Arsenal v Tottenham. Can my heart take the strain?

By William Le Dog McGraw

So we now play the neighbours and of course we have players who are doubtful…

Arteta has hurt his hip, Chamberlain has hurt his hip, Giroud has a possible hamstring, Ramsey has the groin strain, Sagna might not want to have his leg broken again, and Walcott has a buttock injury, which I think is just about the first time I have written that.

Definitively out in order of possible reappearance are Gervinho, Gibbs, Diaby, Rosicky, Fabianski

Cazorla is not injured but is tired having flown to Spain, flown to Panama, looked at the canal, sat on a bench, flown to Spain, flown to England.

Mertesacker played 90 mins for Germany against the Netherlands, but  Podolski only played half.  Koscielny played the full game for France, Giroud played 60 minutes.   Jenkinson played a bit, and so did Wilshere.

The team thus could be…


Sagna Mertesacker Koscielny Vermaelen

Arteta Wilshere


Walcott Giroud Podolski

Possibles maybes and who knows…

Mannone, Djourou, Jenkinson, André Santos, Gnabry, Ramsey, Chamberlain, Squillaci, Frimpong, Chamakh, Arshavin

So what if anything do we know about this game?

This is the game that has been drawn a lot.  This is the game where a team takes a 2-0 lead and then goes on to lose.  This is our worst start to the season since 1982.

Quite honestly I haven’t got a clue, so I went to ask Dennis Bergkamp on his allotment at Enfield, and he told me that Jack is the key.   That was it.  “Jack is the key” he said, and no more.

The ref is Webb and he did our game against Liverpool    He is the ref famous for having a game of two halves.

Here is his summary from last season’s analysis

“He did 15 different teams last season and we can see that 3 of those teams had a bias lower than his overall bias. They can be rather satisfied with his performances.

“Teams who are on the bad side of things for Webb are Chelsea, QPR, Liverpool, Fulham and on top of it all is Arsenal.

“A rather interesting thing is that in the un-weighted decisions Manchester United is rather a mid-team table for Webb. There are other teams that have a better bias score from Webb like Swansea, Tottenham, Newcastle, Stoke, Norwich and on top of it is Sunderland.”

So not much hope there.

I think everything depends on

a) how well Jack does

b) does Cazorla really feel ok after spending three weeks flying back and forth across the Atlantic

c) will Sagna be nervous

d) what happen to Walcott’s buttock.

To all these questions I have no answer.

Last year some Arsenal fans said nasty things about Adebayor while some Tottenham fans said nasty things about Mr Wenger.  Now they are saying that any repeat of that will be punished.   Will it?  I doubt it?  When stewards can’t even stop people shouting “Cunt” in the family enclosure my belief level in their competence is at about the same as the ability of anyone to press a cappuccino button in the bar.

The statement from the club is palpably untrue.  It says, “Arsenal and Tottenham do not tolerate discrimination of any sort, whether it be on the pitch or in the stands. ”  That is not true.

Tottenham have also said, “Flags and banners will be allowed with the appropriate wording and these will be checked before entry by Police/Stewards.”

Yeah yeah.

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24 Replies to “Arsenal v Tottenham. Can my heart take the strain?”

  1. Not looking forward to this as a spurs fan but it should be great for the spectator, both teams simply aren’t that good, we are both behind Everton in quality….even a joint side wouldn’t trouble the mancs….we just lack the players.

    People rave about Bale but he wont do anything tomorrow, Dembele is our best player but is injured…..Wilshere isnt match fit…..Cazorla is off form, Vermealan and Vertonghen are played out of position and BOTH sides seem to have weak mentality’s and struggle to beat the poorest of sides in this league.

    A few players hold the key I personally dont fear any Arsenal player and you shouldnt fear any Spurs player, nobody is that good, nobody is RVP.

    If the game is won either Giroud or Adebayor will be the reason, again both average unreliable strikers but with the potential if they get the service to win a game.

  2. Agree with Jay,

    But whoever wins will doubltess go into bout of hysterical optimism. To them the destiny of the season relative the two sides will determined, probably the next five years too.

    If we lose there will be a mass of booing – against the team, the manager, the officials (who will have screwed us again), and of course the Board (who are screwing us all the time). The media will have a field day.

    A draw (which is overdue) will probably just result in a collective groan, coupled with a slight sense of relief that it’s all over.

  3. @ Billy le Chien,
    Can your heart stand the strain? What a question for a long serving supporter. OF COURSE IT CAN!
    If you’ve been a loyal fan for more than 5 years, your heart has an inbuilt mechanism to protect it against all the triumphs and disasters that Arsenal will throw at all who follow it.
    I’m surprised DB10 didn’t mention it. I feel he is getting rather over keen on the alcoholic content from his allotment shed.

  4. just recieved this news walcotts buttock strain is due to wenger finally giving him a boot up the hole

  5. Always enjoy Billy’s views.

    Have to say nice to read the comments from a Spurs fan.
    I thought it a balanced view of tomorrows game.
    I’m sure we both hope it’ll be an open exciting game.
    I’ll stick my neck out and go for 2-1 to us.
    Can’t see a clean sheet form either team.
    Gooner for life!

  6. Dear Untold,

    Please stop checking your facts and telling it like it is.
    I want unbridled optimism – especially on the potato front.

    I think that Giroud will be up for it and we should do well as a result.

  7. the first thing that came to mind was, so who have the tots got out injured so thanx for that jay. i agree with many points although, and of course i may be bias. giroooo isnt an average player and i think cazorla is rvps level but just in a different position. i wouldnt even say he is out of form. he could be or seem that way in the same way as you believe everton now have more quality. only may will speak the truth but i disagree. i havent got all the answers for why were still making silly errors but the team is virtually brand new. if there are any real partnerships they’ve been on and off for roughly two seasons max to my knowledge. where as many other teams have had the core relatively stable for more than two seasons, with older players still around to mentor.

    anyhoo my prediction is 3-1 to the tots 🙂 greedy hat trick, gallas own goal.

  8. I agree with Jay but further to your point I think this is a game where a player from either or both sides can shine given the usual energy for this fixture.

  9. “A rather interesting thing is that in the un-weighted decisions Manchester United is rather a mid-team table for Webb. There are other teams that have a better bias score from Webb like Swansea, Tottenham, Newcastle, Stoke, Norwich and on top of it is Sunderland.”

    Gasp! But… but… but I thought Man U got ALL the decisions?! I thought Webb was the most famously pro-Man U ref! 😕 Could it be that the alleged pro-Man U conspiracy is in fact all a load of paranoid bollocks? 😳

  10. I think theo’s buttock injury is to do with wenger telling him where he can stick his wage demands either that or he has terrible splinters from sitting on the bench all season.

    i have a feeling there is a suprise to be sprung by wenger with either formation or individual selections. one thing i have heard he is looking at is not 532 but a 3-4-1-2 formation which sounds basically like a 352. but hell who knows it might just work. whatever happens we must have a go at vertonghen gallas and caulker who like our defence can easily put under pressure. i would actually like to see us go 442 with podolski and giroud down the centre and cazorla and chamberlain on the flanks with jw and arteta in the middle. theo and arshavin can then come of the bench to give us impact. ramsey.and coquelin will provide cover for jw and arteta with jenkinson and djourou being the cover for sagna mertesacker koscielny vermaelen. however i do fear for mertesacker if defoe gets the nod and i fear for vermaelen against lennon as he is clearly not as comfortable as gibbs out there but is a whole lot better than santos. this is where i think the suprise might just come. meade has been training with the first team all week jenkinson sagna koscielny and coquelin have all also played left back before so who knows.

  11. Nice one Billy ,but just how did you figure Cazorla’s trip taking 3 weeks .I always assumed you lost or gained a day traveling east to west ,or was it the other way around\?
    Was he enticed by the dark force to take a diversion through the Bermuda Triangle ?If so ,or ,ipsofacto ,if your insist,did he sleep all the way and come home well rested or did the demons torment him and he came back spooked?
    Anyway a 3-2 win will be great.
    Up the Gunners !

  12. Good score at half time, surprised Sandro is still on the pitch. The danger is that Webb will have a bad second half.

  13. Excellent win, well done guys!

    A wee dram is called for tonight – no maybe a big dram!!

    Do I detect a note of silence from all the backstabbers?

  14. thought id use reverse psychology on the universe and it worked 🙂
    ade as influential as ever, the 5pud2 must hate him more than we do now.
    karmas a bitch.

    well done lads, build the confidence and cut out the silly mistakes. 11 v 11 the tots looked a lot sharper and with dembele/parker playing i think they would have won that.
    too late for what ifs tho. cant complain really. giroooo average? cazorla?


  15. that is what happens when the crowd goes out supporting like crazy, they should do this every match, not only against the 5pud2.
    SEE WHAT QUALITY WE HAVE< that is with Gibbs out, all they need is support and they got it 2day…
    Oh how i love to hate tottenham, they always like to ignite the comebacks..

  16. Last season we won this 5-2 and scraped abocve spurs, winning nothing in the process. This season we beat 10 man spurs 5-2, after they’d been battering us and should have gone 2 up. The last two games we’ve won we’ve beaten 10 men. Match finished with about 6 players playing out of position. Fine, see that as a great weekend if you want, but I feel nothing about this match at all. People who criticise fans for not cheering up need to realise that again we’ll win nothing at the end of the season, and THEY’LL be moaning too. If the point of the season was to whack Spurs, then we’re champions. It’s not and we won’t be until this regime is gone.glenngould Posts: 55Joined: Fri Jun 01, 2007 6:07 pm

  17. Its true the atmosphere was brilliant today, although you could tell the whole stadium was kacking it after Bale scored to make it 4-2! Somehow I thought that we would still win even when we were 0-1 down, you could tell the belief in the team was so strong.
    If Tony goes out dancing tonight, he will be Mr.Twinkle-toes!

  18. Just a warning for some: Using different names and e mail addresses will get your comment blocked.

    Amazing how some (blocked comment) pretending to be an Arsenal fans comes over here and tells us this victory means nothing to him. How can a win over the tots mean nothing to an Arsenal fan? Unless of course you aren’t…

  19. Yes we played against 10 men for a long time, but this win is still important to lift our confidence.

    Poldi score, Giroud score, Theo score, even Per.

    We need confidence to seal a win at midweek. That is very important game, must win game.

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