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July 2021

The Untold Awards for pessimissm and outreach

By Tony Attwood

A little while ago when we were doing our Untold Awards it was suggested we might create a few more awards.  So I then collected all the award suggestions that we had (you’ll find them listed on the Awards site), and thought maybe we might see if we could get some suggestions for recipients.

  • Award 5 (given that we did four in the original run through)

The Award for the most pessimistic person writing about Arsenal.

The reader who nominated this award gave us no indications as to who should get it, so I leave it up to you.

  • Award 6

The Award for the Player who has reached out and connected with the fans more than any other this season and which particular moment stands out 

Now in this case we did have several nominations including

*** RvP when he picked up Theo at Wigan and carried him across to the fans to applaud for his assist,

***Chesney when he ran and picked up the ball boy and gave him a huge hug,

*** RvP at the beginning of the season when he single handedly stood his ground against almost the entire Bolton team,

*** Song when he deliberately stamped on Bartons leg.  (“Silly, rash, unnecessary and probably cost us. But bless him, personally I would have stamped on Barton’s head.”)

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So there we are kiddies – roll up roll up and give us your award for the most pessimistic person writing about Arsenal and the player who has reached   out and connected with the fans.

Untold Arsenal

Arsenal History Society



105 comments to The Untold Awards for pessimissm and outreach

  • bob

    Most Pessimistic:
    David Hytner of The Guardian (that is, of the Manchester Guardian’s football department). After initial glowing coverage of our trip to China, he turned decisively, aggressively and avidly PESSIMISTIC about our team and manager’s prospects. First in describing, covering, burying, reburying our team’s prospects; and, at the height of the mainstream media’s “Arsene Out” drive, Hytner deployed a tsunami of keystrokes to assess that our manager had lost the plot and that the game had surely passed him by.

  • Stuart

    * The Award for the most pessimistic person writing about Arsenal – Any regular on Le Grove, sod it, let’s make it a collective award.

    * The Award for the Player who has reached out and connected with the fans more than any other this season and which particular moment stands out – Jack Wilshere & his bet with Spurs fans joint with Szczesny for just about everything he did the whole season, the guy cracks me up.

  • Matt Clarke

    I am ill informed about the first – they all seem to merge into one.

    About the second…well, for me is definitely Alex Song.

    He is lion-hearted.

  • Stuart

    A quick off topic joke (fact) for you:-

    Out of their three most recent managers, Liverpool have had an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman. Is it any wonder the club is such a joke?

  • Matt Clarke

    Well, Stuart that is funny, but (sadly) they now have a Welshman – and he is rather good (which is why it is sad).

  • jake

    about the first i tend not to finish articles that are very negative about the arsenal so i pick Hansen( assuming he can write) on the off chance i’m right . ( turned the sound down so many times watching MOTD).

    Robin ( him winding krull up was funny).

    @Stuart wheres the bar must be a bar in those type of jokes

  • Stuart

    @ Matt Clarke,

    Brendan Rogers – Northern Irish
    Kenny Dalglish – Scottish
    Roy Hodgson – English

  • Matt Clarke

    sorry – I assumed he was Welsh (Swansea)
    sorry for bloating this article 🙁

  • bob

    (slightly off topic:)
    nominations for two other UA award categories:
    for Courage Under Fire (on the pitch): Barcary Sagna
    for Courage Under Fire (off the picth): Arsene Wenger

  • Ugandan Goon

    @ bob,
    You left out
    for courage under fire(on the blogosphere): the entire UA team and supporters.
    ****Tony, in the post, is it?

  • Stuart

    Matt Clark, yes I thought so too, how ignorant lol!

  • Scott

    Stuart’s right….Le Grove as a whole.
    What a bunch of negative,nearly arsewipes they are.
    The only ARSENAL SUPPORTERS forum where are banned for SUPPORTING ARSENAL.
    Le Grove sould be called Le Spuds in disguise.
    Tommy Smyth,that little Irish bonito one ESPN loathes Arsenal,so he’s my other nomination.
    Stupid little shit,he’d boo Santa Claus.
    As for connecting with fans…a no brainer for me….The Ox,surely he only player to cause fans to boo the manager for replacing him,that’s one hell of a connection……especially since most thought he was ridiculous purchase a few months earlier.
    Aaaahhhhhh,I feel much better now,hank you very much.

  • Scott

    Courage under….ME,yes me.
    Me,a dumb Aussie,wHo obviously knows nothing about football or Arsenal,single handedly took on those pricks at Le Grove and won.
    Yes,I reckon being banned from there is a MASSIVE VICTORY.
    I wear it like a badge of honour.

  • Scott

    Under fire,that should read,of course.

  • Ugandan Goon

    for holding your nostrils and wading into that cesspool, you get my vote.
    courage under fire(in all atmospheres, eh?)

  • Scott

    I can’t cop those arseholes portraying themselves as true Ooners….they’re a disgrace to the Arsenal name.
    Anyway,I had to experience the lows of forums like that to enjoy highs of those such as this.
    There’s some bad ones around,but certainly some great ones.
    I have absolutely no issue with anyone criticising the club,but when a forum is filled with those who do nothing but attack,then I take exception.
    I most certainly take exception when those who defend the club are banned…….they’re an incestuous lot,that’s for sure,lol.
    Anyway,enough breath wasted on them.

  • Scott

    See,my IPad wouldn’t even allow me to describe them as Gooners……called them Ooners… is a great thing,hey Ugandan lol??

  • nicky

    Logged on by mistake, the other day, to Marble Halls. Boy! are there some creeps about. Mostly on that site. Probably a feeder for Le Grove and the AAa.

  • Gerry Lennon

    Award 5 I am with Matt on that one – I don’t know who writes their crap as I don’t buy into their negative headlines … But Le Grove gets my vote by default.
    Award 6 – Surely one of the great moments was Bacary Sagna grabbing the ball after scoring against Spurs?
    It led to a great revival, and not just in that match. So Sagna for me, as good as the others were.

  • Rhyle

    Yeah…you lot seem so grounded, measured ans smart in comparison…

    I’ve seen people welcomed and the points they raised discussed intelligently on most sites…even this one…and it takes some real effort to get banned from anywhere. You should be proud, Scott. Must’ve been a lot of effort! What were you banned for? Just out of interest…was it for offering up a measured, well crafted pro-Wenger argument? Or was it for being a self-righteous, smug reactionary, as bad as any so-called “AAA” in your own way?

    I came on yesterday hoping for ONE OF YOU to be able to at least argue your side of the fence effectively…I can hold my hands up if I can see the validity of something against my perspective…and got nothing that dealt with the points I raised, although Tony did put a post which was an interesting read, none of it dealt with any of the points I raised.

    Will leave you all to drink your Kool-Aid and rail against a machine you don’t even seem to understand (FFP is complex? It’s actually a fairly simple concept which is clearly open to abuse if you study it…fo example…) or even want to.

    Fair play to the one or two of you who did try to engage somewhat, and to the other one or two who actually got what I was trying to say. I do tend to ramble…lol…

  • Rhyle

    “although Tony did put a post which was an interesting read, none of it dealt with any of the points I raised.”

    I put up two posts, both attempting to answer the points raised – I have looked back but I can’t find the slightest justification for saying I did not deal with the points raise.

    The issue is fairly simple – my view is that to have a discussion about Arsenal without taking into account the current financial realities of football is not to have a full debate. That is dealing with the points raised by saying the points raised fail to take account of all the facts.

  • Rhyle

    Tony…you didn’t read what I wrote, read what you wrote. You’re answering questions I never asked and making accusation without any back up. Astonishingly poor. Zdzis actually just posted something intelligent in response to me. You should read it. It addressed at least one of the points I raised in a structured, measured way.

    Honestly…I even responded to your response and demonstrated how unconnected they were…

    I do factor in the current economic climate…I also fully understand the implications of the current Eurozone malaise and the potential long term impact of not investing in the playing staff and being competitive in the short term.

    Importantly, though, Tony…the current global economic crisis HAS NOTHING TO DO with my original post which was to highlight that your use of the term AAA is wrong, that you can’t back it up with anything substantial or meaningful but especially not RIGHT…and that wanting better for Arsenal is not Anti-Arsenal, as you love to say, but pro-Arsenal. I really fail to see how any of what you’ve written in response to that addresses my point?

    As for your “ffp is complex” statement is concerned…it really, REALLY isn’t. FFP…in layman’s terms…is the rule whereby clubs will be…not now but in the future…expected to be run within their operational budget…i.e. not run shed loads of debt. As Man City have proved, this is open to interpretation and abuse. Note the sponsorship deal they’ve signed for the naming rights of the stadium WITH THEMSELVES. Also, factor in the increases in prize money for participating in the CL v Europa and you can appreciate the long term impact to the budget we’ll have to operate within if we fail to qualify and the likelihood that clubs who qualify regularly in the future (“the haves”) will move further away financially from those who do not qualify for the CL (“the have nots”).

    I do appreciate the time you’ve put in to responding to me…I just think you put too much stock in the financial aspects…especially – and I mean this respectfully – you don’t appear to understand them very well.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Award 6 – the whole team in the home leg – a stirring attempt to overcome Milans ref assisted lead

  • dan

    Queen Kenny, the king is back LOL!!!!

    diamond Jubilee!!! LOL

  • bjtgooner


    We seem to be attracting a succession of characters in the general mould of Rhyle. Canary was the one who initially drew my attention to this type of contributer.

    The comments provided by these characters will initially respond to the UA article in what seems a reasonable manner, but which disagrees with the theme of the initial article. What generally happens next is that other contributers respond and generally disagree with the Rhule/Canary post – the Rhyle/Canary in return fights his corner in an extremely determined and illogical manner; refusing to admit he may be in error and becoming increasingly abusive. It seems to be a strange pattern and we seem to pick up a contributer of this type in many of the recent aticles.

    While we cannot all agree on everything, the pattern these guys exhibitis interesting

  • bjtgooner

    “….exhibit is interesting.”

  • Rhyle

    But…I don’t think I’ve been abusive…sorry if anyone thinks I have been. Certainly not intention. Will stick up for myself though. There’s perfect logic ther, by the by, and no one’s addressed it bar zdzis. I like discussion…I appreciate other perspectives and am even (very occasionally) willing to admit I’m wrong. I’ve even admitted to reading UA and not commenting ‘cos I’veenjoyed it, shock of shocks..

    I just really hate the term AAA.

  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha @Scott you really make my tears come every time you talk of that little irish bonita, i just hate that gypsy.

  • bob

    I’d like to revisit what appears to be your insinuating (or very close to that) that Scott here might have been banned at LeGrovel for possibly being a smug, self-righteous, reactionary in an anti-AAA hormone dance.

    Of course that might be possible. Or you might be using what he says as a debating point sans Scott. However, those adjectives of yours describe LeGrovel’s mad dog, Geoff, to a T.

    Now just in case you think it far-fetched to be banned at LeGrovel, I’ll offer up what I was banned for at LeGrovel. I pointed out that Geoff (exempting Pedro), was regularly being viciously xenophobic in several ways. I was as virulent in that accusation as he had been (still is? dunno)in his relentless frothings (literally) against all things foreign about Arsene/Arsenal. I was banned for specifically objecting exactly when and where he was being xenophobic. Each posting was put in moderation, and after my third try I was banned.

    I wear being banned for that approach – meeting like style of argumentation (and neither was fact-free) with like style of argumentation – as a badge of honor and to be completely fair. Like was met with Like. And when that’s what comes at you, I feel it is fair, whoever does it. And I do think they are, in fact, AAA.

    And for the record, I feel that it is possible, and should be welcome, to raise principled content-laden constructive criticisms out of love for Arsenal/AFC without being labeled AAA. It is lazy to do that kind of demonizing; and even worse, mindlessly tribal as if its some kind of higher virtue to be blindly territorial. That does cut both ways. So let the games begin…

  • bob

    p.s. In addition, I’ve maintained that our situation is a combination – an interplay – of refshite and internal football (player and financial) issues. They can be logically separated, but in fact are entwined. I feel that arguing one side without properly arguing the other side of the problem leads to skewed analyses. And that we’d have more insight into our situation if we reviewed both tactical analyses of the season of the sort that Desi Gunner is currently doing with the Ref Review blockbuster that Walter & Co. have looming in the wings. I also would add that a review of Arsene’s manifesto given in a 2009 interview with London Times/Daily Mail would spell out the notion of a sustainable model of football that is well worth uniting on, advocating and defending – even against your Okay to the billionaire-takeover model.

  • Rhyle


    I’ve never defended some aspects of the Grove…in fact I’ve clearly stated several I don’t like seeing from the militant / over zealous elements on there. Have a look through some of my posts on their…I’ll call a spade a spade with regards to ver stepping civilised boundaries…such as wishing Wenger dead (that happens a lot on there…not great) and bullying those who come to the table with a well presented opposing view. Although just saying “you’re wrong” or saying “I’m right” without backing it up is stoopid.

    As for Scott? Just calling ’em as I’mfinding ’em, really. He’s been…less than kosher in his chat…I may be wrong about him…only traded a few points ad a few insults…but not seen any evidence to the contrary yet…

  • bob

    And, lustily wielding “drinking the Kool-Aid” as a brick-bat is not exactly being conscious to the horrific actual events that gave rise to it; so yeah, I’d call that borderline abusive.

  • bob

    It’s not just overzealous or extreme elements there on LeGrovel. That’s true, but beside the point. At the top, they are a two-headed Jekyll and Hyde, reasonable cop/mad dog operation. One gives a nod and a wink and a tsk-tsk to the other. And I was banned for having a go at one of the two, Goeff; for being or presenting himself so xenophobically (that is too sweet a label) online. So my objections went straight to the top there (perhaps the bottom, is what I should say); and my banning came from the top there. I’m glad I don’t belong in that klub; I only miss not being able to bring a counter-style and counter-content to what they’re about as soon as the sense a flaw, or weakness, or confusion in our ranks. No, it’s not just extreme elements – it is what they are, or are eager and willing to do and countenance (like you say, wishing Arsene dead!) and words have impact on the fanbase, and often serve unannonuced background interests as you can appreciate. Their viciousness is the relentless stuff that many readers hereabouts find so toxic and Oik-worthy as, I believe, you do know.

  • Rhyle

    Never gave the ok to billionaire owners. Only ever said that it’s inevitable and that it will lead to a growing division between the have and have nots.

    As for the Kool-aid. It’s a gag. A throw away line aimed at those who swallow the current regimes propaganda (a la FFP as anything other than meaningless…IMO…lol…) with no reasoning other than I heart Arsenal. Like a cult. You know….Jim Jones and all that…You’re taking it far too seriously if it’s being deemed offensive but I apologise for any unintended offence caused…

    My issue, as I’ve stated repeatedly is the use of the term AAA to catch all of those who disagree with the UA version of things. It’s as bad as AKB…a term I haven’t used once and won’t (although the origin of the term is funny…it’s been lost in the ether now, as aaa is here, it’s used as a catch all to diminish the comments of those who disagree with an anti-Wenger / anti- Kroenke stance).

    The AAA thing is not taking the high ground, it’s taking the battle to the trenches. It dismisses a valid point of view…as does AKB when used as a catch all rather than the original gag…and is pretty shabby. It’s the other side of the same coin and as we learn as kids two wrongs don’t make a right…lol…

    There is no wrong or right in how we think the club should be run…there’s only opinion and to be dismissive is, as my original post set out to demonstrate…IGNORANT.

  • Rhyle

    Bob…understand your problems with Le Grove…I like ’em in spite of their faults and it’s mainly the community…as hit and miss as it is…that I like as much as 90% of the content of the posts. Horses for courses on that one. I get the oik thing and have no problem with it at all…not my cup o’ tea but it’s inoffensive and given justly most of the time….it’s only AAA I find loathsome.

  • Rhyle

    And, to be fair, Pedro’s pretty tidy at stamping out death threats and other unacceptable comments sharpish and Geoff rarely posts these days. If it’s not for you, that’s fine.

    I honestly believe both UA and Le Grove believe that what they think is the best for Arsenal…but prefer Le Grove more…liberal…attitude (in spite of some taking it too far) and believe that their thinking is likelier close to the truth. That’s why I spend more time there. I rarely post here but had just had enough of AAA nonsense…and the fact that an opposing view is rarely dealt with reason…lol…

  • Matt Clarke


    AAA nonsense?

    From that can I infer that you believe that the stated opinions and comments of everyone who posts on blogs as an Arsenal fan are entirely pro-Arsenal?

    I have read many such and I conclude differently – I conclude that many such comments, if adopted, would act to the detriment of Arsenal Football Club…that is, they are anti-Arsenal. (get it?)

    You are beginning to worry me as to how you pronounce your name.

  • bob

    If your man Pedro merits your vetting him as responsible and upstanding, then why do you think LeGrovel has been and perhaps continues (you suggest not) to be a magnet for people with such an excremental level of rage toward Arsene Wenger as to post death threats, or near death threats? You praise Pedro for policing it – by why does he have to in the first place? That’s both his and Geoff’s legacy; and it’s on tap, for the right occasion (another Wenger “lapse”) They were cheerleaders within a larger de-stabilization campaign of 3 months duration last fall for take down the coach by virtually any means necessary; perhaps to the point of desiring relegation to finally accomplish that goal to clear the way? Sharks to taste blood in the water to oust the man who had lost the plot. And with what replacement? The one whose name was bandied about – don’t you recall – it was echoed there and in various orifices of the mainstream press. That’s what’s to your “liking”? That’s what being more “liberal” is worth to you? That is preferable to UA? I have no doubts about your intelligence or ability to argue a point. But where you make your bed and rest your head in the faux equation of LeGrovel and UA, and your choice of LeG over UA for being more “liberal” (whatever you actually mean by the term) makes me wary.

  • Rhyle

    Matt..ashes, Arsenal fans have a variety of opinions as I’ve stated repeatedly…all are valid on that basis. I’ve got no problem with pro-Wenger opinions…I hope he can change….it’s purely using AAA as a catch all and dismissing Anti- Wenger stances as anti-Arsenal. It’s weird mental gymnastics to suggest otherwise. Wanting better for the Arsenal is PRO-ARSENAL, regardless of whether or not you agree with WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE.

    Again…some on Le Grove were advocating defeat as a means of furthering their anti-Wenger agenda. Again, they’re simple folks and pro-Arsenal in their own little way…I just don’t think they’re the brightest, same as those who suggest giving up season tickets as some meaningless protest.

    Don’t think that Pedro was a “cheerleader” for any such movement but some commenters are getting organised…I’ve declined as without a cohesive message, solution and pragmatic goal it’s meaningless.

    What I mean by “liberal” is their attitude to moderation…there’s a wider range of views expressed there than here…it’s far from perfect and some commenters are pretty scummy, admittedly, but the few don’t spoil it for the many for me. It’s a fair choice!

  • Rhyle

    Ashes..?! Have no idea what that means…

  • bjtgooner


    Ref your 1.10 post where you state: –

    “But…I don’t think I’ve been abusive”.

    Have you forgotten what you stated in reply to another contributer: –

    “Think that might be you being dumb as a bag of bells and unable to come up with anything approaching intelligible. But thanks for playing, ass.”

    Looks to me that you are in denial, just as you are in denial about the AAA. I wonder what else you are denial about, maybe trollism?

  • Rhyle

    That was in response to someone having a pop at me, no? As. Say I’ll stick up for myself…but well done for digging that out. Must’ve taken you a while to trawl through my ramblings lol!

  • Rhyle – concerning the AAA, I have tried to explain what i mean by it in an page I have put up, since the whole issue of AAA seems itself to be causing a problem.

  • Stuart

    How can you sum up Le Grove as liberal?? I mean how on earth???

    It is a dictatorship!

  • bjtgooner


    The delay in response was due to an important event – supporting Vermaelen, Walcott and The Ox – not digging through your many many ramblings – they are not worth the effort.

  • bob

    Specifically what is LeGrovel’s attitude toward moderation as opposed to what you deem to be UA’s attitude toward moderation? Do you find that UA refuses to publish anyone? People may here and there get “Oiked” are jumped on by counter-comments by readers and staff writers, but where do you find outright censorship on UA and refusal to post, as is patently the case at LeGrovel, where the likes of me and others here have stated that they are banned. Where is the comparable level of actual moderation to the point of censorship here as you suggest? It appears that you are equating getting stick for your viewpoints here with censorship there?

  • Rhyle

    Well played, Tony…and thanks for not kicking me off…tried to make valid points and arguments without resorting to petty insults…well, too often…

    Still don’t like the term AAA when oik seems to do the same thing in a less offensive / more “humorous” way…but it’s your site…

    I’m not here to change minds, I’d just like it if an opposing view was respected…rather than being shouted down with nonsense acronyms…

  • Rhyle

    Bjt…was having a laugh, fella…didn’t think for a moment you had.

    In terms of liberal moderation…find that, typically, LG let more through…and this isn’t a direct comparison to just UA but all other blogs…and don’t jump on criticism if it’s fair. To be honest, what Tony et al have allowed me to do on here has been quite cool.

    Look, both UA and LG suffer from extremism, just different sides of the same coin. Just find LG more accepting / open to differing opinions WHEN PRESENTED WELL…

  • Shard


    Sorry sorry.. I know I shouldn’t..but still..really the hypocrisy is astonishing. And hypocrisy is one thing that annoys me. I can stand abuses.. I hate people who are rude and abusive and then act as angelic matryrs who are only wronged against.

  • Rhyle

    Yes, by me. Think I’ve been reasonable and pretty measured in my chats with you lot. Haven’t resorted to petty insults and ridiculous statements. Backed everything I’ve said. Why don’t you calm down, have a break and re-read what I’ve posted…just for shits n giggles…

  • Rhyle

    And that, just for fun…is hypocrisy…lol…

  • bjtgooner


    Don’t preen yourself too much, you are just one of many very obvious pompous twits that infect the airways. I think you deserve an oik!

  • btjgooner – it’s not that he’s an Oik, but Rhyle does seem to be getting kicks out of winding up the regulars… so more of a troll in that regard.

    Rhyle – I would say that you are skating on the edge, but there may be cultural differences that we can’t fully appreciate… given your peers – therefore we cut you some initial slack.


  • Rhyle

    Fair enough I’ve been digging a couple of your regulars out…but only when provoked and sticking up for myself. I’ve been called all sorts by the regulars without any recriminations…and that’s what I mean by “liberal moderation” on LG relative to most blogs…they’ll dig out the regulars, too…lol…

    And judging me because I prefer LG? Prejudice and lame…

    Look, have fun, stay crazy…in the words of Stony from California Man…I’ll be ba-ack (when I have something interesting to say),

  • Rhyle – we can ban you if you want… it’s no skin of our noses – just say the word?


  • WalterBroeckx

    Rhyle, do you know that at LG they change comments from people to make them look like idiots?

  • Rhyle

    I did not know that Walter.

    DF…your site, ban away if you think that’s appropriate, you won’t see me crowing about it elsewhere like it’s something to be proud of.

    Have not been abusive without encouragement have I? And you talk of banning ME when your regulars have? Awesome.

  • bob

    All this to ban or not to ban has us all snarling and discussing nothing substantive. Surely there’s more than a game of chicken to play. Let’s all just move on back to content, of which there’s massive amounts besides transfer hot air ventings. On that note, of course, Walter’s Ref Review couldn’t come soon enough to chew on.

  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    Here are my nominees for Award 5: Rhys

    Award 6: RVP’s goal celebrations in front of our away fans.

    or the teams’s rocketing Pat Rice to the moon at the end of the season.

  • Ray from Norfolk

    Award 6: Jack Wilshere for winning money to Cancer Charity, and have Defoe (opposite of Defriend in parts of the USA) pay
    As a fan, I loved it.

  • Shard

    LOL @ Ray

    Opposite of Defriend 🙂

  • Rhyle – was that a yes or a no?

  • Rhyle

    DF…as I say, it’s your website and your decision. If you feel my behaviour justifies a ban, crack on. ‘Twill be what ’twill be!

    I feel I’ve repeatedly stated my case in an inoffensive manner – yes, confrontational, but no to using petty insults or abuse except when abused first. In fact…I’ve been very polite when most have responded…

    Find it strange that I’m a “troll” because I don’t agree with some pov’s on here and stick up for myself…whereby your regulars can behave as they like. The leash a bit slack for those you’re familiar with? The rules not applied as stringently?

  • I cant wait for ….

    Sorry, email deleted. Fake email address used. You might like to read

  • Rhyle – why is it that you demand of the people here that they answer to your opinions yet you cannot give a simple yes/no to the most basic of questions…

    Would you like us to ban you – yes or no?

  • Scott

    Rhyle,why don’t ou get over ourself??
    You keep claiming to be a victim here,yet keep dragging my name I,not this,a totally different topic.
    Pull your head in and discuss the topic at hand.
    If you can’t,you’ll prove exactly what we think is true.
    As for me being banned from Le Grove,it happened EXACTLY HOW I SAID IT DID.
    Prove otherwise or shut the hell up.
    Now,the topic at hand is…….

  • bob

    DogFace, Rhyle,
    For my tuppance, please call a truce, let it rest and let’s all contribute at our constructive best. (This is not heading to a win/win outcome.)

  • Rhyle

    DF…have answered your question with a very simple answer – it’s your website and your decision. Don’t see how that’s not an answer? Feel free to wield your ban hammer at your discretion. Why do I have to make the decision for you? You wouldn’t ask me which car to buy would you?

    Scott – I actually asked you what you got banned for as I have no idea…ok, yes…I was confrontational, but you read an insult into it rather than being an out and out “YOU’RE A HUGE TOOL” style insult in there…also, I could care less…it really has nothing to do with me and is between you and your god.

    I think I’ve shown, repeatedly, that when given sensible things to discuss that are connected to what I’m addressing – like zdzis did, like I’ve done with Gerry in the billionaire owners thread and elsewhere…I have stuck to topic and added a bit of value to the discussion.

    Don’t feel the need to get over myself either…I wasn’t the one who resorted to insults..? I’ve not claimed to be a victim…merely misunderstood! Anyone who reads back will see that I wasn’t the one who started with the insults and swearing…

  • bjtgooner


    I will be surprised if Rhyle gives you a straight answer, he seems to enjoy being disruptive, trying to wind everyone up and distracting contributors from the article subject and onto his agenda instead – he seems to get an adrenalin spike when he thinks he is wasting our time. I am not sure if he is a new form of troll and/or mentally challenged. As bob noted some time ago, we need to get back to the main points of the debate.

  • Rhyle

    bjt…it’s a low self-esteem thing…lol…I’m distracting from the topic. The post included the use of the term AAA, which I take exception to. Just been trying to get a straight answer to my original post…may be chasing rainbows on that one…

  • Rhyle – I am asking you what you want, you have not answered that question – you simply made a statement.

  • Rhyle

    And I’ve told you it’s your decision. I have no preference either way. I’ve not asked for a ban either literally or in my behaviour but as I’ve stated repeatedly – it’s really not my decision…

    Needy beggars!!! I’m not going to beg to stay and I’m not going to ask to be banned. It’s a loaded question and one I feel I’ve answered adequately, and also questioned why I’m the one being banned when I think I’ve acted quite reasonably to some pretty hefty provocation at times – the insults have been flying towards me…but no one’s addressed that for a minute…

    You run your website your way. I’m not going to do it for you…lol…

  • Scott

    Simple fact is you’ve offered very,very little to the forum Rhyle.
    You do insult people,just very subtly.
    You will not take one second more of my time,and again,as last night,I ask you let it go and stop calling me out.
    I wasn’t involved in this topic,but your pettiness dragged me In.
    Enough already.

  • Rhyle

    That, Scott, is an opinion…you keep jumping in, I’ve only ever addressed what you’ve put in front of me in terms of “calling you out”…it’s hardly asking you to step outside and more pouring a pint over your head after you’ve already done the same to me…as you rightly state, I didn’t ask you to get involved. You made that choice yourself…

    I have insulted people openly and honestly in response to insults thrown at myself.

    As my Dad taught me at an early age…”don’t start fights, finish them”. But I’m a coward…so I always preferred to run away…

  • Scott

    I just realised who you are Rhyle….all makes sense now lol?

  • Rhyle

    Who am I Scott?!

  • Rhyle

    Have you been googling me…lol…?!

  • @bjtgooner – I think you must remember that Rhyle posts on many blogs, some of these run counter to the general direction of this one and/or have a more ‘dog eat dog’ comments section, no doubt he has friends there and I am not sure as to in what light they would view him posting on this one… this could be the reason as to why his posts are so ‘edgy’ and exhibit a determination to stamp his unbending opinion onto the conversation?

    Other than that he seems a fairly intelligent chap although with strong opinions and a bit closed and defensive – it would be nice if he opened up a bit… even with a simple yes/no as to his desire to remain an active member.


  • bob

    You and I have both been banned by LeGrovel, and I’ve slated him for what I felt was insinuating that you were banned for less than honorable reasons. Beyond what he thinks about that, who cares. Whatever LeGrovel did in its bannings or not is between LeG and us; Rhyle’s irrelevant and not the issue. I think that not letting LeGrovel become a further distraction to the work of UA and its commentary is more important than this line of argumentation. That aside, I think Rhyle has made value-added contributions to the discussions that are worth defeating on their own merits. The fact that he openly tweaks us (I include myself) by saying he prefers LeGrovel on balance to UA is, to me, a fly in his ointment. But on balance I think his substantive contributions are interesting to engage and to get caught up in pissing contest with him is just that. And for him to get banned here (and not finally choose to get banned) would be grist for LeGrovel’s propaganda mill. I have asked myself, and would ask you too, to return to substantive issues; and let all of us leave these mutually provocative, non-constructive diversions.

  • WalterBroeckx



    they do change comments at Le Grove. And me exposing this got me banned

  • Rhyle

    If I’ve been defensive…it’s because people jumped all over me for having a different view to their own. Hardly an open, inclusive attitude shown towards me!

    Have a look back at what I’ve written (appreciate I’ve rambled a lot…A LOT…). I’ve remained polite and welcomed opposing views…countered them where appropriate with measured reasoning rather than stamping my feet and getting upset…and only refused to address points which are completely unrelated to my “agenda” (as people seem to think I have one I may as well embrace it).

    I’d like you to justify why you want to ban me. Which of my posts have been offensive without responding to provocation and where I’ve stepped over the line. I’d expect you to be consistent. Or is that too much to ask? It’s a long boring process…I don’t honestly expect you to do so as I’m sure you have much better things to do…but…honestly? I’m the Ignatius J. Reilly of Untold Arsenal…lol…

  • Shard


    Look.. Lets just get over this.. I was one of those you felt insulted you. Now I make no bones about the fact that I did, though in the beginning all I did was call you smug (and that too that you appeared to be) in response to you being, what I felt was rude and insulting, as well as trying to dominate the agenda of any discussion.

    Something about you has rubbed people the wrong way. And it’s not to do with people on here being regulars as if you’ll stick around, you’ll see we are as varied a demographic as you’ll find with our own disagreements and even occasional arguments. So please consider the way you put yourself across because whether you mean it or not, you come across as rude and frankly a bit of an irritant.

    If that is an oversight, it’s no harm no foul. No need to keep on about it, and no need to keep on telling people how you deal with confrontation or whatever because that is there for all to see, and it isn’t really important in the grand scheme of things. Now.. This isn’t about your views, because I don’t really disagree with much of what you say. No more than I disagree with many people here. It is just HOW you go about saying it. If I offended, it’s because I felt offended. And I’m pretty sure that’s how it was with the others on here too. It’s not about your views.

    So again..No harm done. Just get on with it, and don’t try to make it about yourself. Your contributions then, even if…no especially if… contrary in their essence, will be welcomed.


  • Rhyle

    Walter…I have no idea…if that’s true, and I honestly DON’T KNOW EITHER WAY IF IT IS…it’s not cool. All I know is that they’ve never changed my comments, even when I’ve gone against the regulars and some of their more…extreme…views.

  • Scott

    Bob,He jumped on another forum I frequent,caused carnage but was not banned,just ignored until he drifted away.
    I’m with you……stop feeding the strays and they won’t come back.
    You can tell its a very quiet period at the moment,nothing happening in Arsenal land to keep us occupied.

  • Scott

    It won’t happen Shard,he’s already fulfilled his objective.
    Don’t ban him,just ignore him,at least unil he adds something.

  • Rhyle

    Cheers, Shard…I honestly thought I’d provoke some interesting discussion. There was nothing but a keenness to see if anyone could justify using AAA with me (as it seems to be used for all who don’t buy into the current philosophies of the club on here) if I had a well-reasoned argument behind it. No one addressed that and everybody jumped on me for it. Don’t get it…but my intent was never to cause offence or to become embroiled in some pointless blog fart of a fight. Not to say it’s not been fun, though…ok…at times it’s not been fun.

  • Rhyle

    Scott…I’m 99% sure that I’m not who you think I am in regards to your “other blog” and I doubt that someone has the same name. What blog was it? When was it? I really…and I mean really…only half regularly post on LG. I have a job, y’see…and don’t have the time normally!

  • hey guys… with our new summer signings and the return of diaby, denilson and wilshire do you think we will have enough to challenge for the league title next season?

  • Stuart

    Is it Rhys Jagger?

  • Shard


    You say nobody answered you, which is not true since one of my posts did contain something about it, Tony in fact wrote a whole section about it. Whether that answer was to your satisfaction or not is by the by. You were answered. You also chose to ignore what anyone else asked you by calling it irrelevant. That is rude, as were your snide comments about being ignorant, not responding, resorting to abuses (when you yourself did so) etc. Again. I’m done holding it against you. Just explaining why it is that you faced the negative response that you did. As you say, you did ramble. When someone responded to something from amongst your ramblings, your response was to dismiss them with a superior sounding air. If you have any questions, or anything to debate, put it in clear terms and also be prepared to accept that nobody is obliged to have to answer you.

    Tony has already answered in depth about the term AAA. Personally, I try to not use it. But I think you might be misunderstanding what the term means. I saw a post here recently from someone new fearing they might be called the AAA and then proceeding to say things criticising the club. One of the regular commentors said, you argue logically, are not rude, and try to actually have a debate, hence you are not AAA. If you notice, despite you pissing people off and criticising the club, no one called you an AAA either. The term is used in a context I think you still don’t fully understand.

  • Shard


    I had the same thought yesterday 🙂


    If we can all get along it’ll be better. depends on him seeing reason. Let’s not get Rhyled up either way 🙂

  • Hi Rhyle,

    You claim that you are not defensive and perfectly reasonable – yet you have called me judgemental and pathetic (I would have to check – it was something like that). I do not need to justify “why I want to ban you” as I have simply asked if that was your wish. Some people, believe it or not, actively seek it…

    And you are correct with your previous statement – it is a loaded question, and maybe I am trying to make a point in that you are unwilling to answer it.

  • Rhyle

    And I thanked him for it and addressed his points. Just, as I said, didn’t feel he addressed mine. Was always polite, too.

    No, I do understand AAA – Tony posted a great piece on it as well HOWEVER…I was called a AAA on this very thread…can’t be asked to look back but there were a few comments to the tune of “AAA’s out in force I see”, etc…

    I’m fine with the term being used correctly – which is different to what I came on here with. Anyone wishing defeat on us to get rid of Wenger is anti-Arsenal. Fine. I and others are not AAA’s because we don’t agree with a pro-Wenger stance. Wanting change because you think it will benefit the club is pro-Arsenal, that’s all, and to imply otherwise is ignorant. Hence the statement in my original comment.

    Again – I’d highlight both my response to Tony and Zdzis as showing that I wasn’t dismissive if there was any aspect connected to the points I was making so I think you’re mistaken when you say that.

    Bob – really appreciate your comment, fella.

  • Scott

    I’m done with him Shard….it’s the best way.
    As I said he’s achieved what he wanted……when was the last post about Arsenal??

  • Shard


    I’m not arguing, or even trying to convince you. I told you why I felt you received the response you did. It is up to you whether you accept it or not. Also, fine.. You made your point about the AAA. It’s up to everyone else whether they accept it or not. So let it go. Everyone knows where you stand.

  • Scott

    Dumb as a bag of bells you are Shard,but the author was ALWAYS polite lol.

  • bob

    Meanwhile, back on the football/tactics side of things (as opposed to transfer rumors), Desi Gunner has just produced a very interesting tactical analysis of our season with lots of threads that we could lustily pull apart. It’s very good on its own merits and, mates, remove the stone of this meta-discussion from our collective shoe 🙂

  • Rhyle

    Fair enough, Shard…moving on…please don’t exception to the next bit…lol…

    Scott…so much for “not one more second…”…you still haven’t backed up your claim as to me winding people on another blog site? Just thought you’d throw at there to cast more doubt on me?

    As for dumb as a bag of bells…dumbbells…gag…quite funny, little bit abusive…may have been in response to being called smug, boring amongst other things when Shard was having a go at me…that’s all…as I said, I’ve done nothing but stick up for myself. His post was at 11.16…just if you’re interested…

    But you crack on trying to make the facts suit your argument…

  • It would be great news if usmanov could take over, we could finally compete with the big boys

  • Shard

    the bigger they are……

  • Scott

    My guess at your identity was 100% correct,confirmed by a post on another topic.

  • rantetta

    There are over 100 post-posts, “replies”, as they’re sometimes known – to this article. The subject of a percentage of these replies don’t really relate to the topic at hand, which, I keep having to scroll back up – to check. Oh yes, “Awards for pessimism and outreach”. A great debating subject, I think.

    There’s been what amounts to an hijacking, in the form of “Rh”. There was previously an “Rh”, and one of our regulars has suggested (or asked), if the two “Rh’s” are the same person. I don’t know if Rh is the same as Rh, but the effects are the same (from my standpoint). i.e. an Rh has to have its opinion approved at every juncture and will write ever longer mis-justifications – somehow, or conveniently, failing to realise that many contributors to this site will not agree.

    I find it fantastic that Tony, Walter, Dogface, Bob, Shard, Scott, Dom-MacM, Btj, Stuart, have all taken time to explore/explain the “Rh” phenomenon, to the “Rh”, but I’ll be ****ed if it makes an iota of difference – to said “Rh”. It’s interesting that the previous (or same) “Rh” – followed the same pattern, eventually appearing to become even more embittered, depressed and irrelevant, in my un-humble opinion.

    Tony has since posted an article, “Unrest at Tott”, which I find interesting, and made me smile. My biggest surprise was that the first few comments are from Spurs fans whose replies are quite cogent. (I can’t say I’ve noticed that from them, recently – hereabouts). Then, lo and behold, an injection of “Rh”!
    Oh yes, it starts off all reasonable-like, but what’ll be the “pattern”? Watch out Spurs fans, (though “Rh” may be one of yours, in which case, no need to worry).

    So, “Pessimism and Outreach”. (At the risk of being a complete bore), may I offer RvP for No6, please.

    RvP had to leave the field during the Dortmund match. Instead of tossing the armband to whichever team mate, RvP trotted over to Alex Song and carefully placed the armband on his arm – using both hands to make sure the velcro was nicely lined up. I believe this was Song’s first Captain experience for the Arsenal. I suspect Alex was bursting with pride. For me this placement was a thing of beauty, coming from a mature player who really “gives a shit” about his club and colleagues, hence this possibly strange nomination.

    Check out RvP’s quotes in this article (even if it appears that the Mirror is steadfast in stirring up trouble, contract/Orange-wise):

  • Scott

    Good comment,Rantetta.
    On RH,he won’t get me in,though no doubt he keep needling.
    He has no interest in anything other than disrupting things.

  • Rhyle

    what was the blog then? is it too much effort to repeat it? did you even post your “proof” in the first place?

    For someone who’s “done with me” and won’t “give me another second” you keep on dropping in many snide comments and responding…in fact…you’ve been needling me when I’ve clearly…CLEARLY…tried to move on.

    You’re a smart cookie…try punching your own weight…lol…

  • bjtgooner


    Fully agree with your 1.27 comment. He who must not be named also seems paranoid about getting the last word – hence this post…..