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  1. The Noise

    You charge opera prices… You get opera fans!

    All the noisy hardcore football fans are mainly in the pubs or sitting at home these days due to Arsenal pricing then out! You want better atmos… Blame the club!

  2. Gerardo

    Good point Walter.

  3. Doublegooner


    But maybe some Arsenal fans should learn their lesson from this. And stop acting like a customer when entering the Emirates. And start acting like a supporter. One that will support his team from the start.


    It’s Arsenal FC who treat fans like customers. Thats the perception by everyone young & old.

  4. Microraptor

    If you look at the price of beer in Islingotn pubs, then you’d know that spending an afternoon in the pub is hardly cheaper!

  5. ARSENAL 13

    good one walter.

    People who do that wont understand. Instead they point their finger at the club, the board, manager, players, the so called tourists………..

  6. Mandy Dodd

    The crowd do need to get behind the team. But the crowd need an inspired team performance but also a player/s to excite them, to drive at opposition, to inject passion and leadership, possible home grown types fans can identify with. Oh wait……….

  7. Mandy Dodd

    The strange thing is, some Chelsea moaners on the radio say they are against the manager, but others say they are fed up with the owner, just the sort of owner many of our moaners are praying for.

  8. nicky

    Some truths need to be said….
    1.There are tens of thousands of Arsenal fans, world-wide, who would be only too glad to be able to turn up at the Emirates and give 100% support. They have to rely on TV,radio and the internet in order to follow their heroes.
    2.The price of food and drink at a football ground should have no bearing on the support of those attending.
    3.While there is a season ticket waiting list of 40,000 or so, there is simply no incentive for Arsenal FC to lower ticket prices, I’m afraid.

  9. The font

    1% of the crowd 0f 60,000 is 600 . Morons who would have more fun self harming. are starting to upset me when I go to support my team ( win or lose ) I am there for arsenal football club not for wenger not for wilshere not for Henry or Ramsey but for the love of my club when I hear someone scream gervino your a pile of s#it I wonder why that person has bothered to buy a ticket where all entitled to our opinion but to spoil a young fans day because he has gervino on his shirt is not acceptable if you do not like the manager the players the style of play and you feel the need to scream abuse maybe it’s time to support another team or give up going to games we all have players we do not like and the occasional Moan is acceptable but to effect other people’s enjoyment is not on.please Look first at the effect your having on the team and ask yourself why you only have the answers when it’s going wrong it’s like declaring the ball will not stop on number 31 on a roulette table and then scream at the top of your voice I told you so when it lands on another number you actually sound like an idiot many players and managers will come and go but arsenal will always be arsenal so enjoy what we have and respect your fellow gooners

  10. Domhuail

    Doublegooner……….more hyperbole and wildly outrageous BS excreted from your fetid brain!!!
    ¨It’s Arsenal FC who treat fans like customers. Thats the perception by everyone young & old.¨ And WHO, may I ask made you the chief tallier of everyone young and old’s perceptions? your idiotic statement is so absurdly and patently invented that you must credit all true supporters (the vast majority) having very little credibility and wit. That describes you and the rest of the whiny,entitled moaners perfectly BUT nobody else! Crawl back under your rock at LeGrove and leave UA and the Arsenal in peace.

  11. Brickfields Gunners

    Do hope that we get something at the Bridge . Maybe we can nick a win if their fans keep their boos going ,while the rest cheer the booing!
    I’d be happy to get 4 points out of six this week’s games .
    @ Nicky – Agree and a big LIKE on all three counts !
    @ The Font – Sweet !
    @ Dom – Well swatted again !

  12. Rupert Cook

    @Mandy, well seeing as we don’t know what Usmanov would be like as an owner we can’t tar him with the same brush. Certain Chelsea fans are upset with their owner. Have they forgotten all those shiny trophies they’ve won? Or do they want the Chelsea that used to yo yo between first and second division to return? They should be careful for what they wish for.

    What of our owner? Who knows? Does he care about Arsenal? Let’s hope he’s not another Randy Lerner. Time will tell and when we have all that money we’re expecting I hope we’ll spend some of it.

  13. americangooner

    I don’t think so there is much to learn from chelsea fans. what arsenal fans should learn is between themselves. home fans learning from away fans. although fans cannot be entirely faulted. they are after all spectators and thereby need some inspiration. I doubt gervinho inspires a lot. on the contrary just seeing jack brings the fans some needed adrenaline. arsenal players should play how arsenal are expected to play: slick passing movement resulting into goals. this is the fan inspiration. nothing inspires an arsenal fan other than slick passing. while stoke fans enjoy orcs, we enjoy tiki-takas.

  14. Shard

    Speaking of Chelsea fans’ ways of protest, you can always trust the Chavs to take something wonderful and make it grotesque. I’m not sure it has survived, but one of the forms of protest they came up with, was to steal Aston Villa’ idea of applauding in the 19th minute of every game (For Petrov who’s battling leukemia) and use it in the 16th minute (Roberto Di Matteo’s chelsea shirt number) I know they are only applauding but the idea behind it, and the effect, is negative, and the distortion of Villa’s great gesture is pathetic.

  15. Rupert Cook

    I must say I don’t know why Chelsea fans are unhappy. They have an owner who has no other desire than to ensure they win everything. They may not like his methods but they have plenty to crow about. What do they want? A well managed club in every aspect? Accept your dictator’s crazy ideas and just bask in your temporary success, one that’s lasted ten nigh on ten years.

  16. Shard

    Because rupert, trophies, and having something to crow about, aren’t everything. I can’t speak for Chelsea fans, but speaking for myself and Arsenal, what I want most is to be able to identify with it. I would not be happy if Arsenal were run in the way that Chelsea is, and if we had a captain, and certain players, as repulsive as theirs, no matter the trophies we won. At most I’d exhibit a grudging acceptance. But never pride.

  17. Gooner S

    The spirit of Walter’s post I absolutely agree with. If you go to a game support your team. On Wednesday the crowd did get behind the team – in all areas of the ground. Excellent.

    Some interesting replies as well….

    I often wonder why some people go to matches and continue to go? There are three people that sit behind me; they often leave very early and on Wednesday and at the City game they left at half time. There are other similar examples I see regularly and I find them fascinating. Each to their own.

    It’s true that a positive support is encouraged with the performance you see on the pitch but that correlation doesn’t always hold true. I’ve been at a fair few Arsenal games when we’ve had a right old spanking and the support has been fantatstic and of course most clubs don’t have a prayer of ever winning the FAC or FAPL or even the league that they are in but we can all think of wonderful examples of support from teams lower placed than Arsenal!

    Expectations play a part in all of this. It is clear that a large number of Arsenal fans expect us to win every game they watch, expect us to challenge for and win the FA Premier League. Nothing wrong with having demanding expectations but expectations have to be realistic. Are they realistic to demand these things?

    Some would answer my last point with high prices equate to high expectations. Perhaps, there is a point to this. You should get what you pay for. But what do you pay for? It might seem obvious or a truism but we pay to watch a game of football at the highest level in this country. When we pay our money there is no guarantee of winning the game(s) we watch.

    It is expensive to watch Arsenal. No doubt, but this is a symptom of the game today and the standard we play at. Interestingly the nearest football league club to my home is Stevenage FC. They have an A and B match system. Tickets range from £17 – £23. My Arsenal season ticket averages out at £42 per game. Not bad but the initial out lay does make me think twice each June when I renew.

    I hope we do well at Stamford bridge today. It will be difficult as I thought Chelsea looked pretty good when they visited Arsenal earlier in the season. I like the balance of the team from Wednesday and it would be interesting to see if Coquelin can perform against a strong Chelsea team.

  18. Mandy Dodd


    Some very interesting comments from Sol. He says we need more leaders. But also, scroll down and you will see “I know they do not want to spend money, they want to put it back into the club”
    He is also at pains to absolve Wenger for any lack of success at the club.
    Only one mans opinion of course, but an indication of what Wenger is up against, and seems to contradict recent statements from the board. I have no doubt Wenger does have some money available, but is it enough to significantly improve what he has and what he is developing?

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