Bashing Tottenham. How the TV pundits see it in Canada.

Really enjoyed the Spuds bashing.

The only downside for me was the commentary.

By Cameron Wolfe

I live in North America. Edmonton in Canada to be precise. So no Sky Sports for me. I was watching Setanta up until last year (although it had already gone belly up in the UK) they actually still broadcast over here. They were replaced last season.

Now I have ESPN. They are all right. I get a full program of EPL games. I always enjoy watching Arsenal kick off at 3pm UK time. It may sound silly but it actually makes it feel more like I’m there if it’s a 3pm kick off. Guess I’m old fashioned.

Kick off for the Spuds game was 5.45 am local time. Program started at 5.30 so I was able to enjoy a little pre match build up. Before you all start sounding off about me not being a “real” fan because I don’t go to the Ems,  I can’t possibly do an 8600 mile round trip journey every other week. I’d love to be able too but I couldn’t afford it.

So call me an armchair supporter or whatever. It’s the best I can do. Spare a thought for us though. There are appox. 100,000,000 of us scattered around the world. I’m sure whereas I get up very early there are millions who stay up just as late.

I’m going to assume that in the UK you had a different commentary team from me? I had Ian Darke and the eloquently sounding Steve McManaman. If only they just commented on who had possession. Or who scored the goals etc etc. it wouldn’t be too bad. Unfortunately they don’t.

I know I can always turn down the sound and believe me in the past I’ve had too. Sometimes it’s just too unbearable to listen to them.

So I thought I’d share a few of their gems from the Spuds game. These are all 100% genuine quotes as they were spoken before and during the game. I won’t do a timeline but they are in order of when they were spoken. (Means I get to watch the game all over again)

In the build up:

Darke “Arsenal have a bit of work to do to make the top four this season”

Fair comment not too upset but still little a negative. We have been in the top four for the last sixteen years so it’s not as if it’s unusual for us to be there.

They open up their banter talking about Macca’s moustache and Spurs. The weather and Spurs. How everyone else in the EPL are doing and Spurs. Not a mention of us.

The pitch side reporter. Names the sides then it’s an interview with Gareth Bale. You’d think I was watching Spuds TV?

Back to Darke and Macca, who then talk back and forth about funnily enough the Spuds? How they’re playing with two up front. The team’s set up really well for this game. They need to attack Sagna and Vermaelen. How Arsenal have struggled at home recently.

And then…    They struggled last week and the weeks before that. It’s up to Spurs to really attack them and really get at them. They’ve got a big man in Adebayor who has a point to prove. Defoe is a natural goal scorer. Last year they were 2-0 up and had a bad second half. It was a horrible horrible game for the Spuds.

So we’re almost ten minutes in and now they’re talking about ARSENAL unfortunately it’s all about our recent troubles and current injuries. Already I’m thinking about muting them. So they then explain how we’ll be outplayed in the midfield today.  We need to pass quicker or we’ll be in trouble. How most of our internationals flew to the other side of the universe to sit on the bench.

Honestly they’re starting to depress me.

To the game:

Noticeably for me the crowd seem really up for it. Just over a minute gone and Sandro clatters Giroud.

Darke. “A crunching tackle from Sandro and he’ll probably deliver lots more of them”

Never mind he just got a way with that crunching tackle.

Darke. “Podolski did score last week to end his mini drought”

He’s only played ten EPL games so far for Arsenal and he’s already had a goal drought. He’s only just joined us. What does he expect? A goal every game?

Macca. “Another clattering from Sandro. That’s two out of two in the first three minutes so that’s it for him now”

No it wasn’t “it” for  Macca as he went on to foul six more times before he was eventually booked. Near the end of the match.

Here’s my favourite from Darke.  He’s talking about Adebayor.

Darke. “He hasn’t scored this season for Arsenal yet but he did score for Togo in mid week”

I know he did play for us but that was a three seasons ago. You’d think the commentator would be able to keep up.

Darke. “Big noise from the travelling Tottenham fans. They’re singing their hearts out”

In the back ground the Arsenal fans are loudly singing “Stand up if you hate Tottenham”

Darke. “Terrible start to the game for Arsene and Steve Bould. They did look like they would concede lots of goals last week and looks like more of the same today”

There’s ten minutes gone and he’s written us off already.

Darke: “Adebayor is getting booed by the Arsenal fans but he’s won that foul so he has the last laugh.”

Not really the last laugh though Mr Darke. Was it? I think we had that.

Now we’re under pressure. They’ve scored. They’re showing the Spuds fans all singing and Darke and Macca are discussing how bad this could go for us.

Then the Adebayor foul.

Darke “Adebayor is he going to go in the book for that?”

Macca “Yeah. I think that’s all though. Don’t think we need to get carried away”

Funny when they both see the replay how they quickly they change their minds on just how bad the foul was. Macca begins slating Adebayor for how reckless he was.

Lloris makes a good save from Giroud.

Macca. “He just made it look like the hardest save in the world. Any goalie would have saved it”

I actually thought it was a decent save from Lloris. I thought Giroud headed it bang on and it was definitely going in.

Darke:  “If spurs go on to lose this it won’t be too clever for AVB. Not that I’m saying there going to lose.”

Of course not. It’s still only 1-1 after all at this time. So it’s anyone’s game.

Another Sandro foul. He chops down Wilshire. His fifth so far.

Darke. “It’s just a free kick. That’s all it is. Howard Webb didn’t need Arteta trying to get his opponent booked. Which was what he was trying to do? We can do without that”

No he wasn’t. He held up five fingers to point out that it was in fact his fifth foul. He wasn’t waving an imaginary card.

Macca: “I mean Sandro has to be careful. Some of the tackles he’s made are ridiculous. Or it’s inevitable he will go in the book”

Macca obviously forgot that after only three minutes gone, he predicted that Sandro would be booked for his next foul. Glad Macca’s he’s not a refereeing this match.

Halftime talk centred around  AVB complaining about Howard Webb then suddenly they’re talking about Arsenal. Makes me think though if we weren’t 3-1 up would it be the Spuds halftime talk show? Unfortunately after the break it’s back to the Spuds show. How Dempsey will make the difference and how Dawson will close down the Arsenal attack.

Second half, and bizarrely they’re only talking about the Spuds.

Macca “Really disappointing corner form Huddlestone. He’s such a great set piece taker. Deservedly won another England cap midweek”

Darke “It’s all Spurs just now”

It might have been all Spuds for the moment but nothing happened.

Darke “Dempsey has a point to prove to his manager. Don’t you think Macca?”

Macca “He does and he’s doing very well. He’s just won another free kick. Spurs have started of the second have really well. They’re pressing Arsenal and if anything there dropping deep. Its’ a dangerous tactic for them. Spurs are doing well”

They’ve had a corner and a free kick in this period. Worst thing that’s happened is Theo goes down hard and hurts his shoulder. We’re letting them have the ball in their half.

So we’re 3-1 up. They’re not really threatening us. The crowd has been great all the way through the game but:

Macca “It’s a dangerous game Arsenal are playing. If Tottenham get a goal. You can already feel the anxiety around the ground from the Arsenal fans. If Spurs do score they’ll start to panic”

What can I say apart from BOLLOCKS

Darke “Realistically they’re aiming for top four these two. There’s no way they’re in contention.”

Macca “Oh no. No chance”

Guess that’s a no then?

Darke “Even the most loyal fans are bound to go along with that”

Sure. We’re not even out of November yet and yes once again let’s just concede the title to anyone else but us.

Darke “There really would be an inquisition if Arsenal were to blow this lead being 3-1 up against ten men”

Could he be any more negative?

Macca “Do you think these two teams are stronger or weaker than last year?”

Darke “Well Arsenal are definitely weaker”

Just as he finishes his sentence Santi sticks in the fourth. Then there’s almost a fifth.

Macca “No matter how this game finishes. No matter how well Arsenal play. The turning point was the sending off. Spurs were well on top at that time. They were making chances. They looked dangerous”

Thankfully the Arsenal fans are in full voice in the background.

Darke “They’ve been debating it for weeks now. We we’re asked last week on twitter is it time for Wenger to go?” I think this might just give him breathing space?”

Macca “We rightly criticised Arsenal when they played Man.U and last week”

 I think there are a few more managers that should be worried about there jobs than Arsene. Mark Hughes for one (Hasn’t won all season). AVB for another. (Four defeats in five; even Chelsea are having a bad run, but maybe that is pushing it a bit on the manager exit front.  Although…).

Eventually Sandro gets booked. He lasted 65 minutes more than Macca predicted. At 4-1 down it again has become the Spuds show as they debate the positives for the Spuds.

Bale scores.

Macca “Just shows how important that forth goal was for Arsenal”

Darke “Bale has given Spurs a sliver of respectability with that goal”

I’m not sure by the end of the match the Spuds fans would agree with that.

So we’re still in control. We’re still creating chances.

Darke “I just wonder if Spurs are starting to believe that they could pull this back just like they did for Harry Redknapp and bring it form 4-2 to 4-4. They cant’ can they?”

Ramsey plays a superb ball through for Theo. Who just mis-controls it.

Darke “Oh. I hope he doesn’t rue that chance”

We’re still 4-2 up at this time.

Darke “We’ve been called a jinx by some Arsenal fans recently for enjoying criticising them in recent weeks but we’ve just reflected the way they’ve played”

Macca “Yeah. Of course it’s our fault they’ve been poor. They were poor against Man.U and they were poor against Fulham last week. The whole country thinks they’ve been poor”

So we’re poor then

Enter the Ox who helps tie up the game with an assist for Theo.    5-2 to the Arsenal.

So my big complaint about the commentators is basically how negative they are when talking about Arsenal. They were definitely more pro Spuds. Even in the build up to the match.

In recent years the North London Derby has been full of goals. This game was definitely a thrilling game. If you’re a Gooner you’ll be happy. For the Spuds, never mind there’s always next time.

For me especially with other teams above us dropping points it was a great weekend all around.

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47 Replies to “Bashing Tottenham. How the TV pundits see it in Canada.”

  1. Nice article, but its the same in the UK too.

    Arsenal lose – crisis
    Arsenal supporters unhappy – crisis
    Walcott in contract talks – crisis
    Arsenal beat 10man Spuds – crisis and were lucky as Spurs would have won game.

    The media here are just as negative about the club.
    Even though ManU and Chelsea lost at the weekend, Arsenal are in crisis!

    I think you get my point lol

  2. The sunday papers in Malaysia ,which parrot those in the UK gave the impression that had Adeboyo been on the pitch for the whole game ,we would have been overrun .Seriously ?

  3. You’re supporting a big club. Pundint’s, self proclaimed experts, journalists and other teams fans will always slate Arsenal. Why? Because Arsenal is managed by a french gentleman that is more intelligent than the lot combined. At the same time club’s books are well balanced and the team focuses on beautiful football. What’s not to envy? I always just shake my head and say that I believe in Arsenal and don’t use my energy on other teams.
    On a side note, couple of my friends are hard core spuds. They slate Arsenal every game that’s not won. I always reply in a gentleman style saying that Arsenal didn’t deserve the victory this time. When Sp*rs lose I NEVER rub it in, refrain from commanting most of the time. If asked only replying that I didn’t see the game or that it was bad luck. 🙂
    Arsenal fans should embrace all the critics knowing that they look at us as a big club.

  4. quite amazing how upset some “Arsenal fans” are over this game. Apparently we were very luck and are papering over cracks. Makes you wonder about some of them……..

  5. I watched ESPN too…..When were 1-0 down, they were going on about how ARSENAL have not won a 12:45 game (not sure how correct that statement is).

    A win over Spurs, no matter how ugly, is worth a days celebration.

  6. Abu Dhabi sports had Peter Drury and David Pleat… Drury chats shit here and there but he is generally okay. Far better than the insufferable Jon Champion

  7. As bad as many of commentators are im sure none comes close to Tony Gale. He is a grade A prick who hates Arsenal to infinity.

  8. At 0-1 Spurs were in control. When and only when Spurs went down to 10 mean did Arsenal wake up and take advantage of the unequal team situation. Even then, if Defoe had got his big toe to Bales superb cross to make it 4-3, Arsenal would no doubt have crapped their pants again and the game would more than likely have ended 4-4. In the end, once again the game was Spurs to lose.

  9. Glad it wasn’t just me who noticed! In Arizona for the week and got up at 5 AM for the match only to listen to the 2 of them rant on about Sp*rs and Adebayor not scoring for Arsenal, but banging one in for Togo midweek. Awful.

  10. When I first started to watch the EPL, I liked the sparse commentary especially in contrast to broadcasters in the USA who distract from the game by incessant talk. The announcers on saturday for the Arsenal game talked all the time and actually detracted from the play on the field. Of course, the worst part was the prattle at the end about taking heat for just telling the truth. How can we stoke the fires of criticism of these bozos?

  11. Cameron

    Thanks for this excellent commentary review.

    For the last few years I’ve thought about making notes of the commentary, but I just can’t do it. I find it depressing to listen to most commentators when they’re talking about Arsenal. These people have ‘set pieces’. They often start by talking reasonably about us during the build up (though not on this occasion), and quickly move on to point out any perceived flaws in Arsenal’s game. As you’ve written, the talking points will always include supposed threat to Mr Wenger’s job:

    Darke “They’ve been debating it for weeks now. We we’re asked last week on twitter is it time for Wenger to go?”

    You were asked by whom? It’s clear that this type of commentary is designed to upset Arsenal supporters, and it has been going on for years. You won’t often hear this kind of crap being talked about MU when they’re playing badly.

    This clear bias seems to be the requirement for anybody to succeed as a commentator. If you speak highly of Arsenal, you ain’t gonna have a job.

    Stuart Robson was commentator for matches shown on Arsenal player. (He’s now gone… to ESPN?) Robson’s gone somewhere, and continues his disdain for all things Arsenal.

    Is it any wonder there are some negative Arsenal fans around? They’ve had YEARS of being told their team’s not good enough, and years of being lied to regarding what happens on the pitch. There was a particular foul on an Arsenal player. (It sounded like) Gary Neville, said something like: That tackle was all right. To me it was clear that the tackle was vicious, and there was no replay of it. So even though some people see G Neville as being a breath of fresh air, I still think he’s dodgy, and, given the timing of what he said – in relation to the seconds that’d elapsed since the foul, I suspect someone had had a word in his ear, or he’d seen the replay and knew it wouldn’t be replayed. Most, if not All broadcasters are now onside with this ‘reporting’ of Arsenal. They should all be ashamed of themselves.

    The bigger picture of how all things Arsenal are reported have been covered by Anne and others in brilliant articles here on these pages. Untold Commentary could reveal the depths of anti-Arsenal-ness, were it to continue.

    I’m sorry but I can’t write those articles myself. (I might have to hide my sharp knives).

    Once again, great work, Cameron.

  12. Re:spurs in control of the game

    I’ve just watched the whole match again(something I do whenever possible win, lose or draw) and yes Spurs did have the better of the 1st 10 mins or so(the goal and the Lennon chance) but Arsenal were begining to get a foot hold in the game. Cazorla who I don’t think touched the ball in the first 10 mins moved out wide and Theo moved to an old fashiond inside right position. Once Arsenal did this we looked more dangerous and this change lead to the sending off.

    The second half yes spurs could of scored from the Bale indesisive cross/shot but the same could be said for the 2 Walcott chances and the shot from Giroud so they even themselves up chance wise. Spurs were I know down to 10 men but Lennon did very little against a weak Arsenal left hand side, Sandro was lucky to stay on the pitch 4 fouls(only 2 given, will be intresting to read the ref review on that) in the first 4 min and 30 seconds, Bale can not defend for an ex right back(just imagine having him and Santos as wing backs!!!!!) and please tell me what Huddlestone brings to the game.

    The commentary of games is getting silly now only Neville is any good the rest on sky, BBC and anywhere else are just lap dogs to the way the media wish them to go.

  13. Macca is a stupid “smoke stream” pundit. He has no clue. Thats why he cant get a job in England. In the US any one who played in EPL or Premiera or Seira A is an expert.
    No one who knows soccer respects Macca. Macca is good for the stupid watchers.
    The media is always on Arsenal …not sure why.
    But again MACCA is a F**** Cu***

  14. Cameron, I live in Canada too and have had to put up with Macca + Clarke each time I watch football. They are clearly biased against Arsenal. I recalled the game they did last season when we drew 1-1 at Stoke. The venom they sprouted about how we were not strong enough was sickening.

    With these two, you just wish there is a way to filter out their commentary and simply watch the game with the stadium noise.

  15. Paul

    “once again the game was Spurs to lose”

    The game is always there for Spurs to lose. They’re actually good at that 🙂

  16. Made my pops and his boss pen down a contract for their promise to give me an all expenses paid trip to London to watch my first live Arsenal game at The Grove if I graduate cum laude from Wits law school in 2 years time… Just that little bit extra motivation to endure that dreadful feeling of turning down a saturday night-out at the club to study alone till sunrise, I guess. I’m from South Africa by the way

  17. Very nice article Cameron, thank you.

    They are jealous, even we not won anything in last 7 years.

    We have new, beautiful and modern stadium, Chel$ki, Pool, Spud want to make it too, but failed.

    Some peoples said our tickets expensive, but stadium always full, and waiting list is very long, fact not lies, we played beautiful football, and some game very dramatic (yes, not good for heart).

    We convert some unknown alien players to be world class player, how many players win first cap as Arsenal player?

    We have Arsene Wenger, they don’t. 🙂

  18. I have come to detest all modern-day football commentators, co-commentators, pundits, hosts, panellists or so called football experts.

    You have to go a very long way to find anyone them who doesn’t avidly tow-the-line as far as bashing Arsenal FC is concerned.

    If you hate MOTD as much as Me, then this is for you;

  19. Things were 50 50 (Spurs dominated 5 mins and so did Arsenal)before the sending off which was only down to Ade.

  20. I just wish you could mute the commentary but keep the sounds from the pitch and the crowd.

    As an American, I’m also somewhat fortunate that at least the big continental and international matches typically get covered by Spanish-language TV (e.g. Univision) — my command of the language is pretty poor, but it’s good enough to tell that their commentators are light years ahead of ESPN.

  21. Motd is way too agenda driven, and things just got worse with arry’s arrival. Still he will be the one with egg on his face come May. Just wish they could be more like at least some of sky’s pundits and show a bit of objectivity. Gary Neville has had his prejudices, but they no longer show in his analysis.
    But on the subject of the media, had to note they were not as clamouring for us to fall to spurs as they were under arry. A lot of the media support spurs, some of course quite openly so, but this could be an illustration of the effect mr redknapp holds over them. Guess either QPR or Chelsea will soon be finding that out for themselves.

  22. Interesting article. I find it fascinating that the press & media in so many parts of the world seem to be less than fair when reporting the Arsenal, especially given the fact that Arsenal have consistently played very exciting football over many years.

    Within the UK this is more understandable, where vested interests seem to be strong within the media, but I cannot understand why the trend continues further afield.

  23. bjt,

    It just boils down to Arsenal not meeting expectations. Spurs have not hit the heights of Arsenal in my lifetime so the only thing they can do wrong in the medias eyes is get relegated Arsenal on the other hand are down and it’s low life nature to kick.

  24. I once went on the old Arsenal stadium tour with Bob Wilson doing the talk. We got down to the changing rooms where he told a few stories then we have a few mins to take photos with the players shirts etc. while my two boys were off taking lots of pics I went to talk to Bob one question I asked was “why do the media dislike Arsenal so much” I was expecting a don’t be silly or you are just paranoid but to my suprise he said “they are jelious of everything Arsenal” and “if its an ex player who never played for Arsenal it’s because deep down they always wanted to come here and if its a jurno they wish their club was as well run as The Arsenal and if it was an ex Arsenal player it was because we let him go” I was amazed as he spent so long working in the media.

  25. A lot of truth in what bob says there Steve, you only have to look at the recent mutterings of Stewart Robson, Merson, wrighty, and unfortunately, tony Adams.

  26. I think Martin Tyler is the only decent commentator out there. As for co-commentators Gary Neville lays waste to all others. Amazing how great punditry he does and very likable compared to his playing days. The others are just pathetic but atleast the likes of Parry, Banyard and Drury are sufferable. The co-commentators(i.e the likes of Tony Gale,Paul Walsh,Robbie Earl and ofcourse Stewart Robson) however are another case. They are the worst of the bunch.

  27. @ Paul.
    If if’s and but’s were pots and pans there wouldn’t be any need for tinkers.
    I think that applies to your comments.
    As for the Bale and Defoe almost goals. They didn’t go in.
    You seem to quite conveniently forget the supreb save from Giroud’s header? Or even Theo’s chances.
    History will show you were beat 5-2 once again by The Arsenal.
    At times like this you just have to suck it up and hope next time it’s not even by more.
    On the sending off did it change the game? Of course but no Arsenal fans or players asked the twat to tackle as dangerously as he did. He got what he deserved.
    Definate RED card.
    If your looking to blame anyone for YOUR loss look no further than Adebayor.
    Gooner for life!

  28. Woody

    If you listened to talksport tonight you would of heard an hour and a half of “it shouldn’t of been a red card” and “it wasn’t a leg breaking tackle because he did not break his leg”

  29. Woody,

    I cant believe it was 9 months ago when we beat Spurs 5-2, seems like it was only a couple of days ago.

  30. Great to see someone highlighting the biased and clear anti-Arsenal commentary on TV & radio.
    All I seem to hear is how so and so team can exploit the perceived weakness in Arsenal’s defence/midfield/attack, take your pick?
    Or how said team can stop Arsenal or ‘Get in their face’ etc.
    Great post.

  31. Without sounding too biased. I always used to enjoy listening to Alan Smith when he commentated. Even if it was an Arsenal match he always came across as neutral. David Pleat on the other hand couldn’t be more annoying. Like Macca mentioning Liverpool at every oppertunity Pleat would do the same for his beloved Spuds.
    One of my all time most hated commentators is Trevor Francis. Unfortunately I have to suffer him now and again.
    In the CL they use different commentators from the EPL ones. It never seems as bad as there’s less bias towards the other EPL teams.
    Ideally for me I wouldn’t mind if ESPN used North American commentators. At least I’d like to think they’d be more neutral then the ones I have to suffer from the UK.
    Guess it’s cheaper just to use the dross that’s already there.

  32. Any reasonable person can hear or read the media bias against Arsenal FC, the main culprits’ are generally, Talk S—T “Through that fool Andy AAA dickhead Durham and MOTD this program has lost all sense of Neutral comment, as for me R, T.E sport is always good for content / analysis I stopped listing to Talk S- – t long ago I just won’t allow myself to be abuse because of the Soccer team I support.

  33. @ Steve 10:45

    how low can they get. We have Diaby struggling to recover from leg break. We have Ramsey and Sagna who had a years play time taken away from them. We had Eduardo, who could not get back to his better days……They want someone to break a leg to produce a red card. Disgusting.

  34. Well done for bringing this up,its been going on like this in most of the games on ESPN so far this season,and plenty of times last year too, didn’t “Macca” state that Vermaelen had scored and not the BFG at one point?!
    I’ve always wondered which fans needed the analysis and speculation when in some way or other when we’re actually watching the game!I understand on the radio, and still to this day enjoy people like Jimmy Armfield.
    Unfortunately these daft little points these guys make stick in peoples minds, then it moves from media cliche to gospel.
    My brother and I have had the on going joke for about fifteen years, in which we parody Alan Parry: “United are 5-0 down with only four men on the pitch surely they can come back now against Arsenal now”.

  35. I’ve never understood why people listen to the inane witterings of commentators whilst watching a match on tv. Turn the sound down and listen to some music. I often pick a bit of good old vintage punk, Boredom by the Buzzcocks if Arsenal are passing the ball around with no purpose or Neat Neat Neat by the Damned if we’re playing well.

    As for media bias I wouldn’t know. I only read the Observer on sunday and Amy Lawrence often writes about Arsenal and she’s an Arsenal supporter.

  36. Rupert,
    I used to like putting the TV on mute and listening to a radio commentary (when there was a dedicated Arsenal programme). Was interesting when it was a bit out of sync, you’d get a warning by the Radio Commentary of what to watch out for on the TV.

  37. A lot of commentators these days are just bookie mouthpieces feeding you soundbites of disinformation – you often see them also promoting gambling entities as a sideline.

  38. Cameron, I’m an Edmontonian Arsenal follower and blogger who started the above website. Really enjoyed your piece – glad to see I’m not the only one at my wit’s end with the comedic stylings of Macca and Darke. I actually muted the United game about 30 minutes in – bad enough how poorly we were playing, I didn’t need to listen to those two prattle on the old tired soundbytes. They offer the most repetitive commentary in all of football; it’s like listening to a game commentated by “football for dummies”. Would love to chat Arsenal over a pint somewhere around town, please get in touch 🙂

  39. @ Kenneth , your post reminded me of the days when we had to listen to the BBC’s World service sports coverage .We would get
    the 2nd half commentary of the main match ,followed by the round up of all the 1st division games .Then it would be time to hear all the scores of the 4 divisions and the 2 Scottish divisions.
    Many of the commentators would wax lyrically in their own styles and would not only entertain you with their prose ,but would move (and educate)you with their cultural and literary references .
    Alas their names escapes me now in my old age and I yearn for that old cliche-less and quality presentations.
    Sigh !

  40. For you Canadian Edmontonians, You do know that Edmonton is a sh*thole in London, right next door to Tottenham an even bigger sh*thole in London so Edmonton is very much considered Spurs territory. However I do hope your Edmonton is all sweetness and light with no Tottenham hotspur fans. Good luck with all the early mornings.
    When Sky first came out you could watch the footie and change the audio to crowd only or listen to the radio.

  41. @ Adam
    I’m not from Edmonton but that’s where I do now call Home. I know all about the london one as I spent almost twenty years living in Central London before moving to Canada.
    See the option of just listening to the crowd would be perfect. I know I can always turn down the sound or as Ruprt recommended listen to music???
    For the live matches especially the away games it’s nice to here the Arsenal fans singing.

  42. @Brickfields Gunners, for the radio I have to still listen to the world service,as I no longer live in the UK,and most of the games are contracted to only be aired in the UK. Its still the same, Stuart Hall is still as entertaining as ever!Ive also forgotten many of the names, do you remember Peter Jones? I really loved his commentary, I don’t think he ever got over Hillsborough though, and his commentary of Luton v Millwall was a memorable as he described the “hooligan coming towards him” only to announce that Martin Chivers had seen him off! But his best ever was( even better than the Michael Thomas moment )was on the 79 Cup final…
    Its funny to think after all those years of listening to someone “welcoming all our world service listeners” that I became one.

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