Jádson Rodrigues da Silva in talks with Arsenal

By Walter Broeckx and Tony Attwood

In Lequipe they are saying that Arsenal are talking with representatives of Shakthar and with their Brazilian player Jadson.

This is the player who  supplied the winning goal for Shakhtar to with the UEFA Cup Final in which he was made man of the match.  He has also scored four goals in the Champions League including a hat trick against Basel.

He started his career with Brazil on 9 February this year and was in the 2011 Copa America squad.  He started in the game against Paraguay (replacing Robinho on the right wing) scored with a long range shot.  He has so far played in four games.

But Arsenal “supporters” may not like him because he is the same height as Arshavin.

He has played 162 league games for Shakhter and scored 38 goals, in Europe he has played 70 and scored 16.  His all told total is 257 games and 60 goals.

Of course Lequipe might just be making it up.

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  1. L’equipe are always picking up untrue stories everytime. it doesnt make them the fastest to release news but the fastest to release shitty news. please don’t join them.

  2. As I said Destiny, maybe they are making it up. I only read the paper when in France, and during my week in the country last month I did find it much more restrained and reasoned than the British sporting press. What they don’t have is that endless undertone about Arsenal’s incompetence in all matters, suggesting that the club is moving from crisis to crisis, and thus I find it easier to read.

    We’ll see.

  3. Out of the Shakthar Brazilians, Jadson was the best one when Shakthar won the UEFA Cup. After that, he kind of stalled, got bored. Douglas Costa is the person showing the most fire at the team. If this is true, Jadson would be a direct replacement for Nasri and a good one at that, but I feel that we might be better off with Douglas Costa.

  4. Maybe he is the same height as Arshavin and that should not be not a problem. But it will be if he turns out to be like Denilson.

  5. This is the end for wenger,nasri leaving is the worst thing thatcould happen 24hrs before thestart of the new season already written off. Beyond a joke we have become pathetic our lack of ambition is going to cost us big

  6. Big transfers my arse, in boardroom sits a man richer than KGB at fulham yet the dumbasses we are opted for the tight penny pinching American, all bollix about being self sustaining is a cover to take money out of our club. I bet we lose at Newcastle possibly 3 out of the 4 games. Thanks wenger and your bullshit board wenger: “we have money to spend expect a busy transfer”, so far we signed a striker, own goal scoring defender and another theo.

  7. Who the he’ll is this guy for fuck sakes why are we signing someone soooo shit? Not everyone is unpolished stone. Fucking hell this makes Liverpool transfers look like quality.

  8. @gunrunner
    I follow sa football closely, for sometime I’ve been aware of alverez but this guy isn’t rated in brazil, we always buying cheap.

  9. @ Jayi, it sounds like you can’t cope with it all. It is not the end for Wenger, so you’ll probably need to find another team to offer your fantastic support to.

  10. @ FunGunner, you can tell from Jayi’s insightful posts how much he knows about a lot of things.

  11. @ Mandy Dodd
    Well, that’s true, but hey, if Jayj says Jadson isn’t rated, who are we to argue? What with him knowing everything and all?

    @ Gooner Gal
    ha ha!

  12. I’m waiting for the ‘proven Premiership quality’ post that must surely follow.
    You know who we should sign, Rory ‘the Delapidator’ Delap. Or, even better, Dylan Hartley…

  13. Sorry for the outburst I apologise to all, sitting here in Sri lanka without any footie coverage it’s distressing news nasri may b going but believe me this. Guy will not fit straight in and has got into braZil team now aged 27

  14. @ Jayi, why should we believe you over an informed Arsenal scouting network that has constantly proved the arm chair managers wrong.

    Sorry you sound too reminiscent of the idiots that stated that koscielny wasn’t good enough and hurled abuse at Arsene Wenger for buying him.

    Why is it so distressing that Nasri is leaving? Do you support the player or the club? And what else could Arsenal or Arsene Wenger do to stop him from leaving, except offer him £500,000 a week to stay?

  15. Gooner Gal, Jayj
    Wondering what if anything you take from the convergence in time of (A) Arsene’s saying that he’d sooner lose Sami on a free next summer than let him go to Man City and demonstrate we’re a proper “big club” (his phrase); and (B) the low profile arrival of Silent Stan in London’s board meeting, only to have a turnabout in this week’s press whereby and Sami gets re-offered to MC for 25M? You see maybe this has nothing to do with Arsene and a lot to do with the nature of the invisible new owner and him maximizing his interests? Frankly, IF that’s true, then the owner has undermined Arsene and made him look foolish if he has to let Sami go. Just a thought, but it chills me to think so. Wonder what you think about this?

  16. @ Bob I agreed with idea that Nasri could go for free next year initially as I thought it would be the best solution if we lost Cesc. But then I saw him play recently and it looked like he had continued his poor form from the begining of the year and changed my mind. To be honest, judging him by his recent displays I would of accepted 15m.
    25m is a fantastic bit of business and in a no-win situation (in the eyes of some fans) this is the best option available and we have sold to the best premier league club under the circumstances. He would be a bigger threat to us as a club if he had gone somewhere like Man U or Chelsea as they would of utilised him properly. As it stands Nasri will not flourish under Mancini, although he will be great for their CL forray.

    Bob, can I ask why you call him silent Stan?

  17. @ Bob, I hope you do not get sucked into the know nothings, idea of how the club is being run or what is happening. I hate it when these silly nicknames get banded around the blogsphere. Like ‘flappyhandski or Denil****. People are just looking for subtle ways to have digs at the club, manager and board. I just don’t get the ‘silent stan’ thing and what it is supposed to infer.
    The worst type of owner would be the overbearing interfering ones at clubs like Chelsea or QPR, who I mention because they have had something like 12 or 13 managers in the last 5 years. Briatore (QPR manager)allegedly tried to pick the teams and would enter the dressing room at half time for talks. I could not see Arsene standing for a situation like that.
    A man of Arsene Wenger’s stature is given respect at the club. He,Ivan and Stan would of discussed the Nasri matter and a decision was made. When Arsene Wenger said he was tired of the circus surrounding Cesc and Nasri, that should of been an idea that there had been a change of mind.
    Arsene Wenger puts the interests of the club first and therefore decided to put an end to it all as the mess was begining to have a destabilising effect. Do not underestimate the influence of the player and their agents double dealing in these transfer matters. This summer the press have been fed information to keep the rumour mill turning.

  18. I think Gooner Gal is quite right about how some fans think they know better than the people running the club. If these fans were better than Arsene at managing a football club, why are they not in football management? I think it is fine to offer one’s opinion on things and we don’t all have to agree all the time with the way Arsene goes about his business but let us not descend to swearing and abusing players or the manager. Many fans are calling for star signings at whatever cost as if that is guarantee for winning trophies. The only thing that guarantees is a higher wage bill. I think Arsene has done very well for Arsenal, and although it would be nice to win a trophy, that should not be at all costs, lest we become another Leeds or Portsmouth! I am convinced Arsene will rebuild the team, and Arsenal football club will continue to claim its place at the top end of English football without Samir and Cesc.

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