Other sites review the players: we review the refs

By Walter Broeckx

Want a player ranking after a game?  Don’t worry there are 84 trillion sites that do it, and that is just for Arsenal.

But how many sites do reviews of referee performances match by match, and then use the “Hey-let’s-injure-your-players” break to summarise?

There is of course only one place in the Galaxy for such a review: UNTOLD ARSENAL.  It is what we are here for.  All the stuff no one else would ever think if doing within even while out walking the dog.  So, off we go.

At Goodison Park I can’t remember who the ref was and that is always a good sign for the ref. This means that he didn’t screw up on the major decisions. So no complaints about that game.

Arsenal – Portsmouth then. A goal given to Portsmouth which over here on the continent would have been disallowed. But as the game is played in England the goal stood. If you challenge for the ball in the 6 yard box area you have to avoid contact with the keeper so the ref could have disallowed it. But as we were far better it didn’t matter in the end.

On to United. I think I have made my opinion on the ref clear. For those who like to read it again, just look it up over here. Bad refereeing decisions that all went United’s way. Penalty on Arshavin, penalty on Van Persie, Rooney throwing himself, the kicking at every Arsenal player on the field by Fletcher without a card. But we must also admit that it was our own player who headed their second goal in our own goal. Bad day at work for Mike Dean.

Manchester City then. Very poor ref’s decisions. The dangerous tackle from Adebayor on Cesc could haven been a leg breaker and the ref should have given him at least a yellow card. The stamp on the face of Robin Van Persie also not seen by the ref. The FA banned him afterwards but on the field it cost us 3 points. Adebayor should have been off the field and not be participating in their 10 minutes goal spell. I’m convinced that with a ref who took action after the first dangerous tackle from Adebayor and who would have sent him off we always would have won the game over there.

Not much to report on the Wigan game except that the ref allowed some strong challenges on the edge, or over, towards Cesc. Lucky he didn’t get injured badly. No result changing decisions from the ref.

The Fulham game was not a bad game for the ref as I recall it. So not much to report. Good job from Atkinson.

When Blackburn came to the Emirates there were a few talking points about the ref. The foul he awarded to Blackburn which lead to the first goal was not a foul but it didn’t seem to be important until they scored from it. On the other hand Blackburn could have had a penalty in the second half. Well I’m generous and give them the penalty so we won 6-3.

When Birmingham scored at the Emirates I was really wondering if the rules had changed and I wasn’t noticed of it. A clear foul on Manone who was impeded in his six yard area by Larsson wasn’t given and so they could score a goal. Like I said before a keeper going for the ball there can not be touched or challenged. Those are the rules. Look it up, Mr. Probert.

Up to nearby West Ham. I could make it short. Ref Foy handed 2 points to West Ham all by him self. First he gave a foul against Diaby and it was clear for all to see that Diaby had played the ball and that afterwards the West Ham player just ran in to Diaby and so they fell down. Bad decision which cost us the first goal. But there was worse to come. Carlton Cole, you know some honest English guy who doesn’t dive, felt the heavy breathing of Song in his neck and he just fell to floor because he saw a clover with four leaves which brings you luck as is believed in my country and… it did. The ref gave a ridiculous penalty and we lost 2 points.

On came our favourite game of the season. The ref didn’t make a big impact on the score line but could have given a red card against Bentley for his dangerous tackle on Vermaelen. For the rest not a bad game from the ref.

And finally the Wolverhampton game. We could once again have had a penalty but for some strange reason refs don’t give us a penalty this season. I think the reason is called P & P which stands for press and pundits. But at the end, again, it didn’t mattered because we just out scored the opposition.

After all one could say that in the games we did not win, the ref had a negative influence on proceedings. But taken in the whole I can live with it.. but not if we should lose the league by a few points. Then I know where to find those points.


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16 Replies to “Other sites review the players: we review the refs”

  1. Really nice article Walter…

    A different and much needed perspective from a top ref himself. Nicely written and well researched. Was one of the best articles in recent days.

    Congrats Tony for selling so many books. May you sell many more copies.

  2. Walter, against Birmingham, what about the second leg tackle by Ridgewell on Walcott? Clearly dangerous. Clearly reckless. No foul given.

    More or less on topic, what about the penalty not given in the France game on Saturday. Evra got to the ball, kicked it out, and then Given, who was also going for the ball but arrived very late, clattered into him. It was not reckless and probably not dangerous. However, it clearly was a late tackle – albeit with the hands and not the feet.

    Walter, what do you say?

  3. Good article.

    I’m surprised that refs at Old Trafford don’t wear home kit, it would
    eliminate confusion if an alien dropped by.

    Re the press, they are a pest.

    All the brouhaha about Eduardo avoiding a scything goalkeeper,
    and then complete silence when Ngog goes balletic,
    and even more shamefully when Evans does a bruce Lee on Drogba.

    The FA and the Media collude shamefully to stop
    the fair passage of play.

  4. Brian Alexander presents “Silent Stan” on BBC Radio 5 live Sport from 1900 GMT on Tuesday.

    Apologies Tony, but this is a must listen interview for Arsenal fans who have access to the BBC Radio 5 or World Service or on Sky 0105.

  5. Good Review, Walter. The standard of refereeing in this country is very diabolical to the point that FIFA has unofficially labelled them ‘Damaged Goods’ when it came to selecting World Cup referees. British referees’ ineptitude is further compounded by corruption, FAVOURITISM and XENOPHOBIA. Aided and abetted by the Press and Pundits, perhaps they are all connected and controlled by the lodge of the ‘FreeMasons’. Who knows?

  6. Cape gooner, you are right. I didn’t mention it here because you cant go in every detail. Although the outcome was no detail for us and for Theo. I thaught I tried to stick to the most important things that is goals and so. Good that you reminded us. Even more bad points for the ref.
    About the Evra case I can not answer you … because I didn’t see it. I’m not Wenger no. 😉 In fact last saturday I went to a concert of a local band from my younger days so I let football pass me by to affraid to watch those games. If I can view it somewhere I will come back to it.

  7. Good analysis in which we don’t get anywhere…

    One off topic news: Gibbs is another one now out with injury. Who will play there this week then? Silvestre or Traore?

    Really sucks that inter break always “break” our players…

  8. I really wish if I can wake in Friday and skip this international crap. It will really be frustrating tomorrow, in same time watching Bosnian game versus Portugal and desperately read all news checking who is next Arsenal player to get injured.
    If mr Platini (Platimi is name which suits best and mean Pay-me in Bosnian) want so much protege national football why they don’t organize it as amateurs competition, like in boxing.
    so sorry for off topic couldn’t stand it…

    Beside, great article Walter

  9. @walter – I wrote this comment yesterday on another article by a colleague of yours I guess, Id really like to hear your opinion. To be honest Id really just like people to take some notice of this because it’s really unbelievable how little attention it has received imo

    “Can you do a story about how the press is ignoring the flying kick by jonny evans on drogba, (for which he should receive a ban in the same way adebayor did), and instead are allowing them to spew their crap about how refs have been unkind to them this year (which is of course complete garbage!)? – Btw, that kick is 10 times worse than diving, it was a cowardly act that could/might have broken his rib!

    You know the way the press has handled these points is going to have positive implications for Utd in their next few games and give them an unfair advantage as usual becuase refs are going to be under pressure to give things in Utd’s favour or else be talked about in the media.”

  10. Davi, Unfortunatly I didn’t see the game and even missed the sunday BBC2 show. I was to late and only saw it once but it was over before I realised it. It looked like a clear dangerous challenge and the ref got it all wrong imho. But like said could not see it again.

    The word you use about the refs is the correct word : pressure.
    In can only speak for my country and for the things I have heard from refs who do those games and I don’t believe that they get thick envelopes in with cash anymore. Anderlecht has bought a european cup, at the expense of Nottingham Forrest, by giving a ‘loan’ to the Spanish ref in charge some 20 years ago.
    But the pressure upon refs to blow in favor of some teams exists. Refs also must make a carreer and they all know very well that to make a carreer you have to look that you don’t unsettle the big clubs. I’m sure this plays in the mind of a ref.
    Could do an article up on it but then again it is off course about how it works in Belgium and not as such related to the Arsenal.
    How nearer to the top, how more the corruption comes in.

  11. LRV ,Freemasonry is the practice of every moral and social virtue ;so I’m quite sure that lot will not get in.Creepy-crawlies ,slugs ,slimebags and things that go ‘squish’ under your shoes, have their own club.I belive a few managers have applied to join too.

  12. I must say that Evans “tackle” looks worse every time I see it. What the heck were his boots doing up there? That was a headed ball every time. Drogba did his normal thing of physically going into an aerial challenge and would surely have fouled Evans had Evans tried to head the ball. But Evans was nuts. That is a dangerous, dangerous, dangerous, dangerous, dangerous tackle in the worst sense of the word. What if Evans had hit Drogba’s face? What damage could that have done? His eyes or his throat? Oh man, that is bad.

    Disgusting challenge and puts every Utd moan about their “treatment” by referees into sharp perspective.

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