The secret behind the transfers, getting wet and going bust

Two important pieces of transfer news and some big financial chit-chat.  First: Senderos – exactly why do Milan want him?  According to the Sun (yes I know its not going to be true, but sometimes you get a laugh) the Manager said that Milan had searched high and low for the best possible big central defender, and found him in Senderos.

Meanwhile Vidic of Manchester Bankrupt says in the Telegraph, the “main attraction [of Manchester] is considered to be the timetable at the railway station, where trains leave for other, less rainy cities.”

I think we can all go along with that.

Meanwhile the Guardian today reveals that Manchester City are now so broke, that in order to pay the compensation due to Blackburn Rovers for the purchase of their “manager” (known as Ooooze) (a total of £2m) they had to borrow it from another director.

This news comes on top of the revelation last month that Manchester City took out a loan for £25m which was secured against the TV income not for this year but for next year (I think they have already mortgaged this year’s money).  (I wonder what they do if they get relegated).

And meanwhile Man-See are still shopping around to buy players!   Just like Tottenham.   And just like many Arsenal blogs want Arsenal to do (although to be fair, Arsenal do actually have the money).

So Senderos to Milan, Vidic doesn’t like Manchester, and Man City going bust….

Of course the biggest problem we now have is what to call Manchester City.  Given that their wet neighbours are called Manchester Bankrupt.  Maybe Manchester Overdrawn.   Or just plain Manchester Wet.

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