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  1. Alek

    @DogFace and All

    What does FPB/BPM mean?

    Is it FPB per BPM?

  2. Aragorn

    isn’t Martin Jol the manager of Fulham?

  3. DogFace

    lol – bloody hell.

  4. DogFace

    Apologies Aragorn, too much wine – Alek – Fouls per Booking and Bookings Per Match.

  5. Alek

    Do you mean that ‘FPB/BPM’ = FPB+BPM ?

  6. Tony

    In the light of the above I have changed the listing of this article on the home page http://www.blog.emiratesstadium.info You might also like to keep tabs on the latest news which is also showing on the home page for the first time.

  7. Mandy Dodd

    We seem to see rather a lot of the holy trinity of Dean, Dowd and Webb.

  8. menace

    It is the prerogative of Riley the PGMOL boss (part of the previous trinity (Riley, Wiley and Bennet).

    It is so damned obvious how biased and corrupt the game is when one company has the monopoly of suppling match officials. This has less chance of being addressed than goal line technology.

    When Fergy lists his favourite 11 he always misses out Webb (& the trinity) who have probably scored and defended better than any of his named team.

  9. Laundryender

    I see this guy i think of Eduardo, cant help it, it just happens!

  10. Alek

    @DogFace and All

    I suppose ‘FPB/BPM’ = FPB+1/BPM = FPB+MPB.
    Am I right?

  11. bjtgooner

    @Mandy Dodd

    Do you really mean “the unholy trinity?”

  12. Mandy Dodd

    Actually, I am wrong narrowing that bunch down to a trinity, it has been shown there should be at least two or three more to join that those three!

  13. bjtgooner

    Dean can be very unpredictable, however, we are on a good run at present, despite some bad decisions. I have the impression that recently the team just get on with the game rather than let a bad decision upset them. So lets hope we get a good result today, irrespective of what Dean may or may not do.

  14. Alek

    Guys if you look at the graph FPB/BPM you will see that Dean is becoming less cruel to us and harsher to our opponents.

  15. DogFace

    Alek – for FPB/BPM the position on the graph is the Fouls Per Booking and the width represents the bookings per match – I’m going to do a full tutoria when my work load dies down a bit as a few have asked for it…. I think my hangover might be subsiding now – who’s up for a pre-match beer?

  16. Alek

    The full tutoria is nice!

  17. Mahdain

    @bjtgooner & mandy dodd i agree with you you guys..should be the unholy trinity..whenever i see dowd,dean or webb referring our games i always know we are up against it and they always prove me right..and is it only me or is lee mason doing his best to become one of them?

  18. Mahdain

    lets just hope dean doesnt “miss” another hand today that would cost us the game

  19. dan

    I think I’m going to be sick.

  20. Johnny Deigh

    I wonder if Lee Mason is holding a grudge against Arsenal for having signed Arteta.

  21. Johnny Deigh

    If it’s worth anything, Ladbrokes are running a special where they will refund all losing 1st goalscorer bets up to 50GBP if Robin scores at any time in the match. Sounds like a great deal considering Robin can’t stop scoring. However I must admit I am a bit suspicious of big bookmakers offering gifts. It’s sometimes like they know what’s going to happen ahead of time. I’ll probably still put a few quid on it.

  22. Chowdhury

    Manure game just finished in a draw. Red Card + Fergie time, still couldn’t manage the winner. The linesman who raised the offside flag on Hernandez on the 93rd minute, that must be his last visit to Old Trafford I recknon. 🙂
    Will the result of this game play any part in Mr. Dean’s mind? I guess we will find out soon.

    Go Gunners.

  23. Johnny Deigh

    Sensed an Arsenal OG in this match. Made five 1 pound bets for 1st goalscorer: RVP, Song, Ramsey, Vermaelen, and No goalscorer (OG’s don’t count).

  24. Johnny Deigh

    Dean blew the whistle a second or two early. Couldn’t wait, could he?

  25. Mandy Dodd

    Looked like a pen to me! Poor result, we looked a bit jaded for much of the game after the CL game.
    Cue the AAA and undercover Spurs fans that regularly visit!

  26. Mandy Dodd

    check in the post for MD from his mate Arry!

  27. walter

    Not losing a game with Dean in charge is worth a victory in my book.
    did you notice his inconsistency in calling body charges? The one on Gervinho was not a foul, the one from Santos in the extra time was called a foul. It is in such things one can see the hidden agenda of a ref.

  28. Byo

    Not related to the topic-
    but as I noted yesterday in the preview, this was the kind of game we are known to slip on in the past, after a hard game in Europe.
    But this team never say die. They just did not give up. I give credit to the team as a whole.

  29. DogFace

    So… did it look as blatantly fixed on TV as it did from my seat in the stadium?

    F%^cking Mike Dean.

  30. walter

    But I do had the feeling we looked tired a bit and couldn’t raise the tempo enough. We looked better when Gervinho came on. We had enough chances to win the game but if you don’t take them you can’t win enough.

    And from the moment Vermaelen scored an own goal it became even more difficult of course. But somehow I had the feeling he would make up for it and he just did. I think he will be the most relieved man in the Emirates right now.

  31. Mahdain

    so once again mike dean acted as a total prick that he is…what a fucking disgrace he is..how he still ref games makes me wonder

  32. Mandy Dodd

    It did not look great on TV. Credit to the team for avoiding defeat.
    Not sure what Dean has against this team, we all know certain rumours but he is from the Wirral – strange.
    Whatever the reasons, quite sure he will be a big part in the fairly widespread campaign to oust us from the top 4… in favour of Spurs. Luckily, I think this team will rise to that challenge, and then some.
    I Expect to see a lot of Dean this season.

  33. Mahdain

    actually it doesnt..he was clearly sent by riley to mess us over..im going to but a banker and say we get webb next time around..so just we can have the unholy trinity for 3 back to back games..no fix? said who?

  34. walter

    Dogface, he sure has done his best once again our mr. Dean. I think it must be a great feeling for the other team to know that they will get every 50/50 going their way.

  35. Johnny Deigh

    I sensed a little bias in the first half, but the 2nd half stunk. How he didn’t book Schwarzer for time wasting, letting him do it over and over again! And what about that farcical display of time-wasting by the ref himself when there was an offside call by the linesman as clear as day, but Dean has to go over and talk to him and waste 30 seconds in the process just to confirm it was an offside play.
    The possible foul on Gervinho that Walter mentioned was by Senderos who was already on a yellow card.
    And why did Ladbrokes bet that RVP wouldn’t score in this match. Dean sure as hell looked like he wasn’t going to give us a penalty.

  36. slim

    Yeah f*** mike dean, with a grin on that smug monstrosity of a face everytime he misses yet another foul on us

  37. Mahdain

    the fact that he is now trending worldwide on twitter says a lot..he is a biased incompetent prick of referee..im sure he was trying to do one over his mate arry but failed and i like that

  38. Mahdain

    the fact is we havent won any of the last 10 and i mean TEN premier league matches with him in charge..if thats not biased then what is it?

  39. Mahdain

    here is another great fact from ArsenalStatMan on twitter “In the last combined 15 #Arsenal games that Mike #Dean and Phil #Dowd have officiated, Arsenal have only won ONCE.” says a lot

  40. dan

    not a bad display slow to start with but the last 10 we should of won it, Mike the prick Dean lost at the end!

    NO Worries here.

  41. Johnny Deigh

    That’s right Mahdain, and I think Arsenal have generally won around 60-65% of their matches in the league, so they should have won 6 or 7 of those 10 matches.

  42. dan

    Bad display ESPN, what the fuck were they on about Fulham being unlucky with a draw how about they were so lucky with the own goal.

  43. Mahdain

    @jonny yep and people say we moan a lot? we didnt win a single game with dowd as ref last season untill when we had him last weekend and now we are on the same run with dean..coincidence? i think not

  44. slim

    Dan honestly could you expect any other reaction from that bunch of jokers once we drew? They’ve been waiting a long time for this day

  45. Mahdain

    what i dont understand is why did schwarzer not get booked for time wasting? and he blew the whistle even before the addtional minutes were over…blatant biased prick

  46. bjtgooner

    We were a bit jaded, but the guys did keep going to the last minute against the 12 of the opposition and, they deserve credit for that.
    While a draw is disappointing, it is as Walter pointed out, not a bad result with dastardly Dean on the field.

  47. Marcus

    Funny how in that photo he looks like Alan B’stard

  48. Mandy Dodd

    Dean , Dowd, Webb – maybe a bit of rotational match influencing / fixing going on?

    Strangely, as has been mentioned, Utd on the end of, by all accounts a dodgy decision at home, if so, a mistake? or do the PGMOL have a new favorite?

  49. Mahdain

    @mandy i say just a mistake and that linesman wont be in a match at old trafford for a long time..how dare he calls a dubious penalty against fergie and raises his flag in 93rd minute to deny united a winner?

  50. Mahdain

    the thing is we are going to see a lot of these three before may…its only november but we have already had dean twice,webb twice(i think) and dowd once..i can see them all referring our matches vs the top six and screw us over

  51. Johnny Deigh

    @Mandy – The penalty decision against United was wrong but I think it was the linesman who gave it, and Ferdinand did trip up Ben Arfa but it was after Ferdinand had blocked the ball out for a corner.
    From the little I saw of the match the ref (Mike Jones) seemed to be favouring United, and again it was the linesman, not the ref, who gave the penalty.

  52. Mandy Dodd

    Thanks for the info on the Utd game – interesting as you say, one linesman that may not be seen at OT for a while!
    Nice to see Utd get a taste of what we have suffered continually over the years.

  53. Phil Gregory

    As a scholar of French, Dogface I found your chateau “nerf” gaffe quite funny, Mike Dean’s reffing less so…!

  54. Rich_Fryer

    Managed to score a box for this game, and had a great experience, but Dean looked very inconsistant on body checks. I was at the wrong end to see any of the penalty claims, but the timewasting seemed to start at the beginning of the 2nd half, which Dean seemed to do nothing about.

  55. WalterBroeckx

    Found some interesting stuff tonight about Dean I think.
    Tony and Dogface check your mail addresses (all of them) if you can

  56. Shard

    Anyone who doubts a media agenda should read the headlines in the papers today. Even here in India, the papers are carrying headlines of a ‘controversial penalty’. “Penalty controversy keeps Man United at bay” is one headline. The other paper I get carries the headline “Controversial penalty thwarts Man United”.

    How many times have we seen such (and worse) decisions against us? I have never seen headlines like this for Arsenal. Has anyone? It is always Arsenal slip up, Arsenal stumble, or Arsenal held to a draw. or even when we win Arsenal scrape a win. Seriously..Fuck them.

  57. Shard

    And there we go. The linesman will bear the brunt of the attack and the media talk of controversial penalty will just back the pathetic ferguson up.


    So much focus on referees and their mistakes which cost ManU in that article it is unbelievable.

  58. Johnny Deigh

    Will Sir Rednose get fined for this latest attack on the ref and linesman?

  59. dan

    MOTD notice the bullshit.

  60. WalterBroeckx

    Thanks to our ref reviewers working day and night we got the ref review already online….shocking.
    Even I didn’t realise it was that bad…..

  61. DogFace

    @Phil – my nerfs were pretty paped by the end of that ‘match’! I didn’t really expect to clear odds on this one but F^&K ME – I didn’t expect Dean to go that far… this whole thing is Orwellian – it’s there, you can see it and it’s right in your face – yet everyone denies it? Why – what is the psycological mechanism and will it ever reach a tipping point!?

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