Adrián Lopez: coming to Arsenal?

By Tony Attwood

Adrián Lopez is a forward who has never scored very many goals, and who has had a rather strange journey through football, playing for Real Oivedo in the second division as a youth player, then moving to Deportivo de La Coruña in 2006 with Oviedo getting a compensation payment of around £250,000 – not a fortune but enough for the club to buy new football accessories and training equipment.”

However, despite scoring a goal in a match against Barcelona he didn’t regularly appear in the first team, and so found himself back in the second division with Deportivo Alavés.

After that he went on loan again to a club we are starting to become familiar with: Málaga CF – from whom of course we took Santi Cazorla.

In all he played 28 times in one season for Málaga scoring three goals (this was in 2008/9 before the money arrived).

Next season he went back to Deportivo, and in the end clocked up over 90 appearances and 13 goals for the club, playing in a variety of positions across the front.

When Deportivo were relegated Adrián  was top scorer with… eight and he moved on to Atlético Madrid on a free transfer.  (It was a contested transfer, the powers that be ruling that he was a free agent). He signed a four year contract in July 2011, playing alongside one José Antonio Reyes who we will remember.  Reyes was dropped to the reserve team to make way for Adrián  and up to 21 December he had played 51 times for the club and scored nine.

So the goalscoring isn’t great, but he is only 24 so there may be more to get out of him – especially with a change of coach.



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9 Replies to “Adrián Lopez: coming to Arsenal?”

  1. Well, he got a Spain call-up?? Arteta will tell u all about how difficult that is. That’s the only thing I’m holding on to because I’m still not 100% on this guy. Could we not get Benat for the same price?

  2. And who is to say that this Benat fella is going to be any good at arsenal? Transfers are always a gamble. Wether is Lopez, Benat . It wasn’t too long ago many were questioning AW’s wisdom in forking out for Walcott back then. Now you cannot go through a single gooners blog without reading about why we cannot let him go. Lets leave the choice of who comes in to AW. A top four finish isn’t impossible. If it was such an easy run, it wouldn’t make for any excitement whatsoever . And could we tone down on the incessant and arbitrary use of the word star ? Surely the measure of stardom is determined by what they achieve when they arie and not past glories! Even serial underperformers are referred to as such!

  3. Oh! coming gunners every one knows it will take time to improve his skill but when he become good player he will leave the club like roben vanp so why do we spent our time a guy who will leave tomorrow with other club f**k

  4. Simple logic, something is better than nothing. So we have to rubbish all who questions players coming in. Wenger, despite all weaknesses, can not sign nonsense he knows who will be useful. I am surprised why people questions the ability in Adrian Lopez.

  5. We can’t longer falling into that contovertial issue,all what is happening in arsenal you have know it and if you can’t bring an end for that i believe you know what you’re praying for goonerz then our own is to stop supportin you and join other club becouse its not what we prefer to see in every game

  6. you could argue a million ways for and against a particualr signing.
    I read one article saying Ba was a risky buy, which is why Stoke pulled out of getting him becuase he had a knee made of fairy floss. Now AW is right when he says that Chelsea would have looked at that a lot and still decided to buy, although they havent always made sound decisions in the past. But I am trying to say that you can paint any kind of picture and people will believe it.
    I am really worried about not getting 4th this year… More so than last i might add.
    whatever happens though, COYG!!!

  7. at least hes spanish which bodes well. it seems alot of their players have excellent technique – probably due to the training they had when they were young. not just humping the ball away to the tallest kid.

    many of the spanish players who come to the premier league seem to slot right in and star in their teams. (reyes was an excelent player, he was just homesick).

  8. AW needs to start buying tried and tested: Benteke, Michu, Suarez….that sort of player. No time to bed players in any more.

  9. @marcus tested players ! lets go for giggs,scholes by the way even cisse. ha ha ha ha ha buying is not always gold but why not lets give it a go and bring in messi and ronaldo.

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