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  1. nicky

    I could barely tolerate a FIFA registered agent but for the life of me I cannot fathom a FIFA QUALIFIED one!

  2. David

    The “agencies” OhneBerater and beratungdurchfamilienangehörigen are not really agencies. Those are German sentences. The first one means Without Agent and the second roughly translated means Advised by relative (it’s usually the father or uncle). Especially young players in Germany tend to not have an agent if someone in the family is capable of doing the job.

  3. Adam

    David. I was waiting to see if anyone spotted that.

    @Untold, This article has been published twice on here. It is actually part one of a series not part three as stated at the begining.

  4. Jessy lane

    Hello Adam Brogden,
    You got very good information about football agents and football agencies on how much money they take from clubs and so on. I do know that all football agents who licensed from FIFA are not capable because these big fishes don’t allow small one’s to grow and now a days their is little change coming towards small football agents.
    Very thankful to your information.

    Thank you,

  5. Jessy Lane

    Adam, i hope you have given a good information but you would have also written what all works does a football agent or agencies does to get a player and deal it with football clubs. Very good article but unfair to football agents.

    Jessy Lane.

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