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July 2021

Juventus coached banned for 10 months, clubs relegated, points deducted, fines. Another day in Italian football.

By Tony Attwood

What chance of Robin VP to Juve?

From the moment it was first mooted I thought it unlikely (although as many correspondents to this blog point out, what do I know?), and followed Mr Wenger’s vision that RVP would not fancy Italy.  He didn’t say, “too much corruption” but he sort of hinted at it, in that oblique way he has.  With a smile.

Anyway the last time I wrote about Juve and how they were kicked out of the top division in Italy over corruption allegations, the site received a number of comments to the effect that it was now widely recognised in Italy that the removed of Juventus from the top division was a plot by Inter Milan, and that Juve were innocent of all charges.

As a way of trying to suggest that Italian football is not corrupt it wasn’t actually very persuasive, but feeling that Italian football scandals are rather like London buses on a good day (in that there will be another one along shortly) I held my peace.

And sure enough, another story did come along.  The coach of the current Serie A champions was accused by the Italian Football Federation of failing to report alleged match-fixing involving Siena when he was the manager there in 2010-11.   And he’s been found guilty.

The clubs Lecce and Grosseto were found guilty of direct involvement in match-fixing and they were relegated for this season.  Former Lecce president Giovanni Semeraro, and former Grosseto president Piero Camilli both got five-year banning orders.

Antonio Conte and his assistant Angelo Alessio both went from Siena to Juventus.  Alessio has been banned for eight months, Conte for 10 and Bari defender Nicola Belmonte for six months

One bit of good news, the suggestion that Conte was involved in match-fixing were rejected last month, but the authorities still believe her knew it was taking place during his time with Siena.  Hence the 10 month ban.

Juventus have now said they would run an appeal against the bans for Conte and Alessio.   Siena whom Conte managed have accepted a six-point deduction in a plea bargain deal. Torino, Varese and Albinoleffe will pay fines of 30,000 euros and have a one point penalty.   Novara have two points deducted and Bologna and Ancona have fines.

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10 comments to Juventus coached banned for 10 months, clubs relegated, points deducted, fines. Another day in Italian football.

  • olat

    Shame what can we say,if you believe you are tired of where you are …..there are open space and i look very big. “Narrow is the path to Eternity,but to destruction is wide,and wider.

  • Byo

    @Olat. What the fcuk!

  • tommyt

    Dont have a clue what the nutcase a couple above me is gwarning on a bout lol but it’s a case of same old, same old in respect to corruption and cheating in Italy. What a load of dirty cheating raskals those Italians are!


  • DaVinci

    I feel the scandal on match-fixing in Italisn football is not yet over. Moreso it is yet to land a big fish – more of a whale! What we are seeing at the moment are sardines and a few dolphins being tossed out of the murky waters. Keep up the good work Tony.

  • Why Italy alone, we have been watching European leagues matches, England, Spain to mention but a few. It should also happen elsewhere not only Italy.

  • Elvis Senthil

    As long as FIFA and UEFA go on as they do now, this kinda shit will become more prominent. ZERO TRANSPERANCY!!!

    I’m hoping within a few years, the FA and PGMOL will get their just due .

  • @Tony off topic,Daily mail(Whore-lists top news paper )says that the Prof and Furgus had a meeting to sort out Van persie’s move to Old Toilet?On top of that they showed us a photo of VP on the ground and said NOT COMMITTED i have never known that when a players falls on the ground it means he is not committed i’m learning that today. But they don’t tell us where they had their meeting and since when did coach and coach meet for transfers,let me know.

  • finsbury

    Here’s a guess:

    The kind of video replays* used seamlessly during the Olympic Hockey tournaments will not be introduced to Football by FUFA anytime soon.

    *I’ve only been keen, for years, on retrospective and goal line use of video/tech. But if it can work in the Hockey, why not give it go?

  • Woolwich Peripatetic

    The more the authorities in football try to avoid introducing measures that would make stamping out corruption in football easier, the less respect the average football fan will have for them.

  • Jitty

    The italians find these scandals because they look for them/employ wire taps etc.

    Look what emerged in Scotland when the lid came off.

    The same institutional corruption with media complicity.