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July 2021

Giroud signs – so who will be departing?

By Phil Gregory

With Giroud announced officially this morning, talk has inevitably turned to what this means for the rest of the squad. Doomsayers cry that it means RvP is on his way out, whereas the more sane of us accept that is still a possibility, but argue that it is more plausible Olivier is here to support Robin, as well as offering an aerial plan B.

Quite clearly, Bendtner looks to be off this summer. He put in some good performances at the Euros which will only help matters, and a loan spell away last season pretty much ensured the writing was on the wall. Of course, he hasn’t left yet but it is still early doors, so it doesn’t seem reasonable to assume that the young Dane will be somewhere else come the start of the season.

That leaves us with the following clear options for the central striking berth:

Van Persie, Giroud, Chamakh

The first two of those three are self-explanatory, whilst the lack of transfer talk around Chamakh suggests that he will remain with us. Certainly, the Moroccan hasn’t performed after an excellent start to his Arsenal career, but those first few months suggest that he has it in him to be an asset for Arsenal FC so perhaps with the likes of Van Persie and Giroud taking the burden off him initially he can come back after a summer of rest and rediscover his confidence. That would leave us with three excellent options for one striker berth.

Podolski would be most likely to be considered number four, as I expect his time to be spent on the left flank. Joel Campbell had a promising loan spell in Ligue 1 last season, but I believe a work permit still needs to be secured for him to play in England and I’m not sure he’s quite ready to compete for one of those three striker spots in the squad just yet. Park is also in the mixer, but again the South Korean was barely involved last season even with Chamakh struggling for confidence, so I’m not really convinced he’ll get a look in. Vela is also back, and his style would fit a wide forward in our formation, but he hasn’t met expectations and seems likely to move on too.

So with Van Persie, Giroud and Chamakh as our three main striking options,  the sales of Bendtner and Vela seem likely.

It would certainly make sense for Arsenal to have waited to secure the signing of Giroud before sanctioning any departures. The level of interest in Bendtner may mean that it is a fairly drawn out transfer but that can only be a good thing for Arsenal, by bidding up his price. We’re not dependent on his fee for further moves in the market, though an extra place in the 25 would be nice.

On the left we can probably expect Podolski and Gervinho to battle it out, with Chamberlain also an option to play there. Theo Walcott is a shoe-in to start on the right hand side, with Chamberlain potentially deputising.

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Options wide therefore a little thinner than up top where we have arguably too many players. This certainly reinforces the case for Podolski to feature on the left, and Chamberlain should be capable of mitigating the absence of Benayoun. Given the depth up top, Park may be considered a back up for the wide positions suggesting he may be retained for this season, while Miyaichi comes back to Arsenal after impressing for Bolton on loan last season. For me however, this season will come to soon for Ryo to make an impact in the league for us, so he’ll likely be kept around the squad for early cup games and to develop aspects of his game before heading out on loan to a Premier League side in January.

Andrey Arshavin’s situation is totally up in the air, I’m not even sure the Russian league has finished yet so he may still have games on loan to play, unless we specified we wanted him back after the Euros. With relatively light, inexperienced options on the flanks, there may yet be a squad role for our little Russian.

27 comments to Giroud signs – so who will be departing?

  • elkieno

    I’ll say it again, damn it feels good to be a
    At top of this page (aus) there is an AFL banner, fuck sake!!!

  • ak47

    i can see why we would keep chamakh and would’nt be too disappointed if we did but would rather podolski take that third spot if needed. because the last thing i would want after the catastrophe of both rob n oli out would be the goal shy chamakh. if he found his shooting boots fine, but the pod has played there and done well. it would make sense for all involved for him to move on unless he likes money more than regular time. if bendtner hadnt said he didnt want to come back then id rather have him as ive always rated his finishing just not his attitude.
    velas’ gone. if campbell gets his work permit then park also. maybe. the tour and marketing clouds me. plus he knows where the net is but doesnt get any time. the strangest transfer ever.
    id say shavin was off cos if the pod was injured and ricky was flopping then it would be santos for me. id start him before ricky to be honest. and let ricky fight it out with theo and the ox.
    so for me- bendtner, vela. the rest arent bad squad players for carling cup etc…

  • Wolfgang

    Now that Arsenal officially signed Olivier,it’s about time we look at the team tactics.I don’t know if there will be a change in the slow build up towards goal.We know what happened when the gunners made one hundred passes on the way to goal.
    If there is a repeat of that,rest assured that Red faced,Chelsea and a few others will lie in wait .Then it will be back to square one.
    With a new guy (Bould) there is always hope this season could finally see the gunners play to win and the defence not so generous.

  • TheSKAGooner

    Phil – The Russian league is only halfway done. They’re not completed til November as they have an opposite season (March – November) to the rest of Europe. So, potentially, Arshavin could come in for Zenit or another Russian side and still play almost half the year.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Welcome giroud. Do not yet know who will depart, but even if the very worst happens, we are giving the impression we will deal with it. Every season is vital, but with our renewal of sponsorship deals on the horizon, the next couple of years count double. stakes are high and we are responding. We will never know what really happened last summer… least until wengers book, but it seems we now have a different, may I say it, a more dynamic approach. New players before July, new coaching set up including a defensive legend, is it almost enough to make even some of wengers critics happy? Ivan stated that the board is now, after some division pulling in the same direction. It seems during times of uncertainty, caution has been the watchword, probably for both the manager and the board, but now, we have money available, players to sell, and hopefully, a united board. There could be a lot more news this summer, despite optimitsetse felt at the end of last ,season, I am starting to fear it will not all be good news. But whatever comes to pass, the signs are…. hopefully, a less nervous outcome that last aug.

  • Mandy Dodd

    On another note, I know we have to be wary of media speculation, but is anyone else starting to,think mvila may not be the best option, assuming of course we really are interested in him? And equally, anyone thinking we are well shot of nasri?

  • Lanz

    If Robin stays, we will be far stronger than last season. I would wish we get another left back while Santos is moved up like it happened with Eboue when we got Sagna, kinda replacing Benayoun. If we secure M’vila, it will be fantastic but we can actually still be very fine without him.

  • T2T

    Our weakest part of the squad was strikers. It seemed we had no real alternative to RvP last season – not the case anymore.
    We were extremely unlucky when our first 2 RBs and LBs were out simultaneously. There is no club that can retain 3 (or more) quality specialized LBs/RBs.
    Because of that, having someone like Coquelin who is capable to play all across the field is really assuring. He is in many ways the same position Flamini was in 5-6 years ago. Coquelin should be a sub in every PL/CL game and get starts in CC/FA.
    If we now can get realign our fringe players to the 25 man squad rule as well as having the promising youngsters as #3/#4 in the different positions, that would be great.

  • Kipshizzle

    I’m really pleased not only that Oliver Giroud has arrived, but more so his transfer (as well as that of Podolski) has been wrapped up in good time, giving them a chance to have a decent preseason and set the foundation for what is looking more and more like an all-round title-winning team in ’12-’13. What I REALLY love though is that it seems to be getting much harder for RVP to rationalize a move elsewhere, if at all that is on his mind (and I certainly believe it isn’t). Hopefully the boss can make it a simple formality for him and steal one more, but even as things stand he’ll no doubt sign IMO.

    An online standing ovation to whom I think was our best squad player last season. I wouldn’t mind seeing Yossi Benayoun at the Emirates next season, but since that seems improbable I truly wish him nothing but the best wherever in this world he’ll be playing (unless of course, he stumbles upon that other team called….I keep forgetting. Is it blurs, turds….Ah! yes, 5pur2).

  • Henry Mugwanya

    its great for arsenal to sign Giroud however my worry is now on holding midfielder, thank God mvira is willing to join us .next is sagna replacement as we have started seeing him getting injuries now and then

  • andrew

    i cant believe that rvp will deliberately not sign yet after seeing what happened last summer. I truly fear that he has told arsene that he will be leaving but they have vowed to withold this until arsenal has signed a few players. If the news that rvp is leaving was circulated a month ago it likely would have affected arsenal’s appeal to other potential buys. In any event, the time is drawing nigh for him to declare his hand as we seem to be building a much stronger force now.

  • There is an internet story doing the rounds that Theo is leaving. I very much hope not, because I would much sooner see us have a plethora of attacking players and rotate them, rather than keep to the traditional number.

    Van Persie, Giroud, Chamakh
    Podolski, Theo, The Ox

    that is a good collection of players, and just about the minimum given the way Arsenal can be targeted for injuries.

  • Nairobi Gooner

    Welcome on board Giroud,

    Let us not get ahead of ourselves yet, Walcott hasn’t tied down his contract and AW might feel the Ox is ready so bye bye Theo.

    I also think Chamakh should stay so that we have depth in case RVP is injured or for Carling Cup and FA (forget Park guys)We need the depth. Same with Podolski and Gervinho let there be competition so no one will be too comfortable. I think we need some very good goalkeeper as number 2 for Chesney because I think that boy has fantastic attitude but . . . . .but I don’t know guys there is a “but” somewhere there.

  • Gerry Lennon

    Mandy, i do agree that media speculation is a problem, but you are in danger of falling for it yourself regards M’vila?
    I seem to recall that RVP arrived with a very similar ‘bad boy’ tag? AW could cope with that, but it might be useful to knock the price down a tad?
    Another media outlet proclaimed ‘Arsenal are resigned to losing Van Persie’, luckily it was the Daily Star, so no worries.
    I do not see the problem here with who plays central striker. Clearly Giroud will play the No9 role, at least as far as play the ball from defence if the wide options are not available. RVP is has never been a straightforward No9, but is the ideal guy to receive the knockdowns? Podolski would be the next option on the left, with AOC/Walcott on the right. Who plays behind this trio rather depends on who is missing. Keeping to a similar system I think Ryo/Eisfeld for Podolksi; Afobe/Chamakh for Giroud; Bendtner/A.N. Other for RVP. If, as is most likely both Bendtner and Arshavin leave, I am sure AW has somebody in mind if Campbell does not get his work permit.
    More will happen once the transfer window opens in 5 days time, but it does look an exciting period while we drool over our options. For exmaple; RVP for Welbeck? That is if the contract remained unsigned of course. I still think he has too much going on at Arsenal for him to leave.

  • Gerry Lennon

    Sorry, I forgot about Gerv – wide left or right, but outside of the three main strikers

  • HR

    With Giroud, and Podolski now arrived and Gervinho definitely staying – putting RVP and Theo aside for a moment – it should mean that Vela, Park, Bendtner, Arshavin, and Chamakh are all surplus to requirements.

    If RVP and Theo both stay then with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain an added option we’d have 6 forwards to chose from. More if Campbell and Ryo are brought back. Even more if Wellington Silva gets a permit. And then there’s Benik Afobe to possibly bring in.

    Vela and Bendtner are almost certain to leave. It’s just a question of the fee. Chamakh isn’t going to get more playing time than last year with the two arrivals. And Arshavin is hardly going to be a starter now. (Who know what’s going on with Park?)

    Both Chamakh and Arshavin would be better off elsewhere, unless they both feel like a spot of freeloading.

    And to be honest, if ambition were a factor in RVP and Theo’s decisions, then Podolski and Giroud should dispel any doubts. These are serious players. But if it’s money then we’ve lost them already.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Gerry, maybe, but hasn’t he now been arrested a few times, on top of his alleged behaviour with France. Ok young men make mistakes, as do we all, and yes, we have tamed a few, but after recent summers, I would like us to sign someone more ready made than another player we have to work on.
    I hope theo stays, but he is not the finished article, he still has more to learn. If he won’t sign, or is asking for more than his talent justifies, put him on the next flight to turin, but as I say, I hope he stays and is one of the players patient enough to reach his full potential with us.

  • saula

    I am very happy to see Podolski and Giroud in our squard,but we still need more two players,1 defender,1 defensive midfielder to support ALEX SONG,and offload players like chamakh,arshavin,c vela,sqularchi,bendtner,johan j,I wish will jark will come bark fully by ‘GOD’ grace.

  • Damien Luu

    Well, to tell you the truth, if Theo is leaving I will be sadder than RVP is. Really! Theo has just reached his highest level and in the next season he will absolutely explode. Don’t forget that a good part of RVP’s goals in last season were easy tap-ins from Theo’s crosses/passes.

    Then some morons who always say that he is “not good enough” or “has no brain” will have to regret, unless they are AAA members. And the AAA will have more ammo to shoot at Mr. Wenger.

    Finger crossed that it won’t happen.

  • Gerry Lennon

    Mandy,whislt off-field episodes aside, It can hardly be said he is not a ready made player? We did not see much of him at the Euros, but what he did was very proffesional. On another blog, they headlined ‘… the very player we need’. ‘M’vila by numbers'(also on another blog) backs his case as a footballer.
    Without knowing the full ins and outs of each case, it is difficult to make a propoer judgement, but AW would have been aware of those anyway. The subsequent fallout with Blanc may be a cause for concern though, as it points to ill-discipline and possible dressing room unrest. That said, when a model player of the stature of Bacary Sagna gives him the thumbs up – a story that revived a previous intrest in him – I cannot help feel he is passionate about the game?
    Regarding the other matters … well going with prostitutes is possibly seen a relatively normal in France, given he is a single guy? The road rage incident, again more detils please. Was guilty of responding disproportionately to an offence against him? We don’t know. The incident involving the teenager and his sister where he is supposed to have punched the lad for try to kiss his sister? … What if ‘kiss’ is a euphemism for something more inapropriate? That case has yet to come to court, so we will have to wait for the full story to come out. What I am saying is, rather than find him guilty on hearsay and gossip, leave it to Arsene to judge his morality. His verdict will be good enough for me, and like Sagna, I hope he gets the thumbs up.

  • bob

    Gerry Lennon,
    Very measured and sane stuff to try to discern what has actually happened. Uncommon sense, really. We in fandumb have learned to either jump aboard or jump off all based on media swill. They create the smoke and the alleged fire behind it. He’s young and impressionable; not incorrigible, like any other young man for whom the sky’s the limit. AW’s judgment of chemistry and character is up close and personal and able to best judge the risk-reward of this case.

    As for Theo and RvP, the signings of Giroud and Podolski have taken the ambition “reason” out of the equation. Their leaving will, imo, indicate players’ de facto pattern: go from raw youth to world class on Arsenal’s penny and jump at a petro-club’s pound/euro. We want our boys to be angelic heroes, but in this corrupting climate they’re hooked on stardumb and bling. And they have voices in their ears, in their so-called interests like Dein the Lesser’s voice (that would be Darren Dein in RvP’s as it was in x-Cesc’s) which are solely about amping up their fees. If either Theo or RvP they would indeed be secular saints, as opposed to the now normalized Cashleyites.

  • bob

    sorry, meant to say: “if either Theo or RvP STAY,”

  • Goona Gal

    In answer to the article title question, absolutely everyone is leaving! I have it on good authority from the papers that signing Girould, means that we are getting rid. I reckon it’s his elephant man looks.

  • Wooby

    @TheSKAGooner, the Russian Prem League is done. Starting this fall, they are moving to a schedule similar to other top European leagues i.e. start in the fall and run into spring of the following year.

    As I mentioned in another article, it will be interesting to see if Arshavin has any takers. I do not mind him staying around to be a backup for the backups on the wing. If Theo does leave, then all the more reason for Arshavin to stay.

    I am not convinced by Chamakh. It seems after the first half season, his head/focus has been anywhere but the football pitch. I can see him going out on loan to a team in the bottom half of the table who is unable to buy a striker in the summer transfer window.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Well, if mvila does come, I for one will be backing him to the hilt, despite any reservations I may have at the moment, just not convinced he is the man for arsenal, but who outside a closed circle really knows for now. Guess whatever he has or has not been up to, wenger will be able to make a very informed decision and act accordingly, if he really is interested in this player….which, again, I remain to be convinced,going only on a gut feeling as opposed to any knowledge. If his stock really has fallen recently, for whatever reason, guess it could potentially lower his price? Which could end up a good thing

  • Ong Bing

    @Damien, I agree with you, if Theo leave now, it will be sadder than RVP leave.

    Theo will not reach his best if he leave now, Arsene not yet complete his development on Theo.

    Look at Cesc, Arsene makes him not only good as playmaker, also his striking side. If he not going to Arsenal, maybe he only good as playmaker and can not make a lot goals like Xavi.

    Arsene makes Cesc complete player, he can play every where in the middle and front.

    Arsene has reputation makes player can play out of his origin position. The best examples is Henry, RVP and Kolo.

    Now, I think he developt Song’s attacking side, if success, Song will be better than Xabi Alonso.

  • Ben

    Well just announced from on whose contract is expiring this weekend.

    JUNE 30, 2012

    The following professionals have been released by the Club and will officially leave Arsenal on this date. We thank them for their contributions and wish them well for the future.

    Manuel Almunia
    George Brislen-Hall
    Sean McDermott
    Gavin Hoyte
    Rhys Murphy

    The following second-year scholars have been released by the Club and will officially leave Arsenal on this date. We thank them for their contributions and wish them well for the future.

    Alban Bunjaku
    Jeffrey Monakana
    James Campbell