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August 2021

It looks like we are about to make summer signing number 5

By Tony Attwood

To say that Untold is doing rather well so far this summer with calling the transfers we are going to get isn’t really to claim that much I guess, since many other blogs got there round about the same time – although I think we did edge it over quite a few sites with transfer number 2 – Giroud, through Walter having picked up an interview on Al Jazeera TV.

And I am not going to say we are breaking new ground by saying that M’Baye Niang is transfer number 5, but it is looking (according to all the sources that can’t be named but who seem to know a thing or two) possible.

Thus it is time to do a quick review.

He has played 30 times in the French league and scored five goals although he is still only 17.  He plays as a striker, as a wing man in a 4-3-3 and as an attacking midfielder.

M’Baye Niang was born to the east of Paris, and worked his way around a couple of amateur sides before going to Caen, a club with which Arsenal has for years had links (you’ll recall Graham Rix playing for them).

He was a fast developer, said to be the best youngster the club had ever signed and he spent 2010/11 playing in the reserve team in the French 4th division (if only we had that system in England).

He signed as a pro in February last year on a three year contract, and played for the Caen first team for the first time in April last year aged 16 and a quarter.

There were some difficulties with his contract after that, seemingly involving the young player’s dad, and that is a bit of a worry.  We remember the fact that Anelka’s family were involved in his contract negotiations, and that never made life easy, but of course this might have been a one-off.  Anyway, it didn’t stop Niang having a trial with Arsenal, which of course immediately led to the press claiming that he was going to Manchester C.

Internationally he plays for France, although he had a choice of countries, and has reached the under 21 level.

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In summary then we have Podolski, Giroud, Wilshere making a return, Oxlade-C ready for his first full season which is why I count those as signings 1, 2, 3 and 4.  And if that is not enough for you Ryo is possibly breaking through this year, and you never know Frimpong might do the same.  And Coquelin.

I suppose you could call Niang newcomer number 8, but that would be a bit silly.



Publication on July 20th: Woolwich Arsenal, the club that changed football.

The book that re-writes the Arsenal story.


50 comments to It looks like we are about to make summer signing number 5

  • Todd

    Maybe it’s just semantics, but signing is pretty specific, so maybe say squad additions instead when you talk about the total #’s?
    So far we’ve signed 2 players, and have two players under contract talks(signing. We also currently have 3 to 5 full squad additions in Wilshere, Podolski, Giroud, and a possibles in Ryo and Martinez. You can’t count Ox as he was in the squad last season, Same for coq, and ignasi. I may be missing some…..

  • Todd

    Maybe it’s just semantics, but signing is pretty specific, so maybe say squad additions instead when you talk about the total #’s?
    So far we’ve signed 2 players, and have two players under contract talks(signing). We also currently have 3 to 5 full squad additions in Wilshere, Podolski, Giroud, and a possibles in Ryo and Martinez. You can’t count Ox as he was in the squad last season, Same for coq, and ignasi. I may be missing some…..

  • Ed

    I’ve heard the lad is the real deal so getting him in would be great business. As for Jack, I wouldn’t get my hopes up just yet – he’s had a full year out of the game and only one season under his belt, so he’s almost starting alll over again, and with totally new partners in Arteta, O-C, Podolski and Giroud. I’m just saying, let’s not get too excited and let’s see when he actually is fit enough to return.

  • Steve

    Add Kyle Bartley to that list too buddy!

  • GunnerX

    Are you seriously counting Whilshere as a ‘new signing’? Personally I hope he gets 20 games or so, but to have to depend on him coming back like a new team member, well I don”t think so.

  • eti

    you forgot lansbury too

  • joeyk

    COME OFF IT!!! Like a new signing attitude. Lots of reason to be excited about the future with ryo,ox,wilshere,campbell and maybe niang but what about now? we said the same when we had clichy,fabregas etc comoing through but when they were at the level to win the league they left as we kept buying youth developing it and selling and became disillusioned and who can blame them. For the last 4 seasons we were only 2 r 3 signings from winning the league and the board wont do it they wont buy proven class at 27 or 28 because there no sell on value its disgraceful way to treat fans.

  • piotr

    Niang is massive!
    He scored 40+ goals 3 seasons in a row in the EPL alone!
    Sure he was playing in front of Hazard and Ayew, but still…

  • nicky

    You mustn’t forget Diaby in your signings. He should be fully fit now and I forecast a memorable season awaits.

  • Mick

    COME OFF IT!!!
    ‘they wont buy proven class at 27 or 28’
    Isn’t Podolski with 100 German caps proven class enough for you. And what about Giroud, leading goalscorer in France last season. Not to mention Mertesacker last season with a mere 76 German caps and Arshavin, captain of Russia and Roscicky and Vermaelan. Oh I forgot Sagna as well.

  • udehsam


  • Scott

    Welcome to Untold Arsenal,a forum of some great thinkers,and all true Arsenal fans.
    Arsenal is a football club in London,steeped in tradition,and a great club to support.
    Our colours are red and white,with some seasons home kit offering up a splash of something else.
    Our manager is Arsene Wenger.
    The club plays a great style of football,and their home grounds is called The Emirates.
    This is a very,very basic introduction to the club,but I figured it was required,as anybody who knew ANYTHING about the club would not be stupid enough to pass comment on the fact we never sign established players.
    Mick said it all,so wake up ,you boothead!!

  • Reasons to be cheerful part three

  • John

    Thought inital bid was rejected and as this one has been advertised alot (trial etc) if they lookig for 5M they pay the fecking thing stop being so cheap. Others are circling.

    This is a gamble so take a punt 5M wont break us and Wenger having so many contacts in France should know if this lad has real potential or is another Denilson. Lets hope its not the latter.

    Just throwing a thought out most fans are baying for Arsenal to sign MVilla as defensive midfielder and I’m thinking at 25M thats being quoted would another option be push Vermanlen to defensive midfield and bring in Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa and Sakho for the 25M.

    Mbiwa can play across the back I’m thinking left as Gibbs has had his injury problems. Santos is a nice lad but cant defend for shit and thats a must for a LB. He can also play RB cover for Sagna and would provide competition at centre and the tw spots could be competed with him Kozzer and Sakho.

    We leaked far to many goals last season and need to tighten up.


    (Jenkinson)——–(Metersacker)—-(Sakho)———— (Meade)




  • Steve.

    I think it’s a bit more than just a few players that Arsenal want,the most important thing is,a manager that knows what he’s doing,Example,the Van Persie saga,i’m only a supporter
    but when FAB went,i said the next one out will be Van Persie,and next season it will be someone else,and this is how Wenger works,he’s not bothered about the Arsenal supporters,Wenger is one of the best paid managers in the world,and while he keeps his shareholders,and his tight fisted,board of directers happy he’s got a job for life,
    Wenger thinks,as long as he keeps Arsenal in the top four,
    thats silverware,i think Wenger is a yes man,and until we get
    a manager that will stand up to the board we will always be
    a second rate club. “UP THE GUNNERS OUT WITH WENGER”.

  • RobL

    Steve, you are an arse.

    Wenger cares so deeply about the club that he has
    sacrificed glory in his own career to build us a home that cements our future.

    He didn’t need too, he could have publicly demanded that the board give him cash for world class players, stayed at Highbury, spent the cash, won a few more and watched us go bust as costs far exceeded revenue.

    Even if we had ALL of Usmanov’s cash, it’s not a patch on what City or Chelsea’s owners can spend, so what happens when it runs out?

    Portsmouth, Leeds and Rangers had managers who stand up to the board.

    Fergie isn’t a public critic of the Glasiers – I suppose he’s crap too? even he has to work within the revenues of the club, which are far higher than ours due to their huge fanbase and much bigger stadium than Highbury was.

    Oik award please.

  • Kieran

    This transfer window is turning out to be an interesting one to watch.

    It seems as if Arsene is preparing to buy in again as opposed to 90% development.

    In the last full season as well as this window it seems almost the whole side will be reshaped. This takes some of the best of the development process and adds some experience and class.

    How much more change do you actually see coming in? And where abouts on the field will this sit? Interrested in your thoughts Tony.

  • goonergerry

    Yes you are right-Arsenal do sign experienced players as well-like Park, Chamakh, Arshavin and Silvestre. Having experience is no guarantee of success-but then too much should not be expected immediately of players returning from serious and long -term injuries-and no one would be surprised if it took some time for Diaby and Wlishere, let alone Mertesacker or Sagna to gain full fitness-just as it is taking Aaron Ramsey some time. Maybe being over-optimistic does not always help.

  • 49Unbeaten

    Why do we need this guy? I’ve seen him play quite a bit and I’m not that impressed. To be perfectly honest Benik Afobe looks a lot better so why don’t we promote him and save the cash. In fact if we really have to spend around the £7 mil’ mark why don’t we buy Kevin Mirallas? This guy is absoloute quality! He’s 24, Belgian, plays for Olypiakos, has great skill and has scored 34 goals in 49 games last season. He has a buy out clause of £6.4 million! Right up Wengers’ street but NO! We’re about to spunk £7mil’ on a 17 year old who loses the ball or falls over on 9 out of 10 runs he attempts and has less control than Theo on a bad day! If I had to sum up this Niang guy he has the grace and guile of a dog trying bite a balloon!

  • robl

    Wilshere & Diaby back from injury, Ryo back from loan, a proven german international and the top scorer in the French league added, players like coqillin with experiences of last year to build on, and a preseason with most of the squad that achieved 3rd place last year. In addition the window is still open and the market is just starting to move.

    Doomed, we’re all doomed.

    Can we share the oik award?

  • Wolfgang

    Yeah I know when ffp comes in,Arsenal will be among the top teams,if you can consider us , a top club always selling their best player.And the gunners will dominate in fifty (50)years time.This will be the scenario painted by Wenger.
    In truth the gunners are back sliding and if the red faced is to be believed that RVP is ot bound,it will be the final nail in the coffin.
    Wenger says he won’t change his philosophy. Whether it is a ploy,only he knows.If not the gunners will be left further behind. Yeah I know the gunners will lead the epl for 98% of the season,only to finish 2nd. Not good enough. If that’s the case time for a new guy.

  • gooner murphy

    @ Joe
    Any chance of Fridays nights Lotto numbers It appears you can see the furture, what a cuy you must have all the answers

  • gooner murphy

    same at Wolfgang Oik Oik Oik

  • Gunner4evr

    Read Arsenal are about to get the next Owen Hargreaves. for that matter,Arsenal may as well go and sign the next Rooney,Berkamp,Ronaldo,etc . The problem is there is no guarantee these youngsters may turn to be wc. It has happened before .
    The 2012-13 is going to begin soon. It;s better to concentrate on the immediate rather than the long term.& years have been wasted. Soon it could be ten long years in the wilderness with the gunners in continual decline,selling their best players every year.
    If Wenger cannot or won’t arrest the decline,get someone who will fix the short term to prepare for the long haul.

  • bjtgooner


    You left a few experienced signings out – e.g. Arteta, Santos, Podolski & Giroud – can you explain why?


    Interesting article on Niang – I look forward to the official announcement.

  • El

    Well Niang is a very hot prospect! Seen him play many times last season as Caen are my French club (mother is French) and he is a real talent. Far stronger than someone like Chamakh or Bendtner to come off the bench. Probably the future No.9 of France and i predict a better centre-forward than Benzema by the next Euros (and better than Giroud even sooner it has to be said).

    Wild rumours now that RVP has extended his Arsenal contract by 2 more years – but with a release clause of £25m from the end of next season apparently. That’s good enough for me.

    If RVP stays – and stays fit with Wilshere and our defence, we’ll be the surprise Title chasers this season!

  • Charlie

    Players getting older do not count as new signings. Did Ivan the Terrible tell you to say that ? Don’t get me wrong, Arsene has responded well to losing RvP by buying Giroud and Podolski but you can’t replace the player of the season and top scorer. This summer Arsenal have taken another step backwards while Chelsea are making massive strides forward.

  • Paul

    Hopefully with the new season fast approaching we’ll have some new faces added to the squad.
    Can’t help thinking there is a lot of negative comments here today.
    Same old same old.
    Maybe Tony and Co could start dishing out multiple Oik’s?
    There’s a few contenders here.

  • Charlie

    Hey Paul if you looked on less sycophantic Arsenal blogs you’d see that the negativity has coincided with RvP saying he has no interest in staying at Arsenal. It could be translated as another massive vote of no confidence from yet another club captain and a sign of things to come.

  • WengerSon

    Afobe will break through in 2012/2012 mark my words!

  • Damien Luu

    @RobL: “Wenger cares so deeply about the club that he has
    sacrificed glory in his own career to build us a home that cements our future.” – Well said pal. I can never understand why some morons could never see that. Their “visions” are not any further than the end of their own noses. You know what, I am imagining about someday when AW steps down, leaves behind a very solid foundation for anyone who will succeed him, and that very lucky manager will have all the success that he could have. Then, our dear idiot “supporters” like steve, joe and wolfgang here shall kneel down and extol that guy as our best manager ever. That guy is absolutely 100 times better than AW, I can hear them claim. Haha, ironically funny, err?

  • WengerSon

    Wenger Empire

    Top clubs in comparison

    Arsenal with liverpool, Man Utd, Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Juventus, and other top teams around Europe like Lyon.

    I’ll compare Arsenal with Liverpool during the Growth Of Football Age.
    Then you’ll see what a big club Arsenal is

    A) Wenger Master of Attacking Style who leads his to champion league on regular basic.
    L) Brendan Rodgers the guy has been claiming that his attacking style is amazing. (we’ll see)

    A) The attacking style of Arsenal started since 1996.
    L) The attacking style of Liverpool starting in 2012 with a new promoted manager.

    A) Arsenal built their new stadium in 2006
    L) liverpool’s stadium project is still in dark in 2012

    A) Arsenal as a club is getting richer (less than 70m debt in 2012) full of quality players, brand new stadium, the best training ground in the country.
    L) Liverpool is going nowhere and almost did a RANGER. Liverpool players have to train around residents’ backyard)

    In 2012 we had less than 70m in debt. In 2014 Arsenal will be debt free.
    Wenger has been trying to build a home for us.

    You can compare other clubs with Arsenal you will see what Wenger has done for us.

  • Chowdhury

    Totally unrelated I know, but has anyone seen this ?

    WOW… Class is Permanent… they say. 🙂

  • TonyS

    “Raw” talent : Check
    French background : Check
    Previous contract dispute : Check

  • mark

    Ok podolski I would grant is proven at international level, but he didn’t cut it at bayern so the jury is still out, giroud as had one good season in France so we wait with expectation, as for all the other proven players that we have brought in what have they done, won or what ever other way you wish to phrase it, we have brought some proven players, names, but on a serious note they are not good enough!

  • boomergooner1727

    saw it mentioned above a couple times but as i read the first few comments i wondered if anyone gave a second thought to benik. he’s heading into the season on a run of good form with the national side (u19 euros), something wenger is certainly aware of. in no way am i opposed to bringing in more talent but let’s not forget the kid that is *less than a year and a half older* (and missed a whole season due to injury), english AND ALREADY ON OUR TEAM. like i said, happy to bring a potential star but he’s not the heir apparent to ti ti just because he’s valued at £5m.

  • Gunner4evr

    With reference to Wenger son,if Wenger sr doesn’t get the gunners firing,Arsenal will sip further into decline. he has to tweak his transfer policy and playing style. If not the gunners won’t get going. Most teams know how to stop the gunners from playing.

  • Johnny Wins

    And he will sign for City or Barcelona in 2016!

  • zdzis

    “Has the team been revamped the answer is a fat lazy and useless no.”
    This sentence kind of sums up all the criticism included in the comments here. As well as grammar issues, reading comprehension problems, monomania, etc.
    Starting from the top: Arsenal are one of the best managed clubs in the world, running at a profit and investing in the infrastructure rather than big name signings. The club is renowned for its youth facilities and style of play, which is often compared (favourably or not) to that of Barcelona. The club’s success coincides with the reign of Arsene Wenger, who’s responsible for a number of tough decisions made along the way, like the Emirates move and focus on youth policy.
    All this can seem nice or not, but those of you who sulk at Arsenal transfer activity (or lack thereof) and at Wenger’s “ineptitude” should perhaps be reminded of the fact that you’re asking for a total refashioning of the club, for better or worse. With big-name transfers, even bigger wage bill, and rising debt, Arsenal would join the long list of clubs that fight hard to paste over the cracks with footballing success. Do you know Barca and Real are run at a massive debt that’s rising year-in, year-out? Do you know how hard it is for the Glazers to make ManU profitable? It’s a time-bomb, and it’s ticking away joyfully. Arsenal are not going that way, but does it mean they are a lower league team? No.
    The current squad never needed to be “revamped.” Who would you want to get rid of? Szczesny? A young, highly talented, bashful keeper of the kind we always wanted to have? Koscielny and Vermaelen? Two of the best defenders in the world? Sagna? Song? Arteta? Rosicky? Wilshere? Walcott? Gervinho? There are a few players we should think of dropping, like Squillaci or Chamakh, players who constantly fail to show any signs of improving. But otherwise, we mostly need more support in areas where we only have one top-class performer. We do need a good DM, and maybe, if we really gamble on Gibbs being injured half the season, we might use another left-back. If we should expect Diaby and Wilshere to waste more than half of this season, for one reason or another, we might need a CM. But those are question marks, not big-name-signing occasions. That’s why it makes sense to take under-age players while they’re (relatively) cheap and have them develop before they join the squad. That’s why we shouldn’t expect big money moves for players who are likely to spend the next season on the bench.
    Still, it’s just the middle of July, we’re still a month away from the start of the season. During this month, we’ll learn if the current squad is sufficient or not. Pulling the Bayern string on Poldi and saying Giroud lacks experience and therefore is useless are cheap tricks. Let’s focus on the real thing, and not on small games.

  • Gunner4evr

    Yet anothe kid. I know when these guys reach their full potential,they will be unstoppable. The problem is Arsenal have been too many false dawns. Recall Vela,Deilson,Ramsey,Senderos,bentthner,etc.
    Wenger better real. IF RVp goes,there is the danger the attack will be blunted what with vultures hanging around Walcott to weaken the gunners.Is there nay guarantee the two new strikers can score the goals to make up RVP.

  • Jacobite Gunner

    Love these articles Tony, along with the other site contributors, these keeps me sane while at work.

    Thank you so much!


  • WalterBroeckx

    Gunner4ever, we could of course buy Carroll. That would guarantee us a lot of goals.
    Or why don’t we just buy Carroll and Torres together? Now that will guarantee us goals.

    Or will it…. ?

    There is no guarantee in football.
    Apart from the ball being round and the ref being blind 😉

  • mjc

    Should also be noted that by buying him before his 18th birthday, he will classify as home-grown once over 21. Wenger thinks of these things. He’s a thinky kind of guy….

  • Paul

    @ Charlie
    and before RVP came out and told the world he doesn’t want to stay at Arsenal anymore. Do you think he may have already has several conversations with his new employer and sorted out his new terms.
    If he stays then great. Hope he gives 100% if not then the quicker he goes the better.
    Remember how late it was in the season when nasri eventually went.
    If that’s not unsettling for the team then I don’t know what is

  • Steve Bould

    Mark my words, Podolski and Giroud will score 10-15 goals each for Arsenal this season. RVP is going to fulfil his commitment and will add 20+ goals. Walcott will also fulfil his commitment and will score 10+ goals too. The Ox, Arteta, Wilshere, Vermaelen and Gervinho will chip in with 5+ each as well.

    The defence (already complemented with one of, if not, the best right back, two of the best four centre backs and one of the best goalkeepers in the league) will be rock solid because I am coaching it now (watch videos from my playing days… I was one of the best defenders you’ll ever see playing the game). Gibbs and Jenks will be turned into outstanding performers under my tutelage, and our tubby Brazilian will be trained into shape and will be taught good positional sense to go with his outstanding tackling ability and clever forward play.

    On top of that, our midfield was already more than good enough to compete with any midfield from any other team. Mr Wenger will also be able to pick from Wilshere, Diaby and Miyachi this season too (alongside Walcott, Arteta, Song, Rosicky, Arshavin, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Coquelin and Ramsey).

    We will add quality youth players to complement our academy graduates where we can, in order to plan for the future and ensure Arsenal continues to have access to the brightest talent in the game. We cannot buy players for £30-40m as we don’t have the money (nobody without oil money does), but we will buy raw talent and harness it into world class talent.

    We will also add a defensive midfielder when the right one becomes available. They must not only be talented enough, but place a priority on actually playing football and not the size of their pay packet (all Arsenal’s players are paid more than adequately… some too adequately!). Their attitude has to be right and we will not countenance any young players even considering an offer from Man City. Our interest will end there because a move to City will demonstrate they have the wrong attitude (money will be the motivating factor, not playing time – the staple of any professional player with a will to win). A first team place will be impossible to gain for any young players at City, and youth will not be developed by coaching staff with any real desire or hope to see them promoted to the first team (why bother when you can easily attract a ready made world class star with the promise of £250k a week in wages?). At Arsenal, if you are good enough, you will play. You will learn from those playing and coaching around you too.

    We cannot compete with oil money, so we will continue to develop players in the right way. A few will be of such quality that they will make it to the first team (Anelka, Upson, Taylor, Cole, Fabregas, Djourou, Bendtner, Vela, Walcott, Gibbs, Wilshere, Szczesny, Coquelin and Chamberlain), but most will make a career elsewhere. Many of those will go on to play for England or their nation of origin.

    We will never compete with oil money, because this club will never be sold down the river. If fans just watch football simply to see their club make big money signings every year, you know who to go and support. Buying titles brings hollow success. Building squads to win trophies within financial limitations brings the ultimate accolades and true admiration and respect.

    In the meantime, Mr Wenger will continue to produce squads / players of outstanding ability that are a joy to work with every day and a joy to watch on the football field. No matter how long it takes, the winning will be all the sweeter when we achieve success through development. For those who don’t like it, go and support City or Chelsea. I’d add Spurs to that, but they just waste money on crap players and never really progress!

  • RobL

    @ SB5, and that’s what it’s all about.

  • Matt Clarke


    Now you know what we’re all thinking…is that the real Steve Bould?

    Either way it is certainly an interesting post and echoes what many who post here think – thank you 🙂

  • Valentin

    The post by the fake Steve Bould raises some interesting points. However I have said before in another post and I am repeating it here, anybody who had followed the Arsenal reserve and U18 for the last couple of years would have serious reservation to the ability of both Banfield and Steve Bould to organise a good defence.
    They produce good footballers, but I still have not seen an Arsenal defender with a good positional sense at U18 level. Bartley is a warrior but Imho if you don’t cut at SPL level, you will need more than commitment and being an hard man to succeed at Arsenal. Miquel is clearly on his way either to a year long loan or maybe sold to a Spanish team. The rest of the young defenders are too raw and definitely not ready. I am discounted the two bad Swiss jokes that pretend to play center-half at U18 level. That’s why we are now looking at the swedish kid to join us. We did not coach a single one, we purchased when they were 17 years old.
    Also the problem with the defence was not due to our defender but to our general defensive play. Last season, we conceded too many goals to counter-attack. Our full-back were caught upfield, none of our wide player tracked back, so Song and Arteta tried to cover our wide area leaving a huge gap in the middle than nobody plugged.
    It took Benayoun to show Gervinho and Walcott their lack our effort on the subject. Also dropping Ramsey was the difference in our end of season run. Ramsey is all action box-to-box type of player who modelled his game on Steve Gerrard but has even less tactical awareness and discipline than his idol. When on form Rosicky contributed both attacking wise but also defensively.
    The good news is that with Giroud we may return to a more direct style of play. That may surprise a few team. With Jenkinson until Sagna is back providing good crosses, Arsenal may even start to score a few headers.

  • Ed

    why are so many fans doubting Wenger?? he has proved you wrong again and again, and again and again and again and again etc…

    in any case, i think we are getting a nice squad of young players mixing with a group of experienced winners! isnt this what everyone has been asking for??

    rvp maybe leaving, but we have added full internationals (of decent sides, Germany and France), along with the experience added last year of mertsacker and arteta.we will have the Ox even better next year, coquelin getting better, wilshire back, i expect ramsey will improve as well, ryo joining us.

    looking fairly good…