Players who might sign this summer: Bas Dost

By Tony Attwood

This series of articles is based around names of players that come up in newspapers and elsewhere as players “Arsenal are Tracking…”

Of course very few of them actually do come, but in my view it is always good to be prepared – and we have over the years even got one or two of them right.

Bas Dost was born in 1989.  As a striker he plays for the Netherlands under 21 team (and has in fact played 10 times for them, scoring five times) and for SportClub Heerenveen.

Now here’s a couple of interesting pointers to expand your knowledge of European football and bore everyone stupid down the pub: Heerenveen have only ever won one major trophy: the KNVB Cup.  That was on 17 May 2009.   On 31 August 2009 they sacked their manager because of a poor start to the new season.  Here’s another one – the manager for this coming season is Marco van Basten.  Wow.

Bas Dost has only played in the Netherlands.  His first transfer from his youth club to Heracles for around £280,000 where his real talent began to flourish and he signed for SC Heerenveen on 4 February 2010 on a five year contract.

On 10 December 2011, Dost scored all five goals in Heerenveen’s 5-0 win away to Excelsior and became the league’s top scorer with an amazing 32 league goals in 34 matches.  In all with Heerenveen he has scored 45 goals in 66 games.

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19 Replies to “Players who might sign this summer: Bas Dost”

  1. Not many of you know this but I believe Bas Dost to be a name descended from Afrikaans and Boer stock. Which takes me back to the Boer War and the sad demise of my great uncle Eli. He was discovered pinned to a tree by an assegai, which, as everyone knows, is the name of a Zulu spear.
    As his comrades removed him from the tree and took out the spear, he was asked if it hurt much. His reply has been handed down in my family as the perfect example of British upper lip. “Not really” he said, “but it smarts a bit when I laugh”.

    This tale has nothing to do with Arsenal or football, but is an attempt to take Gooners’ minds off the Transfer Window opening next month and the frenzy beginning.

  2. Another war we Aussies took part in…
    On Dost…please correct me if I’m wrong,but from what I know he’s tall,a bit slow and maybe not suited to the Arsenal style of play.

  3. No idea Tony, but if Arsene sign him, he must be has a good prospect.

    Funny thing, during Arsene era, we never got a good striker from our academy.

    The last good striker from English club academy was Wayne Rooney, good job Everton.

  4. Heh, didnt expect Dost to be linked with Arsenal, I follow Heerenveen almost as much as Arsenal and he’s a good player (to be compared with Bendtner) but he does miss something in my eyes.. He was linked with Aston Villa a while back and also a host of german clubs and its sure hes leaving this summer (was supposed to leave last summer already to ajax and last winter aswell) but its pretty much thanks to Narsingh (full dutch internationnal) and Djuricic that he scored so many. I wouldnt mind one of those 2 to come over :p

  5. Nicky,
    Great story, you give a great name to “off topic” and as a practitioner of those arts (and yours is artful!), I applaud with a bigger smile than this can express 🙂

  6. Nicky…….That name is indeed Afrikans but originally comes from the Low countries settlers who emigrated to South Africa from Belgium,Holland and parts of Huguenot France. These Dutch speakers became the Boers(farmers)and if you ask Walter, I am sure he can tell you how close Afrikans is to Dutch and Flemish. I believe they are like Italian and Portuguese is to Spanish.
    By the way I’ve heard that story about a spear stuck British soldier a few times before:))) LOL

  7. Hi Tony,

    I would not be surprised in the slightest if you, walter etc have looked at this allready but just in case, below is a link to UEFA’ site and on the page there is a link to a PDF doc that dossier’s the entire FFP plan and implementation of its rule on FFP. It’s quite lengthy but is definately worth a read.

    -if you’ve read/ not read it, it would be great to read article’s on how it would apply to us/arsenal and the other doping EPL clubs. I have noticed that the Swiss Ramble journalist covered FFP for arsenal but it’s not really in great detail. There’s a small discrepancy in the report in that it was published in 2010 and no doubt it has been updated a little bit since then.

    Could you or one of the contributors to the site please acknowledge me, otherwise I won’t know if you’ve read my comment (even if you decide not to act on the info)

    kind regards…

  8. Domhuaille,
    Yes Afrikaans is very close to Dutch/Flemish.
    Afrikaans is in fact a version of Dutch and one could say close to the version that was spoken in the low countries a few hundred years ago (1700-1800). I’m not saying it didn’t evolve of course but it did change less than the Dutch that is spoken in The Netherlands and Flanders.

    I can understand Afrikaans for I think about 90% when I hear it. Reading is not a big problem.

  9. The amazing world of Untold and where it can bring you….

    Oh and by the way the ever reliable transfer gossip news site is saying that Fernando Llorento will announce that he will join Arsenal. Just for what it is worth of course.

    And from tomorrow some blogs will start reporting it for real. And when it doesn’t happen they will start blaming Wenger, the board, the groundsmen, the coffee lady for the failure in the transfer market.

    you’ve read that part here first 🙂

  10. @ Dom Mac,
    Not surprised you have heard about my great Uncle Eli before. His unfortunate attack with a spear was used throughout the British Army as a warning NOT to lean up against trees.

  11. @Tony,
    See how easy it is, by raising an “off topic” you can get Gooners to forget their worries for a few moments about transfers and Van Persie for a few moments. A change of subject is like a tonic.
    (I should have been a doctor).

  12. There is a significant link between Arsenal and the Boer War. Woolwich Arsenal drew its support from workers at the armaments factories on the banks of the Thames and at the time of the war compulsory overtime was introduced.

    This meant working saturday afternoons and had a serious impact on the crowds at Woolwich Arsenal home games between 1899 and 1902.

    Here’s another bit: South Africa gained independence from Britain in 1910, just as Woolwich Arsenal went into administration and was taken over by Henry Norris. That is a fact that turns up in “Making the Arsenal” – a book about 1910 by… oh, who was it?

    Oh yes.


  13. Tony

    I bought Making the Arsenal from the Armoury when I was there, and I’ve read it. As a history buff (and only a little bit of an Arsenal buff), I loved it. A very interesting and entertaining read, even if some of the references to British politics of the time were not immediately understandable to me. Once the book ended, I wished there was/would be a ‘sequel’ of sorts. Perhaps detailing what happened post the Highbury move etc, and Norris and Jacko’s rivalry.. (Now if you do decide to write a book on those lines, I will buy it only if you credit me in the foreword 🙂 )

  14. @ Nicky – have oft heard the line ,” only when I laugh “, in the old movies by scoundrels ,bounders and conmen .Nice to note that it originated from a more honourable incident.
    My own favourite quip is from the last dialog of the movie, “The Spanish fly ” , where the escaping duo are adrift in a boat and the boss tell his henchman to “.. row
    towards the horizon and turn right !”

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