Untold Twutter: about diving, singing, watching, signing….

By Remak Kwen


The Untold twutter service about diving, singing and watching..oh and about football.

So Arsenal is not a team of saints. Even Saint Santi is not a real saint it seems. Going down a bit too easy. Well he was just doing what the AAA is saying we are doing: going down. So is Santi now a member of the AAA? Nah, he is ours.

Talking about penalties for Arsenal. What has changed this season? Last season none in the league. Now we have already 3 penalties in the PL. Is the work from the referee reviews paying off? Have they said to each other: “now we can’t do it any more as they have found us out?”

Or was it just a coincidence?

Or do we have a ref in the PGMOL who is not afraid to give us a penalty at home? Because last season we didn’t have a penalty in the league but we did have some penalties in the FA cup. Two to be correct. Against Aston Villa. When we won 3-2. The ref on the day? A certain Mike Jones. Or was this just a coincidence?

Is there actually a ref called Smith in the PL? Would make a nice couple as 1st and 4th ref.

So refs giving penalties to Arsenal at the Emirates…when did they predicted the end of the world again?

Maybe the PGMOL has studied the not giving penalties in favour of Arsenal of the last seasons and decided to give them all this season. So don’t hold your breath if we get another 15-20 penalties this season. Maybe the PGMOL is trying to even things out for Arsenal? We sure are due a few decisions and penalties starting from the 2007-2008 season….

Apart from his cool hair that doesn’t move one millimetre during a game, Arteta also is a cool penalty taker. Did your heart skip a beat when the took the ball against WBA the first time and you remembered the missed penalty against Fulham. Myhill remembered that miss and went for a corner. Arteta just put it in the middle of the goal. Cool finish.

And did your heart skipped two beats when again Arteta stepped up to take the second penalty? Myhill clearly was thinking: he will not do it again so I go for the other corner, the one he went for against Fulham. Wrong, cool Mikel put it again in the middle of the goal. It takes some guts to step up and do it twice in one game.

Let’s move on to even more pleasant things. Yesterday the spuds fans were singing ‘are you watching Arsenal’. That was a few minutes before the end of their game at Everton. Well I think we were watching. I was. Even though I admit I thought of changing channels at that moment.

But it was the spuds and well if they can make us happy they never let us down. So 3 minutes later the spuds singing had stopped. Yes we were watching and enjoying it.

I also watched a bit of the Manchester derby. And well we saw a real Arsenal finish to the game. Clichy getting caught late in the game and losing the ball. Nasri not having the guts to stand in the wall like a man. Van Persie with another wasted free kick until Nasri lifted the ball just enough to beat Hart.

From the moment the traitor hit the ball it had the word c*nt written all over it. What a c*ntish way to lose the game for City. Not that I cared that much. Their first home defeat, there first defeat in this season over all…. Happy invincibles day. Keeping that record up is even worth a United win and even with the traitor scoring the winning goal.

Can anyone confirm that Nasri has been on the pitch all night long collecting the coins thrown?

So thanks to the former Arsenal players the invincible record remains safe for at least one season. Oh and next season we will beat it ourselves. Nah.

So what do we remember from this weekend?

  • We can get penalties at the Emirates
  • We can score them
  • The spuds are giving us more joy
  • The c*nts still combine and deliver for Arsenal.

Oh and word is spreading that Wenger abandoned project youth completely. Rumour has it that we will sign a 35 year old. On loan. For a while. Let us hope he is not too rusty from standing there, outside the Emirates in all kinds of weather…. Will he bring back tears of joy this time around? Oh please do.


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24 Replies to “Untold Twutter: about diving, singing, watching, signing….”

  1. So the FA may retropectively ban our Spanish maestro,if reports ae to be believed. What about refs who don’t award a legitimate penalty and who have failed to spot a player holding another in the penalty area,
    The FA needs to iron out these issues.They also need to reprimand refs who failed to give a penaltywhen it shd be given.

  2. Away from home we got a couple penalties last season. Also Wolves comes to mind.
    The pen at Old Trafford was missed by RVP by the way..

  3. It is interesting that Sky have today been running and rerunning the Cazorla penalty story, and have trotted out Curbishley and Gallagher to comment on the “dive” – having watched the footage again as shown on Sky it is impossible to determine contact or otherwise – but both of C & G assumed no contact – I am not sure they are right – but it suits SKY.

    What is really interesting is that a lot less fuss was made over the established dives made by well known players from other teams. Somebody does love to knock Arsenal.

  4. Diving must be stamped out since our Santi broke WBA hearts, last season the moral police defended Ashley Young, “it’s part of the game now”.

  5. RE .. ‘Can anyone confirm that Nasri has been on the pitch all night long collecting the coins thrown?’
    I have a mate who lives in Manchester and apparently just after midnight Nasri and R van Purse had to be separated by police for fighting over a disputed 10p piece they had found near the corner flag. Nasri’s torch got broken in the skirmish as he coshed RVP over the head with it I am reliably informed. It was eventually settled amicably though as they agreed to split it and have 5p each. You will not read this in the papers as Rednose and Mancini have agreed to keep it hushed up.

  6. Zero penalties at home for the whole of last season. But we got a few scraps in the away games. I seem to recall an RVP witch hunt similar to the current one on Cazorla when RVP chipped a penalty against a practically relegated Wolves team. And since when does the daily mail have a “Wenger Watch” section? It was right below a ‘match report’. Anyone else see that? They scrutinized his every movement, gesture, frown, when he put on his jacket, etc. Is there a Fergie Watch? A Mancini Watch? And if you’re doing a match report on Arsenal vs WBA, isn’t it only fair to include a “Clarke Watch” for the WBA manager? And the Cazorla dive story: the media and pundits seem to want him banned for a few matches. How come we don’t hear this about bale and co.? All I hear is that bale “dives to avoid hard tackles because he is targeted”. So these monkeys haven’t noticed how Cazorla gets hammered almost every time he touches the ball, in every game? The difference is he stays on his feet, because these lily-livered officials won’t call any fouls for him.
    Really, this media bias is getting out of hand. The Cazorla witch hunt has been blown up so much I’m in shock.

  7. It should be understood that the award of a penalty to Arsenal is so contrary to the natural FA order of things that Sky etc. are obliged to argue against it.

    Rooney, Young, Gerrard and Bale, on the other hand, are entitled to be given penalties and it is perfectly in order for them to assist the referees by throwing themselves on the floor so as to make it obvious that a decision in their favour is required.

  8. Here’s the match report containing a “Wenger Watch” section at the bottom. What the hell are they trying to achieve with this? Maybe I’ve missed it, but do they do this for other managers?

  9. They are trying to achieve the same thing, whatever that may be, as Adrian Durham on Talksport with his Daily Arsenal slot where Wenger and Arsenal are slandered, insulted and ridiculed on a baily basis.

  10. Santi , Eduardo and pires dive, Owen gets clipped at speed, bale takes evasive action, Rooney shows intelligence and initiative and gerrard…..never even gets mentioned. Would like to see the FA take retrospective action on Santi….then there would be a precedent, the genie would be out of the bottle, and the far worse offenders than arsenal would be held to account……and this is the reason why the fe and eufa will not go near it.

  11. The problem with retrospective action regarding dives is that if the ref spots it on the pitch,it is a yellow card,but if he doesn’t it is a 3 match ban.However the INTENTION is the same,whether the ref spots it or not. For retrospective action to work,referees would have to give a red card for diving,and this red card would have to carry a 3 match ban otherwise it is completely unfair.I just can’t see it happening because its so hard to definitively prove whether there was contact,whether it was enough to make the player go down,whether the player took evasive action etc.Tony bloody Pulis really hacks me off;3 match ban for divers,but Crouch handballing it into the net is “funny”.Also the Robbie Fowler is a top sportsman nonsense when he told the ref he hadn’t been touched.Didn’t stop him scoring the damn thing though!!!If he was such a great sportsman he should have kicked it over the bar!!! He did score it didn’t he,now i’ve got a horrible feeling i’m wrong;nah,sure its one of those things that makes me shout at the tv or radio everytime i hear it.

  12. @Sav.
    You can make things look very different from other angles. It was a dive, end of. I’m not going to defend Santi for diving, or anyone else for that matter. When a high profile foreigner dives, a shitstorm rises(funny how MotD failed to show how Rosenberg dived f0r WBA). Just look at Suarez, although noone ever talked about penalizing him for it.

    They cannot simply hand out a ban to Santi. The FA are gutless and don’t have the balls to be consistent.

  13. @C4, don’t worry about the ‘Daily S***’ thing, they recently included Frimpong in the Arsenal squad for the match against Bradford.

  14. Mike Dean will be the referee for tonight’s league cup tie against Bradford. This will be interesting.

  15. Very nice ,Remak , had a good laugh ! And a Happy Invincibles
    Day to you ,too !
    So young ( I’ assuming here !), so cynical ,so bad ,so cool, so funny and so spot on- keep on rocking the boat !Just luv it !
    Tony , sign this young man to a long contract ! Remark ,if Arsenal are not paying you , they ought to be !
    @ Mick @ 10.Dec .10.25 pm – Ooo , you bad too !

  16. What price nasri on a subsidised loan to the spuds over the next few months? Along with balotelli!

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