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August 2021

Arsenal v Man City, from the anti-Arsenal perspective

By Sir Hardly Anyone

In one sense it must be easy to write match previews of Arsenal games from an AAA perspective since one can by and large write pretty much the same stuff every time.

Better, there is no need to put in any evidence when giving an opinion, nor indeed back up any assertions with facts or citations.  Just saying, makes it true.

So one can thus say, in previewing the Man City game today that the Arsenal manager is too old to be doing his job.  The argument here is that you can more or less tell successful a manager is going to be by his age, and anyone over 60 is always likely to be less smart than some aged, 50.  Thus one predicts the result of the match by the age of the manager.

In this case Mr Wenger is 63 and Mr Mancini is 48, so Mr Mancini will win by 15 clear goals (although it might be that each year is only worth half a goal, so maybe 7 goals will be the difference).

Now quite why this might be so is never made clear.  Older people might be more tired than younger people – but not always (it depends to some degree on health and experience).  Older people might have more experience and be able to make more use of it (but here again it depends if experience is indeed a good way of making decisions – if the world changes all the time, age is no benefit).

It is an interesting argument, and it brings up a lot of issues to debate – but that is where the AAA often (not always but often) falls down.  Assertion is considered a better arguing tool rather than debate, analysis or complex re-evaluation of the whole situation.

One of the key elements however in current AAA thinking is that Mr Wenger must not be allowed to sign any more players, because his choices are always wrong.  Now it is not quite clear why our summer transfers last year are considered so bad, but since another part of the AAA philosophy is that if only Arsenal could stop ending up in the top four, then Arsenal would drop out of the Champions League and Mr Wenger would be sacked then clearly we have two contrary arguments here.   If Mr Wenger buys only bad players, then let him buy more players so that we sink out of the Champions League and he goes.  Or if he buys good players, then we must stop him buying so that we sink out of the Champions League because the current crop are not good enough.  Either way I imagine quite a few Tottenham supporters would go with either of these, but not both at once.

A further point in the argument against Arsenal buying anyone is that if anyone is bought he will be played on the wing, his talent will be destroyed and he will become useless.   (I don’t know if anyone in the AAA has ever debated that Henry started on the wing, and was made a centre forward by Mr Wenger at the age of 23, exactly the age of Theo now.  But perhaps that is a detail).  But again if the aim is to have Arsenal finish outside the top four, surely we should buy lots of players because they will be useless and will be played out of position.

Another approach is the use of the “I’m told” phrase as the opener to any suggestion of what might happen, or as the preface to any “joke” against Arsenal and Arsenal players.   So with Diaby playing as an over age player for the under 21 team there is a notion that it is somehow droll to suggest that he is the heralded January new signing who is going to play for Arsenal.

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This is interesting in that “I’m told” is used both for jokes and for serious postings in which it is seriously suggested that inside information on Arsenal’s future has been obtained.   Also Untold is occasionally said by the AAA to be a part of the official Arsenal club, or that the authors are paid by Arsenal.   The AAA of course never claim this of themselves, but they do have sources (probably living in large houses in Surrey) who have the inside information.  “I’m told that….” and the man in the Big House speaks.

Thus all players who lose their way or never make it to the top at Arsenal are poor not because of their own problems with playing, but because of the manager.  Which leads to the interesting conclusion that Chamackh is therefore expected to do well for WHU, and Mr Wenger is expected then to claim the credit.

But just asking that we don’t sign anyone is never enough.  Players who we might sign are insulted (“he has the mental age of a 12 year old” was one recent comment), and I suspect that many an agent and many a player will have looked at this sort of thing and thought “I’m not going to Arsenal with insults like that around”.   These guys are most likely making it harder and harder for Arsenal to get their players.

So, Arsenal buy poor players (presumably like Podolski, Santi C etc) and the management of those players and the team selection are very poor.

Abuse is also part of the message – not only of the manager, the players and any players we might sign, but also of any supporters who don’t fully agree with the AAA message.   Requests (I use the word loosely) for those who have alternative views to meet outside the ground for a face to face exchange of views (I use the phrase loosely) also appear.

It is also sometimes claimed that not only do we have no tactics, but that we also have the wrong tactics (eg playing players out of position).  Along side this is the notion that players from by gone times were much better.

One who is cited on occasion as a player who gave his all for Arsenal, and who all Arsenal fans loved, is Ian Wright.  It is claimed that he would always work hard for the team, no matter what.    This would be the same Ian Wright then who on 13 December 1997, after the home defeat by Blackburn was warned by the police about his abusive behaviour towards a group of Arsenal fans after they had consistently booed him in the game and stood outside Highbury shouting anti-Wright chants.

And that is another problem with the AAA – it is the lack of historical knowledge and perspective.  In olden days we were great, now all our players are rubbish because they were signed by Mr Wenger.  Well, up to a point guys (as Lord Copper was always told).

Thus the prediction for today’s game: Arsenal 0 Manchester City 15.  The team was


Diaby Diaby Diaby Diaby

Diaby Diaby


Diaby Diaby Diaby

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, simply because none of our players is any good, the manager’s tactics are non-existent, and of course because of the age difference.

Hardly worth watching really.






35 comments to Arsenal v Man City, from the anti-Arsenal perspective

  • americangooner

    the AAA word is music to someone’s ear right now. as soon as the acronym gets mentioned two-three commentators would throw some old cliches. prime example- tilting at windmills. some would claim AAA are just an ‘arsenal fan having myriad of opinions’ and labeling them is derogatory. I guess I should not called the 9/11 conspiracy theorists ‘truther’ or obama birth conspiracy theorist ‘birther’, since all these theorist are doing is giving another set of opinions. and calling them ‘truther’ or ‘birther’ is derogatory, after all they too are Americans. and no matter how their argument is lacking clear evidence I must respect them as ‘just another myriad opinion’. but its entirely ok to call your own players such nice word laced with pretty flowers like ‘deadwood’ and ‘un-arsenal’ just as its ok for birthers to call obama ‘un-american’.

  • Dale de ruig

    Your blog has become an embarrassment. You are as extreme as those you seem to despise.

  • Firstly, the article’s grammatical structure is horrendous. And, secondly, the article’s thematic thread is totally nonsensical.

    Which clown wrote this?

    We really need to win today; come on Arsenal

  • JohnW

    I always like it when Arsenal is written off, because then I know we play very well. I don’t why Arsenal is always slugged by the media, blogs, rival managers, etc, and i don’t think it will stop when Arsene goes.

  • Gouresh

    i think this writer should get a life. pathetic!

  • Preetam

    Arsene is building a blueprint on how the Arsenal should play football, long after he is gone his impact will be still alive in the club, to reap the harvest the farmer needs to be patient for a few months after laying the seed, so also will we as Arsenal fans have to be patient, we will win one day & when that happens it will be very sweet. Barcelona is the almighty conquering team, but even they were long in the shadow of real madrid, so friends have patience with what Mr. Wenger is doing, the results will not be evident right now, but we will see. Sir A is not building anything at Manu U not did Pep at Barca (Cruyff did the dirty work initially) & when the the time for harvest came it was Pep & the current Barca board who took the credit. As they say ” Success has many fathers, Failure is an orphan”

  • Ridiculous article ! Bet whoever wrote it votes for the Green Party ! Pointless and nonsensical view!

  • krazzygooner

    Its ironic how the same people dont get irony

  • Steve

    Oh dear ! Do you really think it was wise to stop taking your medication ?

  • SA Gunner

    I love this notion that if you are against Arsene Wenger and his recent management then you are anti-Arsenal. Yes there are other factors as well but this notion is the most decisive. Makes you wonder if this blog is actually in support of the club first.

    It also makes me wonder if this blog would exist tomorrow if Wenger decided to resign today?

    I think a face to face discussion between the AAA and Arsene FC groups would be an interesting one as I believe Tony and Walter would quickly realise that the dubbed AAA are not as brainless as they would imagine.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Arteta has tweeted his calf it seems…

    And what about those “Arsenal-fans” who want us to not finish 4th and who want us to finish behind the spuds? Are they not AAA?
    And then they give as a reason for this that then the board would sack Wenger.

    so they want bad things to happen to the club (=not real supporters imo) to get rid of Wenger (which is not sure if it would happen).

    Please explain me how on earth a supporter can wish bad things for his club????

  • It would be wise if Arsenal fans that think Arsenal were named after Arsene Wenger put down their torches and stop ridiculous witch-hunt that would make Joseph McCarthy smile in hell. Which is a bit ironic considering latest Wenger’s “socialist-wages” statement.

  • WalterBroeckx

    SA Gunner,

    As Tony is an Arsenal fan for about 60 years (I guess or even before as he grew up in an Arsenal family) and I am one for over 30 years we have been supporting our club long before Wenger and if the gods permit it we will be supporting our club long after Wenger is gone.
    But we will always remember him as the best. Unless the new man in charge will be more successful after a while.

    And you know what? I really hope that the next manager after Wenger will break all the records Wenger has set. And you know why? Because I always will support the club.

    I can never wish (unlike some) that our club loses a game. Never.

  • Arsènal

    This is utterly mental diarrhea … join a new club mate!
    Suggest Man United … I think you belong there

  • Rupert Cook

    A strange point in the middle of this rather crazy piece is the notion that we can’t sign decent players because they’ll be put off by insults on social media sites. Really? Maybe players who are so weak-minded are best ignored.

    And yes this AAA nonsense has really been ratcheted up lately. Why is this? Are the writers of these articles fearing a home defeat today and laying the foundations for it at the AAA. I’m beginning to think this blog is steeped in paranoia.

    I hope we win by a healthy three goal margin, we’ve got some catching up to do.

  • Jobo

    Fans on here are in denial. I have supported Arsenal for 40 years, but as much as it pains me to say, AVBs tactical acumen applied to Harry Redknapps carefully built squad will see us finally drop out of the top 4. And Wenger deserves nothing less, things have to get worse before they get better. How can anyone here defend the transfers, the negative spend, the wages of dead wood, the lack of tactics, the inability to hold a lead, the spin, PHW, the drivel Wenger spouts,the emasculation of Steve Bould through ego driven jealousy at what was at the time an improving defence (a similar fate awaited Martin Keown when his coaching guided Arsenal to the Champions League final)? Financial fair play, makes me laugh out loud even the thought of it. Please explain, I am curious as to how you can defend this clown? As Arsenal stagnate, Spurs have shown genuine ambition, players such as Holtby and Vertongen have realised this. It is a long way down, and fans like yourselves are playing a huge part in it. RVPs damning statement said he did not want to be part of a team challenging for 3rd or 4th place, the truth is, this current team will soon be challenging for 3rd or 4th place in London. Sad but your choice. Who are the AAA?

  • mystic

    You will find people are not suggesting that Wenger is too old in age, but is past it in ideas.

    Very strange article – would you like me to get you a psychiatrist?

  • “And you know what? I really hope that the next manager after Wenger will break all the records Wenger has set. And you know why? Because I always will support the club.”

    I think you are missing on Catch 22 here. You hope that next manager after Wenger will break all the records Wenger has set but you would probably accuse anyone who thinks we need that kind of manager as an AAA-member.

    We should all support Arsenal in every match but that doesn’t mean keeping mouths shut whenever Wenger makes mistake (and his mistakes have cost us a lot this season).

  • dan

    1 nil to the Arsenal.

  • Stuart

    Brilliant stuff, I love it 🙂

  • Al

    Why is reading some of the comments on here starting to feel like listening to Durham’s talk shyte or reading the Daily Mail? Of course I don’t believe this band so-called AAA exists, we all know that don’t we. Just saying.

  • bjtgooner

    I think this is quite an amusing article and illustrates the way some of the AAA think and put forward their crazy viewpoint. Obviously, from some of the comments above, having a sense of humour is not a prerequisite for AAA membership.

    I found it hard to believe and disgusting to read, but, some of the more extreme AAA types want the team to lose, to finish the season in a mid-table position, so that they can knife Wenger. These are the people who really are in denial. The club would be better without them.

  • Stuart

    The AAA is an organised tribe of followers. They all follow each other who in turn follow each other. They have regular meetings to organise their agenda and it is rumoured they will soon be introducing photo ID.

  • Adam

    Stuart, Im told the photo sessions will take place at Breret road with their home ground in the background (White hart lane).

  • Al

    Mike dean, shaking my head

  • Linz

    So because i disagree with the way the club is being managed and run,i am a AAA? Between 1998-2006,Arsenal played fantastic football with genuine world class players regularly swatting away opponents like pesky flies.We had a great training ground and a new stadium in the pipeline;the future looked bright.meanwhile that lot down the road had a squad full of british cloggers and second rate foreigners with the odd good player who was flogged to Man U.They had a succession of poor managers and the highlight of their season was the NLD.Oh how we laughed! Now it is Spurs who play exciting football with top players,it is Spurs with the up and coming manager and world class training ground,better than London Colney by all accounts.And it is Arsenal with the british cloggers ,second rate foreigners and outdated manager.It does noone any favours to bury your heads in the sand;just as Wenger was once a breath of fresh air,he has become as out of touch with modern football as those managers to which his arrival signalled the deatth knell.The Chief Executive of Emirates Airlines said recently that the amount of the new deal will be reduced if Arsenal do not get CL football.Funnily enough i don’t recall any mention of this by Gazidis at the all singing,all dancing press conference.Therefore it will become a prerequisite of the job that any future manager gets CL football;anything else will result in the sack.Mr Wenger you have been warned.

  • Doublegooner

    Sir Hardly Anyone knows Hardly Anything.

  • Mandy Dodd

    That lot down the road ….dont talk about arsenal like that Linz

  • bob

    “The Chief Executive of Emirates Airlines said recently that the amount of the new deal will be reduced if Arsenal do not get CL football.”
    Not accusing, but just asking about the factuality. Can you provide a link to an actual quote where this was said in public (or in private)?

  • Rupert Cook

    @Linz, is this true about the Emirates Airlines? I must say that sounds a little worrying seeing as fourth seems to be getting further away. I’m not sure why our manager is dithering about improving the squad especially as Arteta is out for three weeks minimum. As Gazidis has said we have 35 million to spend and maybe now would be the time to invest it in a player or two.

  • @rupert,josif,sagunner and fellow AAA how much do you pay mike shit dean to make your dreams come true?? But do not dream yet the season is not over yet you might eat your puke in the long run.
    As always you have, wonder how you swallow. Keep on dreaming. Swansea next let shot dem down Lets go GUNNERS

  • Rupert Cook

    @Kampala gun, you don’t half spout some nonsense.

    If Wenger doesn’t improve the squad this month then he seriously needs to be questioned. There’s absolutely no chance this squad is going to win the CL and winning it this year maybe our only way to qualify for it next season. I doubt we’d win it even if we did buy super super quality but we’d have a chance and we’d probably get fourth too.

  • @Rupert so what are your dreams this season! Lets involve some money,lets bet Arsenal i bet you that we will be in the champions league next season as we have always been. You wana bet on that?

  • Rupert Cook

    Dreams this season. To win the CL or FA Cup. I think we’ll win neither. I made a bet with someone six years ago that we’d never win another trophy under Wenger and the person I made a bet with thought he was in the money. He’s regretting that bet now.

    I’m not going to make a bet with you until the window closes. Wenger may sign players that’ll make a difference, my suspicion is he won’t but who knows.

    And as I’ve said before I don’t think it’s some remarkable feat to qualify for the CL every season considering the resources at the club’s disposal. Finishing fourth is the least we should expect and winning the odd cup would be quite possible too.