Arsenal 1 Chelsea 0

By Tony Attwood

It’s been not so much of a funny old game as a funny old season.  Arsenal Ladies played their first league match yesterday (April 13) in the new super league and beat Chelsea.  Except that it wasn’t quite their first match of the season.

With the Women’s League moving to the summer its been eight months of waiting, although the waiting has been filled with other items.  And those clubs that didn’t make it into the eight team super league now play in a reformatted premier league which still plays through the winter.

In fact Arsenal started in Europe last September / October when we beat ZFK Masinac 12-1 over two games followed by a 4-3 aggregate against Rati Vallecano in November.

We joined the FA Cup in the fifth round, beating Everton who have been the main rivals for a few years, 2-0 in March.  Then back to Europe for a 3-3 aggregate with Linkoping, going through on away goals.

Sunderland were knocked out in the next round of the FA Cup, and after that in Europe it was Lyon and a 0-2 away defeat.  The return game is on 16 April.  After that it is Bristol Academy in the Super League, and then Barnet in the FA Cup semi-final.

So it is that after all the months of not much going on, we’re now getting matches every few days.

The idea of moving the Super League to the summer was to get better pitches and more interest (some games are being shown on Micky Mouse TV) but yesterday’s game launching the league was played on the sort of pitch that anyone who has seen women’s football will recognise all too well.  Still  2,510 turned up, plus all the media, and there was a punch up in the stand involving a bunch of primary school kids.

If you have not been paying attention we’ve won the league 12 times in the last 17 years plus a large number of cups, including the Champions League and we’re tipped to do well again.

The Football Association likes to parade themselves as the forward looking innovators of the game and were around the place trying to make it look like  it was their show – but maybe at the start of the first professional women’s league in the UK we, and they,  should remember that 100 years ago women’s football was as big a spectator sport in England as men’s football, and it was only squashed by the FA ruling that women’s football could not be played on the same ground as that used by a men’s team.   Being as forward looking as they were, the FA kept that ruling until 1971.  They still don’t allow the England Women’s team to play at Wembley.

But anyway, we are off in the league, in the semi-final of the FA Cup, have a second leg against Lyon in Europe, and I think there will also be a league cup arranged, although I don’t have details on that yet.

There’s info on the women’s game on the site, although curiously not all the fixtures for the season.  But then, its a funny old game, this women’s football.

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8 Replies to “Arsenal 1 Chelsea 0”

  1. The way women’s football has been treated in this country must be a mystery to the Americans who are now, ever more deeply, involved in our club game. Over there it’s huge and, I believe, a great money spinner.
    It’s a great tribute to Arsenal to have become established in the women’s game so early and with such commitment. With the recent announcement of the Youth Champions League (games to be played at Emirates) could we be seeing the beginings of ways in which the ‘brand’ is being exploited and revenues generated without the mens first team squad being overloaded with extra matches and travel?

  2. Tony, I am not sure if it was correct, but I read something recently that said that the rule to allow matches played on the same ground as men’s football was only changed in 1993. I am sure you have data somewhere!

    Whatever the year, it just underlines the neanderthal attitude of the FA.

  3. I can’t wait to read more results of Arsenal Ladies. I have been proud of them… I remember couple years ago saying at work “Women are great, kids they do they job but men, they just disappoint me” (it was year with academy winning their league I think). Someone who didn’t know I was talking about Football and Arsenal said I shouldn’t say that.
    This year I’m not so disappointed in any of our teams.

  4. Respect to Mr Fizman, and condolences to his family and Gunners.

    Some people gain respect even after departing, which is rare, and only achieved by great men. He sold his shares days before his death, just to make sure his beloved Arsenal remain stable despite his demise as a shareholder and director.


  5. TOYE et all

    So we should be celebrating our season on the demise of other teams?? I personally think we should be gutted we lost out in 3 comps and are relying on man utd to slip up in order for us to have a chance in the EPL!!

    Am I anti Arsenal because im ruing the in ability to sign proven talent and not settling for 2nd place? I presume alot of peoplehere would be happy with a continous (sic) 4th place finish as long as we play “perfect” football and our finances remain completely in order?

    I like Wenger, always have, but to worship him on here like some kind of god is a little…. creepy!!!


  6. Alfie, The season isnt over yet, what are you on about 2nd place ? Did Utd rely on us slipping up to remain top so far.

    Wenger is NOT worshiped here he is respected. Respected for the titles and cups he has won, respected for his management of a TOP side on a shoe string budget enabling us to stay competitive while building a new stadium.

    He is respected for his efforts and work with the youth set up at Arsenal. The Demise of others teams as you have so called put it …why havent we demised again this season and lost our champs league spot ? erm yes MrWenger.

    To be honest your a clown. no argument no basis just ramblings.

    A Sammy.
    Yes Indeed I echo your sentiments Danny is a huge loss to the club and his family.

  7. The mantra “supporting the Lord Wenger in all he does” kindaseems to be a worship as a pose to respect!!

    I respect what he has done but to bleat (like a sheep) that h has bought us forward in the last 5 years is a ridiculous statement…… we havent won a trophy!! Take your rose tinited specs off and see it for what it is! Champs league place is great but we should be looking to succeed that not hang by it….

    Jeez….. you are a clown and probably 15 years old

  8. @Alfie

    I like the “like a sheep” being in the bracket bit. I see..We aren’t calves or goats then..Just sheep. Praise you for trying to be the shepherd and showing us the way forward. Great comeback too. “I’m not a clown you are..And 15 years old at that” SNAP!! I sir, am in awe.. now hurry out of here before I start worshipping you too.

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