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August 2021

Herzlich Wilcommen Lukas Podolski

By Walter Broeckx

What has been whispered for a while now has become official now. Lukas Podolski is joining Arsenal from next season.  The official website from FC Köln has made it public on their website. For those who can understand German you can read it here.[tt_news]=4813&cHash=798324b1a22697bd2852832f171c8384

And after writing it down and going to the bank (no, not to pay for the Lukas Podolski deal) it is also made public in arsenal. com


So what do we get with Podolski? Well if you talk about a top German player this is one of them. But let us start with the start of his career.

He started playing his career for FC Köln in 2003 and in the first 3 seasons he played 81 games and scored 46 goals in those games. Not a bad return. He then went to Bayern Munich and he played 71 games and scored 15 goals. He suffered a bad injury in his Bayern career if I remember and was out for a while.

He then went back to the town and the club he loves most: FC Köln.  And in the 87 games since then he scored another 33 goals.

His career for the German national team is even more impressive. In 95 games he scored 43 goals. That is almost 1 goal in 2 games. A great average I would say. He was named best young player of the world cup in 2006 when Germany reached the semi finals and Podolski scored 3 goals in the world cup.

However it could have happened that Podolski would have played for Poland. As he was born in Poland in Gliwice. But his parents moved to Germany. This was made possible because of the grandparents of Podolski had the German nationality before the second world war. And so he got the German nationality and thus played for Germany. His German team mate Miroslave Klose has the same thing with moving from Poland to Germany.

Now Podolski is a left footed player and I would say he is a bit of a Van Persie type of player. A very good long distance shot is one of his trademarks. I remember from the games from Germany that he can play on the left hand side of attack or midfield or in the central striker role. And looking at his goal statistics he is always producing for Germany.

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What we also get is a hard working player. A player who also is a bit tempered at times. So Wenger will have to make sure he keeps him in control. But this bad temper can also mean that he is a winner and wants to win. Nothing bad with that I would say.

Where he will play is something I leave up to Wenger and to the people in the comment section. But I think we will see a player that is willing to work hard and wants to succeed for Arsenal. Leaving Cologne is not an easy thing for him. It is his town and the place where he is the most popular player of the team and the whole city. But the fact that he wants to play at the top level for a top club shows that he is still very ambitious. He is 26 years old  and will be 27 when he joins Arsenal. So a rather untypical Arsène buy one could say. The ones who have been saying that we only buy young and unproven can crawl back a bit under whatever stone they came from.

Podolski is a top player from a top league and from one of the best national teams in the world. I great player for a great team.  So great news I would say.

I also wonder how much the influence has been of our other German player Per Mertesacker in this transfer. There has been rumours in the pats months where Podolski said that he asked Per about life at Arsenal and life in London. And as Per is a lifelong Gooner and supporter of Arsenal and doing a rather tidy job when he had to play he will have told nothing but good things about Arsenal.  So I feel good about this transfer. I think he will be a 15 goal striker a season (wouldn’t mind more though) and also a player who will be in his strongest period of his career. So I just would want to write these welcome words to Lukas in German so he can feel at home at Arsenal.

Lukas, herzlich willkommen zum FC Arsenal. Die Arsenal fans und die ganze Untold Arsenal Gemeinschaft wünschen sie das allerbeste bei unsere Verein.

44 comments to Herzlich Wilcommen Lukas Podolski

  • Kentetsu

    Welcome to the Club, Lukas.

    The timing of the announcement has left me wondering, though. It seemed like the deal was agreed long time ago already, so for some reason the clubs waited with the announcement. I would have thought it to come once the season has finished in both Germany and England, especially considering 1. FC Köln is involved in a relegation scrap, but alas.
    At least is shows great intent of the Club for the transfer period and next season.

  • Asif

    Well…who says Wenger is stubborn…I guess we are one of the fist clubs to make a major signing for the next season! No deadline day transfers!!! And having seen him in the World, he is definitely a good buy.

    Podolski = 15 Goals
    Walcott = 15 Goals
    TV5 = 5 Goals
    RvP = 35 Goals
    Midfield = 30 Goals
    Chessney = 1 Goal…here we come folks!

  • Rawiri

    welcome podolski, always wanted him at arsenal one of my favorite players, hope he enjoys his arsenal career and shows his magic with the ball, arsenal forever, good times bad times whatever times once a gunner always a gunner, welcome lukas

  • Mohamed Zubairu

    Isch bin glutlish.

  • ak47

    i can hardly contain myself.

  • Competition for Gervinho/Chamberlain on the left next season and a backup for Van Persie in the centre forward position? That would be my guess as to his deployment.

  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    I saw him play in Cologne and in Stuttgart and he is definitely a very strong long distance shooter. He scored a cracker against Stuttgart from about 33 yards out and he assisted on their other goal…mind you Stuttgart was shit at the time. He is very strong, very agile and while faster than Mertesacker (who isn’t?) he is not as fast as RVP or the Ox (but who is?)… that isn’t an issue as him being behind the striker is ideal. He plays a very sweeping style of Football and loves to attack from about the half-way line. He is also a strong defensive player and is very competitive, a la Song and Frimpong. He could get a few yellow cards if he overdoes it,just like our two current heroes but so what. We have a real winner in him and another GREAT Wenger deal! He is also in his prime and will play with AFC, a much better club than FCKoln so we can expect a lot from him next season. If he is the type of signing we can expect in the off-season from AW, then we are definitely headed in the right direction.He has a level head and loves the Arsenal, and he is fluent in English so Herzlich Wilcommen as well!

  • gooner14

    Arsenal may go back to an awesome 4-4-2 system now!


    or 4-3-3

    podolski—-rvp—-aoc subs: walcott, gervinho
    song—-wilshere—rosicky subs: frimpong,ramsey, diaby,
    gibbs-tv—koscielny–sagna subs: santos mertesacker
    —-szczesny——- sub: no sub.

  • Sagar Madan

    well this is a great time to announce this as RVP and Wenger have only 4 days to sign a new deal after the season as RVP will be joining his national team. This is a great move by Wenger, I hope this will tie RVP to Arsenal…

  • bjtgooner

    Great news – a quality early signing! Welcome aboard Podolski!

  • Wooby

    Big thing this deal does is gives us a lot of flexibility and coverage up front. We can start with Theo-RVP-Podolski, with Gervinho-Ox-Ryo as backups. If RVP needs a breather we can either bring on Ox as a direct replacement, or Gervinho and move Theo to the middle, or Ryo and move Podolski to the middle.

    Nothing to dislike in this deal, way to go Wenger!

    Wonder if this is also representative of a shift in philosophy as Wenger continues to shop worldwide for talent. A few years back it seems we were intent on Spanish talent (Reyes, Cesc, Miguel) and now we are moving back to the French league (Kos, Gervinho) while dipping into the Budesliga (Per, Eisfeld and now Podolski).

  • Modilati Mahlare

    Mr Wenger has made a statement of intent by signing Podolski. This will streghthen the striking force on a big way. Man United and Man City here we come.

  • bob

    Clearly it’s a double edged signing:

    Edge 1: a great addition to an RvP led line or an LP led line, with either one switching off into the behind the other position. Two clincians! Take that any who hate that word! Clinical rules! And these two will do it. Synergy, thy name is VanPerSki.

    Edge 2: a sign to RvP that we mean business and will compete at the world-class level he seeks. Another such signing and a 3rd place finish would HOPEFULLY outweigh the demonic voice in one of his ear that seeks yet another stratospheric payday (that would be Dein The Lesser, the globalist predator who makes a meal by taking our top talent and would strike again by helping to remove our second (and far better) Captain in 2 successive seasons. Down with Dein. Up with VanPerSki!

  • Mandy Dodd

    Great news, cannot wait to see him turn out for us. A quality international, can only be good news.
    Mathias Suarez next?

  • Matt Clarke

    Willkomen Lukas!,

    Here’s Walter’s link in English:

    regarding the timing – I understand that it was out of respect to the FC Cologne fans – he is their captain and their icon and they are going glug glug even with him.

    I think that AW/AFC did not wish to behave like Barca did with regard to CFab and the gross disrespect they did to all of us over that deal.

    Thanks Walter for the rundown – the prospect of long range shooting is particularly exciting as I am with Gooner14 on the hope for 4-4-2.

    (I know it has it’s weaknesses but I am still keen on it. Plus it ought to give Afobe to sub).

  • WalterBroeckx

    Found this on you tube

    And as far as I could understand it Per Mertesacker is saying:

    Hey Poldi, welcome to Arsenal London. It is a big step for you to your new club. I am very happy over here and I will try to support you as much as I can. And I will go to you with the English class when you go for the first time. I hope we will have much success together at the club and lots of fun.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Oh and then to discover that someone put the translation below the video… and to my delight my German is still very good (a bit rusty I must admit) 😉

  • FinnGooner

    So instead of Arsenal being French we are turning to Polish 😉
    I’m happy about the signing and defnetely Herzlich Wilcommen Lukas Podolski!!
    I’m really looking forward next season (with news in summer that both RvP and Walcott have signed new contracts).

  • WalterBroeckx

    Oh fuck just realized what a long wait it will be before next season starts 🙁

  • merkin

    I lived and worked in Köln one year when I had Arsenal tickets. My son was going to the University College of London and had lucked into two Arsenal season tickets. That year I attended both Arsenal and Die Geißböcke (The Billy Goats) matches. It was the year (2005/6?, the last year at Highbury) after which Köln was relegated and Podolski went to Munich. I wanted Arsenal to sign him then when they were disbanding the invincibles.

    He is a marvelous player who has had to scarp and virtually do everything for his club. He was a combination winger, striker, attacking midfielder. Many of his goals were near super human solo efforts. He should really prosper with the good service and team play at Arsenal.

  • Ong Bing

    Shinji Kagawa wants to move to EPL, sign him!

  • Persian gunner

    Yes! I am so happy about that! Welcome Lukas!
    And dear Walter I like your manner of being calm about this;)
    Bob I love the VanPersKI thing!

  • bob

    Yes, VanPerSki – it’s a winner, however we spell it!

  • mjk

    Just can’t believe this guy is gone put on an arse kit. I’m so happy that i don’t know what to do for myself

  • Sammy The Snake

    Das ist eine wunderbare Nachricht, ich frage mich, wer Platz für ihn zu! (thank you, Google translate)

    Can’t wait to see how AW will deploy Podolski. Great news.

  • Davi

    Perfect signing. I hope we now hold on to RVP, because a Podolski-RVP partnership get’s me thinking of Pires-Henry 🙂

  • Matt Clarke

    @Sammy the Snake:
    Dies ist eine wunderbare Nachricht, ich frage mich, wer muss ihm Platz zu machen? – shurely?

  • mannuel

    I’ve only really seen him when playing for Germany at the major tournaments and always thought he looked class. Heard lots of stories about him being rubbish at club level. But if you can play the way he does at international level then someone must be able to get the best out of him at club level. Maybe Arsene is that man. Welcome to the Prem. Left footer, replacement for RVP?

  • mannuel

    I am very happy that we have signed podolski but ffs please lets keep things in perspective here – we have signed 1 player so far and people seem to forget that we signed a player straight after the season ended last season and it didnt signal a busy summer of signings did it ? Of course I am not comparing podolski with the forehead in terms of quality cos there is absolutely no comparison but it doesnt mean that we will be signing players galore so calm down ffs

    Btw are ye serious about signing robben ?? Have we not got enough of injury prone crocks already ?

  • Jacobite Gunner

    top player, awesome!

  • Iamïcey

    …Great stuff the pod. Is it jst me or is the arse squad becoming a bit concentrated wit talent (nt dat i wud mind). Way to go venGEr…alwayz a gooner

  • Damien Luu

    @mannuel: Don’t worry, we will NOT have any “busy summer signings”. And who need it? We already have a very good squad, remember? In fact, if didn’t be screwed by Webb-Dean-Dowd and co., we would be champions of THIS SEASON. And many of our key players are still young, which means they can still improve a lot. Lots of new players coming in and we will have another “crisis” to be hammered by AAA and gangs. Remember how long did it take to glue our current squad? So, I expect no more than 1 or 2 more signings in this summer, and no more “big transfers”. And all of these will be completed in the next two months so we can focus on our training and preparing for the new season. Sorry AAA, no “panic buying” this time.

  • Damien Luu

    And guys, don’t worry about RvP. He will stay. He knows Arsenal is the right place for him. He sees the examples of Flamini, na$ri, Cesc, etc. And he is a player who dares to fight against those “devils in black” (or pink or whatever). He will stay. I bet all my money in that.

  • Jd

    WoooHoooo been waiting for this for a while now. I think he should play the attcking centre mid like Rosicky. We have enough options at forward. And as he can shoot from a distance i think it will be the best position.

  • Marcs

    When i look @this critically there is a message the manager has just post to EPL that with podol,RVP and the lot the wargon is set for ignation whosoever found at the line will have to face the power of engine watchout

  • Marshavin

    Hopefully Park Chu Young, Squillaci, Djorou, Denilson, Bendtner, Almunia and Chamakh will all be sold in the summer and Benayoun’s deal made permanent, ramsey and ox_chambo to be loaned.

    am happy Podolski20 has arrived, nw am waiting 4 Hazard12, Vertonghen18 and M’Villa22 to arrive to have a great squad next season





    subs:fabianski, santos, rosicky, walcott, vertonghen, m’villa, gervinho, diaby, mertesacker, benayoun

  • Tasos

    Terrific signing.

    Lukas Podolski is a top player with all the attributes to make a huge impact for Arsenal in the EPL.

    Excellent piece of business by Arsenal/Arsene.

  • chief gunner

    Arsene should let Chamack go and loan the big Dane. Park,RVP, POD and Vela should make our forwardline. With a 4-2-2 all could have a chance. Pity Afobe and Watt and Campbel season long loans wud do for them. Our mid is too congested to allow for additions.

  • Wooby

    @chief gunner, I would not worry too much about a congested MF. Injuries and the fact we play in 4 competitions, plus coming off the Euro championship and Olympics, means we will need as many bodies as we can so we can rotate the squad. Don’t forget we need to account for injuries as well. I would disagree with you on Vela – I don’t think he will be back as in the moments he has been with us, he has not proven himself and with the other forwards we have, I just don’t see us having any space for him.

    I don’t really see us doing much – and quite frankly, needing to do much. Our defense is set with maybe a question mark over whether JD, Miguel or Bartley should be our 4th CB. MF has enough in both quality and quantity – we just need Wilshere to come back healthy and Wenger to work out a good rotation.

  • Ong Bing

    It is time for Arsenal to give priority only for EPL dan CL.

    Give Carling Cup to junior team, and FA to reserved team.

    Hoping the best for next season!

  • From across the pond here in NYC, I’m totally ecstatic & really eager to him in action! From what has been said about him, he’s got all the attributes to well at Arsenal. Also combine well with
    the other casts. Hopefully, AW can get the other deals completed soon! Have a good feeling next season will be war, let City spend all their money. With a full preseason together, this team will do well and challenge for trophies. My son & I are looking forward to the start of next season already!
    Go Gunners!!!

  • Odhis KenyanGunner

    I can read Le Boss’ mind; Podolski is going to be transformed into a centre-back! Coz thes only one Arsene Wenger!!!

  • isaacgunner4life90

    great signing by AW op he makes extra additions in the midfield(creative) and defence(leftback) n we shall be good 2 go…go get EPL title.