Arsenal do not have to emulate Tottenham

The Tottenham response to failure, year after year is to buy, buy again, sell someone, buy a few more, spend £30 million, buy and then buy.  Year after year they fail, celebrating widly when their first team beat our kiddies in the diddly widdly cup.  That’s what they get, that’s what they win, that’s what they scream about.

For those who have a feeling for the northern part of London, and who feel that buying and buying and buying is the way forward there is just such a club.  The Tiny Totts.

Arsenal on the other hand do it differently.  True, they don’t win the EPL every year, nor have they won anything for a few years.  But they have still won a hell of a lot more than the Totts.

There have been disasters before.  Those of us who suffered Manchester Bankrupt 6 Arsenal 1, in a team complete with Henry and the rest, will know that it can at times be awful.  But that is not how it continues.  No Wenger team has ever suffered an awful defeat and then gone on and suffered another and another.

If this happens – and we lose again and again and play dreadful football, I will of course admit that I am 10000% wrong and that the whole essence of Untold Arsenal – the complete and absolute support of Wenger and his World Wide Scouting policy is wrong, and that ultimately the policy of World Wide Scouting has failed.

But not yet.   One result – one bad result – does not mean that he has screwed up totally.

I will be honest, and I will admit it if wrong (which at least distinguishes me from the 8,983,762 football journalists who infest our daily and sunday papers), but for now I think that the Fulham game was a screw up – a combination of events where it all went wrong on one day – nothing more.

I might be the only person saying this, and I might ultimately be proven to be the total moron that you think I am, but I still believe that this is going to be ok.   We’ve had sebacks before.  I’ll still be there cheering, not booing, at the Euro match.

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  1. what nobody has mentioned on all the blogs is that arsenal have had to play internationals . toure eboue adebayor was in africa . clichy and sagna and gallas played 90 minutes. vela in mexico. nasri injured. wenger said he only had 1 player in training this weak. van persie played for holland ,song in the olympics and some of these players started pre season late. players have had to cover and became tired ie wilshire and ramsey so no rotating has happened. we have played twente on the wendsday then westbrom on the early saturday then the flying and playing around the world with internationals then playing a fulham side that isnt really full of internationals. it isnt no crisis . we will be strong. how come man u and chelsea have played on the sunday and then chelsea this sunday and man u on monday yet th,ey have not had any champions league qualifiers. i thought the premier league fixtures list is supposed to be random. bollocks! negativity brings negativity so how can the negative fans be angry at their own manifestations. liverpool fans understand the 12th man theory thats why they support the players on that pitch no matter what. we as fans have just as big a job to help win as the players ,managers and board. negative fans are going against the clubs motto. hence bringing unbalance aswell. ive never heard fans booing somebody who chose to stay loyal. they are just doing rival fans jobs but inhouse which will have a much more detrimental effect. arsenal fans need belief beyond belief to be assumed but to allow the supprise to commence . to have faith that this team can be great beyond what they are now. nobody expected the ac milan , real madrid , inter milan, roma, manu 1-0 results. or fabregas, henry ,reyes, viera,anelka, toure, wilshire,edu,silvinho,many more and many more to come. yet people doubt. arsenal have broken football records in world an domestic football. which means it hasnt been done before so there is something consistently special there which i bet is down to arsene. now is the time for total support because the wind is pushing against us but that doesnt mean the sun cant shine at the same time. peace

  2. Put Song in next to Denilson. No wait, put Toure in midfield and Song in midfield. No wait, put Fabianski on the wing, vela in goal and Adams in central defense. No, wait.. wait ….still thinking… it, put Gallas in a skirt and shoot Wenger, yeah that’s it.

  3. Good points, have seen usually sane bloggers saying that we need at least 2 or 3 midfielders before the window closes – that’s just crazy, new signings won’t solve all our problems at the drop of a hat, and buying at this late stage means we might get gazumped or sign a complete no-hoper. We know that Eboue-Denilson is not our strongest midfield and it will rarely get a look in further along the line, so everyone should stop fucking crying about it.

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