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August 2021

The most important game of the season: Cologne – Arsenal (should we boo RVP?)

By Walter Broeckx

Is the game we play in the Cologne the most important game for Arsenal this season? Or is it just the most important game for one player in particular: Robin Van Persie?

And in fact it is maybe not even down to the people on the pitch or on the bench to decide on that future of our last season captain. No it might be down to …the diehard Gooners who will spend their hard earned money on Sunday in Cologne.  Before you start thinking: has it gone to his head all that praise about the ref reviews? Well it might but just walk this possible path with me.

The first thing we have to do is to forget all what has happened this summer. Let us set our feelings back to Sunday May 13, 17.00. What were you hoping  in which shirt would Van Persie be playing this season? Well I think for some 99% (or maybe even higher) we all would hope he would be an Arsenal player this season. Keep hold of that feeling because that is the main feeling.

The next issue is the fact: should Robin Van Persie sign a new contract? We bought him for relative small change 8 years ago. He has given 8 years to us and has had 1 great season and the rest were mostly hampered by injuries.

If we go back to players who have ran out their contract, the only one I can think of in the last 7 or 8 years is Mathieu Flamini. How was he in his last year? Well it was his best year. Because he knew he was playing for whatever team he would be playing for and the better he was the more money he would get be it at Arsenal or at any other team. So if Van Persie would follow his footsteps that wouldn’t be too bad.

And in fact Van Persie not signing a new contract also means that he just stays on the (already high enough) wages he has and this will have as a result that Arsenal will have more financial power to pay other players.  So Van Persie not signing is not a disaster, or it shouldn’t be a disaster for Arsenal.

So is there up to now any reason to boo him? Well I don’t think so. It is a private matter if a player wants to sign a new contract and earn more money. Or that he chooses to just earn what was agreed 4 years ago and stick to that.  So if we take all this in account I feel no problem to clap in my hands the moment I hear his name and he will play in an Arsenal shirt.

Now comes the most difficult part. The statement. Because of some ill-advisers Van Persie agreed to launch that very silly looking statement. I think Vos-Dein shot themselves in their foot with launching that statement.  We have bought 3 players who can be called top class in Europe with Podolski, Cazorla and Giroud – how can we not have ambition?

But the real thinking behind the statement was inevitably money. Van Persie is entering the final stage of his career and he is thinking of getting a big pay cheque for whatever happens later.  Now that itself is no crime. I would walk away from my job if someone offers me double that money. And even then I can only dream of getting in a year what RVP wants in one week.  But I’m human and some greed is familiar to me and so once again it is not a crime to want as much money as possible in your career. So wanting more money is again no reason for me to boo him.

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The way he behaved with that stupid statement is however one bridge too far. He could have kept it behind closed doors and not gone public. But I think we can look at his agent-advisers for that stupidity. Stupidity on which he agreed but some advisers can be very persuasive and well we all make mistakes.

All the newspaper rumours about Van Persie flying to Manchester each day were just the normal newspaper gibberish.  Pictures of him on clearly show that Van Persie was with the squad training like the rest of them. So please let us not get carried away by those reports and false rumours.

In fact I think those rumours are somehow fabricated by Manchester United and Ferguson in order to create an atmosphere where it would be impossible for Van Persie to change his mind and stay at Arsenal.

So what will we get as a result if we boo or don’t boo Van Persie next Sunday?

If we don’t boo him Van Persie will know that the fans could forgive him and still support him (as long as he delivers of course). And most of all it will make it clear for Wenger that he can keep Van Persie and that it will not have a negative impact on the support for the whole team.

Because I think it was clear (thinking back to the Adebayor saga) that when a player is unhappy and the supporters turn against him it can affect the rest of the team. When a team hears boos they cannot stop the game and ask each booing fan: “Against whom are you booing? Ah, RVP, ok fine so it’s not against me so I can feel supported”.  No, booing affects the whole team and could lead to players letting their heads drop.

Now just imagine that we would boo Van Persie. The result would be that:

1.Van Persie will have no desire to make an U-turn.

2.Wenger will know that the fans might turn against him and this could lead to all kinds of trouble in the team.

3. The other circling vultures from other clubs will know this and will try to unsettle Van Persie and the fans even more. And this could lead to eventually Arsenal selling Van Persie at a too low price to no matter who.

4. The papers smell blood and will add more to their campaign of disinformation and Van Persie will be seen flying off to sign for all sorts of teams next week.

Do we really want those last 4 things to happen?  Do you want to do the Anti-Arsenal’s dirty work for them?

So now think back at your feelings of May 13, 17.00. You wanted him to stay. What do you want? Think of the fact that for now Manchester United seems the only really interested club in Van Persie? Do you want to boo him direction Manchester?

Well I will be one of those deciding fans in das Rheinenergiestadium in Cologne on Sunday (tickets in the mail today).  I HAVE NEVER BOOED AN ARSENAL PLAYER BEFORE! And Robin Van Persie will not have that privilege.

Not because I love him that much. No, just because when I try to think of it, the last thing I want is send him out to another team and possibly to our rivals. So if you want the chances of Van Persie ending up in Manchester getting higher… then just boo him on Sunday.

But if you think “I don’t want him playing for another team” and I want him to stay and play his best season ever or if not want him to rot in the reserves…then for God’s sake, then DON’T BOO HIM.

The choice is up to us Gooners who will be in Cologne. We might be part of  how the coin will drop at the end. The most important thing we should consider is ARSENAL. And that is exactly what I will be doing by not booing Van Persie. Because it could and probably will damage Arsenal.

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57 comments to The most important game of the season: Cologne – Arsenal (should we boo RVP?)

  • Héctor

    We should boo Djourou until he leaves the club. This is OUR WORST player in the last 20 years.

  • RedGooner

    I dont think anyone should boo RVP over the stupid statement that was made we have all made mistakes in life and more than likely been forgiving for them.
    If we want to players then there is the Joey Bartons of this world that deserve it much more.

  • East Coast Gooner

    If he stays, and god knows we should all want him to, he will sign an extension come January.

    You’re dead right, although he should know anyway, let’s forget the silly agents greed driven statement and cheer him, not boo him and put him in a position where his heart won’t leave regardless of what his agent wants.

  • Stevie E

    You’re a dick

  • Jayjay

    @Hector U’re sure?
    Could think of way better(or shuld I say worse) than Yohan DJ…. But y boo a Player wearong the Arsenal shirt? Aint it counter productive?.

  • nakew

    Sensible article.
    Please DO NOT BOO your own player No matter what.

  • finsbury

    If you (as in anyone) had a choice, would you play in front of a midfield (with Carrick in D-Fence!) of Cleverly, Kagawa and some other half arsed player instead of Arteta, Carzola & Song? It’s a toughie. Of course, we know everything evens itself out up norf, but still.

  • Felix dire

    I love this article, but then it was rvp that turned his back on arsenal whatsoever he gets out there he deserves it, remember the barge at the front will always be greater than the name at the back.

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    I’ll be watching at home on Arsenal Player and so my voice won’t be heard. Can you please not boo for me as well – all players in The Arsenal Shirt need our support not derision.

    I think your logic is sound and to show support may just influence him to stay, to boo him will certainly reinforce any thoughts of leaving. I would far rather he be our player this season than Manure’s. I would also rather like to see them fail to sign him in the same way as they have failed with other major targets this summer.

    With their current squad I think that they will find life difficult even with the support of the PMGOL.

  • Hector, thanks for the This is OUR WORST player in the last 20 years line. I was trying to think of AAA commentaries to go in an article and forgot this one. I will paste it in.

  • MK

    If anyone boos Van Persie then they are basically supporting strengthening our opposition.

    If you don’t like him anymore and feel like booing him then at least wait until after he leaves (if he does).

    Until then show him the error of his ways and support the team unreservedly and make him realise what he will be missing if he choses to follow the money!

  • Calvin

    good blog this. I agree that we shouldnt boo our own players cos it is counter productive, however, I truly believe that the Gooner boos illustrates the frustration with the trophy-less seasons, higher season ticket prices, exodus of decent players in their prime and the footballing advancement of ManU, Chelsea, City and even Spurs (not that the scum has effected us directly lol). Sometimes Arsenal fans can be forgiven for thinking that our club is simply treading water with a serious lack of the return in the board and the fans investment, and lets face its so easy for the most cynical of us to say that we going backwards. Lets just try to imagine the the hardest job in the premiership which is Arsene’s. Arsenal, one of the most commercially creative, technically talented, and definitively attractive club in europe has the most challenging and dynamic competition league, schedule, media and finance and sporting expectations. As for me…highs and lows I wont get carried away with those who want to wear a different jersey because Arsenal was there before Flamini, Hleb, Cole, Ade, Cesc, Nasri and even RVP (whatever he decides to do) and Arsenal will be there long after they are gone. We are no Liverpool FC…we have never been a one person team. Dont get it twisted, I share the simular frustrations with you all…i bleed red and white too…but lets keep the perspective correct here. Im suprised how well we have survived in the current global climate, without depending on the banks and foreign ideals…we are The Arsenal and we doing everything independantly and The Arsenal way! My trophy is the club itself!

    The greatest team the world has ever seen…STILL!

  • createstrain

    ill be very surprised if he doesn’t get booed. he could have said something to counteract it by now easily. but he hasn’t. which for me leaves few options.

    1. he’s a massive idiot and wants to leave for more money. (still find that hard to believe from what i’ve seen of him over the years). or…

    2. its a necessary chess move to aid arsenals whilst unsettling the mancs.

    would both clubs hold off major signings with the hope of getting robin? will they release players for the same reason? would i cause disharmony within the squads. its not like either of them need him, they were first and second in the league and in goals scored. for me they only want him because they’ve havent been this scared of us for some time.

    if it is a ploy by us what would be necessary for clubs to believe were serious in offloading robin? would they chase the geese all the way till the window shuts if robin had not kept his silence over the statement.

    maybe it naivety mixed with hope but unless its to blue oil i cant see him going anywhere and signing once the jan window shuts and manure hasbeens completely unsettled.

    then again surely arsenal arent that devious. hmmmm. could drag on this 🙁

  • RobL

    @ Hector – really, did you not see some of our 1994-95 team?

    @ Walter, I’d never boo an Arsenal player (unless we signed Barton!), but neither will I applaud Van Persie. We can all make excuses and call his letter ill advised, but after the expected crap storm it created he could have come out and blamed his advisors, but he chose to stay quiet and let it stay on record as his comments.

    Now he has not yet been snapped up for 200K/week for 5 years he’s probably quite rightly having a bit of squeeky bum time regarding his future.

  • bob

    Imo, RVP is pure cynical pragmatist. Out of the same exact spirit, we should NOT boo him. Not because we like him. Not because we forgive him. Not because he’s anything approaching a real gooner in some part of his heart. But for these reasons, so that we keep him, and keep Manure from fielding the top two scorers in the EPLF:

  • Elvis Senthil

    I was initially damn pissed off with RvP. But I understand your view . Considering the likes of Barton, Terry, Suarez, Rooney, Shawcross, etc. there is no player wearing the Red & White (and blue) who is worth Booing. More importantly I reserve my booing for the likes of Hector (#$%%@##$@$%#). Djouou has done more for the team than you thankless dogs ever will in your shitty, worthless existences. Go support the spuds or manUre or Chelshit!!!

  • Goona Gal

    Well last year in a similar situation, Arsenal fans booed Arsene Wenger for some stupid reason and young Conor Henderson on his debut as he lay on the ground injured.

  • legweak

    They spanked us last season now there taking our best player
    and probably the best CF in europe. If its just about the money then why should”nt he be on par with all the others in the PL on 200k a week, or atleast be the highest paid at the club which at present is AW. Why do we seem to be the only Big club that can”t hang on to its best players. Ironicaly we should have a better chance this year with the squad assembled ( well done AW ) but how many people i wonder truly believe that third is possible again, i”d take fourth now, well done Old Red nose i think you might just finnish on a high

  • Clock Ender

    We shouldn’t boo our own players. They’re wearing our colours, they’re our lads. While they’re on the pitch we should give them 100% from the terraces.

    What we say afterwards down the pub after a few pints of stella is another matter tho, lol.

  • Anu

    I will be at the stadium too. I have never booed Arsenal or an Arsenal player and I never can. If anybody does he can’t say he loves the club because love is never conditional!

  • Arvind

    No it does not make sense to boo him or anyone. But I do not want him to stay.No. 100% no. He can score another 40 goals and win the MVP for all I care. RVP for me is done.

    I honestly do not know how I will react when he scores his 20 goals for Arsenal next season if he stays. And he will score them if he is fit. Because Arsenal are benefiting and I will be happy that we are winning. But it is a player whose actions I considered reprehensible who helped us win. If I am happy about it, it is a blatant contradiction in my ethics with which I lead my life. I am honestly confused and do not know what to do. Maybe I will not watch Arsenal for a year. Maybe. Just maybe.

    As Sammy the Snake said last time, lets wait till Aug 18th.

  • Noobmb

    I will never boo the red and white but I will never cheer RVP again he has let the club that stuck by him dwn and most of all let himself dwn

  • exiter

    brilliant article, let’s get behind the club, not against the players 🙂

  • Elvis Senthil

    I lay the blame for all the booing on BBC, Mirror, Sun, Bleacher Report and other 2 bit tabloids and blogs … All the unthinking ‘Sheeple’ are led on this self destructive course . “Wenger – out ” campaign was un-freaking-believable … Also too much Football Manager tends to addle the already limited brains of the sheeple!

    ” Djourou has overall of 75 on FIFA 2019, therefore in my expert opinion he is worse than the spud’s defenders. ”
    Get a Life Losers!

  • Gooner S

    I have never booed an Arsenal player. I may have shouted an expletive or two at times…but boo…never!

  • Mick

    Cartoon comment from a cartoon dog of a poster.

  • The font

    Boo no but think if your wife said she wanted to leave you for one of the three richest mates you have
    because the cortina is not as good as A jag She then does not get an offer from one of your mates and notices you have upgraded the cortina to a Capri knowing she really does not want you should you let her in your Capri as much as it hurts everyone knows its time to say good bye after all were still good looking and there’s another beauty Out there waiting to love us.

  • bob

    Walter, Arvind,
    RVP and his strategist Darren Damien Dein have no ethics. I admire your choice, Arvind, to wish him to leave because he has violated your ethical standards. I don’t make that choice, which is to say, I want to prevent another evil from happening: the poaching of RVP and Alex Song by a Zillionire Self-Entitlement Model whereby Money Rules Everything. Manure has been tapping-up RVP (Rooney today) and is trying to send its own chairman, David Gill, this weekend to try to clinch a deal that (a) puts the top two scorers [RVP and Rooney] into its offense, and (b) that will add a needed bounce to its stock flotation today on the NY Stock Exchange. Barca has been tapping up Song – who has two years left on his contract, speaking of ethics – with its serial stalkers (first Busquets, then Iniesta and today Pique). Surely Puyol is next. Now, did you know that the quiet man, x-Cesc, is represented by Darren Damien Dein. As is Alex Song. And that Dein as a well trod pathway to Barca (as with Thierry Henry and x-Cesc) already in place. So here’s my ethic: Say NO to this. And one way to say NO to all this cold-blooded asset-stripping is to say YES to RVP staying this season at AFC. Saying YES to RVP staying will strike a blow at this other immorality that violates my ethics as much as RVP’s actions have violated your ethics. (As for your confusion, perhaps RVP and 3D are non-ethical practitioners of applied Any Randism, and something to deal with for another day?)

  • Goona Gal

    Another question is RVP going to wear the No.10 shirt and Podolski the newly vacated No.11 or Podolski the No.10 and RVP back to wearing the No.11?

  • RobL

    @ the Font, I sincerely hope that you are not comparing Arsenal to a rusty old pile of cack with all the handling and appeal of a tub of lard. I’d hope my wife would have the taste to leave me if I bought a Cortina!

  • GUN

    @Hector Atleast Djourou is loyal to our club. He is a quality player for 4th Choice CB.

  • Ong Bing

    Good write Walter. Boo RVP maybe can affect to another players too.

    We must show to our players, we support them until they change the color.

    Cologne game is important, this is first time in this season we go with full squad, except Ramsey and another injured players.

  • The font

    Robl. It’s worse my girlfriend run off with my best mate who was skint and drove a Lada.

  • Arvind

    Trust me. I’d hate it to watch RVP and Rooney on the same team. I don’t care about midfield less ManU. RVP and Rooney on 1 team is deadly. Just deadly. And I’d hate watching it. 100%. And all after I thought RVP was a true Gunner. If he’d come out Bob, and said, I want to be paid more than Rooney and Arsenal cant pay me – I’m ..I’m fine. It’d be stupid to pay that much and it is not value for money …but as you well know…every individual on earth in my book has a right to quote a price and find a buyer. But I digress..forgive me.

    What RVP has come out and effectively said is that he does not trust Arsenal. This could have potentially been disastrous and extremely disruptive to team morale and younger players. It wasn’t ..luckily. I ask you, what happens if RVP stays? Who do you make captain? Do you play him in games? Do you bench him for a year like Tevez while paying his wages? I’m asking..I don’t know.

    If Arsenal can afford to have him train alone in Dubai or Abu Dhabi then yes..keep him. But I don’t want him here, to play any part in our season. I do not know how I can possibly cheer for Arsenal and not support RVP. It isn’t possible. Morally. Ethically. There are no contradictions Bob (you know where I get that from), if there are contradictions, check your facts. So here are my facts, and dare I say yours and everyone’s:

    a) This is just what DDD and R&W want. Agreed 100%.
    b) If we do not make a statement and NOT sell, DDD would have won. Agreed. 100%.
    c) Arsenal would have made a lot of money but lost fans goodwill. Agreed. 100%
    d) I and everyone will feel sick watching RVP and Rooney. Agreed. 100%.
    e) The tapping up will continue. Agreed. 100%.

    We’re equal till here. But crucially…

    f) Can you support and cheer for a club at the same time detest one of its employees whom the club support publicly for whatever reason but don’t? Irrespective of agreeing completely on a) to e). I’m grappling with that question. As of now..NO.

    f) >>> a) + b) + c) + d) + e)

    The ethics of a deed are always higher than everything else. In my book. I’m taking a very high moral ground, and this can blow up in my face if RVP does not go and I support Arsenal.

    But honestly, football, like its economics, which have no contradictions cannot be separated from reality. The same contradictions exist here as well. Whether one chooses to ignore them or not…is purely personal. As of now I am not. It is a contradiction for me. So even though it means a victory of sorts for DDD…I cannot think of ‘RVP stay = lesser evil’ and support it.

    For now Bob. For now. Maybe I will find an answer. Just maybe. Until then. You may not agree, but I hope you uunderstand.

  • bob

    The most important “game” of the weekend is the alleged sitdown of FA Board and Council members – Manure’s David Gill and AFC’s Ivan Gazidis. Will they conclude an RVP deal over everyone’s head?

    Indeed, pray, why is Gazidis sitting down with Gill AT ALL? To discuss the niceties of the FA? As a Courtesy? As a quid pro quo for Gazidis being invited on the FA Board? Does Arsene Wenger really want this discussion? To lose RVP? Do fans really want the top two scorers in the EPL to be playing against us for Manure? Do we really want to continue be asset-stripped to benefit our most dangerous rivals – especially Manure – who already gets the rub of the green from the so-called referees? And, in the process, reward the mendacity of our most dangerous enemy within – Darren Damien Dein – who represents RVP and stands to earn another windfall on this transaction; even as he sparks the tapping up of another client, Alex Song, by our beloved other asset-stripper, Barfa of Quatar. Any thoughts?

  • nicky

    I suppose that if you want to sell something or someone, display in a shop window is the place. This could be the only reason for including Van Persie in the Arsenal team against Cologne.
    It is virtually certain that he will be transferred during the current Window i.e. presumably when United decide to pay the asking price.
    Arsenal have already signed the nucleus of a new attack formation for next season, something all fans will be anxious to see. Rather than express displeasure with Van Persie, those attending the game would be well advised to concentrate on our new look for the future.

    NB. Fans who will watch the game on ESPN, kindly remember to use the MUTE button.

  • bob

    I do understand and truly respect your honesty and open struggle with this difficult moment. There is nothing simple about it. I think that relative evils can ensure a higher good. I also see that too many relative evils can prevent a higher good. At this plane of so-called reality – and football is immersed in it, totally – I am stuck in a dilemma too. In this case, however, I don’t feel paralyzed. I will root for RVP’s success as an Arsenal player because it will help Arsenal to win. That said, I will not cheer him at all, not one goal for us; unless he makes a complete mea culpa apology, which I would never expect given his massive opportunism, and shows himself to play his heart out to advance AFC’s prospects this season until the end of this season. Arvind, we both know the expression: the perfect can be the enemy of the good. Please think about that. I believe that in this case, your decision to stand with the perfect is hurting the good – which is to prevent Rooney and RVP from playing against us and for the Rednose XX which is against the best interests of football. Either which way, I respect where your coming from and, in fact, totally identify with it. My compromises are torturous, no doubt. But there’s also something in this to be gained, as you also do appreciate, whichever side you come down on in the so-called end.

  • bob

    Ivan Gazidis,
    Do not do this: IF/when you sit down with David Gill this weekend: Do not sell RVP. Do not sell out AFC. Do not let FA inclusion turn your head. Do not play us with spin. Do not weaken our side by giving in to the fans worst enemy (after Spuds) and the predator agent/advisor (Darren Demian Dean) who has been stripping AFC’s assets for several seasons going, as you well are aware. Please boost your stature by standing fast. We do not need the money right now. Keeping RVP will more than earn it back by advancing with his help deep into the CL this year. Surely you know this. Please do not be a creature of short-termism in the extreme. The money you may earn from his sale will be a drop in the ocean compared to what waiting another 10 months will bring back. Tell that to Stan and Hill-Wood and to your own heart. We are on the verge of something big and special. Keep our assets and honor Arsene Wenger’s program by protecting it from destruction. That will be a win/win for AFC’s prospectis, if that’s what you truly want.

  • Arvind

    Cheers Bob. Thank You. I hope I am clearer by the time the transfer window slams shut. I read up about the phrase you mentioned – ‘The perfect….’ .. and I daresay I agree. Whether I can get myself to implement it or not…lets wait. I have until Aug 31.

  • Matt Clarke

    Great Walter – thanks.
    Booing RVP would be a huge mistake.

    If he is minded to flee then boo-ing him will make it easy.
    If he is minded to stay it will/may make it impossible.

    If he is minded to go then NOT boo-ing him (or even showing support) will/may prick his conscience (which will be deserved).
    If he is minded to stay then NOT boo-ing him will surely help.

    So, please, no Boo RVP.

    PS I visited the Ardenne and Cologne as a student 30 yeasr ago and can say that it is (or, at least was) a lovely part of the world and well worth a visit.

  • bob

    “for me they only want him because they’ve havent been this scared of us for some time.”
    There’s a second reason. Getting RVP would give either the golden leg up on the other. They played last season to a virtual draw (notwithstanding the unfair refshite advantage that Manure had). RVP would definitely give Manure an advantage and a boost (they think and crave) to their stock flotation today on the NY Stock Exchange.

  • I wouldn’t bother booing Van Persie at this stage. We honestly dont know what will happen. As for Man utd’s stance towards Van Persie and transfers in general, there is something very odd going on at that club. I’ve never know a club that is so intent on publicising their potential tansfer targets. They’re using their official site to publicly name players they want to buy (like Moura and Van persie) Also Fergie is publically speaking about players much more than he usually does. Personally, I think that it’s an elaborate game of bluff. They are trying to convince their supporters that they want to sign these players, but they haven’t got the means to do so. With Fegie’s assistance(first when he initiated a civil war between himself and Magnier and Mcmanus over the rock of Gibralter which allowed the glazers’ an open door into the club), the glazers are pillaging the club to an insane degree. And Fegie’s acting as their facilitator. The irony of the whole situation is the man who has done so much to build the club is also the man who is the vital cog in its destruction.

  • bjtgooner

    Good thoughts Walter. We should never boo any player in an Arsenal shirt.

    However, it might be worth considering, at home games, some way of letting Dein the Lesser Pimp know what we think of him!

  • Mick

    If RVP does finish up at Manure at least, unlike last season, he will get some penalties awarded in his favour! More salt in the wound for us.

  • I’m not gonna boo him, nor any Arsenal player for that matter, I’m just gonna wait till he leaves and promptly unfollow him on Twitter. That’s what I’m gonna do.

  • Gunnerrek

    Unfortunately I am not in Europe Am in Africa I cannot be in Germany to watch the game life but by God grace I will watch the game, and I love all the responses I read so far, these prove to me that Arsenal’s supporters are mature and not only mature but love our beloved club. Bravo keep it up and show that maturity on Sunday. To me if he (RVP) like let him stay, but stay or leave this season is going to be a fruitful season for us. As MK said let reserve our boo till if at all he leave as we did to that foolish Adebayo and for Djorou, he might not good enough but he is a faithful player. Thank you for this blog. Long live Gooooooooooooooners.

  • The font

    Our biggest hurdle this year will be to have 100% unconditional support for the team we support we have no right to win anything but we have the obligation to stay loyal to the club we love and not criticise players or manager at games and show the world we are proud to support the mighty arsenal and are feeling secure that the club is being run in a financial way that long term we will be super league in an uncertain climate we are are already top of the league

  • Prof. Oyeboh.Razaq

    This is definitely a fantastic and highly directional blog from a writer blessed with a great sense of the psycology of human nature. From all considerations and standards, booing has an advert effect on the entire team and i doubtedly hope it wont happen on Sunday. I had once commented that RVP is morally right to decide not to sign a contract extension . What i quarel with is the manner he did it; on the open internet against the club that stood by him at the testing period. I am sure he has realised his folly by now. If i were him, i shall sack the wrekless money-drunk agent-adviser.

  • Shakabula Gooner

    But I can boo him from my couch watching on TV. No?
    Seriously, great position and great good reasons to withhold our position until the final decisin is in – which I suspect is RVP stays… Old RedNose is blowing hot air instead of putting the cash down.

  • Aussie Jack

    Boo or no boo? That`s assuming he plays ,and I don`t see the point in that either. Let him fade away.

  • merkin

    I lived for four years in Köln, four years, including two when I had season tickets to Arsenal at Highbury, during which I attended more than a few Billy Goat matches. Most of the time that I was there they were in the 2nd division where they find themselves this season.

    The Billy Goat fans are having a similar debate over how to treat Lukas Podolski when he returns wearing another team’s shirt. Most of them were quite angry when Lukas signed with Arsenal and there is more than a little belief among them that Arsenal is just receiving its just returns having Robin Van Persie poached by richer clubs.

    Podolski almost singlehandledly kept 1 FC Köln in the first division by his play and by his attitude for years. Much like RVP almost singlehandledly bulled us into third place ahead of the refuse collection of a team on the Lane. Many blame 1 FC Köln taking the drop to division 2 on Podolski’s inattention due to his impending move to Arsenal.

    A portion of Podi’s transfer fee returning to 1 FC Köln from Bayern was paid for by passing the hat among the club’s fans. They would literally pass the hat in the pubs to help raise the money.

    The fans are talking about boycotting the game with Arsenal, made easier for the average fan because of the outrageously high ticket prices to see Arsenal. The most expensive ticket is, wait for it, 40€, about £33.

    There are now rumors that in order to fill the stadium the club is giving the tickets to holders of the KölnPass a discount card given to the unemployed and the poor. It is probably not true, this is kind of like splitting on the team, the ultimate insult.

  • Dylan

    Until RVP leaves he still an Arsenal player and should be treated as such.
    We should sing his name from the terraces like we did all season. We should show him that this is still his home.

    One of the reasons (other than the 5k) that Ashley Cole left for Chelski was after he was seen pictured being tapped up, he commented in an interview that we never sang his name at the end of the campaign during the “lap of honour” and that was the final nail in the coffin.

    HECTOR- what are you stupid? Djourou was outstanding for us when Vermaelen got injured and we’d just signed Koscielny. He was the rock in our defence, but then he got injured and we had to rush him back cos a lack of other fit defensive players and he struggled to regain that form again because of that injury.

    Morons like you really wind me up. You know nothing about football and you should keep mouth shut.

  • ARSENAL 13

    are we responsible for this…..yes we are. “Van the man”, “we dont need Batman, we have robin”, “the flying dutchman”…….were the banners. We made him feel like THE man.

    I dont want to see RVP in red and white again. His/agents statement has put a question mark on our loyalty. AND we fans(the majority of) have answered him rightly by standing with ARSENAL and Mr Wenger.

    That said I wouldnt boo him or any other player who represents ARSENAL……

  • damiengooner10

    Absolutely right ! Great article and i share ur sentiments … altough i want him to stay even after he’s so called “statement”which i still believe didnt come from him … not because we need him to win trophies , infact with the signings thus far , i think will, regardless of whether he stays or goes .. i want him to show loyalty to the club whos done so for him !!! i know deep down he is and always will be a gunner , after 8 years at this club ….but no matter what happens … i stil hold great admiration for him and he’ll always be up there with the greats of the club… oh and a suggestion to wenger … make chamakh the next captain, not vermaelen …. lol coz id rather lose chamakh than vermaelen lol !!! curse of the armband !!!!

  • T2T

    A true supporter will NEVER boo our own players. Never!

    So far, this transfer window has been 7/10. The reasons it hasn’t been perfect is the RvP issue and not being able to offload a couple of players (yet). RvP statement leaves room for a change of heart. I believe him staying will be a strength but it is no catastrophe if he leaves – for the right price. Getting a year out of him for £4.6m? or 4 years for maybe as much as £25m-£30m including signing on fee with his injury record?
    I may prefer one year or selling him for £20m.

    But again, NEVER boo own players!

  • Persian gunner

    As always, here is the blog that you can see things in a different way, through.
    You know guys!
    It’s kinda funny, but I have this fantasy of a big group of AFC fans singing this song of Adele “some one like you” for RvP at stadium, For me, it is just like the sense of this strange situation of loosing some one!

    I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited,
    But I couldn’t stay away, I couldn’t fight it.
    I’d hoped you’d see my face & that you’d be reminded,
    That for me, it isn’t over…

  • Tony Cummings

    Firstly I will say Thanx to Walter B. for a profound analysis on the prospects of whether to boo or not. Not only was it a very well written article, it made for the most intelligent debates I have ever read on any of these sites. I am speaking of the discussion between Arvind & Bob. Two men expressing their feelings without swearing or trying in any way to be-little or intimidate each other. In the end, ( as did Arvind I deduced ), I had to succumb to Bob’s statement that ” hoping for perfection can be counter-productive to achieving the ultimate good “. Well done lads. We are sincere but dignified fans of AFC. I particularly liked Bob’s plea to Ivan Gazidis. It bares the heart & soul of millions of Arsenal fans to the man. Here’s hoping he hears & heed the sentiments & shares them with Stan the Man. Arvind & Bob, you are guys that I would be delighted to share a drink with. In conclusion, lets not boo R.v.P. for Arsenal & dignity’s sake.