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October 2021
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October 2021

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Making the Arsenal


By Walter Broeckx


After having looked at the keepers, defenders and midfielders we end up with the strikers department in the PL so far.

We started the games this season with:

  • Sunderland: Walcott – Gervinho – Podolski : 0 goals
  • Stoke: Gervinho – Podolski – Giroud : 0 goals
  • Liverpool: Oxlade-Chamberlain – Giroud – Podolski (1): 2 goals
  • Southamtpon: Oxlade-Chamberlain – Gervinho(2) – Podolski(1): 6 goals
  • Manchester City: Podolski – Gervinho: 1 goal
  • Chelsea: Podolski – Gervinho: 1 goal
  • West Ham United: Gervinho – Giroud (1) – Podolski: 3 goals

The first two games was a bit of a search. New players adapting to each other, to a new league, now system. The result was we didn’t score. And that is what strikers are all about at the end of the season. That is where they are judged on.

I tried to put the strikers in a summary about the goals we scored. I only took the strikers in to account for this. We had a few own goals forced by Gibbs, Koscielny scored and of course Cazorla scored 2 goals and had two assists but as we have looked on him in midfield I will not mention him here. In fact I just did.

In the summary I took not only the goals but also the assists. Because getting an assist is almost as important as scoring the goal in my opinion. And then I also looked at the total minutes each player has played in the PL so far. And then we can also see who was the best striker of them all. And I must say the result was a bit of a surprise for me…

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Player Goals Assists Min played Goal/minutes
Podolski 2 2 517 129
Gervinho 3 0 477 159
Giroud 1 1 352 176
Oxlade-Chamberlain 0 1 254 254
Walcott 2 1 183 61


Because when we look at the total game time we see that Walcott got the least minutes of time and yet he got the most goal involvement in numbers together with Podolski but Walcott only played 183 minutes in total. And this means that for every 61 minutes he played in the PL Walcott got or a goal or an assist.

Okay, what are the chances that Theo or his manager will step up to Wenger with this article and saying: just give us what we want. Sorry Arsène, but the numbers are the numbers.

And it also puts things in perspective. Many say that he isn’t worth the money. Some say he is not good enough. Some say he should be sold. I would say: let’s try to keep him if possible. And the most amazing thing is that these numbers come from only 1 start in which he didn’t score and 5 substitute appearances. Somehow Theo and his manager will not use this article anymore maybe. Because it somehow could indicate that Theo is at his most dangerous when coming on as a sub. Sorry Theo, but the numbers are the numbers.

If we look at them all we can say we have used 5 strikers so far this season. Each of them being involved in the goals a bit. Apart from Walcott it is Podolski who is the one with the best overall numbers. Followed by Gervinho and Giroud.

Oxlade-Chamberlain is the most prolific goal scorer for the moment. But he sometimes is used in midfield so he has a bit of a different position compared to the others. And mind you he did score in the Capital One cup game. Just like Theo scored 2 in that game.

To be complete I will also give you the same table but with all the competitive games played so far this season.

Player Goals Assists Min played Goal/minutes
Podolski 4 2 686 114
Gervinho 5 1 647 108
Giroud 2 4 511 85
Oxlade-Chamberlain 1 1 396 198
Walcott 4 2 294 49


And then we see that Walcott remains our most potential goal scoring player with being involved in a goal every 49 minutes he was on the pitch.

And the we see that Giroud becomes our second most dangerous man with being involved in a goal every 85 minutes on the pitch. Gervinho has been involved in a goal every 108 minutes and Podolski is only just behind with 114 minutes.

This was based on 10 competitive games so far. On average we could say that Arsenal plays some 50 competitive games each season. This of course depends on the length of the cup runs and the Champions league but just for the fun of it I will try to predict the number of goals scored by each player based on the first 10 games. This is of course for all competitions.

Player Goals Assists Total goals
Podolski 20 10 30
Gervinho 25 5 30
Giroud 10 20 30
Oxlade-Chamberlain 5 5 10
Walcott 20 10 30

Of course this is purely for fun. My take is that Giroud will start to score more goals. As will Oxlade-Chamberlain. And of course Gervinho could drop a bit on his current numbers. Nobody knows what will happen but if those numbers would be correct we sure have a few players capable of scoring a few goals over the course of the season. And many players having the potential to score around 20 goals. If we look at the numbers we are certainly not depending on one striker any more.

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19 comments to Who is scoring the goals?

  • WalterBroeckx

    Thank god the wait is almost over… the PL is back, Arsenal is back.

  • John

    Interesting that the anti-Arsenal media spent last season calling us a “one-man-team” and are now saying that we miss Van Persie, although the figures show that this is not the case. It’s easy to say “Van Persie would have put that one away” when any of our strikers misses a chance, forgetting that he also missed his share (eg penalty at Old Trafford, second half at home against AC Milan etc.)

  • Disco Stu

    You must be on crack if you think Gervinho is going to score 25 goals this season….

  • Sammy The Snake

    Let’s not forget the goal contribution from players like Santi & Arteta.

  • WalterBroeckx

    I’m not saying he will, Disco Stu. Just saying if he can keep it up like he has done so far he could score 25 goals.
    Will he? Nobody knows.

    This was a private version of Fifa2012, Football manager, or whatever the games are called these days…

  • Strus

    Gervinho is going to play ay ACN in January.He will be away from squad for almost 2 months.You should lower his numbers

  • Pris

    Good read as usual.

    Walcott needs to be sold. He’s one dimensional and panics when it matters. No, sorry, off to Liverpool with him in January and then see what’s kicking round Germany/Spain for replacement.

    Oh and if you’re looking to get into gaming Walter, PES is where it’s at!

  • marcus

    If walcott can be moved centrally, even if as a sub first, he can score 25 in the epl. easily.

  • Woolwich Peripatetic

    Walcott could potentially play as #10 to Giroud’s #9 but we would sacrifice a lot of width and creativity in the side. He couldn’t play as a straight #9 as he struggles to retain the ball and as a false #9 he would be running at a packed defence all day long.

  • rusty

    I have no worries about Giroud — he has good hold-up play and movement off the ball.

    I do have worries about Walcott — for all the talk about moving him central, it still looks to me like he really only has one run (diagonal toward the near post from midway between the box and the halfway line) one finish (low, right foot, far post), and plays no role in set pieces (taking or finishing). Granted, this run is very hard for Premier League defenses to keep pace with, and his accuracy of finishing is fine. I was hoping that he would see his super-sub role as a challenge to expand the confines of his game, but it seems he’s happy to take his chances with the same run as ever.

  • Ong Bing

    Give Giroud more times, I have feeling he will scores a lot, maybe 10 in EPL only.

    Poldi has adapt well, he will scores more than 10 in EPL.

    I don’t know where the other goals came from, but surely Arsenal can scores more than last season.

  • Rog B

    Sorry Walter I know it doesn’t happen often but your fact about Gervinho scoring against City is wrong. He didn’t it was Koscienly and what a corker for a defender it was. Good blog though

  • Even if given the false #9 role..walcot cant score 20-25 goals in a season…impossible***lets give giroud n gervinho more playin time

  • Shakabula Gooner

    On current form, I wish that Arsenal and Walcott find an agreement in the ongong contract impasse. It will benefit Arsenal and benefit Walcott also. For example, a £80kpw with add ons that can rise to £90kpw based on performance.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Apologies for repeating myself, but I just think Walcott is gone, just cannot see it any other way. Will be happy to be proven wrong, but when do they ever stay these days? We just need a bit of stability with players in for the long haul, I think we are now getting those players. If theo wants out, there are a number out there we could get in, and I do not only mean over priced palace players. I believe theo is making a big mistake if he goes, he will not get a better team than us who will play him in a central role, but unfortunately, there are several clubs who will pay him a hundred grand plus per week, and unfortunately, most will be English rivals.

  • createstrain

    i have to agree with pris, PES is definitely where its at.

    though i would have to disagree with rusty. to a point, yes his hold up play is poor. but he’s young, can get stronger and learn off a smaller guy in caz of how to shield the ball maybe. plus i remember seeing him finish confidently in the past and quite recently(in the cup i think) with his left. and ive seen him volley recently even try a header which suggests he’s aware and trying. plus i think he should be taking corners as he has the ability to whip a ball. though i thought caz did too? anyway, point is the whole team could improve on corners and set pieces are covered.

    i hope he stays and continues to improve(double figures in goals and assists), but not if he’s moaning getting all demandy. either way i dont mind, he stays and gets better or he leaves and we use the cash with maybe a bit on top to buy what he could have or might still become. win win. though i love a shiny new signing, especially with the latest trend. f it if he signs buy one anyway arsene!

    plus dint someone say a while back giroooo usually gets 14 in his first season and roughly 20+ in the next. i can see him getting at least 14. which would be a good season.

  • createstrain

    , and recently*

  • Damien Luu

    @Disco Stu: What, are you a fortune teller or something? Why the heck he could not do that, huh?

    @Walter: As I said before, if Theo leaves us, I will be sadder than when RVP did. And I do think he is a “super substitute player”.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Rog B,
    I maybe should have explained a bit better that when a striker scored in a game I put the number of goals like this behind their names
    Southamtpon: Oxlade-Chamberlain – Gervinho(2) – Podolski(1): 6 goals (in total)

    So Manchester City: Podolski – Gervinho: 1 goal means we did score one goal and as nothing mentioned behind the strikers names they didn’t score.