Almost every failing manager to be replaced by Harry Redknapp and Rafael Benitez

By Billy the Dog McGraw

For the Anti-Arsenal Arsenal supporter, supporting QPR, or Chelsea, or Newcastle, or any one of a number of other teams, must seem like heaven.  Little run of bad results and out goes the manager.  No hanging around thinking who else might actually be willing to take the job.  Just boot, and get out the cheque book.

Take Roberto Di Matteo.  I don’t know him of course but he seems a reasonable enough chat, and if he ever turns up at the Toppled Bollard or takes on the allotment in Enfield next to that owned by Dennis Bergkamp, I am sure we would all have a lovely chat.

But despite having delivered the Euro Cup thing, he’s under threat. Those nasty fellows from West Bromwich Wobbleyou took what the media like to call “Chelsea’s winless league streak” to four games.  Or just two points from 12 since being done by Man U.  So defeat in Turin and out you go.  Failing that defeat at the Effy and that will have the same effect.  As David Luiz, is reported to have said, following raised voices after the game, “This is a big club and in a big club you cannot lose games.”

The game last weekend meant Chelsea have let in 18 goals in nine

But enough of them – let us consider Newcastle.  They are thinking of taking legal action against Fifa after the most corrupt organisation in the entire history of the universe banned Papiss Demba Cissé from playing in the game against Swansea.  Senegal refused to accept that the player could not play  against Niger because his back hurt.    The club released a very angry press statement just before Swansea did them.

And suddenly Alan Pardew who absolutely is not my favourite manager is looking to have landed in the sinking sand.   He got the club to fifth last year – but this year they are nothing like the same time.  Time, perhaps, for that rather nasty owner (who should have been banned from the Emirates for drinking in his seat a few years back) to change managers, not least as the Newcastelians booed off the team at the end of the Swansea game.

Pardew has the look of a man looking for excuses. “We kept being told the decision would be overturned and Papiss would be allowed to play,” was one of the current crop.   Where, one wonders, is the backup?

Or maybe we should turn to Aston Villa – a club right near the top of the league when it comes to the percentage of income spent on players.  Their manager Paul Lambert, is having a go at the assistant refs, just to add to the variation.“You have to be 100 per cent sure to give that. He saw something 50,000 other people didn’t see.” he said.  Err, No, Paul, you don’t.  Why not read Referee Decisions?

“There is no point in talking to the officials. We are always hauled up as managers but that is a woeful decision. He said to our players he was 100 per cent sure it was his hand. He might not watch it again, he will probably have a night out somewhere. It was wrong. That was a guess.”

It was the first time Man City had scored more than three goals this season, which doesn’t help Villa’s cause.  Time for a new manager?

And then there is QPR.   Mark Hughes is someone I could happily do without, and so to see him go would not cause anything other than a smile chez moi.  QPR are partly own by the Mittal family through one of its companies – surely they can come up with someone better.

But it seems the owners don’t talk to him much so he carries on regardless despite 12 league games without a win.

So, jobs are going.  And who is going to get them?

Harry Redknapp,  Rafael Benitez, Harry Rafael,  Benitez Redknapp,  Rafael  Redknapp,  and Harry Benitez have all been touted.  Mind you Arry did his reputation no good by saying of Hughes, “Mark is in the position and he’s a top bloke and an excellent manager.  He knows what he’s about.”

The only thing about these sackings is the cost.  Men have to be paid off, because they have contracts.  And they have their own backroom staff who also have to be signed out. But the chants are always the same.  “You’re getting sacked in the morning” is the current number one hit.

So, AAA fans, lots of places to go where you can indulge your favourite occupation of manager baiting.   And guess what Pep G. won’t be going to any of them when the sackings do come.  Some clubs are not big enough for him, at others the owner can’t be trusted to leave the manager alone.

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22 Replies to “Almost every failing manager to be replaced by Harry Redknapp and Rafael Benitez”

  1. Since Harry Redknapp has been willing to talk himself into any prospective managerial vacancy, even when he was still at THFC, it would be amusing if (when) QPR sack Hughes, if the job goes to someone else.

  2. Arry Redknapp has put himself forward for the job. “Look there a great club with some great players most I tried to sign when I was at Bournmouth, West Ham, Portsmouth, Southampton, Portsmouth and or Spurs manager. I have spoken to the owner/owners/board about the job and I feel I am up for the job. They have promised me 1/10/20/50 million to spend on players that can push this great team up the league/into Europa league/champions league positions within 6/12/24 months. This is a great team and shouldn’t be in this position I’m looking forward to leaving this team in 1/2/3 years time”

  3. “My missus could have done a better job than him (Hughes). Look they’re a really, really big club. Amazing supporters. They’ve got great, great little players like Ferdinand, who I tried to sign at Spurs a couple of seasons ago but wasn’t available. Then there’s that Taarabt. ‘Triffic player – tried to keep him at Spurs but we couldn’t fit him in with Crouchie up front at the time. Yeah, we’ll finish above Arsenal ‘cos we’ve got a better squad”

  4. Did somebody pay that fan who held up the banner calling for Harry to save them ? As I remarked ,” ‘Arry Redknapp ? Really ? Seriously ?”, my son retorted ,” NO , Harry Potter!” They could use a magic wand right about now .
    And this is the son that I took a bet at the begining of the season that RDM would be sacked before 1st December .
    Could still happen !

  5. Pardew would be a very expensive loss, he is on an eight year contract but stranger things have happened. Arry will no doubt soon roll up somewhere, but like Benitez, he would cost …….and has a well deserved rep for spending a lot of money. Also, arry is not great at bringing on youngsters, his lack of rotation was one of a few things that cost him last season, so he may not buy into the philosophy or the more cost conscious clubs. So basically, arry, Chelsea or QPR, a great match. But is is true that constant changing of managers rarely achieves anything.

  6. @ Guillaume le Chien,
    You will be aware that in between sips of elderberry wine in his shed on the Enfield allotment, DB10 is learning his trade as the No.2 at Ajax.
    Has he ever hintedto you that he would like to return to Arsenal FC in a managerial capacity?

  7. Bit of a trend appearing with Chelsea and Man U both losing again. I loved typing that; both losing again. Redknapp for stamford bridge, Benitez for old trafford, One can hope. In all honesty im suprised that Rednkapp hasn’t gone to one of the rich Russian clubs.

  8. @Walter

    The presence of Henry around the Emirates has to be a positive one, whether he signs or just trains with the squad. It should be a fantastic experience for all the players especially the younger ones.

  9. Think it could well be a done deal Walter, a presence on the pitch and in the dressing room…and a possible future coach? Also, Really hope he means what he says about keeping theo, no way will he get a proper replacement in jan, palace would be insane to risk promotion worth who knows what for ten to twenty million in jan…assuming we are even interested in zaha. Sterling looks like a no chance. Ox and gnabry not yet completely ready.

  10. And out the door goes Di Mateo at Stamford Bridge….

    What a classless club they have over there….

  11. @Walter

    You’re not wrong! Thank God we as a club don’t behave like that, preferring stability, consistent top for finishes and financial responsibility; ironically I am waiting for people to bash Arsenal with the sacking, i.e. Chelsea hire and fire and win trophies, Arsenal don’t and have won nothing for 7 years, something Tony Cascarino implied this morning on Sky Sports News

  12. RDM out, most likely to be replaced by a mercanary such as Arry or more likely Rafa until RA can go for his real target in the summer. I would be surprised if a man of class like Pep would go near that club no matter what was on offer……Jose on the other hand……..

  13. RDM had to go because he wasn’t bringing instant success though what sort of success can one bring in November with over half a season left and your club still in every competition? Isn’t that pretty good? Ok Juve and Shaktar will probably arrange a draw and send Chelsea out of the CL but that still leaves plenty of trophies up for grabs.

    Unlike Arsenal managers at Chelsea are not promised a job for life. Is that good? Well Chelsea’s attitude to hiring and firing is hysterical. I guess it keeps the managers on their toes but I suspect it’s also disruptive, working in a climate of fear so to speak.

  14. Agree on the climate of fear, probably not helped by some of the players as well as one of the most interfering owners going. Yes, they have been winning things, but have spent close to a billion in doing so. FFP may not be all it is cracked up to be, but I am sure it will curb some excesses, partly because it will be backed by many, including powerful clubs such as Utd and Bayern Munich – and maybe even soon the Spanish giants with massive revenues who can live quite successfully within their means and have a vested interest in halting the activities of the likes of Chelsea. My hope, and possibly on the optimistic side, they will continue to squander resources, pay off tens of millions to sacked managers, the dressing room will remain divided and whatever form FFP takes will catch up with them and their strange accounting practices, causing the owner to lose interest. Ok – one is entitled to dream! I have nothing against the club historically or their fans, but the way they are currently run, to be honest I would rather see the Spuds join us in the Top 4 than them….and that really is saying something!

  15. When does spending so much become un-justifiable to football. £527,000,000 in 9 years just on transfers add in wage increases and payoffs to the 9 managers who have left since RA took over. The money CFC(classless football club) have spent and will now spend again on hiring a new manager and giving him what and who he wants is getting beyond a joke.

    Fans moan at Arsenal for high ticket prices but look at Chelsea how much do they charge for tickets with RA in charge quite happy to pay another £75,5 million this summer on players why are they not getting in for £10 each.

  16. Chelsea – 8 managers in 12 years (under RA)
    Arsenal – 8 managers in 55 years

    No wonder there is player-power at the Bridge because they all know the manager is more vulnerable and disposable than they are. Daresay that the managers aren’t that bothered because RA gives them massive payoffs, but is that the model that the game should look up to, despite the trophies?

  17. Think Jose helped give some already classless players…and others the unpleasant, arrogant attitude that permeates the club to this day.

  18. You could look at the stats this way:

    9 managers in 9 years, millions spent = 3 PL titles, 1 CL, 4 FA Cups, 2 League Cups, 2 Community Shields (plus runners-up in 11 competitions)

    1 manager in the same period, millions raked in = 1 PL title, 1 FA Cup, 1 Community Shield (plus runners-up in 6 competitions)

    Hiring and firing managers doesn’t neccesarily hinder a club. Throwing millions at it does help.

  19. If I was a supporter of a club where I knew that the owner was willing & able to bankroll massive expenditure, I’d be pretty hacked off if my season ticket wasn’t one of the cheapest in the country. At least the Romans understood the rules of a popularity contest; let the peasants in on the cheap to watch the gladiators do battle, bask in their adulation.

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