Arsenal in the Champs League, Henry to re-sign, Arsenal play staff games.

By Tony Attwood

It is nearly time to leave – well I have to go in 3 hours at 4pm, to meet Drew in Northampton (our rendezvous is right by the Northampton Town ground – one of only two grounds in the UK where there is a stand named after an Arsenal man.  Did you know that?

So, the only thing left to put together is the team.

Those out are Theo Walcott with a shoulder problem as a result of some action by local ruffian in the last game.  Kieran Gibbs and Gervinho are back, but I would expect them on the bench.  But Santos is out, he has an abdominal muscle strain.

So who is left?

Wojciech Szczesny

Bacary Sagna, Laurent Koscielny, Per Mertesacker, Thomas Vermaelen (c)

Mikel Arteta, Jack Wilshere

Santi Cazorla, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain

Lukas Podolski, Olivier Giroud


  • Gervinho
  • K. Gibbs
  • Vito Mannone
  • Carl Jenkinson
  • Francis Coquelin
  • Aaron Ramsey
  • Andre Arshavin
  • Johann Djourou

Obviously we know that Mr Wenger likes to play Ramsey when he can so Oxlade-C could come out – but on the other hand young Alex needs some games and for his few minutes on the pitch as a sub he looked rather good.

Or put it another way I have no idea.

Meanwhile, as boldly predicted yesterday Chelsea are looking for a new manager. And as not predicted here because I couldn’t even dream it was on, everyone is saying that T. Henry is coming back on loan.

As one of the lucky ones who was at the ground when the great God came back and scored from his classic position (just in front of my seat) I can’t believe it could happen again or he would do it again.  But he was at the game on Saturday and of course got his usual round of applause and cheering.  Mind you I am still saying to Ian “We were there, when Henry came back”.

The second year running Africa Cup of Nats starts on 19 January so we lose Gervinho and Marouane Chamakh again, just as last year.

Actually I loved Mr Wenger’s comments this time:

“You know what he gives you, he gives you hope, especially when he comes on. That is the most important thing. Thierry is a communicator, an extrovert, very intelligent. He can only give good advice to players because he was in their position when he arrived here. I think now that this team has an exceptionally good character. There are not many flashy boys.

“What is most important is not whether you are an extrovert but what it means to you to do your job well … your will to win. I saw last night on French TV, for example, Jonny Wilkinson and when you see the dedication … he’s not an extrovert but when you see the dedication that the top, top players show in their sport, that’s what you want  … multiplied by 25.”

Then he said…

“To sign Beckham, Thierry Henry and Sol Campbell?  We had a staff game today. They could have played with us.”

Yup, I’d pay to go to that one.

The books…

The sites…


18 Replies to “Arsenal in the Champs League, Henry to re-sign, Arsenal play staff games.”

  1. T Henry is alegend, his presences means a lot to Arsenal. Am sure he can convince Walcotte to sign a new contract or advise either Wanger(Mr seller) or (The Board) to keep that wonderful prayer. Imagine selling Vanperse, Song, Clinchy, Nasir, Fabrigas is he building the team or he is after selling , selling and selling. Bring Henery and Bekamp to the Arsenal board.

  2. Damn, I get City-Madrid on my TV. So I must listen audio streaming.

    I hope we can play high tempo from the starts. We really need to win, last game is very hard, Olympiacos very strong at home.


  3. Have you heard today’s joke:


    They really are a joke. 9 managers in 9 years.

  4. Slowly but sure, Giroud is looks like good buy.

    He can be Fox in the Box, he can hold ball from long pass and pass it forward.

    Not bad, not bad…

  5. We qualify to last 16, again, like usual!

    City out!

    Good works Arsene!

    So, the next to be sack: Mancini or Hughes?

  6. I am not sure it is important or not to be top group. It’s looks like Madrid will be second in their group.

  7. I only listen from audio streaming and read from live text, they said Poldi makes a fantastic goal.

  8. Two good assists from Giroud, first goal Wilshere, second Podolski a brilliant left footer never going anywhere other than the roof of the net. Best of all nil against, SZCZ alert to cut out the relatively rare moments of danger, he looked confident throughout. A performance to build on, not perfect by any means but comfortable enough in the end.

  9. Think that is thirteen in a row in the knockout stage, arsene wenger, think we all have an idea,who could well be coming,our way next round, bring em on!

  10. Didn’t Podolski’s goal look a lot like ‘he-whose-name-we-can’t-mention’ ‘s goal against Charlton a few years ago?
    Giroud assists in both goals were sublime .And the clean sheet was an added bonus .
    @ Sammy – not sure the Chelski fans see the humour in it !The money they spend in managers’ compensation could very well bail out many a third world country ,or Greece ,or Spain.

  11. Podolski’s goal was almost a replica of George Graham’s against Liverpool, Nov 1970, following a one-two with Jon Sammels. Film clip on various Arsenal DVDs and in black and white on Youtube.

  12. @ brickfields…

    Last year when the dutch ____ (fill in whatever appropriate) fired in a similar goal…….all said, only that man can score such a volley.

    This one from Poldi was even better.

  13. @ ARSENAL 13 – Pricken ? Bitchen ? Arseholen ? Assen ?Dicken ? Dickheaden ? Titen ? Kunten ? Pussyen ?
    As you canen see-en ,I canen goen onen anden onen tillen the cowen kommen homen ! Goen onen tryen iten !
    Don’t you just love learning a new language ?!

  14. @Sammy the snake, Chelsea joke, you forgot the punchline: ten trophies in nine years.

    Probably end up second in the group. Makes no difference really as there’s no easy games after this stage.

  15. Chelsea end up second in the group?

    Don’t bank on it, Juve and Shaktar need only draw to knock Chelsea out.

    Chelsea playing on Thursday nights in the Europa Laegue, now that would be funny.

  16. I meant us not Chelsea, sorry I put that poorly.

    I’d be surprised if Chelsea qualify. It seems most likely that Juve and Shaktar will play to draw.

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