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  1. Gord
    6 January 2013

    Law 1. As I remember it, it used to specifically exclude the idea that
    a pitch be square (rectangular with an aspect ratio of 1). But yes, having fast players, would influence pitch size. With people that can throw-in the ball a long way, a person could juggle pitch width for that.

    Law 2. I haven’t heard of soccer players doing it, but it supposedly happens in baseball. Vaseline in the hair, and when you take the throw-in, you grease the ball.

    Law 3. In gridiron, it has been known for coaching staff or players on the sidelines to be too close to the field of play, and to influence play.

    Law 4. It has been known for people to adjust their studs. Add things to clothing to be abrasive? Teflon shirt, so nobody can grab it? Most of the things in this category tend to be defensive in my opinion.

    Law 5-6. Buying officials? Bullying officials?

    Law 7. Have a low power maser track the referee’s watch all game? Maybe you could adjust the clock frequency a little. Too much power, and you burn the ref, which would probably expose what was being done.

    Law 8. Yes, players encroach on the ball. I have never heard of a referee issuing persistent infringement for things like being offside a zillion times. I have seen persistent encroachment penalized, but rarely.

    Enough for now.

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