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July 2021

Bleacher Report hilarious cock up – or is it pure anti-Arsenal bias?

The Bleacher Report is a regular email which has a wide reach across the world, from its USA offices.

I have long seen it as an AAA product, and must admit I gave up looking at it on a regular basis long ago.

But today a headline in the report forced me in.  It reads

Chelsea’s Triumph Costs Arsenal Millions

Click on the story and it takes you to a report in the Guardian which reads…

Chelsea’s triumph costs Manchester City £3m in lost Uefa TV money

Something of a mismatch there, then.  A story headline “costs Arsenal millions” leading to a story headline that “costs Man City £3m”.

So what’s the story – apart from the fact that Bleacher is run by a bunch of AAAs.

Money from the Champs League is divided up each year according to a number of factors – such as where you ended up in the league last year, where you ended up in the Champs League and so on.

  • The Guardian says that Man City would normally get £12m, but now will get£9m
  • Man U would normally expect £9 but get£7.5m
  • Arsenal would normally expect £6m but get£4.5m
  • Tottenham in fourth would have got £3m but gets nowt.
  • Chelsea, according to the Guardian will get £9m.

The figures are however themselves estimates – the actual money is not declared until July.

So Arsenal to get a drop of £1.5m or Chelsea’s triumph costs Arsenal millions?

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Man City lose £3m or “Chelsea’s triumph costs Arsenal millions”.

Ah well.  Pesky things these numbers.   Wasn’t it Arry who said that he couldn’t count above three, in his trial.  That presumably means he won’t notice.


29 comments to Bleacher Report hilarious cock up – or is it pure anti-Arsenal bias?

  • greencardusa

    Bleacher Report is an overt anti-arsenal site and it has devoted its efforts to undermining the club. I do not visit this site and never will! Even if they do this to get hits, that mercenary zeal is disgusting to me.

  • colario

    “Bleacher Report is an overt anti-arsenal site and it has devoted its efforts to undermining the club. I do not visit this site and never will! Even if they do this to get hits, that mercenary zeal is disgusting to me.”
    And so say all of us.

  • Neil

    bleacher report is the only site i have hidden on newsnow. that really says it all

  • Magneto

    Bleacher Report is one of the worst blogs – yet alone anti Arsenal blogs – out there.

    It needs to seriously self destruct.

  • Mike


    So this blog is simply a negative, destructive attack on a blog….well that’s really useful.

    Or is it that you are of a certain type who cannot accept criticsm of anothers point of view, and are you perfect in that you never make mistakes, as it appears you must be if you go out of your way to create a blog simply to do that….don’t you think other people can work that out for themselves without your attempted sarcasm maybe it is simply the fact that it is from the USA and you are a racist against Americans otherwise why would that have had to be mentioned???

    Oik of the Week approved!
  • adi

    To be fair to them, all their articles are fan written. Some are pro-arsenal, some anti. Also, if you are gonna write an article on such a website, you want to attract as many hits as possible, that’s where the “mercenary” bit comes in.

  • robl

    Come, come, how can you in good concience criticise such a journalistic epoch? Was it not their amazing foresight that suggested replacing Wenger with Coyle before Man U snapped him up?

  • James

    Thank god for the hide feature on Newsnow. Stopped that Bleacher Report garbage from appearing months ago. I’d expect better reporting from a bunch of 10 year olds.

  • Mike – you get the award…

    Adi, no their articles are not fan written – the one I quoted wasn’t

  • Jacobite Gunner

    The bleacher report site is hilarious!

    It typifies the hyperbole of certain sections of american media.

    If John Stewart of the Daily Show had a football,(FAO Mike sorry, soccer) segment on his show, he would assasinate that site with the ritous humour he does with his political targets.

    @Mike, “racist”….., how you came to this conclusion, I just do not know, maybe you should attend some basic citical thinking courses so the next time you post on here you can deduce a reasonable conclusion, or well, at least try to.

  • walter

    Tony and racist…. LOL LOL LOL LOL ROFLMAO (very old school…) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Yeah that sure merited an oik

  • Award duley awarded – well done Mike!

    *claps politely*

  • WalterBroeckx

    Hilarious Dogface… just hilarious…

  • Arsenal1Again

    @Mike … Are you aware that ‘American’ isn’t a race? It’s a Nationality. I was told this by an American who was a friend of mine at one time.

    So how can it be racist?

  • Goona Gal

    @ Adi – I agree with you.

    It is very broadbrush to slate the whole site. There are good and bad articles written on many blogs. Its not bad for light reading and there are some decent articles written by fans. From what I can make out, it serves an increasing American Arsenal fanbase who are pretty engaged on the site. It can be guilty of just following and regurgitating what the UK press are saying about Arsenal, to get its click through rate up, but it is not all bad. I think this article could be accused of being pretty tabloid.

  • Jacobite Gunner

    lol, fantastic Tony!

  • Jacobite Gunner

    @tony (Oik symbol)

  • bjtgooner

    I decided quite some time ago that the Bleacher Report was a totally useless site, so I don’t open it. The headlines are annoying enough. Obviously their mathmatics is on a par with their journalistic inaccuracy.

  • Ty Webb

    I agree , I stopped clicking on their stories shortly after discovering they were generaly at the lower end of the usual AAA agenda. They seem to release contadictory sometimes positive AFC reports slightly more often these days, as well as the trash. Imo thats thats just to get the sensible fans hits as well as the ‘AAA’. I avoid them whatever the headline.
    Here’s some interesting info on the ‘World football editor’ & lead writer of the site :

  • only 1

    hey hey!

    imm a regular reader of B/R and got into lots of trouble with the mods for those familiar with Only 1 there 0oooooo..

    Due to the rewards nature and biases towards high ranking writers, many resorted to controversial article..

    but i still have to say that perhaps this article is alittle unjust to B/R… the site is fan-written and indeed there are pro wenger (writters like IJ) and AAA (Like Robin S and Samual Mensah)..

    And in-between there are many craps news copied from other tabloids or articles from “real manager” (in computer games) telling wenger on what should be done etc.

    Else, the site offered great insights from time to time.

  • FinnGooner

    Congrats Mike. Really nice award you have.

    I think people accuse others being racist way too much and easily. Maybe they are racist themselves…

    I haven’t read Bleacher report and now I never will. Thanks for helping me to avoid that error.

  • Damien Luu

    Hey, that Oik award looks not bad at all. I’m a bit jealous here 😀 LMAO 😀

  • Damien Luu

    @FinnGooner: Or they just don’t know what the heck it means (anymore). You hate someone, just call them racists! Well, at least they still know it’s something bad 😀

  • @Ty Webb thanks for the website,the guy is a manure how come then he knows much about us!!! I think he is AAA commentator its better to write about Manure rather than us.

  • olly

    Bleacher Report are pretty much all fan written articles. You can apply to become a writer there yourself.

  • Mandy Dodd

    the AAA, you have to love them. The herd that are this bunch are now going into collective angst over the fact Eden Hazard will not be chosing us. The fee, wages on a 5 year contract plus salary will make a young Eden an investment of around £80 – £85 million – for a player I am sure most of the AAA have hardly ever seen play.

  • sweeper

    lol this is a pretty amateur argument coming from people in media!!! the reason there are different blogs,news sources etc are so different ppl can express their different views. ppl like news and like to share their opinion on it… we have our opinion on cheap advertising tactics and in this case involves arsenal, we post our opinion on this blog cause in a way we TRUST this blog, we DONT trust bleacher report and u cant make us trust it by calling us racist (lol all posts are anonymous so how can you tell its racism???) wether bleacher report is AAA or not, as a reader i cudnt give a sh#t bout any news source thats below standard, lacks a genuine raison detre

  • bob

    Speaking as an American, I wish you wouldn’t give racism a bad name by attaching it to Bleacher Report.

  • bob

    p.s. Would you be Mike Riley, perchance?