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July 2021

“Aaron Ramsey selection for City encounter baffles Arsenal fans”

The Metro says “Aaron Ramsey selection for City encounter baffles Arsenal fans”

 Are we winning the midfield battle?

 By Cameron Wolfe

I wonder if those same Arsenal fans were still baffled after the game had finished.

I thought for most of the game we were awesome. We played once again as a team from front to back and definitely dominated the midfield.

For the fifth Premier league game we defended well. We definitely had the best chances and even had more possession (52%). More importantly we bossed the midfield. This was down to the four midfielders interchanging and closing down City at every opportunity. At the heart of it was Aaron Ramsey.

It was great to see him start a game for Arsenal and even better to see him still there at the end.  After he came on late in the Southampton game last week I was impressed by how effortlessly he slotted in. He was always driving forward, willing to take a shot at goal and closing down the opposition when he needed to.

Against City he started the game just as he finished last week. It would be hard to single out anyone in particular as man of the match but Aaron would have to been there or there abouts for the award.

Are we now seeing what Arsene Wenger saw when he first signed the young Welshman at only eighteen?  I think we are. He’s a genuine midfielder. He can motor box to box. He likes to shoot when in a good position even from outside the box and he’s not afraid to tackle. Even after suffering that awful leg break two and a half years ago. After missing a more than whole season out recovering from the break and then being loaned out to build up his fitness/sharpness. He’s now at least getting back to his very best.

With a midfield of Diaby, Arteta, Santi and Ramsey. We were more than a match for City who boast some of the most expensive players in the EPL. With Jack and Thomas almost back to full fitness. Not counting the others who are pushing for a first team place then we can hope to have the strength and depth to compete on all fronts this season.

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Once again looking at the bench during the City game. It’s more than encouraging (Keeper aside) to see a strong bench. As has been proved time and again it’s bringing on a proven experienced player at crucial times that can be game changing. Over the next few months injures aside we should have that in abundance.

Dominating the midfield is crucial in any football game but more so in the EPL. It’s the teams who boss the midfield and create the chances that end up winning the games. Against City with a little luck and better finishing we could have easily came away with three well won points.

After the match Arsene said “It’s down to consistency and what happened today should strengthen our belief”

If we keep on playing the way we have been since the start of the season then theirs no reason we shouldn’t be pushing the other teams even closer come May.


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61 comments to “Aaron Ramsey selection for City encounter baffles Arsenal fans”

  • semeotistic

    There is a video of the tunnel scenes before right up to after the game. Never seen Arsene smile so much at a draw! But he composed himself by the time the interview came around.

  • semeotistic

    There is a video of the tunnel scenes before right up to after the game. Never seen Arsene smile so much at a draw! But he composed himself by the time the interview came around.

  • semeotistic

    There is a video of the tunnel scenes before right up to after the game. Never seen Arsene smile so much at a draw! But he composed himself by the time the interview came around.

  • naked goon

    Ramsey is the example of what happens when Wenger does not give up on a player. As he walked off at the end I couldn’t help thinking he looked a bit bigger and stronger than last year.
    Much improved, well done AR

  • Asenal wenger took aron ramsy as a winger of which he can’t play at that rol, we have walcott and chambalin who are experts, so yesterday we wingless and that is the place we were week.

  • Stewart

    We had 59.8% possession. Look at the Skysports stats for the game. 56.1% possession in first half and 63.8% in the second half. We totally dominated the game – not marginal, total. Only thing missing was another finish from gervinho and we’d have won. We need to find more goals but it is a truly excellent start.


  • mark

    Some of the best chances to score came because of a pass from Ramsey.

    In the first half the gunners were very good. Man City was lucky with their goal – maybe due to a bit of concentration loss. But with better finishing it could have been 2-0 to Arsenal. And Ramsey was very good.

  • dan

    This season we’ve been the best team, the results have been fair but yesterday highlighted the fact we don’t need another player that could alter the balance of the team. Also I could see Mancini eye balling Santi as the player he hoped Nasri would be so watch this space.

  • Mick

    I have noticed that Ramsey’s performances this season are very different from last season. Now when he gets the ball he seems a lot more prepared to drive forward at pace in an altogether more positive fashion whereas last season by comparison he was ponderous and often went backwards or sideways rather than forward. I wonder whether this is a conscious change on his (or the training staff’s) part or an increase in fitness and/or confidence. Did the Gary Speed tragedy adversely affect him last season?
    Whatever the reason he is a vastly better player so far this season.

  • Alan

    Seems like selling Song wasn’t a bad idea. Diaby and Arteta have been immense and we haven’t missed him at all. Ramsey played well yesterday and it’s good to see him coming in to form. Maybe it is because he is training with better players in Diaby and Cazorla and he realises he needs to step up his game to stay in the team. Keep it up Rambo!

  • Paul the Gooner

    Ramsay coming into his own now. Had a tough time thanks to the Shawcross assault (no other word for it) but he’s through the other side now!

  • Thabo

    I guess I am the only one who noticed some childish elements that could have cost us the game as a result of Ramsey. He at one time lost possession and was rescued by Per, otherwise it was going to change the score line. Again, Ramsey does not defend well when loses the ball. Goiing forward he is good but defending he is a liability to the team. He should have been rested together with the other liability – Diaby.

  • Jones

    Both Ramsey and Gervinho is average players, and now i’m kind..

  • Cpt BlackBeard

    With Jenko and Gibbs rampaging up and down he flanks we were far from weak on the wings. We dominated possession in midfield and Citeh basically chased shadows throughout the first half.
    Probably should have taken all three points yesterday which is a testament to how well we played.
    Ramsey looked a very different proposition; he drove forward more and showed some excellent touches, in one situation he skinned two men on the wing and I had rewind just to check it was actually him. He looked alot less timid and more assured in possession and thats all I what I wanna see our players.
    No more panicking in front of goal…especially from Gervinho and Giroud. Composure is needed from both these players before we see how dangerous they can really be.

  • sa-gunner

    I believe that Wenger has the ability to turn our little Chamberlian into a Messe type through the middle goal grabber… he is fast – good football savvy and has two feet -think about it – Gervhinio will not be anothe Henry – wing turned Centre forward – he does not have the skills which can be developed

  • another Chris

    Amazing stuff yesterday from the whole team. Rambo was outstanding( he grows on me each game). The guy I feel for is AW. How do you choose the first XI when all are back. Great problem to have …….

  • A great performance by the whole team. I include Gilvanho for his workrate but was dispaionted with his final ball either because he failed to release it or his finishing was poor. If he looks back on it he can learn from it. Overall a great way to impose your game on them and was pleased for ramsey jenkinson and mertersmacker who did really well.

  • Goonerbeall

    So, tactless Wenger eh? Flood the midfield and overun Yaya Toure and Garcia. Loved seeing our boys bossing Man City.
    Just loved it. Still buzzing

  • sebas

    I thought that ramsey yesterday was terrific always driving the ball forward. Similar to santi in always trying to dribble forward and get into dangerous positions. My only knock on him from yesterday was that in the second half it seemed like he got over anxious and was running into players quite a bit.

  • Bebe transfer set to be subject of investigation by fifa and police?Who are they fooling can someone touch rednose???

  • Long Island Gunner

    AR was very good yesterday but certainly faded in the second half in the areas that he has some obvious problems with.

    Generally speaking, he is a strong EPL midfielder but has several glaring deficiencies at the level that Arsenal intend to play at. First – while he is excellent when bursting forward, when he receives the ball facing his own goal he gets blind-sided far too often and dispossessed in vital areas of the midfield. We could all cite the number of times that happened yesterday and how we recovered well enough / they were not clinical enough to avoid punishment for the mistake.

    Next – while he gets into good positions to shoot – like Gervinho – his concentration / technique at the critical moment drops quite a bit such that he frequently does not even hit the target / make the keeper work. I have a permanently burned-in-my-brain image of AR holding praying hands on the lower part of his face after attempting to shoot / convert a good pass in front of goal.

    Lastly, he’s plodding. His tight foot speed / acceleration over 3 – 12 yards is poor and – while I realize he will always be recovering from the Shawcross assault – it is by these small margins of quality (technical, tactical, athletic) that the Barcelona’s go on to win games against Real or Bayern or Man Utd. And – face it boys and girls – saying it’s unfair to compare AR to Xavi or Iniesta is giving up the Ghost because that’s exactly who Arsene is building this team to beat on the field.

  • SouthernGunner

    Brilliantly played by Ramsey. And am delighted to see him do so. There was one beautfully weighted through-ball he played allowing Gervinho to slip past Clichy and be through on goal. Good to see the lad doing well, and long may it continue.

  • Manure have confirmed they will co-operate with the investigation,but it could prove alot of unnecessary hassle for OldToilet as Bebe has yet to start a game for old nose side and spent last season on loan at turkish side Bestikas”@Tony so the jurors are not convicting fergus they are exenorating him before the case even begins!Did Bebe ever play for United that would be the question!This guy Mendes is the agent for Nani,Anderson and Ronaldo hmm i do smell something here i wish i could go on and not swept undeneath the carpet

  • Zaidovski

    Stop fooling yourselves.
    Unbelievable how easily they are fooled and start praising.
    Ramsy has played crap many many years and weekly shameful display.
    One performance when he is very average does NOT make him arteta or Cazorla.
    That’s the problem with these fake fans.
    They hang on to anything English and pray for a miracle.

    Ramsy is not and will never be arsenal quality.

    A monkey if given enough chances might produce a result every 50 games.

    Ramsy will never be as good as people expect and soon with Wilshire and Rosicky back will force him to bench warm.

  • The font

    Ramsey was great merts kos outstanding overall superb performance in arsen we trust

  • Ong Bing

    Our midfield performance this season (so far), show that selling Song is very good idea. And the best idea is not to buy his replacement!

    Well done, well done, I keep thinking that our manager know his squad more than us!

  • Zaidovski – I just loved your comment. I am going to print it out and put it on my office wall. It is magnifico. Brilliant.

    To quote

    That’s the problem with these fake fans.
    They hang on to anything English and pray for a miracle

    Oh yes oh yes oh yes.

    Oh yes.


    He’s Welsh.

    Oh my, I haven’t laughed so much in weeks.

  • robl

    @ Zaidovski, he’s WELSH not English. If you can’t differentiate I will explain with the aid of a giant unlubricated leek. And you are forgetting pre injury he was outstanding. Incidently my favourite Arsenal players of all time are French, Dutch and French.

  • jjj

    Nice article, I think people forget that AR was ahead of a certain jack wilshere and diaby before his injury and was class. He is starting to show that class again. The main improvement this year for me is drive from midfield and his engine. The last 20 mins against city he was still making lung bursting runs and the city players were treading water. The difference between winning matches and losing at this level are very small margins, that last sprint in the 90th minute to make a tackle or set up a goal is priceless. One thing is for sure he has a part to play this season.

  • bc

    I certainly wasnt baffled and all last season i was saying that as the youngest member of our 25 man squad he was simply being over used. This season he will be a squad member and a valuable one at that. if it wasnt for the performances of per and santi then he would have been my motm. clearly his best performance for arsenal aside of the manu match the season before last when he scored.

  • jjj

    Full name: Aaron James Ramsey
    Date of birth: 26 December 1990
    Place of birth: Caerphilly, Wales
    Height: 1.82 m (6 ft 0 in)[2]
    Playing position: Attacking Midfielder

  • Cameron Wolfe

    @ Zaidovski

    Firstly as pointed out already Aaron is Welsh ( which is stated in the article)

    Secondly I wrote it and I’m Scottish so I’m certainly not hanging on to any “Miracle” English player or miracle Scottish player for that matter. Miracle players from any nation are few and far between and are normally very very expensive. Not our style.

    Thirdly I didn’t compare him to any other midfielder I just pointed out that he had a great game and is looking back to his best.( “played many many years”?????) We signed him four years ago and he spent almost two whole seasons not playing for Arsenal at all.

    Fourthly he captains his country so other people obviously hold him in high esteem.( future Arsenal captain?)

    Fifthly whether he warms the bench in the coming games will be down to Mr Wenger not the likes of you.

    Lastly you’re an Oik.

    @ Tony please was their ever a more deserving case for an Oik award?

    Gooner for life.

    P.S You’re not a Stoke fan are you?

  • Arvind

    @Thabo,Zaidovski: You both receive Oiks. You can choose them.

    You’d also do well to read Long Island Gunner’s comment. He too was critical of Ramsey but did it in a constructive way.

  • jjj

    Arteta, Wilshere, Cazorla, Diaby, Ramsey, Coquelin, Rosicky, Frimpong, our midfield options are the best in the league.

    Vermealen and Koscielny are the best centre back partnership in the league. best right back Sagna (when fit)

    Walcott, Oxlade, Podolski, Gervinho, Giroud, is as good as any other apart from man city.

    i dont think we have any excuses this year we are as good if not better than the top teams man for man. VERY EXCITED!

  • jjj

    last comment Serge Gnarby is amazing!

  • The font

    20 goals and 15 assists how much would we pay for such a striker a player that has pace and unbelievable dribbling skills who consistently takes out two defenders several times in a game GERVINO will miss many chances this season but I expect his stats to be around 20/15 it’s not about how many you miss it’s about how many you score with poldy 15/10 olly 15/7 santi 10/20
    . Theo. ox having there fair share merts kos and verm throwing in there penny’s worth we will score more and concede less = 1st /2 nd come on you gunners

  • Byo

    Ramsey is finally regaining the form he showed before that horrific injury.
    Those calling for his head last season forget what he went through for a whole year, and was just getting back.

  • allezkev

    It’s very satisfying, to see those players’ previously written off or not rated good enough, such as Gibbs, Jenkinson, Diaby, Mertesaker and also Ramsey, playing such a huge role in the teams fantastic start to this season…

  • GoonerGetU

    Build them up high to knock them down hard…and we wonder why so much Young talent buckles under this kind of attitude. We can be thankful that Wagner does not listen to fickle fans

  • GoonerGetU

    *Wenger even… Damn predictive text

  • John

    Personally I thought Metersacker wouldnt cut it, he actually seems faster plus his reading of the game is top draw (always was) and I’m really happy we have players fighting for splaces.

    Kozzer was our best defender last year and cant get in the team. If you got that type of quality battling for positions your gonna do well.

    I think Jenkinson always had very raw qualtities and he is now excellent competition for Sagna, he has a great engine just needs to learn from Sagna who in my opinion is the best RB in the PL no question.

    As for Gibbs again always had raw qaultities imo just abit unlucky with injuries and mistakes (lack of support see below).

    Lastly I think the defence is looking good for afew reasons.

    1) They are very good players.

    2) We are much better organised on set pieces (thank you Mr. Bould) which should have never been aloud slip to the shocking carry on we see last season.

    3) We have a proper disclipine DM in Arteta I’m a fan of Song but Arteta does the simply things really well like breaking up play and keeping the ball moving, he has been a great sigining.

    4) Other players are helping the team defend ex Podoloski back helping Gibbs its great to see that team-work and makes such a difference. I remember Arshivan leaving Clichy expose 2v1 time and again the lad was made look terrible and his confidence suffered greatly.

    5) We are not playing such an open game of football yes its attacking but its about being smart and not pouring forward and leaving oceans of room for teams to hit us on the counter.

    Long may it continue

  • Shevo

    Great all round team display yesterday. it’s also nice to see Rambo enjoying his game again and I can only see him and the team getting better. This could be our year.

  • nicky

    One point everyone seems to have missed.
    I thought for once, Dean’s handling of the game was excellent.
    Subject, of course, to Walter’s review in due course.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Nicky, the Untold referee review effect is getting the first results 😉
    I haven’t reviewed the game, I even haven’t seen it completely as I was doing my own game at the time but from the things I have seen it wasn’t the Dean from old.
    Of course this was a first game and things can still change but I have talked about it with Dogface and well we kind of predicted it in a private conversation we had. We have our reasons to have been expecting such a thing (another turnaround?) apart from our review putting the heath on a bit. Or maybe he wasn’t aware of his behaviour until we pointed at it? I even asked the question if Dean would do a Dowd this season?

    But this was only one game so let us not sell the cargo before the boat is in the dock.

  • bjtgooner

    It is great to see the young players like Ramsey, Gibbs and Jenks really making a contribution. I also like the overall team effort and spirit. Lets not forget the away fans – they were great on Sunday.

  • Cameron Wolfe

    @ Nicky

    I thought Dean had a good but if he had given a penalty against Kos I wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised.
    My image of him jumping up in the air when the Spuds scored against us will always be at the forefront of my thoughts when we have Dean.
    The ref needs to be impartial no matter who is playing?
    Shouldn’t we expect the ref whoever he is to be excellent every game.
    Unbiased, honest and fair to both teams.

  • MK

    Ramsey has a good game and the trolls are still out to get him, you’d think as (supposed) Arsenal fans they would be happy that a player they (mistakenly) thought was rubbish is actually quite good?

  • DocBrody

    Well I’m one person who couldn’t see the potential of Jenkinsen. I was hoping for a strong backup to Sagna all summer long. I just couldn’t see him ever developing into a top level back. He still has some work to do, but now I can see it. Once again, Wenger proves he can see what so many of us can’t. For pete’s sake, he plucked Jenks from virtual obscurity. Amazing.

    As for Ramsey, I’ve always hoped he would come good though I was more than happy to see Rosicky step in to relieve him last season. Ramsey’s at a bit of a disadvantage having to live up to unrealistic expectations so I am sure there will always be a some fans who slate him. But he’s been playing well (not just against Man City) and If he keeps it up the boo boys will go back to their caves, at least for awhile.

  • ARSENAL 13

    I’ve been a big fan of this young welshman. AND I thought Ramsey plays best behind the striker, the middle of the front three.
    He is still not at his best. BUT he will soon be there.

  • Asif

    @Cameron – good write up and couldn’t have come at a better time as I’d voted for Ramsey as my man of the match.

    Ramsey is a player of conviction and one for the future…I think from the current crop barring JW, I think he is one player who I would hate to go. I have mentioned this about half a dozen times on Untold itself that once this guy finds his range then the number of goals from midfield is going to increase quite a lot. He is consistent with his performance and that is why Wenger gives him some match time when he doesn’t make a start! Unlike Walcott, this guy’s learning curve is always going up and you can see that his output from training reflect on the performance on the pitch! The next best candidate after JW for captaincy…he has that leadership.

  • Walter

    No happier man than me when I see a young player come back from such a terrible injury that might have killed his career. And who know where he would have stood now if he hadn’t lost around 2 years because of that sick tackle. He would have stood much further in his learning curve.

    Last season he started very well but then ran out of fuel and the sudden death of his Welsh mentor threw a big shadow over him. Don’t forget it was Speed who made him captain at such a young age so we can assume they had a good bond and that his death will have a big impact on Aaron.

    Now we have more options in midfield and certainly with the return of Jack and Rosicky very soon now we will have enough players to rotate and not to burn him down like last year.

  • Wamukota

    I think lets a spade a spade. this was not a game that Ramsey did perform apart from the pass he gave Gervinho and the collusion with Gervinho he did not offer anything. If it were not for Jenkison and Arteta forced to fill up the gaps that he left we would have been talking a different story. He could not track down his opponent after he lost the ball. In that game He & Diaby were the greatest liability of the team. We are Gunners we don’t accept average mediocre performance as good enough we have standards that we need to accept. I guess you have to look again at the game and analysis it. On this you got it very wrong. Ramsey on my rating 3-4 out of 10. He has potential but his decision making is poor, passing average, tackling ability ??? questionable. He & Diaby are the reason Podolski was lost coz he had to help out Arteta. If we want to win big we have to take risks like the one we took @ Saints game give players who have the skill & passion like Coquelin, AOC…. their rightful chances. Coz they deliver when they are given the chance. I said it , the king is naked.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Wamukota, the new Arsene Wenger has arrived.

    So Wamukota we should play AOC each and every minute of each and every game. Yeah that looks a great idea. Lets burn him out so you can come over here in a few months and spread your wisdom and say how bad he is. Maybe the name Wilshere should ring a bell to why AOC will not be played each game.

  • Florian

    Well, the difference is which half of the glass are you willing to see: the full one or the empty one:)

    One thing Ramsey is not is a player of explosion. He’s merely a metronome, a constant performer that finds strength in the continuity. A totally different breed compared to Arshavin, for instance. The good thing about him is that once he will have reached the high level we all know he can get to, he will stay there for a long time.

  • ARSENAL 13

    @ wamukota

    Coquelin????….and passion. He is Suarez of midfielders. I hate divers and more so if they wear red and white.

  • Georgaki-Pyrovolitis

    @Wamukota at 9:18 am

    How odd? You do realize that you are at odds with the entire footballing world. Ramsey was excellent, as was Diaby. Did we really watch the same game? Are we both be guilty of confirmation bias? Anyway, Coquelin is an excellent player and will be great for Arsenal but how much of him have you seen so far to justify your comments? Weird!

  • Laundryender

    @wamukota you are being ironic yes. If not. you really do not understand football and however you entertained yourself prior to watching football. I suggest you return to. My guess is it was Ben10.

  • Asif

    I don’t understand why one pea-brain Wamukota from the gutters elicit responses from so many (even i am guilty of that but then indirectly)! You would dread to get into an argument with such juveniles (maybe I am juveniles a bad name)! Moron…

  • Mahesh

    @ARSENAL 13
    I do not agree with your remark regarding Coq. In fact, he is a really good midfielder, works hard and has great skill. What makes you think that he is a diver?

  • ARSENAL 13

    @ Mahesh….

    Coq is a good player and has a massive potential. BUT as I said, If he can stay more on his feet…..just have a look at ARSENAL vs Southampton 58th minute. That looks obvious. I dont like ARSENAL players diving into a swimming pool like that.