See Bacary Sagna as never before – and learn some French too

By Tony Attwood

As we all know, Arsenal goes to great lengths to work with its local communities, and to involve its players in work with young people.  Indeed if you are a long term reader of Untold you might remember me raving on about Arsenal Til I Die – a book that was produced for Arsenal in the Community and to which Untold contributed a section.

Anyway, here’s another example of Arsenal’s good work.  And what makes it particularly interesting is that I don’t believe it is appearing on any other web site.

Now don’t get too excited, this is not a game you are about to see, but if you are an Arsenal fan it should warm your heart.   This is what our club does so well, and we should all be proud of this sort of involvement by the club and the players.

I am most grateful to 02 for providing this video to Untold.   They actually had us as guests in their Club Level suite last season, and made a big fuss of us, with no requests for publicity or anything.  Really decent people.

There is more as to what o2 are doing in this regard here…

Anywhere, here it is.

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8 Replies to “See Bacary Sagna as never before – and learn some French too”

  1. C’est bien que le club organiser les choses pour encourager les gens de prendre les langues! Si le club peu aider les Francais a parler l’anglais, ca sera bien aussi…

    While we’re on the subject of the French, here’s another little scoop for you Tony – I bet you did not know that Francois Hollande is a gooner!

  2. John nice try in French…here are my corrections:

    C’est bien que le club ORGANISE les EFFORTS pour encourager les gens D’APPRENDRE les langues! Si le club peu aider les Francophones a apprendre l’Anglais, ca sera PARFAIT…

    What a great video…love Sagna’s face at the end and the fact that he was an unused substitute….Grace a Dieu.

  3. nice!

    When Kenny Daglish met with Liverpool’s owners they told him they wanted him to put himself in the fan’s shoes.

    Which is why he’s now unemployed.

  4. Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    C’est bien que le club organise les efforts pour encourager les gens A apprendre les langues! Si le club PEUT aider les Francophones a apprendre l’Anglais, ca sera parfait


    Shame my french translation exam went horribly wrong today, who’d have though translating 18th century french literature would be hard?!

  5. @ Dan – I for one am gutted that King Krankie has left his throne (again)…but probably not for the same reasons ‘pool fans are.

    On the topic of languages, there is a great vid below of AW talking about languages which I found interesting as it’s quite revealing,as he is not answering irrelevant assiduous questions. He is relaxed, expressive and intelligent. Not the lilly livered, bumbling fool the press have tried to make him out to be.

  6. Don’t know about others but the handling of Robin Van Persie could give a very interesting insight into how Stan Kreonke really feels about Arsenal.

    If an agreement can’t be made on a new contract then wether he is sold or made to play last season of his contract could give a insight into what Kroenke is thinking.

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