Untold Twutter : 3 things we learned this week

By Remak Kwen


A new roundup of Untold twutters  about football and …er…football.

The Arsenal reserves lost to Olympiacos in the CL. Disaster! We never win anything again. Boooo hoooo. Shame on us. What do you mean Arsenal qualified for the knock out stages? Not important. I want to feel miserable. Be my guest but please go and cry somewhere else as I don’t really feel that much pain after such a defeat. Which will make me a bad fan I guess. So it goes inside my head.  Having multiple personalities can be a problem at times.

Well it is the same feeling as when our reserves lose against the West Ham reserves. I rather like them to win, but not that much bothered either.

So who can Arsenal meet in the next round and according to the “connoisseurs” will lose from? Of course they neglect the little fact that these games will be played in February-March next year so the current form or players do not really matter. We can’t play Manchester United and Schalke. But we could play against Barcelona (here we could go again), PSG, Borussia Dortmund,  Malaga, Juventus, Bayern Munich.

I don’t really see an easy opponent in this group. But the year we reached the CL final we did it the hard way beating teams like Real Madrid and Juventus. So should we take on Juventus next time? Would bring back some nice memories…

The MU reserves lost at home to CFR Cluj. For those who never heard about them they seem to be a team from Romania. Or thereabouts. The name Transylvania is mentioned also. Wasn’t that the home of Dracula?  Anyway those giants in European football play in the Romanian top division since 2003. It was a time when they drilled for good water and found oil I think.  Since then they won 3 titles in Romania. Which is enough to explain why they won from Manchester United I guess.

But United will go to the next round in the Champions League. Possible opponents? Not Arsenal of course. But they could meet: Shakhtar, Valencia, Celtic, Porto, AC Milan and Real Madrid. A few nice games to look forward to. But probably the luck of the draw will give them Celtic.

Let us turn ourselves to the former CL winners. Despite having won their last game against another world famous team Nordsjaelland (send the correct pronunciation on a post card to Untold towers and win one free article) they have to settle for the Europa League.

The first CL winner to go out from the group stages. And that after spending another obscene amount of money on new players this summer.

Benitez has said he takes it very serious. The Europa League he meant.  I bet a certain Russian does the same.

So how long will Benitez sit in the uncomfortable Chelsea’s manager ejection seat? Well the only one who knows this is the man with the finger on the button. A Russian finger and we know they are trigger happy fingers. But surely he couldn’t embarrass himself any more than he has done so far? Come to think of it…I think he would. Benitez his bank account is waiting impatiently for this moment I think.

Then we move on to the world champions in throwing money around to win the league in the final seconds on goal difference and their great manager Mancini City. After spending an amount of money enough to save the whole 3rd world from starving to death in the last years they managed to go out of their CL group without a win. This sure must go down as one of the biggest performances of all times in football. It will take some time to beat it. Unless of course they will outdo themselves next season and go out with zero points?

The comments are hilarious from some Mancini City corners. “We aren’t ready yet”. I wanted to throw in a funny line after that but surely this doesn’t need a funny line anymore. This is a funny line.

So when will they be ready? After spending another billion pounds????

Another one: A difficult group? Real Madrid, ok I agree with them. But Borussia Dortmund has been weakened since last season in my opinion and looking at the Bundesliga table I see they are 11 points behind leader Bayern Munich and standing 3rd. So they surely are not the best German team around for the moment. Lost one of their best players to Man United this summer. But they are Germans of course so at the end difficult to beat. But we did it last year. After losing Cesc and Nasri. Sure you remember.

And I would even accept that it is difficult to beat Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund. But surely coming behind Ajax is a total embarrassment. The whole Ajax squad together cost less than the latest sports car Balotelli has wrecked.

So what did we learn this week?

  1. Sending reserves to the CL can make you lose your game
  2. Money can buy you trophies but you need something more
  3. Rosicky is back. And just that is enough to make me smile. I just like the guy.

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8 Replies to “Untold Twutter : 3 things we learned this week”

  1. I was succumbing to a flu like illness for that game, and in my delirium, Coquelin was playing the part of my kidneys which had got cold. Each time he made a tackle I felt worse. Next morning I got the distinct impression that Squilliaci played very good considering how long he’s been out of the team?
    Funny how reality can play tricks, isn’t it?

  2. The thing that gets me about City is that all the teams that they face in Europe seem to have them worked out, but in the premiership they are unbeaten still?

  3. Untold will never stop making me laugh! Thanks for the humor after a saddening football week from my dear team.I love th last sentence… “..But surely coming behind Ajax is a total embarrassment. The whole Ajax squad together cost less than the latest sports car Balotelli has WRECKED….” loooooll

  4. Sir, as a (newly recruited) Man C (oil money) fan, I feel very upset about what you said about us “not ready yet”. Of course we are not ready yet! You see, we bought some great or not too great players with what you called the amount of money that could save the entire 3rd world, which I am living in, from starving to death, but how can we go through the CL group stage if other teams also keep buying? Every time we were ready to beat ’em, they found and bought someone new, and so we became not ready again!

    Maybe we should buy every football school and academy in the world, and then told them not to sell any player to any other team. When they stop buying, we finally will be ready to beat the hell out of them, don’t you worry!

  5. Nice remarks ,Remark ! Like the Mancini City title and attached joke !
    Have the same experience at home with the Chelski supporting son , “We’re going to buy Falcao ,Hulk ; or So and so is keen to join us ;Pep will be the new manager ,etc.”
    Non stop jokes , and one -liners !Wonder where he gets it from ?

  6. Good win today. While I don’t wish to stir the pot further, I must say that I find it odd that Wenger does not talk with Bould throughout each game. He used to continuously talk with Pat Rice. What is up?!

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