doesnt happen

  126. Guess who makes a reappearance,

    All i asked was, do you agree that it is a possibility. You say the jury is still out on whether the referees are corrupt, which seems to indicate that you are open to the idea, but you also seem to find the idea utterly incomprehensible. I don’t think you have any idea what you believe. probably because you need somebody with a microphone on the tv to ‘guide’ you in this regard. That, or you’re just being a blockhead.

  127. @critic

    You are quite forthcoming with allegations for someone who says others should shut up until they have proof.

  128. @sammy, ugandan/shard,
    just think on what i just said.
    I am not moaning about anything, i am just criticizing my team in a best possible way.
    Can u guys even imagine arsene not criticizing his team on this display. If u guys think that he will blame refs and won’t point out shortcomings of his own team then u guys are deceiving yourself.

    If u guys are right then perhaps it’s time for wenger to retire.

    Great men don’t blame circumstances, they take advantage of it.
    And arsene wenger is the greatest man in my book.

  129. @gooner80

    I wouldn’t say this match, or any one match in fact, will be conclusive evidence. It isn’t. We cannot get conclusive evidence ever. But i’m sure enough statistics could be got to show some funny business going on. Of course, ‘critics’ will still say statistics can be made to show anything, which also is true.

    The only thing is that in an environment with access to such type of money, virtually no accountablity, where all your wrongdoings could be passed off as just errors (that too of someone else’s possibly), it would be logical to assume that the greed inherent in humans would take over. Even if that’s not the case, there have been too many glaring ‘errors’ for there not to be a campaign for better officiating, and a more transparent system of administration.

  130. listen if tony or walter come out criticizing my comment, i will try to reason with them. But it seems u are just self righteous and close minded or utterly illiterate to understand my comment.

    Stop wasting my time and take ur whining about corruption to ur mum.

    I wud like to hear from experienced guys like tony, walter, Paul c. etc.

    This was my last comment on discussion with u.

  131. @ critic

    why is it so necessary for you to see the world in black and white. Arsenal played badly. True. We dropped points because we played badly (also true). But that does not discount the role that the referee’s performance played in the result (which in my opinion was more significant \) Things are not divided simply into right or wrong.

    Apart from anything else, the discussion is not just about today’s match, it’s about a larger picture. which you are seemingly unable to comprehend. Anyway, I’m done beating my head against a brick wall.

    As regards you’re theory about me being the same as Ugandan goon, at least you have some imagination, if not good sense, or good ethics.

  132. critc, my fellow gooner, its ok to be critical, and I am as well, but can we criticize anyone more than Dowd, as 4:0 in first half (and could be even more) is more than solid proof we were good enough to beat Newcastle. But later in game when Dowd done his part we weren’t.
    So yes we should admit we cant beat referees, but I wont be to sharp about Arsenal players for it as it is not even supposed for one football team to be fighting against referees. We can only wander how it is possible that in two games in row we got such bad referring. And I am not surprised people see kind of conspiracy in it.
    I dont say it is fixing results for bookmakers or to help Manure or WBA win league. But it may be helping to prove economical way of leading club is impossible what lot of financial institution (read Banks) would like to see.
    I worked in media and I sow how indirect corruption work. It is not throwing bunch of money on table, it is “we will advertise with you, if you bla bla”.
    And remember media are superpower, they create opnion. And Phil Dowd also read newspapers and watch TV. he also create his opinion even professional one based on what he read or see. So maybe he somehow get conclusion “Hey Arsenal are nothing else than moaners and cheaters” and he reject to see what is obvious.

  133. At prague, away from home. Went into the gold star sports bar with the missus. 30 minutes and 3 pints away its 4 nil. “yeah hon u can go on to do some shopping”. Generous winning buzzed joyous me. She comes back when its 4-2, in 10 minutes its over 4-4, i’m bloody 200 euros poorer (an hour of moderate shopping), drunk (3 more pints) destroyed, the local bartender apologizes on rosicky’s behalf, and i’m on my way to see othello. The ballet show. I agreed previously.


    So back at the hotel, seeing the c***s lost – to wolves!!!! – i felt like popping a moet.


  134. Whatever this chat/postings have been all about today, no one, and absolutely no one can say Phil Dowd acted profesionally today!
    He DID let newcastle back into the game. Period!

    Any gunner here remembering Rooney diving against us, giving him a penalty that led to the ending of our 49 unbeaten streak? (Webb if i dont mismind myself)

    Any one rememberering what happened when Arsenal met Liverpool in the semifinals of the Champions League a couple of years ago?

    Some refereees ARE, unconsistent. Behaving unproffessional according to me!

    Todays game between Wolves and Man UTD! I have to hail the referee! First season in the PL as well!
    Such a great performance. There was no difference if you name was Giggs, Rooney or some less known player from the Wolves.

    More of referees like that, less of Webbs and Dowds….

  135. What a disgrace. An embarassing day for the brand, that the EPL is. (Or the other way round, if you get the idea)
    The refs were against Arsenal in the last 2 games and our team still managed to get 4 points. Not that bad i think.

    Now sorry for going off-topic, did anyone watch on Sky the Live F*rd Football Special”? There was a phonecall from someone who wanted Wenger to be sacked and Moyes as his successor. I didn’t know to laugt, or to cry. Just he’s English.

  136. I guess you be anxious to read my ref review. Sorry but I am just starting it and it is midnight over here. So you do have to be patient a bit.
    And if you have any questions I will be doing my game sunday afternoon so I will not be able to answer your questions immediatly

  137. Walter my dear friend, you can take your laptop on game, and type report directly from pitch and turn your back to game and still wont do such bad as Phil Dowd today…

  138. @Walter, don’t forget to look for the stamp on Diaby by Barton at 47m20s at the end of the first half. It’s hard to see it clearly because they didn’t show the replay, but you can see Barton jump up and stamp down, and then Diaby was in pain on the ground.

  139. As I said, we are not out of the race, only 4 poins behind, our biggest problems now are injuries cause if Johan is out it is a major problem.

  140. Johhny that was the incident which made me write down at the end of the first half that Dowd was doing all he could to help Newcastle to a goal.

  141. Walter, I have a question for you regarding the yellow card given to our goalie. After they scored from the penalty spot, surely it is us who kicks off when play is started? If we are kicking off, by what rule does the goalie have to give them the ball? so why did our goalie get a yellow and their wrestler not get a red?

    I really cant understand why newcastle felt that they had the right to have the ball seeing as we were going to be kicking off from the centre. I am baffled.

  142. I think Newcastle’s second goal was a blatant handball… has someone already mentioned that?

  143. Jack Wilshire on twitter:

    “Inconsistent refereing needs to stop.its killing the game. if Diaby goes..whats the difference between that and Nolan on our keeper!?? £joke”

  144. @Simon Bailey, I posted something similar to that on twitter in response to @goodplaya who wrote that he had timed how long Chesney had had hold the ball before he was clotheslined by Nolan: 2.5 seconds.

  145. Wow – 180 comments… that’s a personal best – you think it means something about the game?

    After reading through them all I have to say that Rhys Jagger sums it up – good comment.

    oh… and never feed the trolls.


  146. It’s great that we picked up the point today…and if you had told me on friday that I could have United’s unbeaten run ended and we could pick up ground on them at the same time I would take it in a heartbeat.

    Back to the game. If Squillaci, Rosicky, and Eboue can’t be trusted to help seal a 4-0 game against Newcastle, how do they deserve to wear the shirt? They don’t. I know we were down to 10, but even teams down to ten men can play SOME football. Hell, Wigan pegged us back with 10 men. Koscielny’s penalty was unforgivable, sticking your foot between a players legs in the box? What was he thinking? With that said, I think Koscielny was a great find by Wenger and is quickly becoming a great defender.

    It does frustrate me though that for a second time this season we have been punished for not having a capable CDM on the bench. We dropped points because of the lack of bodies, which could have been corrected in January. Fabregas and Wilshere playing defensive midfield was never going to bother Newcastle.

  147. Lest we forget, Dowd was once more pro Arsenal than anti. What did we do to change things?

    Perhaps Dowd’s fiercest criticism came in February 2007 when he was heavily censured by Wigan Athletic’s then manager Paul Jewell and chairman Dave Whelan, following his performance in the club’s Premier League match at Arsenal. Dowd denied Wigan, who were leading 1–0, a penalty kick following a challenge by Arsenal’s Mathieu Flamini on Emile Heskey. Wigan were playing with ten men at the time (Josip Skoko had left the field for treatment to an injury), and Dowd then refused to allow Skoko to return to the field of play as Arsenal attacked. Flamini, who arguably could have been sent off had the penalty for his challenge on Heskey been given, received the ball in an offside position; however, the assistant referee and Dowd failed to spot the infringement. Flamini then crossed the ball, leading to an own goal by Fitz Hall, bringing Arsenal back onto level terms. Arsenal then went on to score a winning goal.

  148. Question

    if man u had the exact same instances would the ref have given those weak penalties can anyone say honestly that they would be given and that the ref doesnt show bias.

    IMO are problems started in regards to bias when david dein left arsenal. we had someone of influence and I think we were more fairly treated. Ivan gazidis doesnt wield the same power as dein and dein was our shield

  149. having seen the highlights on MOTD now, I’d say fairly conclusively the following:

    1. Diaby has to go. Barton’s tackle was legal if robust. You can’t react like that.
    2. If that is the case, then Nolan’s actions on Szecesny had to warrant action also.
    3. The first penalty was a bit soft, but could be given.
    4. The second was a shocking, appalling decision with no merit whatever.
    5. Newcastle’ disallowed goal was onside, so the two things matched themselves up.
    6. RVPs’ late goal was a hair-line offside. Frustrating, but there we are.

    I sincerely hope Arsenal learn a very important lesson from yesterday: no game is won until the final whistle is blown.

    They’ve allowed Citeh and Chelsea back into the mix for 2nd and, if Chelsea win today snd Citeh win at Old Trafford, possibly back into the title race as well.

    No point in worrying beyond that though: what’s done is done and, miraculously, no damage was done in terms of the gap to Utd. Although it should now only be 2pts clear, although perhaps Utd wouldn’t have lost if Arsenal had won?

    They’d better be up for it against Wolves, as that team only seem to play good stuff against the top teams………..

  150. Oh Rhys… you had to go and spoil it all by basing your judgements on the MOTD highlights.

  151. @rhys,
    the highlights package cannot begin to convey the ‘evening up’ or ‘keeping the game alive as a contest’ type refereeing that went on after say thirty minutes. with sportsdirect@st.james starting to empty, something had to be done, blatant fouls being ignored and the fans given something to cheer. it was a nice bit of stage management by Mr.Dowd, he is one of the epl’s most ‘experienced and most respected refs’ for a special skill- to look smug and certain while screwing his victim blatantly.

  152. Really bad defending from Arsenal in last half an hour. Ok, i agree we were a man down. But we could have just played disciplined defence. But our collective defence was shockin. Also the ref, clearly biased. Dont know what else to say about him. Its like nothing has changed – Arsenal’s defence is still weak and the refs did their part to help the opposition.

    But the biggest bad news i got from ystrday was that Djourou is now injured. We should have bought one defender but now, we’ll have to play a very weak partnership of Squillaci and Koscielny. We’re just 2 weeks away from the barca game and already Nasri, Vermaelen, Sagna and Djourou are going to miss that game. Really sad.

  153. @ Rhys Jaggar
    You are correct apart from a) Barton’s tackle was not legal, it was dangerous. And Barton previously stamped on Abou Diaby in the first half. And b) you have to take into account the effect on the team of knowing that the ref was calling everything Newcastle’s way and pulling us up for every real infringement plus some imaginary ones. That affected their decision-making and confidence and made them too conservative, which invited Newcastle on. Normally I do not fear for us with 10 men because we can keep the ball so well. The ref’s bias would have given great encouragement to the Barcodes and their fans as well.

  154. @ Dark Prince
    Are you saying you wish we had bought another defender, or that you wish we had bought another defender who is better than Squillaci?

  155. @dogface

    The point that i am trying to make is we have all known this from the beginning of season. If we have to win pl we have to win it against all odds. Yes i have no doubt refs are poor and inconsistent but it was st, james park not emirates, and it was arsenal not manchester utd.

    In 2nd half it seemed as if arsenal refused to stand up and thought game was over at half time. Nufc is no technical team and the only way they can fight back was physically outrageous tackles. 2nd half tells me arsenal were not prepared mentally to accept physical stupidities of epl.

    But if u want to sweep all that under the untold carpet then u can do so, u have a good excuse of refs and corrupt FA official.
    But let me tell u one thing excuses never win u anything it just makes u weaker. You are no more than a crybaby gooner.

    Anyway i guess i am wasting my time on idiots who just abuse their way to shut any new idea that comes their way.(not all of u)

    Yes refs are inconsistent/incompetent but that’s old news even older than feguson.

    Djorou will be a big miss for the season. That was one of the real turning point in the last game.

    But NO….., refs are corrupt, epl is corrupt but we will not stop watching it, because we love corrupt system. We love it when arsenal win against all odds but we will complaint about everything else if they don’t.

    My question for untold remains – if u guys think epl is corrupt then why do u follow it??? If u boycott it then may be, just may be, due to fall in viewer ship, FA will address the problem. But surely whining and moaning about it is not gonna help.
    It’s like your wife is cheating on u, but you just whine and moan about it instead of giving her divorce.


  156. @dp
    against barca squillaci won’t be a bad choice, barca are no newcunts united. Squillaci knows barca as he must have been regularly played against them. Beside he is technically sound but lacks pace and physical strength. Luckily barca game will be the height of technical football that this world can offer.
    Let’s hope there won’t be any more injuries.

  157. @ Gf60
    So you would have been happy with another Silvestre, or a Smalling? I don’t see the point of signing another player of that quality – I’d rather use Song. AW did say he had been looking and he hadn’t been able to find anyone better – many offered, but none “clicked”.

  158. Dear Dogface,

    I am now confident that you do use dark spells when making your refwatch.

    To those who blame the team by insulting them, yes they made some mistakes but have you ever played football? or even watched this game? have you noticed the 14 men team that Newcastle sent back on the pitch after the first half?

  159. well critic good luck with your world view hope it makes you happy. here is a thought for you, nothing will change. aw will sit and nothing you say will make any difference to those in charge. so really why bother? Nobody that matters care about what you say or mean? ALl you achive is getting a blog to hate you. If that is what you enjoy in life then be it.
    Nobody can be asked to discuss seriousley with you cos you are a extremist. you are on a anti arsehan jihad and we all know what jihadists do. they blow up those that do not agree with them. Thats abit like how you are. So why bother?

  160. @critic the sooner you realize you waste your time there better. congrats! you used your brain to realize you are wasting your time… hoooraayyyy! There are plenty of pages that support your view and would love to enter into intersting discussions with you . WHy not go there? Then you get to chat with the fans that feel and think like you. the fans that really understand you. not the nutters in here.

  161. LOL – Sorry Greg… I just crunch the numbers – no dark spells involved, just a bit of maths.

  162. @gulp
    point out a single comment which shows i am an extremist.
    And u know what, criticizing is an art which most of u can’t understand.

    I still haven’t got my answer.

  163. The word on the street is that Phil Dowd is being investigated for suspicious bank transfers before the game yesterday… that’s the word on the street – get googling.

  164. DogFace
    February 6th, 2011 at 9:09 am
    Oh Rhys… you had to go and spoil it all by basing your judgements on the MOTD highlights.

    I did not make my judgements at all based on what was SAID on MOTD. I made it on what I SAW WITH MY OWN EYES.

    I have a track record of holding no-one, but no-one, in awe. I judge people on what they say not no who they are and if the MOTD judgements happened to be right on this occasion, then so be it.

    You lot had better wake up to the fact that I disagree with a lot of what Walter Broeckx says, because he is not impartial.

    I would never allow him to be an EPL referee, because he is not impartial.

    And I would never, but never, take his words on trust.

    I note that he uses my comments regularly to write articles which take my line on a lot of things.

    And he gives no credit, but no credit, whatsoever.

    Arsenal fans are just as twisted as anyone else.

    They’re just sometimes too deluded to realise it.

    Sonny Jim……….

  165. Rhys – old bean – I have similar feelings about MOTD… never underestimate the power of suggestion.

    Also – bit of a cheap shot at Walter there.

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