Olympiacos v Arsenal. The line up

By Tony Attwood

As pointed out by many people below, the team I made up is impossible since some of the players didn’t go, one is misspelled and one isn’t in the champions league squad.

Ah well…   But if someone would like to have a bash at putting up the actual team rather than endlessly telling me what a turnip I am (something I have long since known) then please do. 

It would be slightly more constructive.

Here’s the original post, which is completely wrong….

Of the players who turned out against Swansea only  Wojciech Szczesny, Thomas Vermaelen and Carl Jenkinson have made the journey.  And of those Szczesny might find himself on the bench.

Apparently the only unknown who will start will be Jernade Meade who is a left back.  He is described as a real fighter.

So that could give us


Jenkinson Vermaelen Miquel Meade

Coquelin  Esifeld Yennaris

Arshavin Chamakh Gnarby

But that is pretty much a load of old guess work.

In order to secure top spot we have to win and Montpellier get a draw against Schalke.   But as we saw in an earlier article, coming first is not everything in this year’s competition.

Who knows how this will go.  Traditionally playing the youngsters in this competition’s final group match has not gone well, but the established crew need a rest, don’t need a plane flight and need to get themselves back together again.

So who knows.

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23 Replies to “Olympiacos v Arsenal. The line up”

  1. Eisfeld isn’t registered for champions league and Gnabry and Miquel are injured. Yennaris isn’t in the squad either.

  2. You need to rethink your line up; Mannone, Miquel, Esifeld, Yennaris and Gnarby are not even in the squad!

  3. The Ox is there and Gervinho so they will play as they hadn’t much games lately.
    And of course Rosicky will get an excellent chance to get a real game

  4. Eisfeld is not playing, disappointing indeed.

    watching the other youngsters will be interesting.

  5. Either way this will give the doomers&gloomers including the media more ammunition, boo’s aloud, plug-ins on the ready!

  6. Szczesny Jenkinson Vermaelen Squillaci Meade Ox Coquelin Rosicky Ramsey Arshavin Gervinho

  7. Let down by another dodgy ref performance for their first goal. At times looked shaky at the back, although Meade and coq looked good. Should not read too much into this, but we have to learn how to defend leads! Guess montpellier might not be too happy with us…..maybe no more players from them!
    Unfortunately, we all have a good idea who awaits us next round!……but even if we had won the group, there was always real…..

  8. I wonder how Olympiacos got away from all the fouls near their penalty area. Push on Chamakh, pull on Gervinho and nothing given- to name a few.
    Is there still an agenda agaist Wenger?

  9. not only the 1st OLY goal was from a no corner corner, i think it was an offside when headed by their player….
    Rosicky and arshavin showed 2day why people shall stop being managers and not say that Wenger ruined arsha in playing him at wings, cause he was better there than as 2nd striker…
    Rosicky showed 2day 2 our problem we suffering this season, the no leader at front, i think he will provide it in the upcoming fixtures, and i hope Wenger well get a DMF to move arteta forward where he can be the 2nd captain there and lead the front with more freedom whil Verm well do it at the back.

  10. The result was disappointing but there were some good things about tonight, Rosicky returning and young Meade looked a good player. I agree with the comments about the ref and the visually impaired officials – they were very poor tonight – and let Olympiacos away with a lot of professional fouls.

    I agree yassin, an additional DMF with height and pace would be a good addition to the team, basically a Song replacemant, but with more discipline and pace. Hope AW can locate one.

  11. @Tony

    You are not a turnip, you are a carrot. You are made of the things which make us see better.

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