Arsenal players going to Milan are walking into minefield

In 2006 Italy faced a football scandal which saw four clubs punished – including Juve to whom Patrick Vieira was transferred.  Vieira won the championship with Juve, but then had his medals removed because the games had been fixed.   Milan were also found guilty.

That was big enough, but it was only part one.   Next we heard five Italian players were charged over further match fixing in the last season – showing that the problem remains and the clubs involved are being investigated.  It makes you wonder why Flamini and Ade want to go to Italy.

But still there is more – because a new investigation is happening into Luciano Moggi, the  Juventus director at the heart of the original match-fixing deal.   There is evidence that he is still involved in the game and others are about to be done for alleged criminal association.

OK you are saying, we know all that but Milan would have told Flamini and Ade that it was all clean and clear now.  Except that on 13 July a new story broke.  It broke quietly, hardly making the sports news at all – but if you looked on the international pages it was there.

The story is that Argentinian people are being sold false Italian passports to get them into the EU.  And these people all have the same job.  They are all footballers.

If this is proven to be true, coming on top of the other three scandals, it is clear that this time clubs are really going to be hit.   Points deductions for playing ineligible players (Italy has a limit on the number of non-EU players that they can have in a team) will be the start, and it will go on, and on, and on.

Just as poor Patrick found – you can go to Italy, you can even win the league, but quite often they don’t let you keep the medal.

Flamini is already suffering under the Curse of Arsenal through finding himself in a club that can’t play in the Champions League next year.  But that could be just the start of his problems.  And if Ade goes there, he could be stuck with the difficulties too.

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  1. just a response to an earlier blog about luton. i agree with a few points but lets look at the reason why they have been punished rather than believing they deserve it. luton were punished because they blew the whistle on the corruption that exists within the english game.mike newall was praised for his revalations. an enquiry emerged redknapp and others brought forward. a comical investigation played out on tv to the nation. lets look at affairs now. portsmouth win the fa cup. redknapp was recently awarded £5000 for being arrested mike newall was sacked now these riddiculous points penaltys. yourself explains man u and there financial situation but yet them and their manager are hailed by the media. look at arsenals turn of fortune at the end of last season. not a coinscidence but a nesscecity as arsenal could not be allowed to floorish as arsenal do it the right way which upsets the money markets and the money men. they reject corruption thats why corruption triess to stop them. the media and so called journalists dont pinpoint arsenal for the sake of it. some have an agenda some are just sheep. we can disscuss it more. reply to my email address or if you dont feel too read [ football is fixed. com] and its vats blogs. its very important. i read alot of gooner news{im new to it} but i think yourself and younggun bring a balanced view thats needed. you are counter balance to the negativity.keep up the goov work.

  2. football is fixed is not my blogspot i stumbled across it through searching after feeling that the ending to the football season just didnt feel like the right equation. usually you can feel the crisis of the team but i was always confident with the team and you could feel that was the sentiments of the team but yet they didnt flourish. there felt like there had to be more it. ive always seen this with arsenal but with no background understanding just my opinion. if you get the chance or other readers you must read- football is fixed .com. type in arsenal in the blog.

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