Arsenal 24 Newcastle 4. A dangerous distant animal and kit deals are more important than trophies.

By Tony Attwood

Arsenal had 23 goal attempts in the match against Newcastle, according to the official stats.  Newcastle had four.  That figure is something that tends to have been lost a little – but it is an indication of where the entertainment came from.

Arsenal gave us drama, Newcastle gave us time wasting.  (There’s an interesting thread growing in terms of time-wasting-denial from Newcastle fans.  By way of explanation, it relates to the amount of time taken for a keeper to retrieve the ball, put it down, and take the goal kick, and the number of seconds that the keeper holds the ball for before releasing it.  The fact that the issue is commonplace in football at some levels does not excuse its existence).

Arsenal laid siege to the Newcastle goal, and Newcastle dug themselves in, and sadly gave us a quick reminder of the tricks laid down by teams like Bolton and Blackburn in the olden days.

Krul certainly had learned the lessons of the old days well – start the time wasting in the first half so the ref gets used to it, the crowd just accept it, and the keeper gets away with it.  And… this new revived Arsenal crowd didn’t let that happen.  We jeered.  We booed.  We whistled.  We did everything short of running on the pitch grabbing hold of the ref and then pointing him at the keeper while shouting the seconds in his ear. (I thought of doing that, but well, you know, I’d just had fish and chips and it is a long way down to the lower levels).

But after our winning goal according to the press we had “A mêlée”.  (You can tell the upmarket papers because they put the circumflex and acute accents in – and get them in the right place.  They also call our manager Arsène (nor Arsene) which shows a not attention to detail.  Perhaps that is Newcastle’s problem.  Not enough accents.  They have Tioté but, not many others.)

But they do have Pardew.

I have often wondered what it would take after a lifetime with Arsenal to make me step back from the club, give up the writing and just walk away.   Not many things would do that, although I suspect Pardew – a man with all the grace of an mad hyenia on heat – could

Way back in 2003 he was described on TV as being a “dangerous and distant animal”  and I think that is about it.  West Ham, when he was there, was forced to employ a whole army of PR people to cover him in a blanket and stop him talking to the fans, the media, the lady who worked in the shop – just about everyone.  And I think, blimey, if the West Ham fans didn’t like him, there must be something bad.

He is of course the man who in 2006 criticised Arsenal for failing to play any English players in a game.   I think our manager pointed out that there were no English women in his marriage (a reference to the fact that his wife is Swedish).    And there was that video made while he was manager at WHU where he makes the most disgusting and disgraceful comments about WHU fans.

But above all I wanted to add something about the stadium and the atmosphere.  The atmosphere against Tottenham was great – of course it was. If we don’t have an atmosphere against those delightful people who have not won the league in 51 years then when do we have it?

Then we had it again against Milan.

And although not quite so 1000000000000% against Newcastle.

Actually I was trying to work out how long ago it was that Newcastle won the league.  Most of my reference works don’t go back that far so it is hard to say but I think it was 85 years ago.  So, not quite as good as Tottenham then.

Final, final thing for the moment on Newcastle, before we come to the ref review, that awfully sweet Kenny Dalgleish has called on the FA to investigate Arsène Wenger’s alleged  claim which Mr Dalgleish says he did not hear that  that Luis Suárez dived to win a penalty.  Mr D said ” I am sure the FA will look into that and take him to task for it. If you can’t comment on the position of England manager, then you can’t comment on someone else’s player, can you?”

Which is interesting – because if managers can now report each other to the FA, the FA are going to be very busy indeed.  Mr D also said that he should not be judged by the club’s league position alone and that kit deals are as important as victories.

So there you are.  All those jibes about not winning anything at the Ems – it didn’t really matter if the kit deal was right.

Liverpool last won the league 22 years ago.


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  1. Greatly written Tony as always. Your articles full of jibes are making me smile 🙂 I find it unbelievable though that all the Newcastle players and Pardew said that they didn’t deserve to lose. What The Bloody Hell.

    I am also sick about people saying that those last-minutes victories are just a matter of luck. I really don’t like Wenger talking about the “mental strenght”, but it seems that we actually have some. I love the fighting spirit and the never dying attitude that we are showing in the last couple of games. It reminds me of the Invincibles era and I hope this won’t end any time soon. As well as support from the stands. I am trying my best to cheer my team from Czech Republic, you ought to as well on the stadium. 🙂 What would I give to be able to go to every Arsenal match… Anyways, these victories are certainly not lucky. If you want to talk about luck, just look at the number of injuries we have every season. I mean, if our A-team plays three games toghether in a season, it’s a miracle.

  2. Kit deals, publicly slating El Diver,
    well, then, the D in Mr. D surely must
    stand for Dim. (not to give light bulbs a bad name)

  3. Welldone the ‘team untold’! Ain’t it good the way the gunners make ’em all whimp? Krul on the pitch, Daglish off it! COYG!

  4. Toys out of the pram again eh? It isn’t good to be a bad loser. It is even worse to be a bad winner. That was you last night.

    The ref never pulled up Krul for time wasting. Half the time the ball was actually in play and your lot were still bleating on.

    You lot would never time waste?

    We came to defend fair enough. You leave gaps against Arsenal you get punished (prime example at 94 minutes) so it is mad not to.

    God knows where the 5 mins injury time came from!!!

    Anyway despite your whining, I would still prefer you to finish above Chelski and the Spuds.

  5. Tony,
    Liked the comic thread throughout your post. A welcome reminder that football can raise a smile as well as a scowl. 😆

  6. King Kenny is losing his marbles. It’s good fun watching him make an a$$ of himself & Loserpool.

  7. Dalgleish is a man under pressure, he spent a lot of money, unwisely, and has not got the success the Loserpool fans expected.

    The disappointing thing is that he has been so sour about the Suarez incident – if Mr D’s eyeballs are operational he must know Suarez was wearing flippers when he went to ground.

  8. For pounds spent on transfers to reflect a teams position in the Table, Kenny is the worst manager in the league. Liverpool should sack him for wasting their money and once again not qualifying for Europe. Benitas did a better job and won trophys.

    It was his backroom staff and assistant manager that won him trophys in the past. So unless he inherets a good team he hasn’t got a clue. Liverpool and us fans deserves better.

  9. @ Tony, Alan Pardew is a smarmy git that gets his teams really worked up into a frenzy when they play Arsenal. I am glad you mentioned the English thing also, because I remember when he was jobless and was invited on a show, he went to great lengths to highlight that there were a lot of ‘jonny foreigners’ in the Arsenal squad. That’s why I have been so suprised by the increasingly french accent that his team has developed.

    The media don’t seem too bothered either that he moved on Nolan, Barton & Carroll – English grit I think it’s called and one was even a local lad. I can’t think how many English players I saw in their team yesterday, maybe 2 or 3?

    By the end of the game, I think the Emirates atmosphere had gotten under the skin of the Newcastle players and the ref a little bit. I like going to evening games, I don’t know what it is, but the crowd is always more lively. I know that there are some who are begining to realise that they in the crowd can contribute to the effort on the pitch. The players do appreciate it and feed off the encouragement. When the ref makes a decision that we don’t like we have to let him know instead of quietly accepting it. I have my eyes set on the Wigan game next.

  10. As a neutral, I watched Monday Nights game and the stats of Arsenals 24 shots at goal to Newcastle 4 shots didn’t reflect the game as much as Arsenals 70% possesion.

    What is Pardew smoking these days to say that Newcastle deserved points!

    Liverpool should finish above Newcastle, but we won’t qualify for Europe under Kenny but we will get shirt money as he is a shirt manager.

  11. Arsenal where the better team and should have scored a lot more,you say arsenal give us drama newcastle give us time wasting, ya arsenal have never done time wasting in the past,(wake up man) when a team is forced to defend by a team that is as good as arsenal, what do you what them to do lay down for you, i think it say`s it all 23 goal attempts and you only scored 2 so that say`s somthing and van persee was a joke at the end of the game,

  12. @9jagunnerdoc it has indeed..and thats why i have urged all gooners to prepare for st totteringham`s day in my article as it is happening 🙂

  13. Funny, has anyone looked at the Englishness of Newcastle’s lineup? Only 2 starters. Arsenal had 3. Not that I care, but apparently Pardew does… and how well he shows it.

  14. Of course u deserved to win. We r just diss appointed that we held out so long, defending so solidly to give it away in the 95 minute. Good luck for the cl next year, if I made a list of the most odious twats in the premier league I would put arc well both sets of manc wankers and chelsea

  15. I respect Newcastle, their current position, their history , their fans, and erm….some of their players…present and past but despite their position, pardew is not fit to manage that club. According to popular rumour, his past actions at a certain club show selfishness in the extreme as opposed to a managers role in promoting dressing room harmony. He is a prime example of the limitations of the average English manager, and make no mistake he will be found out. But still we beat them anyway.
    You point out the vital role of the crowd in recent games, I hope the recently humbled AAA take note the way the likes of rosicky, theo and Gibbs respond to such encouragement

  16. Since we returned from the CHAMPIONSHIP the score reads; drawn 2 Newcastle 1 Arsenal 1. A big thing is being made about time wasting, well we were a long way from home, playing at the Emerates, what do you expect. In the last two games at SJP do you not think Sunderland and Wolves didn’t time waste to us to get draws? This is football it happens everywhere, get used to it and stop moaning. What do you expect us to do kick the ball straight back and let you have more time to score. So much for bad losers arsenal fans and players are bad winners. You might have deserved it but still you got lucky to get a last minute goal, wind your necks in eh?

  17. Dan, not blaming teams who indulge in time wasting, more blaming the refs, it is a constant feature in our home games. Some refs indulge it far too much. Personally, I like your club, family connections to the area but I will never have any time for your current manager. But, if someone gave me the option of arsenal third this year and Newcastle fourth, I would bite their hand off…..on so many levels. To any Newcastle fans, my personal opinion only but good luck for your team finishing one place below us and if that is 4th, for you, I would be very very happy

  18. Liverpool 22 years no league, 3 Years no Champs League football…… currently 7th place and struggling after spending 75mill on below average players.
    The press ignore it as its not deemed a crisis ….Just shows how crap they have become its expected. They are yesterdays news.

  19. @Goonagirl What? emirates atmosphere got under the TOON’S skin wake up and smell da coffee will ya the TOON play in that sort of atmosphere at every home game albeit louder and more vocal. I was at the emirates to watch the game live and can honestly say that you lot had a better atmosphere at Highbury even with 36k attendance.

  20. @Toonlad, nice example, from 5 or so years ago. And if memory serves correct Wigan scored in the first half and then put on a heroic/embarrassing display of time wasting which the ref totally ignored. Late, late into the second half 2 quick fire goals from Arsenal and Wigan couldn’t get going fast enough. Jens totally took the piss but was punished, which if fair. All I want is equal treatment from the refs for Arsenal and your example just proves we don’t and haven’t for some time.

  21. @William – lol, I was at that match – we gave Kirkland such a hard time after we took the lead: “Kirkland what’s the score, Kirkland, Kirkland what’s the score!” if I recall Henry kept asking what side of the box he wanted to kick from and placed the ball down for him only for Kirkland to pick it up and meander to the other side and take a minute or so to place it ‘just right’ before he aimlessly hoofed it as far away as possible.

  22. Toonlad and he got a yellow card for it so what is the problem? A very well deserved yellow card in fact.
    But the difference was he was punished as for the other keeper not.
    I saw the ref was Dowd… 🙂

  23. Great article Tony.
    I have to say I kind of like it when we complain about somehing (like Krul’s obvious time wasting) someone comes and “Like you never did it” and gives example from year(s) ago, Not even from this season. In that logic NO-ONE should ever complain about anything because they have done something similar in past. And that Lehmann’s timewasting wasn’t going on everytime he had to give goalkick. In my opion (which is not much) I think Krul should have had yellow on time wasting and then 2nd one for going after RvP (which he got yellow).

  24. I think the time-wasting case is simple. It is allowed (and very common in football) to the extent that the team (especially GK) do not abuse it. Tim Krus definitely abused time wasting, and for that he deserved a yellow, yet the referee (you-know-who) didn’t think so. Tim Krul was wrong because he abused time-wasting, and the ref was also wrong because he let that happen. I didn’t even remember the ref gave him a word/warning, which showed how incompetent the ref is.

    About VP v TK incident. According to what I’ve read, before the winning goal, RVP told TK to stop abusing time wasting, and after the goal RVP told him to waste time. What’s wrong with that? It’s not more than just banter which happens everytime on a football pitch.

    But again, the NUFC and the media made a meal about it. Oh, this EPL is a fuckin’ fuck’d up world. That shows how great Arsenal is to survive such world.


  25. Personally I do not attach all the blame onto Tim Krul for the blatant time wasting in this game, once again the man in black allows our opposition keeper the freedom to abuse the laws, or at the very least, abuse the spirit of the game.

    This domestic brand of officiating has become an all too regular occurrence at The Emirates in recent seasons and its suffocating the game. Along with the negative, anti-football, stop-the-opposition-from-playing approach that so many teams adopt in our league nowadays (although Newcastle have, in general, played decent football recently) its no coincidence that EPL clubs are suffering some poor results in Europe’s top competition this season.

    Honing skill and technique is the way forwards, killing the game and preventing the opposition from playing will only work within the confines of the EPL.

  26. Geordie1

    re: “the TOON play in that sort of atmosphere at every home game albeit louder and more vocal”

    Are the Toon supporters really that bad and give your own team a hard time?

  27. @ Stuart I take it you have never been to SJP then? we like to watch good honest football without all the pre madonas unfortuently RVP is becoming so arrogant that his heed will soon not fit his body or in the changing rooms will fit in well next season in Citys ground HA!!

  28. @ Geordie1, I’ve been to a few games at the Sports Direct Arena, or (whatever ever it used to be called). Admittedly the last one was when you were in the Championship a couple of years ago. It were’nt the non stop crazy atmosphere you make it out to be, neither was it full as there were about 15,000 empty seats. Anyway Once you seen a few large man with their breasts hanging out, you’ve seen them all.

    I quite like the Toon Army, but you are coming across as a lost stray and in combat mode – I can’t work out what your problem is.

  29. I suspect you may get a few LFC fans taunting ‘When did you win the European Cup?’ if you go on like this, Mr Attwood! After all, those dreadful Aston Villa fans did sing that at the very first league game at the Emirates and they only won it once!

    I do remember Chris Kirkland getting a mysterious 6 week injury after I suggested he was fined 6 weeks wages for time wasting a few years ago at the Emirates. Is Mr Krul injury prone right now?

    This timewasting is something professional sportsmen should be punished for though. You’re seeing it at rugby internationals, with scrum halves waiting 20 seconds to start play again with the ball clearly at the back of the ruck/maul; lineouts taking ages to convene. It seems that the more you pay the buggers, the less they want to play. I’d put a scrum half in the bin and stop the watch like in American Football when the ball goes out of play. That’d stop the nonsense pretty quickly.

    People are paying damned good money to watch sport and there are far better looking people to stare at if all they’re gonna do is model sports kit…..

  30. lol who cares what Tim Krul thinks or waht Newcastle fans think about RvP? they should worry more about their own plaeyrs and their own club. if they did maybe they would manage top 4 one day like the rest of us…

  31. Rhys – I think we get those taunts anyway, and if we don’t do something in return I always fear it looks like we haven’t got any comeback.

    It is all a game, a bit of childish bravado, I know, but it takes me away from the mundane everyday world of work!

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