Do Liverpool fans see the AAA as a blueprint rather than a dire warning?

By Tony Attwood

For me (and of course this is just a personal reflection, as are many of the posts on Untold – the personal reflection of the authors) the  supporters of all clubs should take note of the AAA* and the damage they can do.  Their unremitting attacks on certain players undoubtedly do have an effect, and make it harder for such players to produce their best.  I also think it more than likely that their antics make some players who might consider signing for us, think again.

They, of course, never take responsibility for their actions, for their very existence is based on the notion of blaming Arsene Wenger for anything and everything that they feel is not as good as it should be at the club.

Although some clubs do have their own anti-manager groups (Blackburn most notably entered this arena in the 2011/12 season) mostly such groups rumble in the background.  We know from comments on this site by Tottenham fans that not everyone is happy with Arry, and that there are Man U fans who want the succession to Sir A sorted out now.  Some West Ham fans have expressed discontent with a manager who has blatantly held them in contempt in some of his public expressions, but generally speaking there is little to rival the vitriol of the AAA when it comes to fans who express support for the club, but contempt for the current regime.

In part I think this is because fans outside of the AAA do realise that such negative approaches rarely do any good.  Players, managers and others take a look at their antics and turn away.

One might think therefore that Liverpool fans would tread with caution, especially after all they had to go through to get rid of their previous owners (who are incidentally still engaged in a legal battle with the current owners, which if they were to win it, would just about bring Liverpool FC to an end).

But Spirit of Shankly, the association that ran the campaign against Hicks and Gillett, have seemingly just fired the first salvo in a new battle with John W Henry and chairman Tom Werner.

Liverpool fans were dismayed at the poor showing last season, and perhaps in part in response to this, the club moved on two famous managers.   And to be clear, the Spirit group are at present no where near the antics of the AAA.  Which is interesting given that Arsenal finished 3rd and got a place for the 15th year running in the Champions League.  Liverpool did not get this, and actually ended up closer to relegation than winning the league.  (As we will be noting on the History of Arsenal site on 26th May, it will be over 20 years since Liverpool won the league, so there could be cause for concern, but for the moment they are staying fairly cool on this point).

But the Spirit of Shankly letter is still a warning.  It says,

“It may be that yourselves and the board of Liverpool Football Club have a vision you are working towards.   It may be that you have implemented a strategy to deliver that vision and decisions are being made to work towards this.

“However, from the outside where supporters find themselves once again, it looks like a football club in disarray.

“Confusion and chaos seems to reign and no one is coming out of this with much credit, particularly the football club’s image and brand.   We need clear and pro-active communication, a confident message about the club’s plans that breeds confidence amongst supporters that we are moving in the right direction.

“Instead, we have silence and a lack of information or understanding on decisions being made.”

What makes this powerful stuff is that the complaint is the same as the one made against Hicks and Gillett – that the fans do not know what is going on:  “As supporters we have seen all too clearly what a lack of communication from absentee owners leads to.  Ultimately supporters remain in the dark once again about the plans for this football club moving forward.   We find ourselves experiencing déjà vu, where boardroom decisions lead to more questions than they answer.

“We ask that you speak with supporters – engage with a true representative cross section of supporters and work with supporters to provide solutions to our current problems.”

Arsenal too has an absentee owner.   But what we do have is communication with the club.  It is achieved through many means, although primarily through the Arsenal Independent Supporters Association and to a lesser degree through the ability of members of Fan Share to attend the AGM of the club.

Last year at the AGM of AISA Ivan Gazidis, the chief executive of Arsenal came along (he didn’t have to, he opted to) and was subjected to an intense grilling by some AISA members that was on occasion somewhat hostile.  He knew of course that is what he would get – but he came, and those members of AISA who fancied turning up, could hear the CEO’s explanations of the transfer activity in person.

From what I can gather from the Spirit of Shankly letter, such discussion is simply not there in Liverpool, and that is obviously a significant fact for the club.

Of course it is not for me to suggest to Liverpool fans what they should do.  All I can reflect on is the fact that public fighting over the club and its future should always be a last resort.  If the Spirit of Shankly group has made a series of appeals to the club for dialogue but has failed to get anywhere, then I can appreciate where they are coming from.  But they must recognise that people who don’t join in debate are rarely impressed by public demands for them to do so.

Instead the most likely result of a public row will be for the current owners to go their own way, do their own thing, and ignore the fans even more.

Arsenal does engage with fans.  They do it through the representatives of various groups who have meetings with the club several times each season, and they do it through AISA.  Which is why the AAA, who steadfastly stay outside AISA, have no communication with Arsenal.

I think communication is a good thing.  Which is why I am a member of AISA.  I’m rather glad Arsenal treat the Association seriously.

If you want to know more about AISA there are details at

* AAA = Anti Arsenal Arsenal – the name Untold invented a year or so ago for those people who claim to have been fans of Arsenal for quite a while but who in reality spend their time criticising the players, the manager and the directors.




42 Replies to “Do Liverpool fans see the AAA as a blueprint rather than a dire warning?”

  1. I have a simple outlook on being an Arsenal supporter.
    I realise my place in the world,and exactly where it is I fit into the scheme of things surrounding the club.
    I do not for one second presume to own the club.
    I do not for one second presume to know better than Wenger.
    I do not for one second get surprised that Kroenke,an investor,is looking for a return on his investment.
    I do not for one second believe I cold do a better job than our players.
    I have never,ever bagged a player I believed was giving 100% effort.
    I have never,ever questioned Arsene Wengers motives behind any decision made,whether it be a transfer or a substitution.
    I am a supporter of the club,and have been for 36 years,and you will never,ever hear or see me doing anything but SUPPORT ARSENAL.
    I’m also Australian,so obviously know bugger all about the game,and how passionate could I really be?
    Well,all I can say is i didn’t miss a single match this season…..sorry,cup ties aren’t always shown here….but I’m up early mornings during the week for CL matches,and at ungodly hours on Sunday or Monday mornings because I SUPPORT my club,regardless of whether they’re winning trophies or not.
    The antis think I’m deluded,have a low IQ,am a c**t…..simply because I support my club and don’t engage in slinging crap due to the reasons listed above.
    Apparently,if you’re anti the antis,then you’re not entitled to an opinion.
    Every debate or argument I’ve ever been in which has become personal has been with an anti,and it’s always them,and I do mean ALWAYS,that starts with the insults and name calling.
    Well,I’ve offered to meet a few of them when I’m over next season,but they’re awfully quiet about it.
    These people have less loyalty to the club than a Spuds fan.
    To The true Gooners,hope to see you at the Emirates next year.
    I will be cheering,whether we are winning or losing.

  2. Just want to point out that if Hicks and Gillet, the previous owners, win their egal bid it will not be an end of Liverpool FC! The action is against individuals and the club has nothing to answer for! Any debt incurred by way of compensation cannot legally be lebelled against the club!

    As for SoS, as a Liverpool fan I wish they would shut their mouths! Their intervention is not needed now and may act to give us all a bad name and put off potential managers and sponsors! They demand things are done the Liverpool way’, i.e., behind closed doors, but then moan and kick off as soon as they’re not spoon fed every past drop of information! Can’t have it both ways!

    Anyway, I’ve give up worrying about what is going to happen and just hope they make the right decision and give the new boss decentt funds to get us going!

    Good luck for next season, I always have a lot of time for Arsenal and their fans!!

  3. Scott,
    That was a great comment.

    If we are lucky enough to be at the same game next season you are invited to have a drink with Tony and me. Would be a big if of course as I can only attend a few games in the season but impossible is nothing so just let us know when you are there and who knows. Your comment alone is worth a drink that is on me.

    On second thought: let us know when you come over and who knows I can arrange to be there in that period.

    I really loved that comment.

  4. Unfortunately things like twitter add fuel to the fire of the aaa. We have suffered more than most due to the media , social media and I guess the lack of trophies vs expectations of the trophy hunters and those who can only find personal security in bragging rights. Guess that those who suffer low self esteem who support citeh and in a better place than those who are unfortunate to suffer such affliction who follow our club.
    But the fact is, aaa types are spreading. If pep does not succeed at Chelsea next year, if Saf wins nothing, if citeh do not win the quadruple, is the spuds do not finish in the top seven, you know what is coming!

  5. So what, we should just stay quiet and accept crap, shut up you div.. A.A.A, what an idiot you really are.OH we cant criticise the great one, we might upset him, and hurt his feeling’s.

    If you think the way the club has conducted itself these past few year’s is acceptable then you are infact an A.A.A aswell.

    Losing 8-2, yes EIGHT TWO is terrible and disgusting, but yet there’s no blame on wenger from these part’s, i suppose you blame the ANTI ARSENAL ARSENAL for that. Mug…..

  6. well… errr…. overall I belieeeeve…


  7. I am from Australia also and I am basically a carbon copy of Scott. Can i also meet you guys for a bevvie or 5? 
    I can’t and probably never will be able to come over to watch my beloved Arsenal play, even just once. It brings a tear to my eye when I think about it sometimes.. I am a poor man with a new baby girl who is going to be a massive Gooner one day, for sure, but I was poor before she came, i will be even poorer now. So when a game comes up and I got to get/stay up I always imagine that I am walking to the ground with thousand of Gooners singing songs about the team we are playing, like on YouTube.  Living room dancing, crying, air punching is my way. My only hope will be to win some money and then I will be straight over in a flash, saving will take ages then it probably better spent on the wee Gooner! I get so jelous reading comments from you guys about a game that u lot attended.
    Then i read an anti comments and it boils my blood! How lucky I am that I chose to support arsenal back 97, a whole 5 years before the Antis!

  8. @Scott: “Every debate or argument I’ve ever been in which has become personal has been with an anti,and it’s always them,and I do mean ALWAYS,that starts with the insults and name calling.” <- Exactly. That's what they are. Loud-mouth morons who will never ever give you a chance to tell them how much of morons they are. The moment you start proving anything, they start their loud-mouth insulting tactics. Just like the commies in my country.

    I truly wish every Arsenal fan is like you – a true supporter. I don't have the priviledge of watching our matches at the Emirates, but I do support my team, my club. I laugh when they win, I cry (maybe) when they lose, I swear when they make mistakes, but I always love everyone of them, as long as they wear Arsenal shirts.

  9. Tony, can we bother you a little with something off point? Since you are an Arsenal historian, could you kindly do a piece to put the records straight about comments like Arsene Wenger “dismantled” the Invincibles and replaced then with teenagers? I remember the cases of Campbell, Laurant, Cole. Is it possible to be reminded of what happened so we can straighten out this “dismantling” talk?

  10. Well, I am also an Australian and like all of us “down under” have to cope with sleepless nights during the season (I work on Sundays, which makes it even worse). Two things separates me from the previous posts from Australia:
    1. I do not hate Spurs when we don’t play them (I don’t see them as serious rivals to Arsenal and my brother supports them);
    2. I do not believe that any player, manager, board member or the owner are beyond criticism. I criticise my children, people I work with, my mom and even myself.
    I come from football family. My father and uncle were professional players and managers (and I am talking about CL and UEFA level). I played myself and I think I understand the game better then an average fan.
    I have seen players under performing. I have seen Wenger losing us games. I have seen stupid decision on transfer market (both ways).
    But I am not for any criticism. It has to be informed and constructive. Calling names, abuse and knee-jerk reactions is not criticism in my book.
    I do feel that many posts on this side could be better if some criticism was a part of it. Blind support is not what we should give to our children, our students and our club.
    I love the club, the players and the manager, but will criticise them if circumstances call for it.
    As it is quite easy for me to secure a job in London, I am going to spend at least one season there and attend all games. Last time I was in London Emirates was still a project and I was told it is something special. See you guys there (and yes, I do drink).

  11. Nice to hear from hard core Arsenal fans who live afar.
    Being one ,I too try to support the club the best way I can ,without being overtly critical of the team.
    I try to take the disappointments in my stride, but in truth,yes, I do sulk internally.
    I’ll like to come over and catch a few games but it’ll have to wait till the kids have finished their studies and standing on their own feet.
    I’d be happy to meet you guys and have a bottle(or two ) of wine as that all I drink .

  12. Untold is the only Arsenal Blog worth reading. PERIOD. If you want to hear the AAA ranting on then I’m sure everybody knows which sites to head for.
    Me personally I’m with Scott and the other positive GOONERS out there.
    I know that people slate this site for the “support Arsene whatever” theme but isn’t that what you’re supposed to do to the club that you love? Support it unconditionally.
    Me I started watching Arsenal back in 1989. Yes the LIverhoof match. That got me hooked and I’ve been a GOONER ever since.
    Do the AAA really believe that Arsene doesn’t want to win everything? I know that your average supporter knows better but I think that true fans know the truth.
    Of course we don’t play well every match but does that mean that Arsene or the players don’t care?
    I saw a lot of emotion on the last day of the season. Arsene knew how important it was to win that day and finish third.
    Now nobody wants to settle for third but considering the start of the season and where the “experts” said we would finish I think we did well to be where we are.
    Like any true supporter I’m already looking forward to the new season. Arsene will do what he can to strengthen the squad and if RVP goes then so be it. Some one else will have to pick up the gauntlet.
    We need more people with Scotts’s attitude to comment and drown out the doom and gloomers.
    If they really are so unhappy with how the club is performing these days then they should all just jog off to Man Shitty.
    Like Scott I watch every single game shown here. 5.30am starts and long lunches during the Champions league and cup games. Not the same as being there live but still as enjoyable being able to watch the Arsenal
    GOONER FOR LIFE. Regardless of who manages or plays for them. That’s what real supporters do.

  13. @scott +1.
    m relatively new to ARSENAL….6 years exactly. BUT ever since, been watching ARSENAL closely and trying to learn more and more.

    Me from INDIA. Here Gooners are a rare species. Like Scott, I watch/listen all the games…..either TV or web streaming or Arsenal Player. And one day hope to watch the game at the Grove….with fellow GOONERS

    What connects me to ARSENAL??….The principles, the values we defend. The commitment to youth development. And the most important thing……THE LOVE FOR ARSENAL.

    m a GOONER trophies or not……

    AND those AAAs, I hope to see them eat s@#$.

  14. There will always be people who find it convenient to blame others when things don’t go their way. AAA are that section of Arsenal supporters.
    At Untold, we have a collection of writters and comments that understand life does not follow their personal scheme for everything. This is the only blog worth reading, even the comments made by intelligent supporters like Scott.
    I too have been supporting Gunners since 97. Most supporters become fans during peak times for a club (89, 97, 2001, etc…). My 11 year old daughter was just telling me yesterday how she’s finding a sudden surge in number of ManC fans among boys in her class!
    Like it or not, people become fans of a team as a source of pride or happiness in their lives. And for a new generation of football fans, ManC is doing it for them these days. Just imagine a young kid watching the last day of the season, they’re more likely to turn into City fans.

  15. Gary,I didn’t suggest I agree with everything Wenger does,I said I’d never presume to know better,nor would I question his motives,because everything he does is with what he believes to be Arsenals best interests in mind….big difference.
    Also,I’d never bag a player who is giving 100%,so unfortunately,that’s left a few open to criticism over the years.
    I don’t mind being questioned,but I do take exception to being misquoted.
    Anyway,I thank you all for the positive comments guys.
    I will most certainly keep in touch and let anyone interested of my plans when finalised.
    A quick note….I saw an interview with Wenger today in tele….no transcripts,no journos version…..he is extremely bullish about Van Persie staying,and I mean extremely.
    It almost looked as tough it’s a done deal,it really did.
    Anyway,talk soon and love this forum….I don’t post much,but always loves the articles.

  16. Lanz, it is indeed an interesting issue – and is one that affects many clubs that have success – how and when do you let the players who have success go. Plus the issue of how you give time and space to new players who need to come in, make mistakes and learn what it is like on the big stage.

    In fact that latter issue is the biggest question – not just for young players but for players from overseas who take their time. Henry at first was not a magician. Pires in season 1 was ok, but not the master. Bergkamp took 7 games before he could score, and even then never really shone in the first season.

    It is an interesting topic and one that needs more investigation, I agree. When time will be found, I don’t know, but it is on the list.

  17. Elkieno – I have a daughter who lives in Australia – ok I know it is a huge country but the plane system seemed to me to work well. I was in your country in Jan/Feb this year and loved every second, and as long as my youngest stays there I know I will come back. I will try and remember to get in touch and we can take a drink. No, second thoughts, remembering Oz prices, you can buy me a drink.

  18. Tell you what Scott, if you don’t like being misquoted, don’t ever write a blog. I do get things wrong, and try to admit it when I do (as with my comments on Birmingham City recently) but I find myself quoted here and in other places as having said things I would never say in a million years. Part of the territory.

  19. I know Tony…some people are just narks.
    I thought my post was clear enough to NOT be misundstood,nor misquoted.
    Even Gary’s swipe about me hating Spuds was a funny one….. I mentioned them once and it was in reference to loyalty to Arsenal.
    I don’t know,I often wonder if I’m even speaking English lol.

  20. What a boring blog! Nothing for the ‘anties’ to scream ‘I told you so!’ Nothing for the gutter press to blow out off proportion and feed their lies about Arsenal.

    Just facts, the truth, respect and loyalty – how boring. A blog by a true Arsenal supporter that warms the heart of all who support Arsenal. Keep them coming, say I. A truely great blog.

  21. Colario,the antis don’t need a reason to scream.
    They’ll invent one.

  22. it’s weird that AAA’s scream like little babies on net forums, whilst West Ham and Blackburn fans vote with their feet and don’t renew their season tickets. And hire planes with banners – classic.

    As mentioned above, Arsenal gained a whole legion of glory fans, and now they are not getting cake every week they can’t handle it.

    For the record, constructove and well researched criticism is not AAA in my book, and when the whisle blows, nothing but 100% support is acceptable.

  23. Darren,with all due respect,there’s no real need for you to sit back and take any crap that you believe Arsenal dish out.
    My question to you is this……..what do you think jumping from forum to forum,blog to blog unleashing on those who stay positive to the club actually achieve???
    You need not accept crap from anyone,but why do you think any of us supporters should??
    Heading out for dinner,so catch you all later on.
    Darren,give us a smile.

  24. In fairness robl there are some AAA’s who attend games and a few hundred people booing together can be heard. I do, however, believe the idiots who get on the net and slag off AW and the club at every opportunity don’t go to matches and only became fans a few years ago so they could associate themselves with glory. Weak egos who want instant success, sad really.

  25. There has been alot of discussion but all I really pick up on is some kind of meeting for a drink. If you are all meeting up for a drink, I would like to be there for many merrymaking and arsenal songing

    -i shall bring ma bagpipes and the aussie’s can bring their didgeridoo’s and we can create new arsenal songs, I’ve converted one of my bagpipes into a drinking facilitator as well so i’ll bring that to, although i’m not sure if I could make it because my pet haggis and his sister are always a handful…

  26. Anyone that thinks they are getting ‘crap’ from Arsenal in anyway can always find something else to do with their time/money…
    Tony: wow! I feel like I have been spoken to my someone that has met n talked with our BEST players, The Almighty himself and ppl at Arsenal FC! (right?) you write in matchday program? Anyway, you made my day mate seriously, anytime your down under drop a line, my shout, am not that poor ;-). (In Sydney too, the best city)…
    Come On You Arsenal!!

  27. Elkieno,I’m on the central coast….gods country lol.
    Mike,I’ve often felt I’m talking to a 20 to 30 year old when copping a mouthful from a Wenger basher.
    It’s not only the volatile way in which they post,but the fact they’ve probably started following the club when it was in its prime and simply aren’t used to dry spells.
    No club has a god given right to win trophies and they need to accept it.
    Ps…..I’m not for one second suggesting all 20 to 30 year olds have this attitude.

  28. elkieno your situation is very similar to mine. you had me choking up.

    cant remember when i started reading this blog as i was a late comer to the net in general for various reasons. but UA fast became a favourite as it echoed my passion and then some.
    over the years it has been a pleasure to witness this blog and afc evolve simultaneously.

    and a massive thanks to all commenters. some sites have hundreds of meaningless comments everyday. here tho and a few others i must say are fantastic.


  29. I have a friend who has become almost family. In May 1989, he told me Arsenal would never score the 2 goals needed to win the title against Liverpool. Not at Anfield, he shouted. Then Arsenal went ahead and did exactly that, after which I notice that he started talking as if he supported Arsenal all the way.

    When ManUre started winning, he started talking as if he was a diehard ManUre supporter; always pointing out, by some warped logic, what he felt was wrong with Arsenal.(He got most of it from the papers you know. He didn’t even know much about football).

    Then Wenger came and Arsenal started winning again. My ‘fair weather fan’ suddenly became an Arsenal fan again. I was baffled by his antics at the time.

    But when he returned to ManUre, I told him to stay there and never come back. Well Chel$ki started winning with the Abromo£$, guess what? He started saying whenever ManUre and Cel$ki played – “We are going to whip ManUre today”. When I asked who is we. He replied, Chel$Ki. When he tried to ‘fair-weather’ back to ManUre, I started to expose his antics anywhere and everywhere. He has been stuck with Chel$ki ever since, because everyone just calls him a chel$ki fan whenever he tries to shift.

    The sad fact is he loves Arsenal. But in a flip-flop way, he only knows how to criticise Arsenal. He doesn’t really know how to support. He is a ‘glory-hunter’; and he knows it now. He is learning how to support; but doing it with Chel$ki. When he nearly had a heart attack during the Champions League final, I had pity for him, but I knew he was getting there.

    Our AAA’s must be pitied. They only want Bragging Rights. The fact that some other fans can brag for and they have to wait is too much for them to take. They don’t have the patience. However, they cannot change to another club because their friends would know their glory-hunting antics. Hence, they berate everything Arsenal for not giving them that which they seek.

  30. good to hear from the worldwide gooners! i understand the efforts you go through and feel your pain that the emirates feels so far away!

    i became an arsenal fan while living in thailand. where games generally take place late night.
    then had to endure the early hours of watching games while living in australia.
    now i live in california where games take place anywhere from 5am to 11am.

    since the double winning team of 98, ive not missed more than a handful of games each season. and since internet streaming has improved i rarely miss a game these days.

    sometimes its frustrating to wake up at 5am only to see the team lose. but those experiences only make my love stronger.

    i often wonder how often the AAA wakes up at 445am before work to watch arsenal play?

  31. Scott! Hats off to you man! I mean…you truly epitomised the feeling that most of us Arsenal fans have and the way you have articulated it just struck a chord with me and I think it did with quite a lot of other supporter! Really great…that’s what! I mean with all the media buzz and the anxiety it can cause – you have just underscored the bottom line – no matter what, we will still love and support and hope for the best for our team. THANKS A LOT from a gooner in India…atleast I get to sleep when it is still night.

  32. Darren….thanks for proving the commonly held belief that AAAs are crude, insulting, use hyperbole and are patently paranoid,mate!
    If you are incapable of objectivity and open to the truth, here are a few pointers to return you to civlized Football society:

    1)Avoid calling someone a mug or an idiot before you actually read the post, and then be respectful of others opinions without using insults,
    2)Suspend your dislike of Wenger and the Board for a few minutes when writing a post, it might help you become less anally retentive about these gentlemen,
    3)Try looking at what the Club accomplished from the start of the season to today and appreciate that, while there was an 8-2 drubbing when our youth team ran into a terribly in form United, we came back from 17th to 3rd place, won our 15th straight CL place, never lost to another top team and enjoyed St.Totteringham<s Day for the 19th straight year, all the while coming from 10 point behind them!
    4)Positive criticism is everyones right and that includes you BUT there are better websites to slag your particular brand of negativism and rudeness on like LeGrove….they bask in blaming AW and AFC.

    I know it is hard for you to realize that the World Apocalypse might not be Wengers fault as yet and that the Gloomy,Doomy,Loser Cloud that you thrill to live under might have a silver lining, but please take a pound of chocolate X-Lax, drink 4 litres of kaopectate and rid yourself of the effluent that is blocking your mind…then come back and try posting in a more equitable manner.

  33. Thanks Asif.
    One thing strikes me as ridiculous.
    I can watch every single Premier League game live throughout the season in Australia,yet most around the world,especially in England,must find livestreams on the net.
    I am a regular on an Arsenal forum where I quite often end up doing a rolling live update,just so people know what’s happening.
    It’s ironic that I can’t obviously pop over to The Emirates and watch a game living in Oz,yet I could live down the road from the ground and not even be able to watch it on tele.
    Believe me John L,I’m not complaining about watching games at all hours.
    I raised it as I’ve had my ” passion” for the club questioned simply because I live thousands of kilometres away……how much could I really
    Iove the club??
    The first club I ever played for we’re nicknamed the Gunners,so it started from there.
    Anyway,next year I’m coming……not too far away lol.
    My wife’s family are in Ireland,so thats where we will be based,but I’m absolutely most definitely ducking over to London for a few days to catch up with Gooners,and a game.

  34. LRV

    That is very well said. I agree. These glory hunters are to be pitied. I mean look at ManU’s fans too. They might have been winning almost everything they could, but they feel their triumph incomplete if they don’t get to rub it in, to their rivals. That’s why you have them unfurling banners at Anfield. The 35 years banner for City (who responded by a 0 year banner and fair play to them) And the ‘Why always WE’ which they tried but hilariously must be regretting.

    They need others to feel jealous for their victory and their trophies to mean anything. That’s because they have nothing else invested in the club. They do not/cannot support the club for what it stands for. Something beyond trophies. It’s all they have to identify with. So sad.

  35. Im a Ugandan who supported arsenal from the big-league era that was 1988 when i was in my (O)level my player’s why i supported arsenal at that time where Rocastle ,O Leary,Adams and Merson.Sometimes though i’m pissed up with the refs and the other times with the substitution but what brings me back to life is when the Professor says that their are times when he also fucks up as a human being. In Uganda i have known of 6 sue-side’s of which i have buried personally 2 Arsenal supporters who have hanged them selves because we have lost a match that’s how tough it is. I thank GOD that i have the money to come and watch my Arsenal play but to get a visa to UK is like going to MARS. So i watch on TV because if you hear it on radio(FM)you will die of heart attack. So probably one-day when Mars comes nearer to Earth i will be proud to watch my lovely Arsenal live.

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