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August 2021

Lukas Podolski: the man, the goals, the fishing, his dog


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By Tony Attwood

Stories about that we have signed Lukas Podolski – who would be our third Polish born player.  It seems he will join when the transfer window opens, perhaps a move to avoid the agent and media inspired chaos of last summer.

He comes from a sporting family;Podolski’s mother was an international sportswoman, being a member of the Polish national handball team.  (I know the sport is hardly known in the UK, but it is huge in Germany and Poland).

With German grandparents and being from a town that itself had shuffled between Poland and West Germany, the family were allowed to move from Poland to West Germany when Lukas was two, and he grew up near Cologne with Lukas holding joint nationality (although he has said in interviews that he does not have a Polish passport.)  He sometimes speaks of himself as a Pole playing in the German national side.  He supports Górnik Zabrze

Podolski joined FC Kölnin 1995 and at the age of 18 joined the first team scoring 10 goals in 18 appearances – not bad for a newcomer to a side sinking fast into the second division.Köln were promoted in 2005 and Podolski was the top scorer in the league, but when the financially pressured club slipped back into the second Lukas decided to move on – not least because by then he was a central part of the German team.

By 2006 every club this side of Ursa Minor was looking to buy Podolski and in June 2006, Podolski announced that he was going to Bayern Munich for around €10 million. He made his debut in August but in October suffered an ankle injury during training and missed the next five weeks.

After Bayern brought Luca Toni Podolski moved back to his former club in 2009 for around €10 million.  His first season back was poor by his standards but in 2010-11 he returned to better form.   The transfer to Arsenal is thought to be about €13 million.

Podolski was in the Germany squad for the 2006 World Cup and scored his first World Cup goal in Germany’s third group match against Ecuador and then both goals in the 2-0 win against Sweden. He was named the best Young Player of the tournament.

He is one of four German players to score four goals in an international match, and he has also played left midfield for the national side.  In the Euro 2008 final  Podolski was headbutted by David Silva – although the ref missed it.  In the qualifiers for Euro 2012 he scored 3 and had three assists as Germany won all 10 games.

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In total he has scored 92 goals in 235 senior matches.  Stories in the press say that he has a four year contract (so expect Redknapp the Younger to start abusing Arsenal about him in three years time) and will be paid £5,200,000 a year.Per Mertesacker is said to have told German television on Wednesday that Podolski had been asking him about life in London and the reputation of Arsenal.  “I have told him this is a great place to work and Arsenal are an amazing club.”

As for the fishing and the dog, the gutter press have been strangely quiet, but I am sure that now Untold has given the men in the pub the hint, all will be quickly revealed.

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49 comments to Lukas Podolski: the man, the goals, the fishing, his dog

  • Peter

    I really hope that this proves to be true, not only because it shows AW’s intention to buy to convince RvP to stay, but also because once Chamakh and Park leave we’re going to need replacements.

  • chuks

    Dats a nice signing 4 mr wenger nd 4 arsenal fc. Gunners 4 life

  • Gerry Lennon

    Let’s hope it comes off … and may be people will get off Gazidis an co’s back?
    Does anyone know if Vermaelin has had any text messages …?

  • Ziggy

    Brilliant stuff as always guys. Looks like he’s set to come here, which is great but I can’t stop worrying about Robin’s future, though I think he’s Mr. Arsenal and will shrug off Mancini’s courtship.

  • legolas still trust Wenger

    i hope it is real and he signs i wonder our attack now :
    SUB : walcott- Miyaichi 0 OX wow balance between mature and young speedy strikers this is what we need

  • AS, CPH (DK)

    Not to forget he picked a fight with Squillacci during last summer’s friendly.
    I hope my slight impression of him as a fit of a firecracker is put to shame – if he arrives.

  • Ruaridh

    With Gervinho and wallcot adept both capable playing in the VP role and with RYO and OX capable of playing on the wings would buying a strong creative attacking midfielder not have been a bigger plug to gap? I mean, Rocicky is gr8 but is he reliable to stay injury free for an entire season and has Rambo proved he is a top quality ATM yet??

    IMO, i think that with the tenacious qualities rambo has, he may be better suited for the arteta role linking midfield to the atm area and wilshere would be able to rotate between the deeper midfield position and the atm with rosicky and possibly the new ATM???

  • Ruaridh

    positive signing if is true anyway

  • Being the ever pessimistic gooner, I keep remembering the Mata situation.
    We should have got him and I just hope that history doesnt repeat itself.
    Any views on the Song rumours with Juve?
    Thanks for the No.1 gooner website gents, long may you continue.

  • JohnW

    If Lucas comes, then I would like to see Lansbury replace Park, Watt replacing Chamack and Afobe going out on loan. We will also need a defender to replace Squilacci.

  • Kyle

    We dont need any more defenders, our first choice back 4 is fine, JD, MERTS + KYLE BARTLEY are fine centre back replacements if CB’s get injured

  • legolas still trust Wenger

    i would rather buy hazard and podolski since hazard play CAM and LM , ST and RM . lol podolski mutli task too its gona be great . defender if we sell scquillacci i dunno if we should get vertonghen. but i guess Koscienly – Vermaelen – Per Mertesacker- Djourou – Miquel are good as CB we lack a LB

  • Rohit

    puyol and co takes 2 years to tap up cesc….per needs only 2 weeks for poldi!!!

  • Mahesh

    Sir, Are you trying to feed The Media again? Was it not sufficient to have provided other topics starting from ‘rotational fouling’? For once, let them work it out themselves! On the other hand, it would be interesting to see how many Press reports actually copy your statistics! 🙂

    Interesting link this:

    My question is, when are they coming to Arsenal? They better come in battle armor!

  • bob

    So there’s good tapping up when it’s for your side, but bad when it’s against it, eh? How about no tapping up? Especially when it’s always the Galactico$ (which we are not) and their enablers (like Dein the Lesser) that tap the tap.

  • Andronicle

    Well, i’m nt concernd abt were he plays i just hope dis story is true cos we just got a good workaholic who plays as a mid-fielder & a striker.

  • Jerry

    Great signing if true!
    Podolski – RVP – Gervinho up top,

    Walcott or OX as attacking midfielder
    Song, Wilshere, Arteta, Ramsey, Rosicky for other 2 midfield spots.

    We have 10 players for 6 spots on the field, not including Joel Campbell or Ryo. We’ll have some good rotation/depth next year! All we need now is the refs to do their job!

  • WalterBroeckx

    If it goes ahead I think it was because Koln and Arsenal agreed that talks could be held. If Podolski then asks Per for his advice I don’t see anything wrong with Per answering the questions from Podolski about living in London and so.

    Apparantly Arsenal wanted him in January but Koln at that time wouldn’t let him go and he himself wanted to stay in Germany to make sure he would be in the German spotlight before the European championship.

    But if Koln and Arsenal agreed that talks could go on with the eye on a possible summer move then I don’t think this is tapping up.

  • Jerry

    @Bob, think he was joking about the tapping up. I’m sure Arsenal got permission from Koln before negotiating. Great deal or better said safe move by both sides.

    Supposedly Koln wanted 18 million, but if they were to get relegated his buyout clause is only 5 million (they are 3 points off). Good negotiating from both sides since they compromised in the middle. I’ve given the Board grief for not selling Fabregas for a higher price in the past, but I think this was good business on their side.

  • Jerry

    How come there’s no complaints from the media about Mancini trying to tap up RVP?

    He basically said, “I think RVP will resign with Arsenal since they need him, but if you are going to leave, call me!”

  • mohammed


  • WalterBroeckx

    German newspaper Bild is very sure about the Podolski to Arsenal. 26 years and almost 100 games for Germany. 95 games to be exact and scored 43 goals in them.
    Also for Koln he is responsible for one goal in each game he plays… not a bad player I think

  • Apparently we were close to signing him in jan,but he didn’t want to move mid season.The reason why the deal has been done early is because there is a clausein his contract that states if Koln get relegated,he can go for 6 mill.Koln are worried that might happen and so have decided to deal early.This info came from world soccer’s german correspondent btw,so hopefully it is correct.Lets hope there are a few more deals going on that noone knows about,its the best way to avoid being gazumped by the financially doped clubs.I have got to say i am DISGUSTED by the concerted efforts of the press,both written,tv,and radio,to sell RVP,NO OTHER CLUB HAS TO PUT UP WITH THIS SHIT AND I AM SICK OF IT.

  • WalterBroeckx

    And most of the German players are technical very well and are hard working. And never really happy at Bayern Munich so one could say he wasn’t good enough at the time. 20 years old then.
    I like those most. Has something to proof maybe. And reminds me of those other legends Wenger brought to Arsenal who looked like failures at first sight.

  • laika

    very pleased if true,ive had him in my fifa team in arsenal shirt for months now.headbutted by silva?in the midriff i guess

  • WalterBroeckx

    And maybe we are working on a mega sponsor deal with Adidas?
    Mertesacker and Podolski (and who knows just imagine Gotze) that would mean the (future/current) spine of the German national team in a way sponsored by Adidas. Today RVP said he was at Adidas centre.

    So are we working not just on getting stronger on the field with that German connection but also it would mean that Arsenal will be big in Germany (we are already very much respected over there from what I know and have seen and heard). It would make it for Adidas also more interesting to get Arsenal in the future when the current shirt deal with Nike is over.

    So maybe we could arrange a battle between those two for the future deals…?

  • dan

    Arsenal were once a French club now we’re German, cool as long as we’re not English.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Oh Dan I think with the likes of The Ox, Wilshere and Gibbs we will be English enough.

  • Rohit

    like jerry mentioned..I was joking..
    i hate it when players start suggesting on who to get,how to get other players etc…getting involved in unnecessary transfer matters is not good for a player..
    im sure AFC got the permission and the paperwork done everything…

  • Walter a link up with Adidas would please me greatly,i’m a trainer girl,always Adidas,usually B&W,the coolest trainers ever,classy like Arsenal!!I don’t like Nike its a horrible company,so heres hoping!!!!

  • Meant to say B&W superstars, sorry!

  • So pleased to hear about Podolski coming to Arsenal. Get rid of the players that did not fit in, and buy some proven players to win the Champions League next year.

  • DC

    There’s no denying the quality of Podolski and cheap at 11mill for a seasoned German international in his prime too! The first of several signings concluded before next season I’m very sure!
    That’s 3 Germans now with Gotze surely now tempted and Hazard by the squad and club’s potential, and the Verminator in no small measure too!
    Come On You Beautiful Gunners (COYBG)!

  • Wooby

    Love it … shows again Wenger’s brilliance. Getting a world class player in his prime years for a reasonable price – how many managers can accomplish that?

    I see the starting forwards next year as Podolski – RVP – Walcott with Ryo – Ox – Gervinho as backups. Third group would be Henderson – Afobe – Watt. Goodbye Park and Chamakh while Arshavin’s departure becomes permanent. Lots of flexibility as Podolski can be striker on the second group with Gervinho moving to the first group.

    Don’t see us adding either Hazard / Goetze as the price tag maybe too high. Besides, we have depth in MF as long as everyone is healthy: Song – Wilshere – Rosicky the starting 3, with Coquelin – Arteta – Rambo as backups. Third group would be Frimpong – Diaby – Ozyakup or Aneke. Now if we get Hazard / Goetze it’s great news because we can further take our time grooming Ozyakup or Aneke.

    Definitely do not see us adding defenders as long as everyone is healthy. In fact, we probably will sell Squillaci and one of Bartley / Djourou as Miquel looks about ready. We may need to add a backup keeper if Fabianski decides to move on to try to secure first team opportunities.

    Very stoked / excited for the run-in as we are definitely the form team and so looking forward to next season!

  • iniez

    I just find it funny how everyone was on our arses for not finding decent back up or a partner for van persie, but now that we’ve apparently got one suddenly he’s the replacement..

  • Wooby

    @iniez, no offense but I don’t read anywhere on this blog that Podolski is replacing RVP. When I read other pubs, they seem to suggest this is Wenger’s way to convince RVP to stay. Who is writing that Podolski is going to be RVP’s replacement?

  • WalterBroeckx

    Some might have heard that Podolski has a song about him

    the lyrics translated goes like this

    Goldi Poldi Halleluja,
    Goldi Poldi Halleluja,
    Goldi Poldi Halleluja,
    There is a football god!

    Lots of players are just weak
    But you are in control of the ball and keep it on the floor
    Lots are lazy millionaires
    But with you it goes about the honour
    After the game en before the game
    And if things don’t go as planned
    you will keep on giving it all
    Because for you football is your live

    (8x) Lu Lu Lu Lukas Podolski
    The most important thing is on the field
    All the rest is fake
    you are young and wild
    Lots of keepers have you killed
    the fans sing Lukas-we love you
    you’ve got a real golden boot
    come on and put it in
    and then the whole club will sing:

    (8x) Lu Lu Lu Lukas Podolski

    (2x) Goldi Poldi Halleluja,
    Goldi Poldi Halleluja,
    Goldi Poldi Halleluja,
    There is a football god
    Goldi Poldi Halleluja,
    Goldi Poldi Halleluja,
    Goldi Poldi Halleluja,
    there is a football god

    (8x) Lu Lu Lu Lukas Podolski
    Lu Lu Lu Lukas Podolski
    Lu Lu Lu Lukas Podolski
    Lu Lu Lu Lukas Podolski
    Lu Lu Lu Lukas Podolski

    This is not litteraly translated but tried to get the feeling of the song a bit

  • bjtgooner

    Interesting article Walter and I hope Podolski does join. We are not far off having a Championship winning squad and a small number of quality and experienced reinforcements (probably 2) could make the difference. I like the way Wenger has rebuilt the squad since last summer and the move for Podolski looks like the next stage in the process.

  • WalterBroeckx

    And Podolski in the German national team is mostly NOT the main striker but plays on the left side attack and midfield. But he has a very similar left foot and movement compared to RVP. Imagine having a RVP clone on the field together with RVP…

  • iniez

    @Wooby, non taken, but I wasn’t referring to this blog. Its more so the comments of some people on other blogs, some other writers, and my personal experience outside the blogsphere. Could just be my observation, but I’ve noticed some people have jumped on the podolski replacing vp bandwagon. Again it could just be my experience, just sharing it. For the record I think podolski would be a great addition, I loved watching him play in the 06 world cup, and if vp needed convincing to stay (and I stress the if), this would certainly help. I think arsene would sooner let him see his contract out before picking his replacement so soon

  • iniez

    Also just to throw this out there, I don’t have one negative thing to say about this blog. I read it every day even though I don’t always comment. I can’t thank everyone behind untold enough, its just fantastic what they do

  • Does anyone know exactely who RVP’s agents are? I thought Darren Dein was his agent,but italian media agency have reported that 2 of RVP’s agents have spoken to them and are looking to get talks started with AC Milan.They mention two names,Cornelis Vos and Jeroen Hoogewerf, and quote one as saying “AC want Van Persie?Very good.We can talk about it” I did a bit of digging and found that these two work for an agency called Sports Entertainment Group and RVP is listed as one of their clients along with Vermaelen.Incidently they value RVP at 45 mill euros!I am starting to feel a little pessimistic that we only have RVP for 11 more games;the media will drive him out of AFC. Btw Robbie Savage, what a p***K,”Van Persie must soon decide what he wants his legacy to be – a statue outside the Emirates or the stack of major trophies which would invariably follow if he moved to Spain,Italy or one of the Manchester clubs” Honestly these people should be banned from the Emirates;there is no way he wrote that anyway,there are too many long words.Why not “Bale needs to win trophies”,or” Modric needs to win trophies?” There is a concerted effort by the media to persuade our players that Arsenal are crap and they must leave if they want to achieve anything.They are scum.

  • Mandy dodd

    Seems to have a bit of truth about it? Think he could really strengthen the team, as long as he is a partner rather than replacement for rvp. We need backup in that dept, but all going well, we could have Podolski, rvp, Campbell, afobe up there. To do well, we need to attack at pace, these sort of players can live with that.

  • Damien Luu

    Now do you remember the very good time when we have the spine of then World Champion French side? The French side were the best passing team then at national level, and so were Arsenal at the club level. Right now Germany are one of the best in that aspect. OK, you may say they are not better than Spain but I do like their style of football more than Spain’s. So if we have the spine of this Germany side, haha, one could see nothing but trophies are on their way to come, folks. 🙂

  • Ong Bing

    I think we already sign Poldi, Arsene worry if Poldi shines in Euro it will make another club interest on him. CMIIW, the same case when we sign Rosicky.

    Poldi can played in left or middle (in front), so in play, Robin can change position to play behind Poldi, Robin favorite position, Robin said he is 9.5, but originaly he is number 10.
    Number 9 is striker, number 10 is second striker.

    If I am not confuse, some last game, in play, Walcott played in the middle and Robin played behind him.

    In 433 formation we need stiker that played from left (David Villa, Kun Aquero) or played from right (Messi).

    So, hoping this sign will make our squad more fluent next season.

  • Ong Bing

    I am read in some news, Poldi will get 100k a week, it means Arsenal will break salary structure next season.

    If Poldi get that, Robin will get more than that.

    This is good sign.

    If not because of Arsene magic, with salary like now, it is impossible Arsenal still in top 4 in last 6 years, and always qualify from UCL group stages.

    When Henry left, no Arsenal player have salary 100k or more, then after 2 or 3 years Cesc get salary 100k or more (I think Robin’s salary only 70k or 80k).

    So, can you imagine how good we are manage the club?
    How hard Arsene manage the club with not big budget but still compete in the top place?

    I am not like or dislike Poldi, but his sign is good, we need another stiker. And the values for money is good, Pool better get 3 Poldi than 1 Andy Caroll.

  • bob

    Rohit, Jerry,
    Sorry I got so literal. The sound of tap tap gets me more insane than usual and I forgot to hear the irony in your posting. Cheers, mates.

  • bob

    I’m with you, except that it’s the “as long as everyone is healthy” bit that is and has been the problem, as you know. I think we need to plan for the ill-health bug that continues to strike and priotize where to be redundant, because the shite does happen. It’s been reckless, imo, to assume good health (especially when we’re after multiple cups).

  • bob

    Damien Luu,
    Sorry, but You surely need to realize that there is a worldwide Patent on the term English Spine, so that any other usage of spine is not only illogical and a falsehood, but illegal as well. Let’s be very clear, it’s English spine, English spine, English spine…. Get that? Alright, then. Good. Gentlemen, you may proceed…