Goal fest at the Emirates.

By Walter Broeckx

So I think all of us were a bit angry after 72 minutes. I could imagine the headlines coming already: Gunners let the lead slip away 3 times. I think the player who was most involved with 2 of the Newcastle goals will know that these are mistakes we shouldn’t make. I do hope that Bould and Wenger have a little word with him.

Of course a defender will be judged on his defensive work and as a result he was the only one who will get a low score I think. And that is a pity as his attacking work was great and very influential.  Those things can happen and we can hope he will learn from them.

Those who want to moan about the 3 goals…well  Manchester United also let in 3 goals from Newcastle earlier this week so those things can happen.

But whatever angry feeling you felt after 72 minutes it guess it was gone at the final whistle.  What a game to end the year!

Walcott opening the score with a goal that reminded us all of a certain former player.  But later in the second half he missed another chance. A miss we would regret at half time because Ba scoring a free kick that went with some help of the head of Jack Wilshere.  1-1 at half time and nobody realized they would be in for a real goal fest in the second half.

The Ox opening the festival in the second half some 6 minutes after the restart. But 10 minutes later Newcastle was level. Will not go deeper in to it.

Never mind and a run from Wilshere was the introduction to a Podolski goal who headed in from close range. Ah well 5 minutes later Ba scored again the equaliser. And again will not go deeper in how. Pardew told his team to start parking a bus from now on.

But after a good cut back from Gibbs, a missed kick from Podolski who will kick himself for missing that ball, it (the ball) came to Walcott who took ages to adjust himself it seemed but calm buried the ball high in the net. 4-3 and 73 minutes on the clock.

Would we concede again? Nah, we had given enough Christmas presents for today and for this year.

Wenger brought Giroud and Walcott went on to his old right flank.  Showing he can cross a ball when needed. Giroud came in with a flying header to score our 5th goal. Great header.

Walcott still didn’t have enough and started a run was brought down but the ball ran to Giroud who buried it with his right foot to make it 6-3.

And in the extra time we saw the moment of the game. A nasty foul on Giroud form Santon and he was lucky to only get a yellow card for it. Jack and Theo with the free kick at the 6 yard line on the corner flag. Theo starting to dribble between 4 defenders being brought down (this was a penalty foul ref) the ref ignored the foul completely, oh well said Theo who stood up in an instant and chipped it over the keeper. 7-3 What a score line. What a goal fest.

In between somewhere Giroud hit the bar with the keeper beaten and that would have been not just a hattrick for Walcott but also for  Giroud. Just what do they do on such an occasion? Split the ball in half?

Well this was fun. This was football as it should be. Two teams going for it (until Newcastle wanted to park the bus and that failed miserable) and scoring goals for fun.

We could have scored more. In fact we should have scored more. While I think Newcastle scored almost at a rate of 100% today.  We shouldn’t have let 3 in but well that is part of having an attacking team I think.

I think the fans who want to moan can have something to moan about. The fans who want to be joyful can be full of joy after this game. So we all can be happy now? Can we?

Well this person feels great for the moment. The only downside is that we have to wait another year to see Arsenal play again.  But then again … the new year is only a few days away.

What a way to finish the year and what a way to treat the fans today. Thanks Arsenal for making us happy.

PS: and sign da thing!!!!!

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  1. Theo Walcott was simply outstanding today – Newcastle could not deal with him.

    Yes he missed a couple of chances and could have played others in a couple of times, but 3 goals and 2 assists is just superb, and the fact he got other chances shows just how much he terrorised the defence. Sign him up! Do not let us a lose a player after 6 years of work at a time where he seems to be taking a step up to the next level!

    Jack Wilshere was the other truly outstanding player today and a word of praise has to be given to Giroud for two excellent goals and a great work rate.

    Now the good stuff is out of the way, it should also be noted just how much we missed Mertesacker. Vermaelen and Koscielny do not make a good defensive pairing – they are too often caught out of position. Add in the poor defending from our FB’s – Sagna seems to always give too much space to allow easy crosses and Gibbs is to often caught napping – and it seems pretty clear that the organiser was missing today.

    Personally I would let Sagna go – well past his best and having a poor season.

    It should also be noted that we continue to give away far too many silly free kicks – again Sagna was a culprit as was Vermaelen which is pretty standard for him.

    Some work to do defensively then but today we played far more directly with PACE and it was a welcome return to the attacking flair of old.

    Overall, stand up Theo Walcott – a world class performance.

  2. Do you think Walcott is going to sign, he looks really happy and Henry is coaching him apparently at the moment and i am sure that Wenger and Henry are in his ear saying look your getting your chances now forget about the huge wage packets and be known as a legend for the club…….his celebrations and general demeanor seems happy.

    Looks like giroud is finding his feet in the EPL also, i reckon he will score 20+ in all competitions……….i think he is gonna be huge for Arsenal. We can see that the team is really starting to gel and understand each other now!!

  3. Great win today.

    Walcott was amazing today. His speed and finishing are now being matched by more composure and better decision-making. It is true as was said above that it would be a shame to sell off another player at the moment we’ve brought him to maturity.

    I think Vermaelen and Kos both had strong matches. The goals were down to giving up a dumb penalty and then poor defending by Wilshere (he just ducked the free kick and allowed for the defleciton), and even worse defending by the fullbacks Sagna and Gibbs on the 2nd and 3rd goals.

    I’m not too disappointed with the defending today becasue even with a few mistakes, Newcastle still needed lucky deflections on 2 of their goals. On a more fortuante day the score would’ve been 7-1.

    Ox, Wilshere, and Podolski were also great in addition to Walcott.

  4. Wish I could say I think Theo would sign…but I for one cannot, think we will have him until the summer though. A blogger I trust says we have moved on our offer…significantly, I really hope it is enough, but if it is not, what more can we do. I would sign him up tomorrow, maybe Wenger would as well but we do not know who is after him and what they are prepared to pay him. On this evenings performance, I can only begin to imagine who will be putting the feelers out. And I think they may be bigger than the oft quoted Liverpool.
    Is it just me, or is he happier on the left cutting in to shoot? As opposed to the right or even the middle?



  6. I think its far more better if giroud comes on as a substitute and i really liked the substitutes done today. Walcot was superb today but he has to know that he is playing in a team and he need to pass to some of his teament’s to make his work easier. Was it the last to see him(Theo)! I saw fabrega$,Henry, Per$ie,cashley,Hleb and many more do the same.We needed this as we are coming in a very bad situation,Liverpool,man-city,Chelsea ,Sunderland spurs,west ham and Swansea .
    We need all the luck and energy.

  7. You will know the day when Walcott can be truly compared with Henry, No team will dare push up against Arsenal. Even now with Walcott starting up front the opponents centre backs will still maintain a highline, suicide against Walcott and suicide in the past against Henry.

    Did you all notice that our players are starting to enjoy their football again.

  8. Compare Theo busting a gut to score despite being fouled and grounded, with the Spuds ape man getting booked yet again for simulation. Defoe was at it as well, though the ref wasn’t having falling for it. Cheating Tottenscum.

  9. It was on at done crazy hour in sydney (4:30am) do I tried to go to bed early hug the spurs were losing 1-0 so I watched 1st half then went to bed at 12:30 I think. My baby woke me up at 6am (I think) with the game at 4-3 after checking live text on BBC, (my usual Arseblog has changed got to register now!) so no time to sign up I just resorted to BBC.
    Anyway as it was my turn to feed her I was hoping to do it quick then go put it on, but she had other plans so lucky I recorded it!
    So from 4-3 to 5, 6 & 7-3 I was thinking FUK I am missing it live! But baby wasn’t happy with food and she is more important than any football match, so I sacrificed live victory with plenty of goals. But that’s wat parents do right, sacrifices for their kids?
    Kids or not if it means we win I will miss every and any game live, so long as we win!
    COYG starting to gel???

  10. Jayramfootball – I totally disagree with your assessment. Kos and Verm were excellent today and had nothing to do with the goals conceded, which both came from mistakes by our fullbacks. Sagna got caught the wrong side of the Newcastle player, which led to him giving away a foul in a dangerous area. Jack was at fault for turning his back on the free kick and deflecting it past Szczesny. Vermaelen was actually pointing Gibbs to where he should be before the 3rd Newcastle goal, but he ignored the instruction and gifted Ba an easy goal. In fact to be fair to Kieran, I think Poldi was also at fault as he did not track the run of the wide player and left the defenders overloaded for the second and third goal.

    But I’d rather not focus on a few mistakes when the team showed great spirit and ‘mental strength’ not to let being pegged back 3 times stop them from going on to win with style. I don’t think Theo actually played that well but he was effective when it mattered with 3 good finishes and an excellent cross for Giroud. It would be great if he could stay here and show that more consistently, but I won’t hold my breath.

  11. Today we played some super flowing football and it looks as if the players are developing almost the level of understanding that some of the great Arsenal teams of a few years ago demonstrated.

    In most of our attacks we looked dangerous and exciting, we could have scored more goals, but seven is not too bad, I would usually be happy to settle for that.

    I don’t think anyone should be trying to write off Sagna; he is a great player and still working his way back to full match fitness after having his foot broken twice by thugs last season.

  12. And then to think that Cazorla was having a rather quiet day today? Or was it just because of the performance of the others that he didn’t look so impressive?

  13. Podolski’s work rate was incredible tonight, would have been man of the match if not for Theo! Arshavin should take a note of his performance, gave everything both in attack and defence.

  14. Perhaps something to consider with respect to various people (at Tottenham, ManU, … or even Arsenal) diving goes. Boxing day (and days following) means sales. Would you go shopping with Gareth Bale (or whoever) immediately after boxing day? There is lots of casual contact in shopping. Do I want to be picking this person off the floor at every casual contact? How do any of these people ever negotiate the subway (if they use the subway)? Surely some of these people are involved in teaching football to young people. Do they fall on the ground at the slightest contact when doing this?

  15. wrt Walcott resigning.

    Walcott has been quoted a few times, that his agents are involved, he is just playing football. And that was re-iterated today.

    If Walcott truly has no input into the negotiations, he will leave in the summer. Because that will mean bonuses to his agents, as his salary will go up. And there is nothing a fan can do to stop this.

    Hopefully, Walcott is giving feedback to his negotiating team, and does want to stay at Arsenal. But, until a deal is signed or the season ends and he walks, we don’t know a thing.

    Here is hoping for the best, and he stays.

  16. @Gord, We all hope Walcott will continue to be an Arsenal player for years to come, however If Arsenal cannot afford him (if money is the issue) then he must go.
    Something people have to remember is that his agent is there for one purpose alone and that is to look after Walcott’s interests.
    His agent does not have a history of forcing moves or making headlines, None of the players on this agencies books have been involved in messy transfers, and if im correct what happened with another of Key sports managements clients this year (Fabrice Muamba) may have a bearing on negotiating future contracts with this agency? Key sports have a lot of clients whose contracts are being renegotiated as they also run out at the end of this season.
    We are totally in the dark when it comes to the intricacies of a players contract.
    My own personal feeling is that he will sign a new contract but then im just being hopeful.

  17. When two teams come together, both playing fast open football, there is bound to be entertainment and goals.
    Arsenal only turned on the style when a two goal advantage was reached.
    We must take care though, not to be over excited with this result. Most teams coming to the Emirates will apply a 10 man defence and we still find it difficult to break down this sort of formation.
    What should be clear is that confidence has been restored over the latest results and the future looks somewhat brighter than a few weeks ago when the doom and gloom merchants were in full cry.

  18. We just need a very strong and robust (Song type) holding midfielder in January and Wimbledon will be the stopping point come May 2013 or even the PL cup.

  19. Mulundu-Mabonga,
    If we could get a faster holding midfielder, or atleast Diaby back, then we could really start playing good soccer. I also noticed, Cazorla needs some rest, I wish he gets it on Tuesday, and Rosicky plays in his place. Also Arteta rests 70 minutes and Coquelin plays in his place.

  20. Kampala…Marchand is wrong…raising his arm is to indicate an indirect free kick is being taken. Advantage can be recognized and given anywhere on the field of play while the ball is in play…it is rarely but occasionally given in the penalty area if a clear goal scoring chance is available to the non-offending team. It is a particularly effective call If it occurs ion the defenders penalty area and the attacker scores, Or if it is given in the defenders penalty area and prevents a goal…both rare but great officiating.

  21. Marchand…I forgot to mention that advantage is signaled by the referee an underhand movement, waving both arms in a scooping motion forward, like throwing out a ball. This is the signal to play on, as it often accompanied by the referee saying exactly that. In other words, the players know he won’t whistle but has allowed play to proceed in order to give an advantage to the non-offending attacking or defending team. It is, along with awarding a penalty, the hardest call to make well in most games.

  22. @Adam

    I hope you are right. But, the idea of leaving things to the agent (who probably gets paid on the basis of transfer fees and weekly salary) doesn’t give me much confidence.

  23. @Gord, that is why FIFA, UEFA,and most importantly The FA need to put limits on how much an agent/agency can earn from a players contract. Some countries have a maximum percentage an agent can earn over a players contract but in England no such limit exists Maybe a top limit one off payment should be introduced. when a club employs the services of an agent, that agent must be paid in full in a one lump sum payment. Just so people know Keysports have a few Arsenal youngsters on their books.
    Im hanging on to hope on this one, as any player that has left Arsenal recently we can make excuses for but if Walcott does go, that shows we cannot for whatever reasons hang on to our young British born players, especially one we compare to one of our greatest ever in TH14.
    But on the other hand I think all top level footballers are overpaid so if he is demanding more money than our wage structure allows then I say let him go (ouch).
    If he does go I can see him going to Barca (if your good enough, who wouldn’t want to play alongside Messy).

  24. This season is as up and down as Arsene Wenger`s coat zipper . I always believed we would finish in top four at the expense of Tottenham . I still do . But FA cup would be nice

  25. @bjtgooner
    Glad you put in a reminder about Bacary Sagna getting thuggishly injured. It wasn’t that long ago either.

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