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Has Wenger made a mistake with Arteta?

The club that changed football

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Making the Arsenal

By Walter Broeckx

WENGER OUT! Yes, you read it right. I spell it again if you want:  W E N G E R   O U T!!!!

It has taken me a while but I do feel angry on Wenger. I blame him for some things and I really think he should have been given the sack.  Why on earth is Walter so negative and wants Wenger out you might ask yourself.

Well actually I don’t want Wenger out. But I want to be critical about something that I think was a terrible piece of business. It’s all got to do with Arteta. Let me explain.

We all have seen last season. I even wrote an article about it. I wrote that if Arsenal was a one man team it was not for RVP being that one man. No it was because of Arteta being that one man. When he played the chance of us not losing that game would go up to around 90%. When he didn’t play because of injury our winning chance dropped in the most terrible way. Mikel Arteta was the heartbeat of the team. HE was the player that brought balance to the team. It was Arteta that carried the team. Nobody else. He was our one man team.

So why then my fury? Shouldn’t I be happy with the fact that he is an Arsenal player? And yes I am very happy that he is an Arsenal player. Very, very happy in fact. Have we ever seen such a model professional before? A player who is not just a great footballer, but who is also a great example on and off the pitch? This man is not just class on the field but he also seems to be a very down to earth guy. If you read interviews of him you get to know a man who knows what a lucky man he is. A man who knows that being a professional footballer is something that many dream of but only few realise.

A man who has his dreams but also feels satisfied with the way he has gone in his life. A man who still dreams of playing for his national team. But also realistic in knowing that it probably will stay a dream. And that is not that amazing in fact. We all may dislike some players from a team but they have such a good midfield and midfielders that it is very hard to get in to that team if you don’t play there.

Maybe Arteta made a wrong decision in going to Everton all those years ago. With all respect to Everton but they weren’t really the top in the PL. Going to a smaller team like Everton gave him somehow a low profile. Wasn’t it more understandable that any Spanish national team manager would go for a Spanish player playing for Arsenal or Liverpool. Did he know there was a Spanish player playing for Everton? Did he care?

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This might have been our luck and the misfortune for Arteta. Our luck in the long run because with Arteta only playing for Everton let him slip under the radar a bit. If he would have played for Liverpool he probably would be playing for Real Madrid by now. Or for Barcelona. As that is the way they go then. But who was interested in an Everton player?

For Arteta it meant that he was not getting noticed for the Spanish team. For Arsenal it was a blessing in disguise.

When we bought him last season the opinions were divided. Would he be able to make it at a top team? Not good enough? Injury prone? I could now say that I always rated him of course. But I must admit that I never rated him that high. And now since he is here for a season he is the player I rate the highest maybe. Maybe have to think that over again because there are rather a few I rate very high in our current team…..

I think I have rarely seen a player as intelligent as Arteta playing for Arsenal. I think he has the football brains to play at every position on the field and to know what is required and how to do it. I have rarely seen a player who was asked to take on a new job doing this with so much precision and skill as if he has always played in that position.

Last season I wrote an article about Song. And in that article I wrote that Song maybe on paper was our defensive midfielder but that in reality we don’t really have a defensive midfielder of the old style. The type that defends with flying tackles, hard bumps, pushing and shoving his way all over the field in an attempt to cover the defence. That role has been left behind by Wenger for a while.

For a while we have been looking for a midfielder who can be disciplined but also who is intelligent and who can play the ball and who has vision and a good pass. Song came close to that role. But I think Arteta is better in playing that role. And don’t say it loud but I think that with Cocquelin we might have another player who can play that role. I really hope that Cocquelin will have the patience till the day Arteta will need more rest as I think that he could be the one that could step in his footsteps.

Some start to compare Arteta with Gilberto. I think there are a lot of things to say about that comparison. Both are very similar in a way. Gilberto was called the invisible wall, and when it comes to defending that is exactly the way Arteta is playing that role. I just think that Arteta is maybe even better in playing the ball.

This week Cazorla has said that he will talk about Arteta against the Spanish national team manager. Santi, in all fairness: DON   ‘T!!!! Don’t let them know we have one hell of a player who could play for Spain. I think it is great that Mikel will have a rest every now and then to recharge his batteries a bit. I think it is great to know that he is not in risk of being injured when playing for his national team. Sorry Mikel but I have to put Arsenal first there. Hope you understand it. Sorry to break your heart but I really rate you too high to risk you.

Going back to my opening words now. Remember? Wenger out! So why this statement? Because I think Wenger should have bought him years ago! That is why I am so pissed off. We should have had him here a few years earlier. We should have spend the f*cking money a bit earlier on him.

But then again. Imagine if we had bought him 4 years ago. Then he would have been on the radar for Spain. Then he maybe would have been called up to play for Spain. He maybe would have got injured. He would be more tired. Maybe he would have had a smaller impact because of him also playing for Spain.

When I come to think of it. Maybe it was wiser to wait for the older Mikel Arteta. Maybe it was wiser because Arteta without the experience he had,  wouldn’t have had the same impact on the field. Come to think of if: Who am I to say who to buy and when to buy? What do I know. I only write words. But I do know that Arteta has been the best thing since sliced bread for Arsenal.

Arteta, a model player, a model footballer, a model human being. An example for every young professional who dreams of making it at a big club.  The others like Cazorla stand deservedly in the spotlight for their brilliance. But they would be nowhere without Arteta. And I think they know it.  Hell, even I know it….


88 comments to Has Wenger made a mistake with Arteta?

  • Bernard

    What upper crap. I resent the wasted time reading this

  • marcus

    Wow. 2 minutes of my time reading this crap that i will never get back.

  • Olaotan

    HIs name is mickael arteta

  • Poul

    And yet Tommy Gravesen signed for Real Madrid when he played for Everton. Oh and last timed I looked Arsenal was behind Everton … so Mikel no chance of you joining the European elite .. Still an amazing player Mikel – way to good for Arsenal

  • John

    So Everton is a small team and Arteta made a mistake signing for us well Walter when was the last time Arsenal won anything maybe if Arteta signed for Spurs on deadline day he would now be at Barcelona and captain of spain instead of signing for the smaller club out the two you really do not know much about history do you saying that if Arteta played for Liverpool he would now be at Real Madrid you need to start taking your medication again as a season ticket holder at GP we moulded Arteta into the player you bought yes he was a good player when he came but as Moyes does with a lot of players he makes their all round better so walter stick to Writing garbage ypu t*at

  • gazgooner

    utter tripe…this was a terrible article – deceptive and totally irrelevant, but I suppose you got what you wanted – people to click on it. Sheer crap.

  • Kev

    you must be the goon in Gooners?

  • Caz

    really badly written this guy seems illiterate for starters. Also he knows very little about the beautiful game as Everton are amongst the 5 most succesful clubs in British football- and currently sit above Arsenal. Arteta is no longer good enough for the Everton midfield and £10m was money for old rope IMHO.

  • International break just got worse.

  • Zigzag

    I love Arteta too so I like this post too and this is the best Arsenal blog around. Keep it up and thanks!

  • stephen

    walter get a grip. no one wants everton players fellaini baines jelavic would walk into the arsenal team. by the way arteta was going nowhere till moyes picked him up for buttons
    had 5 off is best playing years with us then made 8mill profit
    he is only half the player he was then but you wouldnt have seen him because no one watches everton.

  • Gaggy

    Dude were you high when you decided to write this

  • Gerry Lennon

    Oh! Walter, this is so not you … Is the AAA turning you? A headline grapper, then we wait until the last paragraph to find you actually think the opposite to the headline? Shame on you.
    Now to the meat and bones. You and I both rate Francis Coquelin, but I see him more as a replacement for the current Diaby role. A player who is the more defensive midfielder, AFTER the defensive midfelder, but can carry/pass the ball forwards. Ah! you say, that is what Arteta does?
    My argument goes like this. When Arteta is playing with two attacking midfielders He is the DM. The one player who sticks to his position throughout. When Diaby plays, because he is strong, and can win the ball back, it allows Arteta more freedom to go forwards. If Coquelin plays without a Diaby type back up, frankly I would worry at this stage.
    All of the above leads me to believe that all this nonsense about the ‘death of the defensive midfielder’ is wildy out of touch with the reality. No, you don’t want a player who is just a stopper, but you do need a player who can also play an intelligent ball forwards i.e. Atreta, or indeed a Coquelin or Yennaris of the future? But from what I saw in the Next Gen game, Manny Frimpong is the natural successor to the Arteta role right now. He moved the ball forwards well, defended as we know he can, and is strong enough not to get bullied off the ball. He needs to lose the ‘hard man’ image to avoid bookings though.
    I desperately hope he does not go out on loan before January, when we may at least have the option to bring in someone?

  • lol, had it been we bought him earlier, who knows by now the number jersey he wil be wearing at barca

  • Gerry Lennon

    p.s. Off topic, but nobody is putting in replies to the new Referees Decison site, except you and I. Any hope of canvassing the other supporters fromthe non-Arenal games to get involved. I miss the ‘local opinion’ that usually sparks a debate or two.

  • Bob

    What a load of bollox

  • pheeno

    bad ming, you. Like a fella in the ale house convinced of his own opinions but most people giving one another sideways looks as if to say…… Bad ming, him

  • dan

    Always rated Arteta, I remember hoping one day we would see Cesc and Arteta playing together,however we have Santi and Arteta!

  • NuttnTiddy

    What utter rubbish.So, yet another Blog site to cross of the list, and at one time I thought I had found a sensible site.
    Thats life.

  • Zeez

    Arteta’s role model was Pep Guardiola who coincidentally plays at the same position Arteta is playing now at Arsenal. I think he’s really happy to be playing in the position now no?

  • Martin

    Walter, you really need to read what you wrote above. You have managed to contradict yourself so many times, plus i think someone needs to take you by the hand, open the back pages of a paper and show you where Arsenal are in the league. Also Arsenal being a big club, yes it is to a certain degree. Yes you have a big stadium, yes you have alot of money pumped into the team but NO you havent won anything for a decade! Big club, Barcelona, Man Utd, Chelsea are all Big clubs. Arsenal are a chasing club wanting to be big again.

    You refer to Everton being a small club, Arsenal are lower in the league and i would view on past performances as a fact. Arsenal simply have not won anything for a decade.

    Your contradiction of ‘who is interested in an Everton player’. Well ARSENAL was, werent they? Or are you actually agreeing with me that Arsenal are not a big club were Barcelona/R Madrid are and Mikel would be playing with such a big club if not for Everton or Arsenal.

    Pull you head out your back side buddie and stick to facts. Oh, lets see if Arsenal do finish above Everton this season. Maybe it will take that for you to realise that you had your time decades ago (yes like Everton, who were a big club in them days).

  • Terry

    Awful article and very uneducated.
    Everton are one most succesful clubs in England and have huge tradition, with this article it shows us Arsenal fans in a very poor light.

  • Steve

    Think the suggestion that Arteta joining Everton was a mistake is a daft comment. At the time, few top flight clubs, let alone Champions League sides, were interested in a player who was playing for Rangers. The set up at Everton seems to suit players like Arteta as it takes them to a new level. Arteta is not alone in being considered run of the mill on arrival at Goodison Park and within five years being courted by the clubs with sounder financial backing. Cahill, Baines, Jagielka, Pienaar, Fellaini, Rodwell for example being similar types. I don’t think this should be a surprise either. Remember Everton are often called a smaller club when in reality they should be called a sleeping giant. We easilly forget that it was only in the last 20 years that Manchester United and Arsenal caught and overhauled Everton’s trophy tally to drop them from 2nd to 4th most titled team in England. As a guy in my 40s who remembers the days of the old First Division big 5. Arsenal, Spuds, Manure, Liverpool and Everton for those that are too young to remember, I have a lot of time for Everton. it won’t surprise me in the slightest to see them back among the title challengers in the next 10-20 years when they get themselves sorted out financially.

  • Flecharsenal

    Wilshere comes back and arteta goes back to his more natural position

  • Fred

    I am an Everton supporter and clicked on this headline out of curiosity. I loved Arteta at Everton and was truly gutted to see him leave, but I enjoy watching him play for Arsenal and can see how well he fits in the side. I agree that he has been overlooked for Spain because he didn’t play for a top PL club – its not right but this is only the same as what happens with England, although the bigger picture has to be the midfield competition in Spain he has been and is still up against. You are wrong though in suggesting he made a mistake going to Everton. At that time his career wasnt going anywhere and Moyes took a chance on his potential. Rather than it being a mistake Everton should take the credit for bringing Mikel to the PL and ultimately Arsenal. Mikel would be the first one to say this.

  • Arteta is a God gift to Arsenal wishing him few caps for spain Good Luck i love you Mikel

  • As an Evertonian and a football fan I had to stop reading this drivel after the first few paragraphs. I won’t even go into each point you make about Everton but suffice to say .. you let your club down by this disrespect, something Arteta would never do, as you point out

  • Paul

    What a load of rubbish, I must appologise to Everton fans.. Not all Arsenal fans think this way. No wonder people outside of London have so little respect for us. Everton are a big club not as big ad Arsenal but 9 leagues titles is not bad. Arteta played for Rangers as well, are they a small club???? Yes I would of loved a younger Arteta at arsenal but maybe he is the player he is due to his time at Everton!!!! No one team has a given right to win cups/ leagues it has to be earned and when we win a trophy again (it’s been to long now) its because we have earned it and not been given it because we are Arsenal and reside in London..!!!!! Shame on you!!!!

  • george graham

    Thank god Wenger is Arsenal’s manager and you’re not

  • Ace

    Arteta should never has gone to Arsenal. He should have gone to a big team if he wanted to play for Spain. Man City might have been a better choice. At least he would have got noticed because no one is going to be looking at Arsenal. It might just be the end for Cazorla as well.

  • Jebus

    If we’d signed mikel years ago he’d be playing for Man City now.

  • Anaekwe patrick

    Your line of thought is proper but the idea of not wanting Arteta to feature for Spain is a curse. Every professional player wishes to have a go at the World cup games. This can only be possible if one plays for one’s country.

  • kingbong

    What the F*** are you even talking about . You want one of the best managers ever to leave simply bcos of Arteta? You even thought about which direction ‘my’ beloved club would go if he did leave? You simply have to be the worst writer I have ever seen in my life . Your stories DONT make sense and I hope no- one ever has to read them again ….idiot

  • kingbong

    And Ace you can hush your gums and all …No-one talking about us? Yet everyone’s saying this could be our year for a trophy and were looking a real threat …Just cos ya support shitbag Everton ..Again idiot

  • Mark

    Everton fan here. Such disrespect to Everton is beyond insulting. Small club? Arteta not playing for Spain because he played for Everton? What planet are you on pal? Here is why Arteta never got picked, for the same reasons he still isn`t picked playing for your all conquering world dominating better than the rest of the world super club… 1 Xavi 2 Iniesta 3 Alonso 4 Fabregas. Christ mate get off your high horse and take a look at the league table so far this season and have a look where Everton are. Arteta has ALWAYS been quality and I agree, he has the skills to deserve a call up, but this has F8Ck all to do with where he plays and everything to do with the fecking pecking order of the spain team.

  • Philbet

    I seem to remember Wenger missing another couple of gems as well in Ronaldo and Ibrahimavich geting Arteta too late in his career is just one mistake too many if he does not go this weekend we are doomed, doomed I say………

  • WalterBroeckx

    First of all: I never realised so many Everton fans would be reading our blog.

    It looks as if some of them didn’t get my little tongue in cheek (a few Arsenal fans also so they can be excused 😉 )

    I did refer to Everton being a smaller team compared to Arsenal. That seemed to hurt a bit. Of course I mostly refer to the PL era and I think if we look at that then I cannot but conclude that Arsenal is a bigger club. The last thing I had on my mind is to go in a argument of bigger club but the comments brought this up so that is just my view on things.

    How a ‘love’ declaration towards Arteta is written completely different by opposing fans is something I have to think about it.

    Maybe next time I could write an article just saying these words:

    Oh my god, how I like Arteta and how glad I am he came to Arsenal. 😉

    Would be a bit shorter of course. 😉

  • WalterBroeckx

    Ok guys I am for free speech but just insults will not appear even though a few have slipped in between maybe.

  • Sam

    Even when he was at Everton, I liked him. And I agree with every word in the article. The man is diamond, being polished by Wenger. Evertonian saying that Moyes makes players better. I have greatest respect for David and will not say a word against the man. Because of him, I also have lot of respect for RFC. However, you don’t normally see Everton players being linked with top clubs. On the other hand Arsenal players are always sought after by the top clubs and there is plenty of evidance. This concludes that Wenger is the one who make players better and improve their profile.

  • alfred

    Hi Walter,
    I read your article on Arteta with all the keeness. I believe wenger talks a lot with his players and Arteta must be having a really good time with Wenger. At Everton, Arteta would play an advanced role, scoring more goals. He would wish to play there as well. Carzola is right. Perhaps Arteta’s playing deep in mid field, will be a sure way for him to turn up for Spain team. For sure now, in that position, they have Alonso only, the others can as well fight it out with Arteta. Let him perfect the DM role, which will get him into spanish team, a dream for every player.

  • nadjulius

    …A man who knows that being a professional footballer is something that many dream of but only few realise. A man who has his dreams but also feels satisfied with the way he has gone in his life. A man who still dreams of playing for his national team. But also realistic in knowing that it probably will stay a dream……WOOOOOW!

  • BlueH

    What patronising garbage from a Club currently looking up the table at Everton! Arteta was a wonderful player for most of his time at Everton, but was well and truly drifting before he arrived there. As with so many other players, Moyes turned his career around and Arteta realised the debt he owed to the club. Being the absolute straight guy he is, he knew that and repaid the club with immense loyalty. I was sick when he left but didn’t begrudge him his move after the service he’d given and also the fact that I believed his best years were behind him, injuries having taken their toll. Only time will tell whether that proves to be correct.

  • Matt Damon

    WalterBroeckx you are a moron with your comments about Everton. Your recent responses just highlight your IGNORANCE.

    Its not even banter. Its just pure ignorance.

    How much of Arsenal’s success has been as a result of the London housing price bubble of the 90’s/2000’s? Alot.

    Nothing more nothing less. So please don’t lecture Evertonians.

  • Mikel's dog

    Sam, I reckon you want to lay off the drugs mate ‘cos that post of yours is pure sh*te

  • Dec

    Arteta = brilliant player, great guy, model pro.
    Everton = great old club but not among the current big boys.
    David Moyes = brilliant manager, great guy, model pro.
    Arsenal = great old club, thanks to Le Boss currently a major power.
    Arsene Wenger = brilliant manager, genius, slightly ahead of his time.
    Walter’s article = not your best work Walter, but everybody can have an off day.
    Untold = excellent, hope all the Toffees stick around and enjoy it.
    International. break = dumb
    Time to move on.
    Roll on Norwich.

  • Davidson

    Possibly the worst article I’ve ever read. Was that supposed to be clever? You should definitely stick to whatever your menial day job is

  • Clint

    Not sure why people rave about Arteta. He’s not that good. He has the record passes in Europe because he passes 3 yards sideways,repeatedly. The last Arsenal player to hold that record was Denilson in 08/09 but when he did it people complained. Arteta is Denilson + a little bit of tactical experience. At the moment he is holding that position because he is 30 and will gradually be fading out as Coquelin and Frimpong fade into the first team.

  • Clint

    Not sure why people rave about Arteta. He’s not that good. He has the record passes in Europe because he passes 3 yards sideways,repeatedly. The last Arsenal player to hold that record was Denilson in 08/09 but when he did it people complained. Arteta is Denilson + a little bit of tactical experience. At the moment he is holding that position because he is 30 and will gradually be fading out as Coquelin and Frimpong fade into the first team.

  • Chris G

    I’m no gooner, just a toffee who recognises what you have in Arteta and was actually pleased to see him get a chance at a bigger club. Got to say though most of this article was utter tripe.

  • Sam

    Mikel’s Dog. Please explain why do you find my post pure shi*t. And by the way, where is your own post , please let me know, I would like to read it.

  • stuart

    Well the facts speak for themselves. History only began at the conception of the premier league.
    The champions in 85 and 87 plus European cup winners cup in 85 must be a dream.
    Everton will come again and you will see how big this small club is.
    Chelsea fans outnumbered 2:1at the cup final a couple of years ago should have served notice.
    Watch this space wally!

  • Marco

    What a condescending piece. Poor little Everton – what makes you think arsenal are a better team this year? Perhaps Arteta will never achieve a medal at arsenal either and may perhaps be looking up at the table to his old friends come the end of the season. Times change and it is worth keeping up.

  • David

    I think this article is right. I’m an everton fan and your reasons Arteta didn’t make headlines are 100% spot on. We may have been successful once but in the modern EPL this means nought. So all bias aside we had one of the best players in the premiership and it went completely unnoticed by and large.

    You are wrong about one thing, had the Arteta of 4 years joined Arsenal you would have seen a player that the current one pales against. Another thing though, everton resurrected him, so he did well to join us when no one else was calling. He is my all it favorite Everton player, and you have one of the games true unheralded stars, as a person and player. His mrs isn’t too bad either.

  • PabloBrown

    The man is diamond, being polished by Wenger.

    The OP’s right,Arsenal sould of bagged Arteta years ago,because if they think he’s playing well now,then they should of seen in his hayday,whilst playing for Everton.

  • WalterBroeckx


    I sure agree on a few points. Including about me 😉 Oh well, even Messi can have an off day at times 🙂

  • WalterBroeckx

    At least one Everton supporter could read what I really intended to say. Thanks for that.

    Funny how an article meant to express my admiration for Arteta and my astonishment on how good he really is (in my opinion) that so many people focus on an interpretation and a view on another team that I never intended or even share to be honest.

    Now I know Everton won titles in the 80ties. Don’t worry. I even remember the stadium being a bit different compared to the current days. Wasn’t Peter Reid one of the carriers of that team? Southall in goal?, Rathcliff? Sharp? All names I still seem to remember from those days on seeing them in MOTD. excuse my wrong spelling of some names if it is the case. Just from the back of my head.

    To be honest I even checked what my gut feeling was about league position in the PL, so just in the last 20 years. And yes in all those years Arsenal always finished higher than Everton. The closest you came in those 20 years was one season when you were just 2 points behind Arsenal in the final table. So on average it is safe to say and backed up with facts that Arsenal has been the bigger team in the PL compared to Everton. This is no dig against Everton as I think that I could do this with 18 other teams currently in the PL and come up with the same result.

    Does this mean I look down on Everton? People who know me better know that I rarely look down on other people. I agree my phrasing might have been better but well that is the way to goes. I was focussing on praising Arteta and not focussing on having a dig at Everton.

    So hell I love Arteta and I do feel it is a shame we didn’t get him earlier on. But that is the way it goes sometimes. I bet the New York Bulls would have liked TH to join them a few years earlier 😉

  • WalterBroeckx

    I even would say if we can keep Arteta till the end of his playing days: give this man a job in the coaching staff. I don’t know if he has any ambition in that direction but I do think he could be a great coach.

  • WalterBroeckx

    And about Everton being above us in the league table: of course you are. Well done! Congratulations.
    But as our neighbours from North London found out in a painful way last season: the only league table that really matters is the one after 38 games.
    We have closed a few gaps before. 😉 And this is not a dig at Everton. This is more a little dig against our neighbours.

  • Blue

    Arteta is a great player ,poor little everton tho what’s that about just coz sky arnt interested in us doesn’t mean shit people who no football no everton , seen artera quite a few times 4 gunners and if u think he’s that good 4 u? U should of seen him in a everton shirt 4 years ago he was pure class ,Joe Allen the poor mans Mikey arteta best little spanyed we no legend

  • WalterBroeckx

    And I don’t know who it was that said that Cazorla moving to Arsenal would kill his chances in the Spanish team: I have the impression that since he joined us he has been more on the field than before when he played for Malaga.


    Imagine Arteta playing in a midfield with Fabregas and Hleb do you think they would have both still left ?

  • Ong Bing

    Yes Walter, I also very surprised that so many Everton fans pop up here and post somethings.

    I think Walter comparing Everton with Arsenal in recent years, and then yes Everton is smaller than Arsenal. But if I compare Everton with big club in top Indonesian league, Everton will be giant!

    No club in Indonesia has own stadium, max budget for 1 season is about 2M-3M pound!

    Back to Walter post, I agreed Arteta is good man, good player, and surely he is one of Arsenal key players.

    Walter, keep posting man, whatever you want!

  • Nick

    You make some valid points although as any Evertonian will tell you your about 5 years behind with your opinion. Arteta has been a top quality player for a number of years. Don’t underestimate the value David Moyes adds to players through his coaching techniques, the Arteta that arrived at Goodison was moulded into the player he is today by David and Everton, a fact that he has alluded to himself.
    Arsenal are a more successful premier league team than Everton, fact. But no fan likes to have his club referred to as small and if you think Everton players are not on the radar of Real Madrid and Barcelona speak to Thomas Graveson and Maroune Fellaini (summer 2013).

  • Emiel Aiken

    I am not sure what to make of your article. Yes Arteta is a very good player and yes he was instrumental in ensuring that Arsenal functioned as a unit. So all the praise on that side is justifiable. But all the other rubbish about buying him earlier and stuff is just nonsense.
    Arteta was part of Wenger’s last minute dot com purchase of last season and the driving force for the move was Arteta ( he took a pay cut to come and play for Arsenal ) and what he could see in the direction that Everton was going with the sales of key players.
    That was not the case three or four years ago as we had Fab, Song, Diaby and Wiltshire so did not need another in that area and Everton were buying players back then.
    So, as far as your article is concerned as a frill seeking attempt to grab readers attention to your appraisal of Arteta, yes it worked.
    All the other stuff you added was just nonsense I guess to fill the page. But unfortunately nonsense will always be nonsense.

    PS. Any body who understands the beautiful game of football would concur with you about Arteta. This would be most Arsenal supporters and would have reached that conclusion before now, without the need for you to spell it out for them

  • Terry

    You also post that maybe Arteta made a poor choice in choosing Everton.
    Well, the season he joined they finished 4th and qualified for the CL.
    Also he was going no where and no one came forward wanting him except Moyes, just like he did with Pienaar.
    While I agree PL era Arsenal are far more succesful, I also believe this piece should have been carefully worded to avoid belittling a very good professional club who manage to over perform in my eyes.
    Lastly, big clubs do swoop for their players too.
    Us for Arteta, Man City for Lescott and Rodwell, Man Utd for Rooney. It actually appears to me that when they sell, the indeed sell to big clubs.

  • superflygooner

    Gee wiz there is nothing bad about this article except a few spelling and grama errors but english is not his first language.

    1)None of the commenters know what walters age is so stop assuming cause age has nothing to do with knowledge an idiot is an idiot.

    2)Everton was a big club and still has a huge fan base But they are not top 4 haven’t been for a while.

    3)the Reason I know even more about everton’s history is because of this site posting articles about everton and there financial position bringing them down the table.

    4)Everton may never be a top 4 club ever again Simply cause of there finances.

    5)Those talking about league position Should shutup cause we’re 6 games into the season anything can still happen to Arsenal or Everton Man city Man united Liverpoolso on and so forth.

    6)I don’t See where everton fans have been wronged by this article cause it was not an article about everton it was about arteta.

    7)These people accuse the author for not knowing anything about everton then make stupid claims about arsenal.

    8)Any Smart neutral supporter reading this article will realise that the author is delibrately being sarcastic and this piece is written from a fan’s point of view wishing and hoping thing were different in hindsight.

    9)Most people don’t understand How good Arteta is and anyone that describes him as a invisible wall knows there stuff.
    The thing about this guy is his so good he makes things look so easy that you almost are unaware of of how good he is. Any one talking shit about arteta should watch an arsenal game and when it’s done watch it again and just focus on him. You’ll be as shocked as i was a year ago when i did this. you almost don’t notice his importance or contribution the dude’s like a ghost but when you focus on him you’ll understand what walter talks about.

    10)The day after transfer deadline when I told many people that we had signed Arteta many didn’t know who he was you know why Because people around the world don’t watch everton games you know why because the average person outside England doesn’t support everton mainly due to tv coverage.

    11)To all those talking bad about arsenal not winning things for a while we are in ten times better financail situation then everton and I don’t think money brings trophies but if it did trust me everton wouldn’t win the league for the next ten years. Arsenal is only a few years away from paying off all its debt at the same time been in the top 10 richest clubs in the world. When our debts are paid off and our stadium, t shirt and tv deals are concluded we’ll be able to use a large portion of money on new players.

    12)Everton wish they had our stadium

    13)When was the last time everton played in the champions league since they so big and before you comment on this line let me remind you that your not regarded big in europe unless you play champions league (Wenger understands this)

    14)Strange how so many Everton fans troll arsenal blogs You’d never find me reading a Tottenham blog.

    15)All those talking shit about wenger pls give any other manger his budget and ask him to finish top 4 every year.

    16)I’ve never had anything against Everton or any of Everton supporters before but now I think those that commented negatively on this post were a bunch of noobs some commenting yet they haven’t even read the whole post but thats life i guess what to expect when the average person is a d student and that goes for some AAA too.

    17)If you don’t appreciate the authors views your welcome to go read an everton blog! uh wait there aren’t many that’s why your here.

    18)It’s pointless winning trophies then almost going bankrupt ask the average kid born in 1990 or after if he knows who leeds is. Thanks to Wenger and his crappy board we doing well enough to be around for a few more decades and That is the biggest trophy.

    19)What goes up must come down if Abramovich dies tomorrow what happens to chelsea if the Abu dhabi sheik gets bored and sells what then what happens when Man uniteds debt catches up with them ask rangers they’ll tell you where spending beyound your means gets you.

    20)Thanks Walter for taking the time to write a article on a wonderful player pity not every one understands your humor and are to lazy to read all the way down before commenting. Pity some people make assumptions about your thoughts regarding there clubs even with the slightest mention dus creating a bad name for all their other supporters just by writing dumbsh1t.

    21)I’m glad your english is not that good walter that way you may be in a position of not knowing what the word tripe is.

  • Gladys

    One massive error in your article was stating that arteta made a mistake joining everton. In fact Everton made him the player, and man he is today. He was part of a fantastic dressing room with no ego’s with players giving there all for each other week in week out. They played for a manger who was able to install the values he shows now and bring the best out of players. Arteta thrived at Everton in a way he probably wouldn’t at any other club, and he was loved by the fans as a result of this. The article smacks of arrogance that you believe you could have had the man anytime you wanted and the disregard you display for Everton. Every Everton fan will tell you that the arteta of 4 yrs ago was a much better player than today, although great credit to the man for redefining himself as one of the best holding midfield players in Europe. It just shows the mans intelligence as a footballer. He was getting stale at Everton and it made great sense for us to sell him at the time and not too many blues were upset at the time. Moyes only makes decisions to sell players like that if it is going to benefit everton, just like selling rodwell did. Such is the high regard that we still hold for arteta though we are glad to see him doing so well and still regard him as the ‘best little spaniard we know’.

  • Today Walter had an off-day… but he’s written some fine posts in the past though.

    @ Walter, re your text
    “…but I do think he could be a great coach.”
    I think that’s perhaps your most genuinely interesting point in your post – and no, I don’t mean that in a disparaging way.
    He’s certainly got the intelligence on the pitch. Who knows, Walter… only time will tell as regards coaching.

  • Chris

    An uneducated article. Disapointing dig at Everton, by the comments that have been posted i hope you have learned. As for Arteta ‘slipping under the radar’..He was also voted the Premiership’s ‘Midfielder of the Year’ by the readers of Sky Sports, beating PFA Players’ Player of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo. That was 2008.

  • blueturf

    As others have said, you miss the point. Moyes and the Everton coaching staff resurrected his career, if you need proof see Pienarr, Fellaini, Jagielka, Lescott (I could go on). The comment about small club/team irks and betrays a level of ignorance that is reinforced in the standard of your writing.

  • Dec

    We used to have a chap called Brady who could pass the ball a bit special when he wanted to. Had a liking for chips if I remember. Clever sort though. Somebody put him in charge of the kids a few years ago. Strangely, now they all seem to pass the ball and play with skill and flair just like he did. Similar thing happened with an old git called Bould. Now if Señor Arteta was of a mind when he retires (hopefully years from now), to coach the future generations of Arsenal youngsters and even oldsters, II wouldn’t be at all surprised if they didn’t go and be supergood players because of that. Be nice if he had a few medals in his pocket before then though.
    Well done Walter.

  • Thundertinygooner

    How do you link your headline and beginning with the content of the article? It was Wenger’s best move last season to decide to push for Arteta on transfer deadline day.Without him we would have been lost.I think that’s your point. So why the dopey headline? Just to get hits?

  • leany

    Really surprised that there were so many negative comments. And did understand it when knowing they were from Everton fans.

    Well, I DO love both Arsenal and Everton. Yes, you can say I watch much more Arsenal games than Everton games, know much more players of Arsenal than the ones of Everton. But I do love both, it’s just about different ways of expressing love.

    I believe in my love for Ev (like calling them like that), because I did feel so proud and happy while hearing an expert in my country once said that the two clubs were (in his opinion) the two most exciting teams in PL; that they had the most opposite playing styles, but in a good way. And yes, that expert is an Arsenal supporter. This fact made all the things more great. I am so glad when the two clubs have many similar positive things: great managers (long-served, always make players better and get their total respect), living within the resources they produce, good – in many meanings – teams.

    Now, I proudly announce they have one more (wonderful) similarity: MIKEL!! 🙂 Such a fantastic way to connect the two teams you love. He said Ev was his home and Arsenal was where he’s playing. Those words did make me so touched and I did feel absolutely no jealousy (this point is really important, it shows how great Mikel is! – so that I could not be jealous).

    As for his dream of playing for the national team: Unfortunately I hate the Spanish team since 2010(you know, Barcelona players, the way they are praised)and therefore don’t really love seeing him between them. But, if one day Mikel is called, I’ll watching him with all carefulness – wish him do well and return fit. He deserves that.

    Btw, a very good result for Germany, Per and Podol did play (and hope still fit)!!

  • PabloBrown

    Some of you think Arsenal will become Arteta’s club when he retires,but some how I doubt that. Everton are known as a family club,and I don’t get that feeling at Arsenal.He may have more success at Arsenal (which is debatable at the moment),but will he enjoy it as much?so how I doubt it.

  • Al

    “Sometimes you don’t need to make unbelievable tackles to win the ball back – not if you’re in the right position” This was copied & pasted from the Arsenal website, in Arteta’s own words. The guy is intelligent, period. You dont have to be a hardman to be the best holding midfielder, and he’s proving it right now. Wenger seems to have a knack of attracting these intelligent players to Arsenal; Thierry, Bergkamp, Kanu, Eduardo, Cesc….,just to name a few(the list is actually very long but thats not the point of this post). I must admit though he was class when he played for Everton, but it seems he’s got better.

    Talking of gifted players, I wonder everyday what would’ve been had Jay Jay Okocha played under wenger, and not a long ball team(no offence to Bolton; I surprised myself when i discoveered I actually liked them after SA left, and was gutted to see them go down last season)

  • I have to say, that was one of the most insulting pieces I’ve read for a while. Even Liverpool fans acknowledge us better than that, and that’s saying something. What it sounds like you’re saying though, is that Arteta was too good to play for a club like Everton. For starters, who was Arteta before Moyes bought him? Yes, he did play for a big club beforehand, and he also played in the Champions League as well. But like Jelavic, it was only until he played for Everton in the Premier League that people started to realise the quality he possessed (e.g. Lescott, Jags and Cahill). It just goes to show how good Moyes is for unearthing hidden gems and developing them into top players. Without him, you probably wouldn’t have seen him play in an Arsenal shirt.

    And just to let you know if other teams were interested in him. Arteta admitted that Man City put a £24m bid in for him in 2010, only for Everton to reject the offer. Players slip under the radar, eh? Never heard of Mirallas or Fellaini? Probably not, because they do play for Everton after all.

  • James

    Problem is lads. 4 years ago he would’ve cost £18 mill, and Arsenal wouldn’t have spent it. You only got him so cheap because of an agreement between him and Moyes, and the fact that his knees are knackered.

    Hope that helps 😉

  • bluenose buz

    How much did Wenger pay Everton for fanny Jeffers again ?

  • Pat

    Nice article Walter.
    Sorry the Everton fans felt offended.
    I remember loving Arteta as a player when he played for Everton as well.
    I was so happy when I heard he had signed for Arsenal.

  • MickEFC

    Arsenal fans seem to have small memories (like when did you last win a trophy). It seems to me lots of clubs want our players; remember a fat little pervert who looks like Shrek? Ended your unbeaten run and has scored regularly against your club since. Joleon Lescott, now wouldn’t you just love a REAL defender? As for Arteta ‘under a radar’, Luis Aragones actually told the press that he knew all about Arteta and what a wonderful club he was at, but how could he break up a EC winning midfield to accommodate him? To be honest, I’ve always admired Arsenal, and until now, the fans too, but tell me, how many would be at the Emirates if you’d only won one trophy in 26 years? Everton have a huge loyal fanbase, glittering history and are the 4th most successful club in England, one place behind Arsenal so are the Gunners a small club because of Man Utd? Stupid article based on hypothesis and revealing a disguised disgust at your respected and successful manager. Get a grip and if you’ve nothing relevant or interesting to say, then don’t

  • MickEFC

    And ‘superflygooner’, It appears that English is not your first language too. And as for not looking at other sites/blogs, let me explain: a) The headline appeared on ‘Newsnow Everton’ and was Arteta related, so that’s why so many blues were interested and b) Your abhorrence at reading the views of other fans just betrays your ignorance towards football in general; in other words, you are an Arsenal fan and shun everything else about the game. This must stretch to your immediate peer group because you say they had no idea who Arteta was. Very strange really as he must have played against you a dozen times, and he even got sent of for an alleged elbow on Fabregas’ or don’t you even watch Arsenal games? I knew of Arteta when he was at Rangers, but then again, I’m interested in football, and not just a glory hunter. When Spurs start to sweep all before them with their new found wealth and manager, will you start praising Bale and Walker, and wondering why Dempsey was at a small club instead of the great Tottenham years ago?

  • hubert - harare-zim

    everton dug the diamond and the professor is polish it

  • Igburu samuel

    i believe when arteta was in everton then, he was more vibrant, he orchestrated the mildfield if not the entire team just the way cesc was to arsenal, i saw similarity between two of them i said back then in my heart arsenal need this kind of player little did i know my wish will come to pass no matter how much we arsenal love, value and praise him, everton will ever love value and praise him most

  • Steve Harris

    Just think, if Arteta would of joined Arsenal 7 years ago, look at all the medals he would of won!

  • Blue

    Superflygunner. How sad r u lad

  • Stuart

    Good article Walter, shame so many Everton fans felt the need to go all defensive and paranoid due to taking certain bits out of context.

    Your article made me think of something I read in the Independent years ago, managed to find a copy on Arseweb :

    Everton dominated Arsenal for 3 out of 10 decades in the last century, the others were Arsenals.

  • Stuart

    *Your article and the subsequent responses that should read.