Stunning revelation: News of World prediction on Arsenal transfer is false!!!

It’s amazing.  It’s incredible.

Peter Crouch is not coming to the Arsenal.

Last month the News of the World told us that Peter Crouch was being lined up as the replacement for Adebayor.   But incredibly, amazingly, it seems he was not.

This is the first time in the past half hour that the News of the World has been proven wrong.  Reuters have just confirmed that the man known as the Terror of Gillingham (following his wild attack on the town in his autobiography) has in fact signed for Portsmouth.

There was an immediate call for an enquiry at the News of the World.  “We can’t believe it,” said an (unnamed) source.   We haven’t got anything else wrong since, oh, twenty minutes ago.”

More revelations are expected shortly.

3 Replies to “Stunning revelation: News of World prediction on Arsenal transfer is false!!!”

  1. wasn’t it notw who misquoted wenger aboiut saying we have to sell 2 players every year too?

    i wish people would stop buying tabloid papers and leave them to fester. such journos as those who work for them are pathetic low lifes who are just as stupid and pathetic as the press who hound celebrities constantly giving them grief.

  2. Had a good laugh reading this. Too bad sarcasm isn’t widely understood in the internet 🙂

    keep up the good work!

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