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Arsenal v QPR The Catering Review

I’ll have a Tony Adams please, no gravy:Arsenal vs QPR (and Schalke) the catering review.

Saturday started well, a big fry up at the best cafe in Stratford (I know it was the best because it said so on the sign) before a gentle (and cultured) stroll around Bunhill Fields cemetery with the GF.

Having retrieved my scarf (she was cold amongst the graves) I headed off, toute seul, to Arsenal station. I chose this destination because I wanted to sample the now famous legends pies at @pieburycorner.

Situated on the corner (naturally) of Avenell road just a short hop from the station Pieburycorner offers range of home made pies. They sell at about £4.50 each and you can choose from a small but interesting selection all named after our former stars.

Tony Adams is beef and ale, Thierry Henry a more exotic venison and red wine, Ian Wright is lamb and veg, a Bergkamp is chicken – you get the idea. There is a veggie option and you can add mini roast potatoes (little Liam Brady’s!) for an extra quid fifty. And gravy.

I opted for a Tony Adams and wasn’t disappointed. I had no pots or gravy because I was still pretty full of breakfast. It was deflections! Excellent pastry and beautifully tender big chunks of steak in a rich sauce. You must try this folks.

I believe they are opening up in a proper shop nearby very soon (it’s being fitted out) and the they have a twitter feed and website so it’s worth a google. Next time I’m trying the TH14 as I love venison. Mmmm.

Pie consumed I headed for the Auld Triangle which was pretty busy but as friendly as ever. Someone mistook me for Cameron Murray out of Emmerdale ( which I’m not, nor have I even seen Emmerdale but having googled the bloke I see what she means). I don’t wear wellies and have no interest in sheep (unless they are in a pie!)

Then it was off the the game, fuelled by pie and two pints of average Guinness ( it really should be looked after better and not served in a plastic glass..). The game was nothing special as I’m sure others have said but it was great to see Jack and Bak back and Arteta’s goal was cathartic – just what we needed.

So finally a brief report on catering before the disappointment of the CL game midweek. Tony and I dined at the Millennium cafe at 500 Holloway road. It’s a Turkish restaurant and cafe, a bit above a greasy spoon and fully licensed.

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It offers a massive menu featuring pretty much everything you’d expect (burgers, breakfasts, koftas, kebabs but also pasta and fish etc). I had a steak sandwich which was fine, decent amount, good chips, good value at £4. I washed it down with a Turkish pilsner which the waitress recommended. Very nice too (the beer I mean!). In fact dinner was probably the highlight of our evening!

So there you go, I thoroughly recommend seeking out a Tony Adams pie but get there early, they sell out quick!

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36 comments to Arsenal v QPR The Catering Review

  • Maverick

    A little bit off topic, but do you guys think you could do an article on this:

    From all people Steven Howard he has written an article on how he finds it bad that Manu are getting too many decisions and that the refs are in Manus pocket…… there a change in tide in the media? Are people starting to get genuinely fed up with matches not being officiated properly and the EPL getting put into disrepute because of too much cheat and games loaded in bias to set teams………..everyone knows around the world how bad this is. It just goes to show that Manu are rubbish in europe because the refs aren’t biased towards them but every year they are amoung the best team in the premier league no matter how rubbish they play because they are probably gifted at least 30 points a season. It seems even though Manu are the media darlings that even the media now are getting sick of the farcical rubbish that is going on!

  • Jay Cartwright

    Ah yes, I was waiting for you lot, and your anoraky BS. What do you say now after winning with a completely illegal offside goal?

  • Maverick

    @Jay Cartwright it was not offside because off the defender in the goal line trying to clear the ball that was in front of Arteta you need to look at the goal again!

  • Maverick

    and also offside goals happen all of the time and some onside goals (like liverpools) get missed and get flagged offside hence why wenger has been championing for goalline technology…………but this rubbish with Manu has gone on for many years everyone can see it barring you deluded manu supporters!!

  • nicky

    Don’t know the author but as soon as I saw the title Catering Review I seized on it and was not disappointed. A nice change from the uninspiring Match Reviews of late.
    I admired the idea of the Legends Pies so soon after a big fried breakfast.
    In my latter years I’ve gone off Guinness after a couple of sorry experiences with dodgy ones.
    And my first and last encounter with kebabs was in a restaurant in Tangier, Morocco when the skewer was more tender than the meat.
    At the end of the day, the staple English diet of eggs, chips and baked beans still takes some beating.
    Keep the Catering Reviews coming…..they are a fascinating read.

  • Jay Cartwright

    Well maverick, I Have looked again, and as the Yahoo! commentator points out Arteta came twice from an offside position – please look yourself, you’re imagining a defender in the goal, although Nelson was ther by time Arteta had moved back to score by gaining advantage from an offside position.
    You need to look at the rule book again – if you ever have, I don’t know…

    This from FIFA’s ‘Interpretation of the Laws of
    the Game and Guidelines for Referees’:
    ““gaining an advantage by being in that position” means playing a ball that rebounds to him off a goalpost or the crossbar having been in an offside position or playing a ball that rebounds to him off an opponent having been in an offside position.”

    pretty much exactly what happened!(twice!)

    My main point though is that these guys on this site went as far as saying refs went to the extremes of favouring QPR last season because of sponsorship interests. Probably never having seen SWP’s disallowed wonder goal.

    Offside goals do happen all the time, doesn’t mean we can’t moan about it. Cancer happens all the time, but we still have people trying to combat it…

  • Jerry

    I agree with Maverick, I thought the goal was onside but we’ll wait until the ref review! If we actually did get a favor from the ref, it’s about time! We’ve been screwed countless times! The food really sounds good! I hope one day I can make it out from the U.S. to enjoy a game at the Emirates! Also, off topic, looks like Clattenberg may be fired as a ref after yesterday’s game, not because of his complete United bias, but because of racially abusing Chelsea players:

    Honestly, last year he did good, but this year, he pulled a 180, I hope more incompetent refs get pulled also!

  • Mahdain

    Guess who’ll be ref’ing our match vs united? The one and only Mike Dean.
    6 times last season, 2 times already this season and not even November yet. What are the odds he’ll end up getting more than 6 this season?

  • Jay Cartwright

    I mean, Jerry, really?

    I have a low opinion of Arsenal fans’ understanding of actual football, and you are not helping it.

    I give in…

  • Jerry

    Jay, I said I’ll leave it up to the ref review who are professional refs. I never claimed it completely. In regards to ref decisions, look at the numbers from the ref reviews at untold and the independent site debateable decisions. We were the most screwed, and if we finally did get some benefit, it’s about time. Arsenal has been getting the short end of the stick for too long now and the real Arsenal fans are sick of it! Those that don’t believe there is something wrong with refs in the PL like yourself are delusional especially if you saw the United-Chelsea game yesterday and still feel that way.

    You can spew all your venom when we might have gotten benefited once, but why don’t you complain about United’s 10+ times help from the ref per year?

    But you’re right us Arsenal fans don’t know anything, we don’t know how to think out of reality and facts here at Untold, only if we know how to embrace your fantasyland!

  • Jerry

    oh, and that was sarcasm at the end (just clarifying because sometimes sarcasm does not come out as clear when typing online)

  • Matt Clarke

    A mouthwatering review – I’m glad that I was eating as I read it.

    Shame on you who would hijack this post!

    I agree with Nicky regarding bacon egg and beans – when I learnt to drive I did an intensive course over one week and we started the day with a trip to a cafe in Totteridge for that. It was a fine start to the day.

    Incidentally, and again referring back to Nicky’s post, the BEST cafe I ever ate at was The Windmill, on the beach in Tangiers (30 years ago). No bacon egg and beans, but great salad, kalamari and cous-cous.

  • Jay Cartwright

    Erm, I’m complaining that a ref made a howler on Saturday and Jerry, you interpret this as a delusional belief that prem refs are never in the wrong, well I never…

    I was at old trafford, very close to Young’s dive, leading to Derry’s sending off, ending the match at Easter as a contest. Thus meaning that I and the people I travelled with had spent a lot of money on 80ish minutes of meaningless disappointment. And cos there were no trains one of us (me 🙁 ) couldn’t even drink away the misery..
    Some fantasy land! (sarcasm).

    And what good is a review by professional refs (in your chip-shouldered, misery land) if these are the very people you have the grudge against.

    You don’t need the opinions of these people that you don’t trust anyway, anyway, all you need is all the videos you can find of Saturday’s offside (squared) goal (ahem!) and a most recent copy of the Laws of the Game.

    I really don’t get any of this.

    If you just said “phew! we got away with that!” Like I may have done when I saw (especially recordings of) the two bang wrong penalty decisions that went in our favour against Chelsea last month… then respect due…

    Delusional moi!?

  • Jay Cartwright

    Sorry about the missing question mark..

  • nicky

    @Matt Clarke,
    Yeah, Great minds think alike.
    I still have egg, bacon and fried potatoes 5 mornings a week,
    Burgoo (porridge)one morning and hot croissants the other.
    What a way to start the day!

  • Stuart


    Personally, I think the goal should have been disallowed as it was offside but being as that is not the way it works, it’s about bloody time we had something go in our favour like that.

    You have obviously been waiting ages to say something like your initial comment.

  • WalterBroeckx

    can you please comment on the article? It shouldn’t be that difficult. We can discuss the ref and the missed offside in the article I wrote minutes after the game about him being unfit to do the game. I then spoke about the offside decisions and was waiting for conclusive images.
    But believe me in the ref review we will call it according to the rules. As we always do.
    Just to give you an indication on how we did in the past I can tell you about the review from Arsenal-Norwich last season. Same ref by the way.
    Robin Van Persie is just about to shoot the ball in the net from 3 meters out when a Norwich defender pushes him in the back and shoves him deep in the goal. The most blatant of penalties you will ever see. 60.000 in the stadium screamed for a penalty (me included).
    But in our review we said: no penalty. Because the first ball in went to Gervinho who for us intervened with the play because he tried to make contact with the ball and the Norwich keeper reacted to this attempt. Gervinho was offside on the moment the ball was played. The assistant didn’t give it so the ref should have given the stone wall penalty.

    On Untold we agreed with the ref and said it should have been an offside decision against Arsenal.

    I could give you some other examples if you are really interested.

    But of course it easy to come over here and start claiming things in other articles where there is no talk about the ref and then at the end of the day you only look foolish when the ref review comes on line.

    Keep an eye on this site when the ref review comes on line and then speak or apologise.

  • WalterBroeckx

    by the look of it some really have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting…and then when it finally arrived they could come over quick enough to throw it in our face.

    Like I said in my comment just above this: some might look rather foolish when the ref review is finished.

  • Jay Cartwright

    Yeh, the article’s rubbish…

  • Jay Cartwright

    And I guarantee no apology will be needed..

  • Jay Cartwright

    By which I mean I live in Islington so I do need your guide to where to eat..
    The article you mention did not appear (as far as i have noticed on QPR News now) what did you say?
    I only have the hump with you lot after your (in my opinion) ridiculous claim that QPR got away with loads last season because of shirt sponsors.. (not your claim in particular).

    Ive just read the article again, and I do actually think it is rubbish, sorry…

  • Jay Cartwright

    Punctuation appalling, in that last one, sorry, I’m tired, I’ve had the trots since Saturday morning…

    Can’t remember where I ate Friday night, Ah yes Pieb… only joking …

    Really one constructive point, the author eats far more than a person should in one outing…

  • Jay Cartwright

    And if you look above my first comment, it was Maverick that started it – the ref talk, not the trots.

    I just couldn’t wait to jump in (yes I admit it) cos of that nonsense (based on 2 1/2 matches or some such, you said yourselves) saying that refs were biased towards the Rs cos of shirt sponsorship, yeh I’ve said it again..! Utter Tommy rot, but let’s not start that again…

  • WalterBroeckx

    Well Jay why don’t you check this one: and this one

    No relationship with Arsenal, no relationship with Untold….

  • WalterBroeckx

    and the QPR review was over 8 games.
    But don’t worry this season with non-Arsenal related refs we will have a better picture. What it will be? I don’t know. Do you?

  • Jay Cartwright

    Ok, but where do Stoke Bolton and Newcastle fit in, what’s their reason? Do Reebok make ref’s shirts? And Ashley sells them in his shop?

    As we seem to accept a number of decisions will be victim to human error – in Rangers’ case 17 over an entire season (evidently; and some clubs will benefit more from some of these more than others will (depending on how you measure this – and flop knows how you could possibly measure this. Think, a whole cascade of events stem from one decision made rather than another, so what may appear to be disadvantageous immediately may turn out to be, to the losers of the debatable decision, ultimately beneficial. Thus rendering the ‘real’ table practically meaningless unless it is, say an offside goal at 0-0 with little time left, then perhaps there is a higher chance of it being points-deciding).

    Rangers seem to be in the lower quartile of total debatable decisions made, although equal third with those ‘for’. But to say this has anything to do with shirt sponsors is, forgive me, preposterous.

    And don’t worry, I won’t worry, it’s your lot’s paranoia with it that exercises me, not the outcome. Why should it? It seems to benefit us! Although 2 for and none against seem to have been of little benefit up to week 8 away this season (see what I mean, above? Those debatable awards have led instead of no points to, err, no points, meaningless).

  • WalterBroeckx

    Try to think what the reason for those other teams could be for yourself Jay. Maybe the answer is under your nose. And on this site if you look for it.
    A reason could be….. oh well why should I bother. You don’t believe us anyway… So if you really want to know: look for it yourself. I’m going to bed now. Sleep well

  • Adam

    @JAY, this is not a dig at QPR fans as you guys have nothing to do with the sponsorship deals brokered by Fernandez, however no other club has direct sponsorship links with the PGMOL, All Im stating is that whether you like it or not, it is a conflict of interests. In the same way Gazproms sponsorship of Chelsea and the Champions league is a conflict of interests with them owning Zenit St Petersburg. These are monetary links within football which should not be allowed. Whether QPR benefit or not is not my issue.

  • Jay Cartwright

    No please, tell me, I want to understand this bit of paranoia. And no offence, I really have better things to do than look around this site.

    I should point out, that broadly speaking, as an Islingtonian of 21 years I am Arsenal-sympathetic. As I say it’s grassy knolls that wind me up…

  • Jay Cartwright

    I am inclined to agree with you.
    That sounds patronising, it’s not meant to be.
    It seems odd to me, too..

  • Pat

    Very enjoyable catering review – one of the best!
    I am going to have to note down these venues and try them out. Food sounds good and reasonably priced.
    These pies sound outstanding!

  • Pat

    Very enjoyable catering review – one of the best!
    The pies sound outstanding!
    I am going to have to note down these venues and try them out. Food sounds good and reasonably priced.

  • Pat

    Sorry about the duplication.
    Mixed messages when I tried to submit.

  • Dec

    A decent pie for 4.50 ? You guys don”t know how lucky you are!!!
    And a football match nearby as a bonus? wow!
    Goal was offside without any question but we’ll take a break when it comes our way and move on. If Santi punches the ball past De Gea next Saturday and Dean misses the handball I’ll take it as well.
    Looking forward to the babies playing tonight, best of luck kids.

  • Justin

    @Walter- Is that ‘debatable decisions’ neutral? I am puzzled how do they think that manU actually got less points than they deserved and Arsenal actually finished one place higher than deserved? Here we have proved with extensive stats that refs don’t give anything in our favor. Then how is it possible that spuds should hv finished above us with all correct decisions?

  • WalterBroeckx

    I think that at debatable decisions, they are rather neutral but have a few flaws in the way they work.
    They only look at the highlights and so the media not showing an incident has an influence on their table.
    If MOTD don’t show a second bookable foul from Rooney in the highlights, it doesn’t get counted on their website.

    One thing is that they are not referees and this sometimes shows in some decisions.