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August 2021

Arsenal’s two imminent signings complete the fabulous 10 new players for this season


If you think you know your Arsenal, it is time to think again.


By Tony Attwood
This is turning out to be the most extraordinary summer for Arsenal since Mr Wenger’s first summer in control.
The big deal that has just emerged seems to be the signing of Real Madrid midfielder Nuri Sahin on a season-long loan, just like the loan we had for our old pal Yossi – who most fans agree served us well and with supreme dignity.

José Mourinho signed the Turkey midfielder from Borussia Dortmund just one year ago, but he hasn’t fitted in well at Real Mad, and has suggested that Sahin should look for a loan.  Arsenal want to get this sorted in time for the game on 12 August.

He played 135 times in the league for Borussia Dortmund, 29 times for Feyenoord on loan in 2007/8 and only four times for Real Mad.   He has played 31 times for Turkey.  But the figures hide the fact that for much of last year he was injured.  He didn’t make his début on 6 November 2011 but by then the team was settled so he didn’t get many chances.

He was however highly praised for his appearance in the Champs quarter final match against APOEL but still could not hold down a place.

Malaga’s playmaker Santi Cazorla is still bobbing around, although Mr Wenger has dampened speculation in order to avoid too much excitement and raising of prices.   Indeed what stopped an earlier bid was the price, but this has declined because of the chaos at billionaire run Málaga.

Cazorla, like Oxlade-Chamberlain is an all-round midfielder and can play wide or in the middle – and quite probably (given Mr Wenger’s ability to move players to wholly unknown territory – such as RVP as a centre forward, Santos as a winger, the Ox as a central midfielder etc etc) full back, centre back, centre forward and linesman.  This is of course a major attraction (see my final note about injuries).

All the buzz that I get is that Cazorla has agreed personal terms in principle with Arsenal while Málaga is still not out of the mire.  Sheikh Abdullah al-Thani sent  Moayad Shatat to Spain last week to sort out the problems of finance, and this was supposedly to include reassurances about keeping Cazorla, as well as paying off the debts in time to secure the Champions League place.  But it seems that this was the reverse of what happened and that the Sheikh is trying to sell the club.  Billionaires eh?  What would you do with them!

Meanwhile we still have Yann M’Vila from Rennes and and the 17-year-old  forward M’Baye Niang from Caen being talked up.  We’ve covered them here before and there’s nothing new, except their names keep on coming up.

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But here’s a new one: 21-year-old defensive midfielder Victor Wanyama from Celtic.   He is from Kenya, and can also play centre back.  He played 29 times for Celtic last season.

Now Celtic don’t have one billionth of the problems Rangers have, but they do have the issue that this season they might not play Rangers at all.  They certainly won’t in the league, and maybe not in the Cups.  (I say this after watching Rangers play Brechin City yesterday, and win the match in a torrential downpour in injury time.  To say that the standard was around that of the Conference North is to insult  the Conference North.  Just my opinion of course, but I thought it was dreadful and on this basis that chance of Rangers making it through to the latter stages of any competition seems remote).

So this means that the big deal of each season for Celtic, ain’t there, and that seems to mean that Celtic are having problems in selling season tickets.  Given that it is only the season tickets that really fill up Celtic Park for the lesser matches, this could be troublesome for the club, and hence their willingness to deal.

Let us once again pull together our ten new arrivals.  By this I mean players who did not feature last season for whatever reason, but who should do this season
  1. Podolski – signed and ready to roll,
  2. Giroud – signed and ready to roll,
  3. Wilshere – should be playing games within a few weeks and ready for the first team by October.  The longer wait is due to the desire to avoid the “Rosicky-Diaby” syndrome in which the body reacts badly to twists and turns after so long out of the game
  4. Oxlade-Chamberlain – yes he played for us last season, but what we are seeing now is nothing short of a miracle development.  I would expect him to be first on the team-sheet, as opposed to just the six starts he had last season
  5. Ryo – unlike the Ox we are not seeing the best of him yet, but he will be playing for us – although probably for much of the time as a sub.
  6. Frimpong – after his loan and second long term injury we can’t be sure, but as long as his temper is kept under control he’ll be one of a number of valuable substitutes for Song.
  7. Francis Coquelin.  The fact that he has really made the first team now is shown from the pre-season where he not only played, he played in various positions.  That is part of the excitement about him – full back or midfield, he will deliver.
  8. Thomas Eisfeld – a surprise and a half on the tour.  Maybe he won’t figure big time, given that he only got short runs in the tour games, but he will surely make some impact this year and be ready for a major blast next season.
  9. Abou Diaby – leaving the best til almost last.  If you watch any of the films of Diaby when fully fit he is like a master of the field and the ball – and you can see why the French team felt they had lost before they started in the summer, with Diaby not there.  Mr Wenger will do everything under the sun to protect him and let us see the true brilliance of his ability.  Of course there are worries, but if he can stay fit he will be a first choice – which means we now have too many midfield players!
  10. Take your pick: Santi Cazorla, M’Baye Niang,Victor Wanyama, Nuri Sahin.  Maybe we’ll sign the lot.

I firmly believe the mood in the club is that we will once again be the target of some malicious tackles as we have seen over the past four seasons when injuries have just gone through the roof compared with anything we have seen before.  Therefore we need a bigger squad, and most of all a highly flexible squad.  And that is what these ten players are all about.

It is shaping up to be one hell of a squad in fact – the only thing I am not clear about is how we fit all of them into the 25.  Anyone like to do me an update on that?



54 comments to Arsenal’s two imminent signings complete the fabulous 10 new players for this season

  • Ogbogu Ukuku

    Lol well since Wenger has said that Park, Bendtner and Squillaci are leaving, I guess Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla can take those three non-homegrown spots that are empty. Diaby has been counted as part of that list before. And everyone else is 21 years or younger by the time the league starts so they don’t need to be counted, I think.

  • Ed


    Van Persie, Bentdner, Park, Squillaci are on their way out. The likes of Chamakh, Lansbury, Walcott and Arshavin are also potential departees, plus Afobe, Ryo, Aneke, Eastmond, Miquel, Eisfeld + others could all go out on loan. So there is plenty of space that can be created in this squad.

  • afc

    walcott is staying at the club, i hope eisfeld stays with us too, i think he can move infront of ramsey in the pecking order. i also think ryo will force hes way in to the squad, i belive this guy will be one of the best premier league players in the next couple of season’s, the only worry i have about the squad is fullback positions. jenkinson is not ready, and gibbs need more positional training. i look for big thigs from diaby and coquelin

  • Alan

    The following players would not be included in the 25 as they were under 21 on 1st Jan 2012;

    The Ox, Ryo, Wilshere, Coq, Jenkinson, Frimpong and The Eis Man.

    If, as expected, Bendtner, Park and Squillaci are sold it leaves Arsenal current first team squad at 24 – including RvP, Arshavin and Chamakh (each of whom may well be gone by 31/08). If both Sahin and Cazorla arrive then something has got to give – Henri Lansbury was not included in the Asia tour and what with the emergence of Eisfeld and Coquelin does he still have a future at the club?

  • Good one there bu,t we still have serious problem defensively, we conceed to many goals and thats not good for a team aiming to win a trophy.are we really buying more players or is it one of those speculations,up gunners.

  • Gerry Lennon

    It would be nice to think that you have your ‘first eleven’ backed up by at least another 8 solid and experienced players, then a full squad of sub-21’s used as and when needed?
    So apart from those named by Alan above, you could put Afobe, Aneke, Gnabry, Yennaris without restricting the named squad. So my 19 leaves six vacancies. RVP need not be on the list if he doesn’t move or sign – just use him in Cup games. Harsh, but he has made his bed, etc!
    So all these talked about signings could still fit in, and juggle the loanees either side of January.
    Who says we cannot compete?

  • all very interesting isnt it? dont think much more will change to be honest,if all these rumours are true we will have a squad of 750,so yes i expect cazorla and sahin but that will be the end,and just hope we can get rid of squallaci,arshavin,bendtner and robin to go 1 way or another so we can prepare….

  • Je suis un fan d’arsenal du RWANDA:Soyons sincère, la saison passée à été marquée par une défence instable jusqu’aujourd’hui cette situation n’a pas encore trouver de remede;Voir statistique des buts encaissés,mieux l’égalisation que de perdre 3 points.COURRAGE.

    (we don’t allow non-english comments for obvious reasons, but seeing as I speak french…) Phil’s translation – I am an Arsenal fan from Rwanda, last season was marked by an unstable defence and up to now this situation hasn’t yet been fixed; see the goals conceded stats, better to draw than miss lose the three points.

  • Odhis KenyanGunner

    VICTOR WANYAMA: Now thats some news to make me sit up and pay close attention, coz u see thes a little detail of both of us being Kenyan. I promise you, he’s a brave, confident young man, made from the same fabric as Essien (minus the malice, of course) in his heydays. Of course the present-day Essien has gathered quite abit of moss.

  • DocBrody

    I just hope there is competition for every position on the field.
    I think we are finally going to see a break out season from Walcott, in part because it is time, but also because he has real competition now for a starting spot.

  • zdzis

    Hm, with Sahin over 21, I doubt Wenger would sign him on loan. I’d expect A loan (maybe not this one in particular) only if either of our supposed deals falls through (i.e. if we “miss out” on Cazorla or Wanyama, or whoever it’ll be by that point). Wenger himself professed to dislike the idea of loaning non-junior players, in whichever direction. Also, he vehemently rejected any deal was in the making.
    I’m wondering about the M’Vila situation. It’s gotten rather quiet around the young man, which is a surprise given the hype that surrounds him. One would expect the oil vultures to creep around the moment Rennes’ chief went on record as saying that there was no deal from Arsenal yet. Curious, innit?

  • aussie gooner

    you’re just as bad as all the other reporters.
    let me say this to you again.


    stupid americans and stupid british media will say anything to sell papers are their sources are usually some kid from twitter or facebook. the turkish media is on a whole other level so take this from someone who can read and write turkish that we are not signing him. most likely will leave on loan but not to arsenal. period.

  • nicky

    Surprised that no-one has so far commented on the excellence of your post, Tony. A masterly summing up on what we might expect in the coming season.
    I particularly liked your prognosis of Diaby who, I feel, could be the architect of much of our success. Always provided, of course, that he can keep away from the medical staff.

  • godge

    Squad of 25: Fabianski, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Santos, Diaby, Rosicky, Arteta, Arshavin, Van Persie, Gervinho, Chamakh, Podolski, Giroud make 15 overseas players.

    Szczesny, Djourou, Gibbs, Ramsey, Song, Walcott, Mannone, Lansbury and Eastmond make 9 home-grown players, a total of 24 players.

    All of the above assumes Park, Squillaci and Bendtner are sold. That means we have space for one more signing. If we make more than one signing, we have to sell more (or leave someone out). Eastmond, Lansbury, Chamakh, Arshavin and Van Persie are candidates for sale. I did not count the goalkeepers as potential sales as they would need to be replaced like for like.

    The U-21s don’t count towards the 25. There are a large number of U-21s with some experience available to us – Bartley, Coquelin, Jenkinson, Wilshere, Miquel, Frimpong, Miyaichi, and Oxlade-Chamberlain – and a number of promising youngsters who could play in the Carling Cup – Martinez,
    Yennaris, Aneke, Afobe and Eisfeld which means if we fill the 25 with one new signing (plus signings if anyone else is sold) we have a potential squad size of 38.

  • Gerry Lennon

    Regards M’vila – I think one possible reason for the lack of interest, apart from the price, and that is whether his ‘off-field situation has been settled? I’ve not read anything so far, and given the French courts could give him a custodial sentence if found guilty of an unprovoke assault, that would seriously harm his career. It could be he might be restricted to staying in France if any ‘community service’ type order is given?
    I should imagine AW has got somebody watching developments, and could pounce if a reasonable price is agreed, once the above is out of the way? …£10m would be his kind of interest I should think. Watch this space as they say?

  • dan

    What the hell you on about players 3 to 9 have been at the club for a few years now apart from thomas who joined in jan

  • bob

    “I firmly believe the mood in the club is that we will once again be the target of some malicious tackles as we have seen over the past four seasons when injuries have just gone through the roof compared with anything we have seen before. Therefore we need a bigger squad, and most of all a highly flexible squad. And that is what these ten players are all about.”

    Tony, Walter,
    Yes, the Expected Malicious Tackles will come, as you now correctly forewarn. We remain the threat of a good example on multiple levels. Are you willing, then, to call for an antidote? Can/will the ref review series begin to focus on the disproportionate number of these violent tackles (calls and non-calls) that came our way? Will this be brought – early/now – to the readers, League and PGMOL’s attention? Will you consider an online petition? Or is it only safety in numbers?

    There needs to be something other than passivity and tsk-tsking. The numbers need to be used, if you believe in them, as many of us have. The Club itself needs to lend support – perhaps a show of legal support – to and before any malicious injuries come our way. Your figures on malicious hits can potentially enable/allow for this. Indeed, the US professional ice hockey case (NHL) against the criminal acts on the ice of Todd Bertuzzi is now nearing a trial date. Perhaps there are lines that cross into criminality that can and need to be drawn and acted upon. Perhaps legal warnings/directives can be issued in advance. Perhaps refs and managers who have turned a blind eye in the past can be put on notice: that this won’t be tolerated. Or do we need to await the “inevitability” of yet another Eduardo, Sagna, Ramsey, Diaby, etc.?

    This should be a Campaign; and imo, you may well have the database to flag the malicious tackles of last season; and to bring them to bear on the forthcoming season. With 750,000 monthly readers, UA can strike a real blow against the neanderthals and their financial beneficiaries. This will protect all fair-minded teams; and shine the spotlight on the obvious thugs and their manager/management-abettors. Pulis beware.

  • Dan, I am truly sorry that I did not make myself clear. When you say “What the hell you on about” I can merely refer you to a sentence in my article that reads…

    “Let us once again pull together our ten new arrivals. By this I mean players who did not feature last season for whatever reason, but who should do this season”

  • Godge:

    I am really grateful to you for the work on this. Just one thing:

    Squad of 25: Fabianski, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Santos, Diaby, Rosicky, Arteta, Arshavin, Van Persie, Gervinho, Chamakh, Podolski, Giroud make 15 overseas players.

    Szczesny, Djourou, Gibbs, Ramsey, Song, Walcott, Mannone, Lansbury and Eastmond make 9 home-grown players, a total of 24 players.

    I would suggest a few minor changes – but this is not in any way a criticism as I couldn’t have done this myself…

    Arshavin, Van Persie, Chamakh are all possible departures from the foreign 15. I suspect at least one, perhaps two might be removed.

    From the home grown nine I suspect Lansbury may have had it simply because as far as I recall he didn’t go on tour – and I don’t think there was a reason for this. If there was do let me know. So as a result we may have one space but three.


  • Nicky thanks. Really kind of you.

  • bjtgooner

    Tony, I thought Lansbury got injured just before the Asia tour, hence, he was replaced by Eisfeld.

    NB good article.

  • dan

    Ok understand were you coming from but the ox did play a bit part, the a.c malain game where he ran the show until he ran out of steam and I thought francis played well covering in the fullback position last year

  • Matt Clarke

    That makes good sense – I’d love to see it happen.

  • GoonerHoot

    Thinking outside the box here…. WHAT IF the whole RVP saga is a cunningly disguised ploy by AW and RVP designed to disrupt our main Premier League rivals. Look at the facts so far:
    -RvP has never said he wants to leave Arsenal –
    -He has spoken of his love of AFC and how ssettled his family are in London. –
    -So far ManU and ManC have been frantically trying to balance books to sign him, offloading stars to try and sign him, not really entered the transfer Market yet.
    Could this all be an ingenious ploy to disrupt our rivals plans? Is this a masterstroke by AW? Am I crazy?

  • GoonerHoot

    I apologise for being completely off topic

  • Matt Clarke

    That would be a hoot.
    I’d love to see that happen too. 🙂

  • John

    Really hope we get Sahin even on loan he is a very classy midfielder player but we cant ignore the obvious which is our defence and we need better players.

    A better LB as Gibbs has struggled with injuries and Santos cant defend and another CB like Mwiaba who care put perssure on Kozzer and Vemanlen and cover RB.

  • Adam

    So far Lansbury has not been given a number. Podolski seems to be waiting for 9 or 10 to become available. Vela still holds a number but is on his way i believe, Botelo has gone.

  • ak47

    if i see cazorla holding a afc shirt on the official website i’ll be doing a 3.35 minute jig. if we get sahin aswell i’ll probably just spontaneously combust.

    more than happy with what we have and its weird all the angst about the fullbacks. we had none at one point and when we finally got some back we were a changed team and pushed on. now it seems we still need more even tho we got some?

  • zdzis

    Ugh, “Santos can’t defend” again! Please!
    It’s quite enough for him to backtrack as he so often does with so much skill, and intercept the ball, which he also managed to do several times over the course of last season.
    I know Menezes claimed he can’t defend, but that’s Menezes talking about the Brazil national team, where Santos rivals Marcelo from Madrid, being both less accomplished and older. Think about that, will you?

  • Mandy Dodd

    Wish it was goonerhoot but somehow I doubt it. But if Og and Poldi are not fit to start the season, I can see no alternative than to keep hold of vp until jan at least.

  • HR

    Wilshere isn’t ‘a new signing’ … while we all hope like hell he’ll be back sooner rather than later, there is a concrete possibility he’ll only be back in fits and starts as his body adjusts from having over a full season off. Maybe next year you can call him ‘a new signing’.

    As far as Ryo’s concerned. He’ll only be ‘a new signing’ if (a) he doesn’t go out on loan again. And (b) he shows enough talent to be a bench regular for Premier League matches. The same goes for Thomas Eisfeld. Though, I must admit they both look at least ‘talented’. A year in the reserves for both isn’t what we’d like to see. Can I see either of them in anything other than FA and league cup games? No.

    Coquelin I like. But he didn’t look too good in pre-season. He’s someone who I’d like to see more often and could be a real presence this year.

    Diaby … you may have a point. But unless he’s available for us when we need him this season (that is uninjured) then we can’t tell yet. Fingers crossed because he could be a massive influence this campaign.

    Frimpong. Always good to have a born-and-bred Arsenal player at the club. But there’s simply not enough evidence yet that he’s the calibre of player we need in defensive midfield. I get the feeling that so much about Frimpong is about Twitter. The idea is that if you’re willing to take on the detestable Piers Morgan then that’s qualification enough – it’s not. He’s still not back from injury. And he still has to prove a lot on the pitch before he warrants his ‘new signing’ status. Put another way … if he were out there at another club would we sign him today? The answer is probably no. He’s no Oxlade-Chamberlain. And would we pay a decent transfer fee for him? I can’t see it.

    No mention of Bartley or Lansbury, who, by your generous criteria should be in the list. In my opinion neither are good enough for the first team. Lansbury isn’t as good as Ramsey, and Bartley isn’t as good as Djourou. What can be said is that Bartley looked the part in pre-season as a defensive organiser. He’s tall, deals with headers reasonably, but he’s slow and doesn’t read the game well. Maybe that can be taught … I’m not so sure. Yet he may flourish under Bould. We’ll see. But a ‘new signing’ … good God no. A reserve and minor cup player despite his first team status.

    Lansbury is one of those players that thinks he’s better than he is. Technically, he’s not exactly outstanding. But once in a while he can find a pass. And once in a while he can find the net. I’m unconvinced that this is enough for an unproven Premier League player on £25K a week. Again, how much would you pay for him to join the club if he wasn’t already here? And where would you fit him? Sure, he’s English, which is fine for some. But then so was Bentley.

    So, for ‘new signings’ or ‘new arrivals’ or whatever … we have Podolski, Giroud, and Diaby. Oxlade-Chamberlain at a push. These are all first team players. Wilshere can only be included if and when he comes back. (Maybe you can ‘sign’ him in your virtual January Transfer window.) But so far … that’s it. Four players. Five if we’re sure Coquelin starts for Song instead of Diaby.

    No. The real signings are yet to come as previous signings leave. Vela’s gone. RVP might go. (I like that I can still say ‘might’ at this late stage.) Park, Squillaci, Bendtner all might go also. Then there’s Arshavin and Chamakh.

    Once players leave, then real signings arrive. They may be the rumoured ones. They may not. But if we lose four before September then it could be troublesome. And if we lose all six then it could get quite scary.

    ‘New signings’ take time to integrate and get up to fitness. Anyone who comes in next month won’t be playing for us until October at the earliest. People sometimes forget that.

  • WalterBroeckx

    My spanish is a bit rusty but just seen on twitter how fans from Santi Cazorla thank him for what he has done and wish him the best. Some kisses are exchanged, some insults also.

    So it does look that Santi Cazorla is on his way out from Malaga. But no mention of where he is going. That might be a positive indication….

  • bob

    Matt Clarke,
    Thanks, mate, much appreciated.
    Otherwise, the silence here is deafening.

  • ak47

    for real for real? early flight santi, early flight.

  • mury

    All iwant is excellent performance and result weather mvla,santi,niang,sahin.who ever let’s get the right guys pls wenger pls!!!

  • Jewels

    The following comment is a very interesting one, in my opinion, and I’m taking the unusual step of actually commenting on it within the comment. The end note, “You kids are pathetic” is mild compared with the abuse that is sometimes hurled at Untold writers by a small section of Arsenal “support”, and that’s not the point: it is the comment, “Arsene buys pathetic useless players and sells the best yet you still act as if you all know football !”

    That comment really made me suddenly take notice. I mean, if Arsenal buy pathetic useless players, how come anyone is ever going to buy them? Henry, RVP, Vieira, Fabregas, Koscielny, Vermaelen – pathetic useless players? And what of Man C, Man U and Juve who want to buy RVP – where does this remark put them? I leave you to consider.

    Here’s the full unedited comment.

    Tony Attwood (editor)

    The fact you name already signed arsenal players from last season and injured kids is pathetic and lame.
    Ten new signings?
    2 so far and we have sold our best striker.
    Best in Europe !!

    Why don’t we all sit down and name the many many failed Arsene signings over the past few seasons.
    Enough to make a whole new team !

    Arsene buys pathetic useless players and sells the best yet you still act as if you all know football !

    You kids are pathetic.

  • Mark Ibrahim

    @HR: I agree with almost Every Word you said except for the bit about Lansbury. I hear people always saying that he isn’t good enough for Arsenal but from what I’ve seen, he’s one of our best youth players. Not sure if I’m seeing things or if it’s just fashionable not to like him. The only problem I see with him is that Arsene might not be too keen on his personality. Seems a bit chav/attitudy.

  • Mark Ibrahim

    Regarding Cazorla, I think he will be coming. I admit that I haven’t seen much of him but some Journos (esp. Lowe) praise him to 7th heaven. I’ve even heard some say he’d fit right into Barca’s midfield.
    As for Sahin, I don’t think it will happen. The problem is that RM have gone on record saying they do NOT want to lose him. Therefore, it wouldn’t make sense for them to sell to a club who has been previously keen to sign him. Moreover, it wouldn’t make much sense for us to get a player we want and see him leave the next season. There are many rumours from “close sources” that it’s close to happening, but I’m not sure that’s true.

  • Mark Ibrahim

    Lastly, I count myself amongst the fans that feel that our fullbacks are our weakesest positions. My reasons are as follows.
    Santos: He looked one of the least fit players on the squad this pre-season and he seems to have some weight issues but that, in itself, is something that can be easily remedied. However, I think Wenger was experimenting with him at LW for a reason. He may have a great shot & some fancy tricks up his sleeves but he often isn’t aware of his opposite numbers positioning and/or is just too lazy to track him. I admit right before he got injured last season there were signs that he was getting good so perhaps there’s hope.
    Jenkinson: He’s quick, is excellent at crossing, and isn’t afraid to take on an opponent (as we saw with his cheeky nutmeg the other day). Unfortunately, he isn’t a winger! He is a LB and is woeful at tracking players. We’ve seen it time and time again both last year and in this pre-season (he was at fault for both Man City’s goals). I know we like the boy because he’s a Gooner but I don’t think he’s ready for the 1st team yet and would like to see him go on loan, personally.
    Gibbs: I think he is really growing into his role and getting better and better. I think he is a “safer” option than Santos atm. Unfortunately, we know about his injury track record so hopefully, we won’t have to worry about that htis year.
    Nico: I really like the look of this kid. He may have a bit less experience but I also think he is a safer option than Jenkinson. He is slim but does a great job of sticking to his man and isn’t easily distracted or pushed off the ball. I think he should deputize Sagna but he isn’t the finished product and shouldn’t be relied upon as a consistent starter.

  • GroovT

    How can we still talk about those fake reports from Spain? Each year stupid newspapers like As and Marca are promissing that we will sign second/third choice players of Madrid and Barcelona. Sahin is another case. We had Joselu earlier this year and a bunch of those (Bojan last year for instance). I can’t remember all those cases but during each transfert market we have this stupide noise! You could make an article on this history: “Why Spanish newspapers always lie?”

  • Goona Gal

    I wanted to bring attention to this excellent article linked below.

    Amongst other great points, the article writer highlights something I noticed about Alex OC a while ago. His runs into the box and style of play are distinctly reminicent of Nasri at his best. When I think about last year’s vocal section of doom and gloom mongers that gave rise to John Cross writing an article about how Arsenal fans were calling for AW’s head because of his purchase, I shake my head. Arsene knows.

  • critic

    how we gonna accommodate 40 players in the squad? Simple really!! just like chelsea gonna accommodate their new signings in accordance to FFP.

  • Matt Clarke

    Quote from “WeAreTheNorthBank”

    Cazorla is due at London Colney tomorrow … and is set to sign a €21million deal, and become Arsenal’s third major summer signing…

  • Goona Gal

    @ Matt Clarke – link is broken??

    I just watched Team GB win, it was quite a good game and again Ramsey played well. He’s pressed well when we have lost possession and passed the ball around with ease and generally busted a lung up and down the pitch with a cool head. Without a doubt he is an important player for the team, it’s about time Pearce started with him, instead of bringing him on a sub. I think we need to sign Ramsey to a contract extention ASAP!

    Also Allen has demonstrated that he is a very good player and I think Swansea will struggle to keep hold of him now. Butland will have clubs beating down Birmingham’s door now too, so I wonder if transfer talk will prove to be a distraction for either one of these players.

  • Goona Gal

    I’ve just seen Big Mert busting some dance moves in Nigeria!Suprisingly not bad and there is a bit of rhythm there, cracked me up though. I am looking forward to having him back in defence as his intelligent positioning is really needed to help marshal the lines.

    Also Podolski speaks quite good english, which is a suprise.

  • bjtgooner

    @Goona Gal

    Ramsey played well again tonight and continues to look as if his confidence has returned. Lets hope he can start to realise his potential this season.

  • createstrain

    yup ramsey was one of if not the best player i thought. a few understandable mistakes but good game overall. he was also subject to selective commentary which was annoying.

    and while sturridge got an easy goal he reminded me of an article that was trying to defend theo. they was right. he is more frustrating than theo and i wouldnt like to see his hollywood style in the red and white. nor bellamy. talent yes, attitude no.
    liverpool will be more exciting to watch though.

    highlight of the night – ‘i dunno how i got the alan’s mixed up, one was a great striker the other an average defender’ boom!

  • Matt Clarke

    @Goona Gal:
    not broken, but it was so slow to load when I first saw it that I thought fit to quote it here. (I think that the site was getting a lot of hits due to the NewsNow link.

  • Adam

    I find it weird that we are linked with Sahin with him being ex-Dortmund and last time we was linked with a player from Dortmund it was Gotze but we signed Eisfeld. Maybe it is Isco (who is in the UK for the Olympics) or Toulalan instead of Cazorla. But all guess work as I really don’t know.
    Does anyone know if Arsenal have ever signed a player permanently after a loan period?

  • WalterBroeckx

    Some tweets from Santi Cazorla just released and sorry for the bad translations but I wanted to keep it like that:

    Hello friends! I’ve long without writing and I apologize for that. I’ll tell you these days, as an approaching change in my life 🙂

    I want to clarify that for the moment, I am player of Malaga and I focus all my work to defend these colors. The future will be.
    Now my agent has gone into reacionados issues with my near future. At this time the same thing you know, when you have new …
    I appreciate all the support, Malaga always in my heart. Thanks to the club, my colleagues and above all to the fans. Thank you.

    Right now I have, as my representative, two offers. I have to assess both but I think I’ve decided. Goodbye Malaga.

    So let us hope that the second offer was staying at Malaga…

  • WalterBroeckx

    And now the last twitter from Santi Cazorla:

    Santi Cazorla ‏@SCazorla12

    I want to say that since this moment I’m a Gunner. Quiero decir que desde este momento soy Gunner.

  • C4

    *Wild Dance*

  • Mandy Dodd

    If so, great news. Of course we can only believe when on the official site. Guess Chelsea could gazump us again, although after the events at Malaga, I am sure the calmer waters of our part of North London, and the way we play will have massive appeal. Robin, if it really is trophies / ambition or whatever you want – you maybe would like to have a rethink?